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  1. Yes, Simcityscape, where people were able to download regions with mayoral terms of about seven days before you had to re-upload the city for others to build on. One was able to download others' cities, build and put them back in the region after playing the city for seven days or so. It got so over ran with cities that were not functional in regular play, as well as was unmanagable by the site owners. You can still see some of the site's leftover operation at the old simcity site under the 'simcityscape' icon in the 'play' button still on that site.
  2. Industry Pack 2

    :) thanks
  3. Industry Pack 1

    Thanks Simgoober! awesome.
  4. Question About My Recent NAM and SAM Downloads

    Yes put them in: C:\Documents and Settings\"*YOURNAME*"\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins
  5. Rush Hour Question

    You probably would be better off to move your plugin folder before installing Rush Hour and then returning the files to the new plugin folder afterward.
  6. Where's the Capitol Building? It is a prominent fixture in the downtown area, and was built early on in Denver's history. It's at the corner of Broadway and Colfax(15th Ave.)
  7. TDP Bricktown 700 Spruce St

    This too! I like being able to plop industry instead of letting it grow on it's own. Nice job!
  8. TDP Bricktown 1455 Industrial Rd

    Nice abandoned warehouse!
  9. 1x1 Residential Squares..

    I make a road then a one by one res, square and then another road and so on. The roads are only one square apart. This makes an area to look as it is filled with tiny row homes, where it was built in a hurry to allow more workers/single family homes to be in a small area. Worker homes, there's your clue. Build these areas near your industry or large farm areas, since it is a new city. With a tiny bit of light commercial at a major intersection near these 'row homes,' they should grow without any problems. I do it all the time and I don't need a large population to do it.
  10. What you HATE about SC4...

    I posted but it didn't show up so if you find two of these posts then Im sorry I hate that they took away th street parades with Santa at the end. I hate that sims don't complain and protest when you take away too many trees or try to install a nuclear power station. I hate that they took away the twirling newspaper that told you when a sports great dies. I hate that they put in cartoon charaters instead of REAL picture of the advisers.
  11. What you HATE about SC4...

    I hate it that they took out the street parades and Santa in his sleigh at the end of it. I hate that the sims don't complain when you start to destroy too many trees. I hate that sc4 doesn't have the twirling newspaper to tell you when a sports great dies. I hate that the simcopter does not point out heavy traffic and when you click it -that it calls mayday and crashes. I miss the REAL pictures of the advisers like in sc2000
  12. ST-Exchange update request

    Beside saving on band width.
  13. One Blue Sky - Airport Recreations

    Nice Job! You always do really nice airports. I like your idea here and look forward to the airports you will do.
  14. Show us your airport!

    KEESLER AFB at Biloxi, Mississippi Keesler AFB is my first attempt at making an airport. This is a region I am working on beside Houston that I’m doing. I thought I would get in a little practice before trying to make the really huge Bush Interconctinetal Airport in Hou. Keesler is a small base but has a very long air strip, which also is placed at an angle. I will be happy once someone gets the diagonal strips going, that will be great. What do you guys think? See anything I need to tidy up on? I appreciate any input. I’ve taken a few liberties with this airport and made it somewhat commercial, with two little working terminals. Most of the planes you see are for parking. Does anyone know where I might be able to get military planes similar to the ones that are placed here?
  15. Demo of Sim City Societies released since...

    Anyone want a free SimSociety game? Just pay for the shipping! LOL