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  1. Omega factory success?

    I know it's 2 weeks since the last reply. But I wanted to show the difference between medium and high density. If you keep medium density your factories will supply just enough freight for your commercial. If you upgrade to high density your factories will not supply more freight. I only got an increase of 120 freight, so i had to build another industry city next door. Also your profits will decrease by a lot and the garbage, that's already a problem with medium density will get out of control. Tips: keep your roads clean, lower taxes and place 1 or 2 hospitals with all services maxed out. Your sims will get sick, even if you maxed education. I kept a space between industry and residential and even then i got over 750 sick sims a day. (But no deaths). After I placed ground scrubbers around the industrial area, health improved and the sick dropped to 150. Here is my medium density: And then I got curious if high density would give more money: (it doesn't) And my garbage problems. My recycling center is over capacity and in order to keep my garbage under control I need to destroy my garbage plots 2 times a day (6). I've got 2 ground scrubber there. I used a guide from youtube and it worked quite well Keep in mind residential gives the most profit. It's true industry pays the most for the franchise, but two medium density buildings give 448 each. If they are gold it will give you 2x. 896x2= 1782. One medium density factory will give 736. (2 medium residential building is the same size as 1 medium factory)