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  1. Worst City Planning

    my question is why would you park on a corner in paris? or anywhere in europe? or any tightly built city in the world for that matter? that's just asking for a clipping. not to say that he deserved it (nobody does), but he definitely should have seen it coming...
  2. Worst City Planning

    actually i personally think MSP's done a pretty awesome job with planning. besides the mentioned 169 lights at 494, which are still hell, and a little further down on 494 around france ave, it's not too bad anywhere. and the new 35W's gonna change everything. but i only know the SW burbs, because i go to visit my parents who recently moved to Chanhassen. maybe things aren't so bright on the st paul side but honestly i'd have a hard time believing that because all the really heavy commuting goes to all the corporate HQ's both downtown and in bloomington. oh yeah, just don't get stuck in any northbound lanes anywhere in the city on a friday afternoon in the summer. three words: cabins "up north". ha.
  3. Worst City Planning

    YES (also in all caps to denote exasperation) boston is the WORST!!! honestly. i live in brooklyn, ny and driving there is a ***** because of the amt of traffic but i can't figure out boston for the life of me! and the motorists don't help - if you're turning left, half the time traffic the other direction wants you to go first and the other half of the time they take off like a rocket. either way, it always ends with people pissed off and honking. oh yeah and note to self, apparently honking in boston actually does denote anger unlike in brooklyn where it just means move your slow ass lol