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    Interview with Thepokemaniac

    When did you join Simtropolis?

    I joined about 2 years ago.

    Why did you join Simtropolis?

    I joined because I wanted to be a part of a larger community of people who enjoyed the same things that I do - cities!

    Did you ever expect to win the MOTM?

    Not at all! I just got back from a trip and I was very tired, and I got on Simtropolis to look at the homepage, and next thing I knew I was reading that I had been awarded the MOTM award!

    Why did you think you were nominated for the MOTM?

    I am a member of the Help Desk Help Squad, and that month I had hosted 2 seminars, so I think that may have helped me have the honor of receiving the MOTM award.

    Will winning the MOTM inspire you to do more for the community?

    Of course! I love helping people, and I plan to continue to do so. This award really inspires me to help as many people as possible.

    What do you do outside of Sim City 4 and Simtropolis in your free time?

    I used to play a lot of different sports, but now I like to run, bike, and spend time with my friends.

    What are your favorite Simtropolis moments?

    I really enjoy hosting seminars in the Help Desk because I know that I am helping a lot of people!

    Do you have a job?

    No, right now I am a full time student.

    If you were stuck on a deserted island with one Simtropolis member, who would it be?

    It would either be simmaster07 or un1 because I really get along with both of them very well, and the whole time we would be stuck on the island we would have things to talk about!

    What has been your main contributions to the site?

    I like to build airports, and I hope that showcasing mine can inspire others (especially beginners to airport building) to build them as well. I also hope that in the future I can host more seminars to help more people!

    Do you have anything else that you would like to share with us?

    Thanks for the award guys! Lets keep Simtropolis awesome!

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