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  1. Bus Stops

    In SimCity 3000 I think they could get off anywhere; but in Sim City 4/ Sim City Delux, they only get on and off at bus-stops. At least that's my understanding/experience.
  2. I thought that "Sim City Delux" was just Sim City 4 + Rush Hour on the same disk? They had to rush Sim City 4 out before it was completely done, and when the finished, they released "Rush Hour" as an "expansion" to complete it and fix some bugs, and then Delux is real, whole version-- "Sim City 4" and "Rush Hour" combined in a single version. Is this not correct?
  3. What Mods?

    There are demand multiplier mods, that boost the demand for RCI in your city. Try searching the STEX with the word "demand" and see what you come up with.
  4. How to delete City Dumps?

    In order to delete a dumb that has trash in it, you need to 1. prevent new trash from going into the dump by re-routing it somewhere else: an incinerator, a neighbor deal, or one of the STEX downloads that deals with trash. 2. Wait for it to decompose. (The faster you are incinerating trash or shipping it out of the city, the faster this will happen). 3. Once you have a dump tile with no garbage on it anymore, de-zone it. It seems to decompose on sort of a half-life cycle-- when you have a large dump, you see the edges of it start to decompose and go away rapidly at first-- but when you get smaller, the last four tiles of a dump seem to take forever, sometimes.
  5. Park weirdness and desirability

    I've noticed this too-- I think the act of PLACING a park gives a temporary desirability boost that's stronger than the ongoing desirability boost from having the park present. Placing the park first, there aren't any zones to get the temporary extra-big-boost.
  6. Simtropolis 1000

    Originally posted by: DuperIf this worked out i think it would be amazing. People creating a game for people. Its crazy. No game has been made this way. quote> Um, what do you call NetHack?
  7. Show us your Crime Automata!!!

    Um, the link just goes to http://www.link.com/, which seems to be a contractor that provides flight simulators for the military.
  8. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Originally posted by: Andreas Roth The ped malls are still there, and they work as usual. They just don't have the park and landmark effect anymore. I'm not sure who removed it, but apparently, their influence on surrounding buildings was too strong.quote> Ah! Good, that is an improvement then I was scared that the ped-mall functionality itself had been taken away. Originally posted by: GoaSkin In the past the ped-malls were configured to produce masses of pedestrians, to clean the air and to raise up the land value. ... Now, the pedestrians are only produced by the usage of the pedmalls.quote> Heh. I didn't realize that the crowds were supposed to be a "feature"-- I thought it was a bug that there were always so many automata even when no one was using the ped malls for transportation.
  9. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Question about the new NAM: What does this mean? That the new version doesn't have ped malls any more? In what way did they act like a cheat? I'm really exited that there's a new NAM (Yay!! Thanks NAM Team!) but I want to be clear about what's going on with the ped malls and why before I install it.
  10. EA has hardly shown an interest into putting time/money/energy into maintaining or expanding Sim City. And assuming that the technical hurdles of this project are overcomable-- it would still be a very, very expensive gamble for EA Games. Based on EA Games behavior in the past and present, I really, really don't expect them to take a big gamble on Sim City. They are doing something similar with Spore-- and I don't think they are going to want to put that kind of energy into both games at once. If it becomes a killer money-maker for Spore, and they think there will be equal demand in Sim City, then they *might* consider some sort of networked aspect... but it's highly unlikely.
  11. Plopable Farm Field Pack

    Very, very cool. 9/10. (I'd give 10/10 if they counted as farms with agricultural jobs and all.) Fersboo: While it's good to get the CDs, because it supports the site, you can download the dependencies from the STEX. Their names are links, clicking on them will take you to where you can download.)
  12. Info making it possible to writte a mod giving more control over zoning. For instance, in real life, it's possible for a city to build a high-tech research industrial park, without worrying that it might suddenly spawn oil refinery if there's an economic down-turn. (Maybe it will empty out, but it should be possible to zone "you can have a software firm here, but not a strip mine.") I'd also like to be able to have subsidized housing for $, or to $ and $$. (And while I wouldn't use it, some might like to be able to zone a gated community only open to $$$, and some of the dystopians might want to zone industrial that can ONLY be dirty industial, none of that clean stuff allowed.)
  13. Adjustable Stairway

    Very cool!
  14. Dry Stone Walls

    I like these =^)
  15. Less Abandonment

    Thank you! I hate having to go around deleting abandoned mansions from areas that I KNOW will not sustain demand from a mansion...