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  1. I'm stuck....

    Thanks for your input, Farpoint. Yes, this is all in one big city (one large city tile) I have added one small town in the region just to handle the garbage disposal. I have pretty much taxed out all polluting industry, all that I have right now are high techs. There is no demand for any of them. Lowering the taxes even further for high techs would cause my budget to bleed even more...I don't know...
  2. I'm stuck....

    Hi, My city has reached 500 000 citizens, and I think I have got a little stuck somehow...All of the sudden my city's demand for R$$ and R$$$ has dropped dramatically, the demand for R$ is skyhigh. (Taxes are set at 4.5% for R$, 5.5% for R$$ and 7% for R$$$.)The same has happened with commercial demand. I don't know exactly how to include a photo in this post, but my city looks ok and buildings are developing. Now, the economy has reach red numbers for the first time as well. So, my question is...how do I get my city back on "its feet"? Where do I go from here? Any ideas, anyone? Thanks in advance.