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    Silur got a reaction from Angry Mozart in North American Freight Cars Prop Pack   
    Thank You very much! 
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    Silur reacted to Jack_wilds in North American Freight Cars Prop Pack   
    thanks alots... this is something did not think would occur anymore...
    well done fills a need and looks promising to 5/5
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    Silur reacted to rsc204 in Network Addon Mod (NAM) for Windows INSTALLER   
    It's as the message says. You need to have either the Deluxe version of SC4 or the Rush Hour addon (the same thing packaged differently).
    Assuming you do, then you need to install at least the EP1 patch. Without this you will encounter many problems, hence the installer will not proceed. If you have the disk version of the game, download and install the EP1 patch. If you have a digital version, it should come pre-patched. Sadly Origin are distributing an unpatched version that can not be patched either. If you have that version, you won't be able to install the NAM. Blame Origin for this embarrassing oversight which they just keep returning to.
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    Silur reacted to mattb325 in Max's Microchips   
    Thanks everyone - please see the inspiration pic...you'll note not much parking exists. This is the case in most parts of the world where land isn't cheap or plentiful enough to build acres of parking:
    On the subject of parking.
    I am aware of all of the new parking textures: I use them and I love them.
    However for basic applications such as employee parking or infrequent visitor parking they are simply too elaborate. Yes there are basic ortho versions in these packs but their base textures do not necessarily align with the ground plane textures that are baked into the Bat (such as the concrete on the sloping driveway). 
    In real life parking spaces provided in both the private and public spheres exist from dirt & gravel areas, to on-street-parking to plain concrete to fancy cobble-stones to multi-story parking garages and everything else in-between.
    The main driver is cost: the more complicated the design, the higher the initial construction and ongoing maintenance costs. A building like this simply wouldn't have elaborate parking spaces: these are suited to retail, corporate headquarters and newly-constructed public/civic spaces which are highly visible.
    Just because there are new diagonal parking textures available doesn't mean that orthogonal parking textures (or even the tight Maxis parking textures) can no longer be used.
    On my lots, I will use the parking textures which I deem most appropriate to the bat.
    If that doesn't suit your taste, then please use the lot editor to adjust the file accordingly (to that end I leave the .desc file separate from the .lot file so that every user with only basic modding knowledge can make changes without mucking up the files)
    I am certainly not aiming this comment at anyone in particular and I don't wish to engage in keyboard warfare, but after last year I have decided to release a back-log of a lot of my other files, so for civility's sake, please, please, please I request that each of you puts the notion of which parking texture you think I should use to one side.
    Thankyou in advance.
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    Silur got a reaction from CT14 in FAB Diagonal Industrials   
    Excellent work - Thank You. I think You can give SC4's players more ... Good Luck and Thank's once more...
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    Silur reacted to T Wrecks in Maloskero - Brazilian Simple Houses and Small Shops   
    What Fantozzi said.
    Jeez, most people are content uploading a building... you almost uploaded an entire freaking tileset! And at what quality! Small houses they may be, but this upload is massive in volume and crazy impressive in terms of quality, too. Fantastic work and one of the highlights of 2017 already! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
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    Silur got a reaction from 11241036 in Various Lot Foundations and Retaining Walls   
    Great job. This is a very useful thing. I want to use it. Thank you.
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    Silur got a reaction from Sepen77 in Modular Motor Pool - Base Set   
    Lots are very intersting ... and so heavy - 2.31 MB.
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    Silur reacted to fiver in Shipwrecks   
    nbvc never ceases to amaze - each time I think I have enough MMPs already, nbvc comes up with more, irresistible new ones! Thank you for the great job and wonderful imagination. 5/5
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    Silur reacted to Lemortimus in The Giving Tree   
    cows go moo
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    Silur reacted to The Pennsylvania Turnpike in Medium Park Buddha Garden Monthly income 100,000$   
    This has been done many times. try doing your own thing. Like a Bat of a store or something that has never been done before.
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    Silur reacted to TownMaster2005 in Tour Montparnasse   
    The model file missing, thus there must be a dependency.
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    Silur got a reaction from jmsepe in money tree   
    There are many another mods about it from 1000 to 100 000 000 000 ... My mind about it - very poor line and ugly cheats - can You create some real city with real money from SC4 origin ??? Try it ...
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    Silur reacted to Titanicbuff in Cemetery Gatehouses & Funeral Services   
    to many dependecies. looks great otherwise
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    Silur got a reaction from IL. in Tn house pack   
    I like Your theme - it's not for me, but I think all Th serial objects are very fine for someone ... Thank YOU ... 5/5
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    Silur reacted to madhatter106 in Elementary-Middle-High School with Campus   
    The STEX is not a BETA work-in-progress dumpsite.  That's what BAT and lot threads are for - to display work, solicit opinions and critiques, and to polish things to the point where they can be shared here.  There's no reason to release something that's not finished, nor post an upload as a "coming soon" billboard for a more finished work.
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    Silur reacted to SimCoug in Elementary-Middle-High School with Campus   
    Before uploading a 'beta' I would suggest starting a Lot thread in the forum section in order to get constructive feedback.  
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    Silur reacted to B.C builder in Sim's construction site   
    Sorry man, I only made a small lot... There's a thread for the BAT request if you want some buildings
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    Silur got a reaction from Nobo in Brickside Elementary School   
    Very attractive school, pure work with wall and roof ...
    Thank You !
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    Silur reacted to Titanicbuff in State Library   
    It looks like you took a bunch of props, added some in game buildings, slapped it together and named it- I agree with il on the idea but the lot is really lacking.
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    Silur reacted to T Wrecks in State Library   
    For starters, an in-game picture that's bigger than a postage stamp would help to judge the look of the lot.
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    Silur reacted to glazert in State Library   
    A civic lot that requires the Real Highway Mod? Why? Seems unlikely. There is no evidence of it in the picture.
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    Silur reacted to darn42 in Coltejer Building Medellin - Colombia   
    Why'd you start a BAT thread if you aren't going to use it? This building is a big step up from your last one, but it is not near finished. I'm kind of annoyed that you didn't post this at all in the thread and didn't get any feedback on it, and released, to be frank, a half assed BAT.
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    Silur reacted to Craig-Abcvs in EXITO Supermarkets - COLOMBIA   
    Lack of parking is not a problem. Better to use modular parking lots to create the size parking you need, rather than adding extra to the lot.
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    Silur got a reaction from madhatter106 in EXITO Supermarkets - COLOMBIA   
    I'm with His Divine Hand ...
    Dear Andres052490 - You can create Your own BAT thread on Simtropolis and show Your works for Simtropolians before uploading here ...
    And I think - Your first EXITO looks fine for first step, You can do real something fine works tomorrow ...
    Good Luck ...