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  1. Our Own Region with Different Views

    The images should be ok now, sorry for the delay.
  2. Our Own Region with Different Views

    Strange that you cant see all pictures becouse they are all in png. The first 6 are ingame screenshots and for the last one I combined 4 ingame screenshots in Paint.NET and saved it as a png. Btw what browser are you using becouse IE6 and FF2 dont both show me all pictures. Ill convert them to 800x600 jpg later today to fix it then.
  3. Our Own Region with Different Views

    As I realy like this idea and the region is nice to play in anyway I decided to start with it. Sadly enough I didnt take any picture during the development so far. Started of in the upper corcer with Snake River. This villages has about 2700 inhabitants. Closer view of the city centrum. Second zone: Phloxville. Realy small village that first was low wealth and had about 220 inhabitants. When I did a revisit after i started with Rockville they changed to medium wealth and the population increased to 330. This is the third zone: Rockville. The first picture is the 'old shopping center'. This is where I started to build Rockville. First neighborhood. Located to the east of the old center and houses medium to low wealth sims. This is the industrial part of Rockville. Employing most of the people before the city started to grow bigger and offices started to develop. And finaly a picture of the region at night. You can already see more development of the southern part of Rockville. But that isnt completely done yet. You can also see the 4th zone Charleston. This region is only farmland and a landfill for the other zones that export their trash to this zone.