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  1. New editorial at SimTarkus - Preserving Content and Community

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    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Following previous discussions, I couldn't agree more with these sentiments. Careful thought is required, and many implications need to be considered. But at the same time, although further conversation and planning is necessary, we cannot afford to deliberate this indefinitely. Measured action is a necessary step, and what happens now will indeed shape the future of the SC4 community in the coming years.

      I for one, as previously affirmed, will be looking forward to working with you (alongside my colleagues and other parties), to enact a positive step in the right direction.

    3. CorinaMarie


      I just happened to stumble across this cause it was in the recent status update sidebar. Your dissertation is well reasoned and I am in total agreement the project must move forward. The whole idea of putting out content for others for free and then reserving the right to yank the rug out from under everyone at a later date seems plain silly. IMO it should never have been the accepted practice. But, there's no need to dwell on what I feel should have been. We have to work with how things are right now.

      From the beginning of my membership here I have always advocated for peeps to use my content however they like. If any of my tutorials or reference threads were deemed worthy to be hosted elsewhere then my permission to do so is pre-granted. All I've asked is that it is not plagiarized by giving me credit for its original creation. I feel we need to get to that point with all the existing custom content for the game.

      Perhaps your editorial needs to be a featured thread here on ST so others can comment.

    4. Fantozzi


      No one would question your permission if you would rescue a Da Vinci painiting from decay. The digital era and the neverending discussion on copyright has nebulized our sense for the importance to protect stuff from beeing forgotten. Software will be a part of our history. Now they don't see it. But once they will agree.


      The same it was with popular music. It took so long to recognize its cultural value und to see it from a historic point of view not only commercial/economical..