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  1. iran pres speaks...

    OK, here's a start. Because I do check my facts. LINK .quote> Those verses had reasons, they involve specific events that happened. There are explanations to why it was said and the ‘Hows’ ‘Whats’ and ‘Whys’ So pasting verses from the Quran is pointless if you don’t have the background.
  2. Tip: Seeing as how it's a Muslim held world, instead of saying 'Bucks' you could change it to Dhiram or Dinar. Seems more real.
  3. Not really, sometimes I use those small Hot-dog stands, mini clinics and the kiok or the newspaper to stop them fighting and it also gives them their needs! Keep posting!
  4. Well I place parks and plazas between hoods of different groups. I highly dislike it when jobs aren't filled. It annoys me when I have the ugly bars with the 0/1 telling me to get them filled. I don't understand why the buildings don't upgrade with the hood. When it becomes Radical Chic, the building upgrades into a better, prettier version with a larger reach and better impact on the hood. I wonder if they solved it in the new version.
  5. You know, the more I play the game the easier it becomes to create working cities. I used to have trouble getting the money, upper groups and making sure every job was filled. But know its very easy. I also use the cheat number6 to get all the buildings.
  6. Khaledi Democratic Republic

    This is Alria News Channel "Your Highness, I'm not sure if you've been asked these questions before but... 1. Why did you name your country after a person's name? 2. How are diplomatic relations with other Arabic nations? 3. Is the government a Theocracy or a Secular State? Thank you for taking the time to talk to us your Highness."
  7. SimCity 4.5

    Well I'm not the best when it comes to BATs but I'm willing to lend a hand.
  8. Oh noz! The city is slipping into sin! And the robot is a *****. Though I have no problem with it being *****y.
  9. Lakeville - a city in cyberspace

    I really enjoyed this CJ and the tip on the Social Service building really helped me while I was playing. Though I must ask. How are you able to keep the blue collers and Fringes going? As my city grows they demand things and I don't want to give them for fear of them moving on to the next lvl and I don't want that. So how do you make them stick? ^^
  10. I don't see whats wrong with the game. We can still mod the Hell out of it if it's not up to standards. I also heard that Maxis didn't even work on this game.
  11. Foreshadowing, I wonder what will happen next? Did you use cheats?
  12. I have to agree with what everyone said but I would also like to add one thing: The tools that are being used for Spores should be also used for all of Maxis games. It would make it so much easier to build and create objects for the game.
  13. Originally posted by: Zarp woworiental owning occiedental ? that should be fun to watch, even though I'm occiedental =[ quote> What does occiedental mean?
  14. Oh, so we won after all? Yay us! ;p Why do I have a feeling that they might break apart?
  15. Shanghai vs. Dubai

    Originally posted by: Krio because Dubai spend their money for nothing good. They could help third world countries with that money and stop building empty buildings.quote> Hmmm, shows how much you know. Arab nations spend a lot of money investing in helping other people. We just don't talk about it.