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  1. Helpful NAM improvements

    I'm very grateful of the improvements to the NAM over the years which makes this Simcity version better than any other, so thankyou.

    Just wondering the following:

    1. Can the NAM team please consider LHD a bit more as it doesn't seem to function anymore no matter which way i load it, and it really doesn't feel good as an Australian to have a city working in an opposite direction to normal. Please?

    2. Can we please have a larger freight/rail station as part of the NAM 36 download?

    3. Can we please also have a larger passenger/rail station too (one sunken, one ground level, regular NO SUBWAY)) for the main CBD stops? (higher capacity/8 lines?), based on the 'Modern arched rail station' already in the game? as i don't like the other varieties out there and there's too many dependencies.

    Kind regards


    1. Tarkus


      Thanks for the kind words, Helpful!  To answer your questions:

      1) The NAM standard is to have LHD support in place for all items we create.  There had been a bit of a gap on this front for a time, as our dedicated LHD support person quit the team in 2010, during NAM 30 development, but to the best of our knowledge, we cleared out this backlog as of NAM 33.  If it doesn't appear to function at all, that would suggest there's something wrong with your installation of the mod and/or the game itself.  Stop by the NAM & Transit Networks board or the NAM General Support thread for further assistance.

      2 and 3) The NAM Team generally does not make new transit stations, so those are not requests that we would take on.  The stations that do exist in the NAM were originally created by other creators, and added by permission.  They are intended to be just a basic set, to provide at least some form of station functionality for NAM override networks.

      Hope that helps.


    2. Helpful


      Thankyou Tarkus