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  1. David Quigley's Political Rise (Part I)

    Although David had been in leadership positions of some importance in college, the job at City Hall put him back at the very bottom of the ladder -- he would have to work his way up once more. His very first job at City Hall was in the Zoning Bylaws Office which in itself was part of the larger Department of Planning. Adrian Jewish, the magistriate responsible for the Bylaws office had exposed Quigley to the insanity of the zoning laws and had many a run-in with local industries and residential buildings concerning illegal practices. Jewish was impressed with David's ability to find compromises even in light of the circumstances, wrote a recommendation that he be transferred to the Department of Transportation where his diplomatic cunning would be useful. He was pleased since he was no longer a menial lacky, but was given an actual title of relative importance, Aquisitions Officer. As one would expect, he would be responsible for obtaining properties throughout the city for transportation projects -- mainly unpopular ones including the purchasing and demolishment of a public housing complex to build a highway between Downtown and the Beltway encircling the city area. Quigley again amazed his supervisor, this time an aged man of 76, Paul Wilkinson, and was given yet another referrial, this time being directly promoted to the Secretary of the Mayor of Normandy, Timothy White. Mayor White was an outspoken man, usually in a fight with the City Council over mere budgetary numbers and transportation projects. At times the populace thought nothing would ever get accomplished during White's term but with David's intellect and competence, the Mayor's approval rate skyrocketed from a low 45% to the mid 60's, the largest jump in approval for a Normandy mayor since the city's inception. As the Secretary to the Mayor, Quigley was the most informed person next to the Mayor himself and sometimes for his own benefit he would sit down with his various advisors to discuss policy when White was out of town meeting the Governor or at a council meeting inside the city. He grew in importance when several people met with him one quiet evening in a local diner without any prior notice to persaude him to give up his job as a bureaucrat and actually run for the City's soon-to-be vacant Councilor seats. It should be noted that there are 7 Councilors on the Council, one for each neighborhood of the city and two at-Large seats (he would be running for At-Large). He couldn't say no and immediately met with White that next morning. Timothy was pleased, perhaps a little too intrested in his own political agenda than seeing Quigley grow in prestiege. Not even White (who died several years later after his term ended in a deadly car crash on the very highway David assisted in planning) would answer that question to reporters. So by the end of that month [it was March at the time of the impromptu meeting] he began a rapid campaign for At-Large Councilor, winning in a landslide over his compeitor (apparently his blunders and questionable involvement with special interest groups and city contracts in regards to that highway didn't not affect the vote too much) and took his seat officially in December of that year.
  2. David Quigley's College Life

    At the age of 18, David, a mere child from the depressed and nearly dead seaside town of Newton had been accepted and formally began classes. He was, as far as state records show, that he is the first person from Newton to ever be accepted to college (that shows a serious problem for that town's education system to say the least). Having made many friends who saw great potential in him in terms of leadership urged him to be involved in student government where he would be an active participant for the entire four years. He had run for SGA President one year but lost by a mere 4 votes. Instead of prolonging the inevitable, he accepted defeat but he didn't hold a grudge that he did on those who made fun of him during his elementary days back in Newton. It was in his freshman year that David met his first girlfriend, Sarah Clark, an intelligent and creatively-talented girl from the cosmopolitan city of Trenton. They had a good relationship, allowing Quigley to make up for much lost social experiences from his haunted past. By the end of his sophmore year, he had declared his major in political science with a double minor in sociology and psychology. He showed the college his true potential when he had been given four scholarships and two awards, bringing the college much needed publicity during a time of uncertainity (there was a recession in the state's economy at this time). David was then given a job as an assistant to the college President. He was proud of him and this raised his confidence. However everything turned sour when Sarah dumped David after he failed to take her out on a date in the posh city of Petersburg (neighboring city of Quigley and its neighborhoods). This upset him greatly but even with the loss, he continued on. His friends remained by his side during this time. Graduation occured at the end of his senior year and once again graduated with Latin titles. His extensive track record in the student government organization, work within the President's office and his various scholarships and awards landed him a job inside the very heart of Normandy city politics -- City Hall. It was with this job that began his long path towards his destiny.
  3. David Quigley's Childhood

    David Quigley was born on October 12th, 1961 to Michael and Sarah Quigley in the depressed seaside town of Saint George. David was a quiet baby, never demanding unlike the majority of babies in their youngest years. He was able to read and write by the early age of 4 and by the next year, David was admitted to the kindergarten class. Throughout his elementary school days, he was often ridiculed for his poor social background. His parents were not helpful in making him feel better. His father had been a fisherman for the majority of his life while his mother had to work two jobs in order to put food on the table most nights, working mornings at the local donut shop and then worked as an ER nurse weekend nights. With his mother barely around, David aquirred his personality from his father, Michael. Mister Quigley was a genetic drunk and when he'd return from his day in the Bay of Saint George, he would have several drinks, effectively intoxicating him. However with this in mind, David did have a few friends in school. One of whom was Greg Murphy. Greg was another quiet child in school, keeping to himself but after being close to David for several years, Murphy vanished. Not even to this day does David know what happened to him. It is assumed he had ran away from his own parents before the fifth grade. All through middle school, he was very isolated. This isolation earned him the title as the Quiet One. Of course no one really took the effort to get to know Quigley all that well. He knew eventually that he would get revenge upon those who made fun of his family but that day would come down the road in life. David therefore didn't socialize in Middle School and the better part of High School. He had gained one close friend who continues to be his closest friend since then: Martin. His new friend was able to persaude their fellow classmates to elect David as their Class President. After three failed events and a fist fight, he was forced to resign. He then went into a slight depression, made worse once his father died when he was 16 years old. He never had a girlfriend through high school; had he have one, his childhood wouldn't have been as gloomy. Even though he remained quiet throughout his secondary education, David was valdictorian of his graduating class and was given a full scholarship to the College of Newton.
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    Of course. I shall do so at once. If anyone else would like to join in this project of mine, please pm me to join the private topic I have created until I have a proper update to show the rest of the world.
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    Anything that comes to mind. Once I get the region put together it would give you a better idea of what to potentially suggest. Both are fine; if you have region ideas, go ahead, I'm all ears
  11. Lexington Metropolitan Area

    After reading over the hundreds and possibly thousands of threads on this wonderful site (I've been a member for a long time, not very active but still loyal) and I decided that I would finally begin a CJ of my own. Usually I would just build a city and then move on to the next one. However this time I want to make a truly vibrant region and for once: its going to be based upon entirely upon community suggestions (I'll still have the final say but I'm pretty open to just about everything). So if you have some ideas to help me, shoot for it. I'm hoping that this will be a unique experience and something quite interesting comes out of it. Teaser photos to follow in a day or two of the region proper.
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