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  1. From Sketchup to Gmax

    For some reason I like to import it into blender first, I don't know why but I just like it better.
  2. Interesting Design

    Looks like something they would build in Dubai. Its a good idea but the wedges should be bigger because right now it almost looks like row housing in a circle.
  3. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Same, I never bought it because I have a hard enough time paying the internet bill, but the demo is available online. I must say I've spent many an evening playing with it.
  4. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Anyone ever used Pixelactive Cityscape to make interchanges? It's probably the most amazing piece of software ever created, at least if you're into urban planning. Too bad it's $19,000.
  5. Hey, I was surfin around the past week and came across a program that (dare I say it) puts the urban planning perspective of any SimCity game or NAM mod to shame. The program I found is called Pixelactive Cityscape, and I am surprised it has not recieved much attention. Despite its $19k pricetag (outch), a demo is available. I must say, I was very (stress the very) impressed by this piece of art. Though not a game and not intended for fun, it incorporated everything I enjoyed about urban planning in SimCity 4, and it even has an equivalent of a U-drive it. You can actually drive a sedan or helicopter around the city you have built. It serves its purpose of a tool for real urban planners while being easy enough to use for an aspiring 8 year old city planner to enjoy. Check it out, its called Pixelactive Cityscape.

    I got it pretty quick cause I moved but it still says my old city good idea though
  7. Perks

    cool! i'm pretty sure there is one in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland too.
  8. Skyline Street v2



    A R$ lot that resembles a subdivision. Enjoy!
  9. BAT - Troubleshooting & General Discussion

    I was wondering how you would make a car or train in Bat and how you would be able to use it in the game. If anyone could show me a page in the onmibus or tell me how i would really apreciate it. Thanks.
  10. can you get street add on modd or other street texture modds for SC4 deluxe edition? where do you get the april 2008 version of NAM? if anyone knows where to download these modds can they please tell me cause they're not on the modds page.
  11. Question about U drive it

    So far, I have read reviews, blogs and other stuff but have not seen anything on U-drive-it missions. The overall attitude seems to be negative towards the game, so is there anything good about it. When is the free trial coming out, because many say it's not worth buying.Thanks.
  12. If I create a building on BAT then put it through Lot Editor, how do I change the number of sims in that building before it goes on SimCity. I have the newest Datgen but it's not helping. If anyone can help, please do so. Thanks!