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  • hogmeister

    Interview With Simgoober - Trixie Winning Batter

    Hello, and welcome to another of our regular user spotlights. This time around, Hogmeister is behind the lamp and we've got one of the communities's favorite batters in the spotlight. Let's get to know SimGoober!

    Now, since I have undergone this ritual humiliation, opps sorry, I meant to say fun talk back session, I thought it only right that one of our most prodigious Batters should now undergo this torture, eh, Honour. So now, without any more delay, let me introduce you to the incomparable SimGoober: Applause, the crowd goes wild (the warm up comic certainly earned his bucks today).

    Thank you, thank you, SG, firstly let me take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time out of your hectic batting schedule to answer my probing and humiliating, or as I should say, thought provoking questions today.

    What do you think is your best building?

    hmmmm... I tend to like the stuff I do for a set purpose best. The Alabaster Mosque is probably my overall favorite, but I do like that peach water tower

    What do you find is your favourite time of day for Batting?

    Definitely late night. Quiet an peaceful, fewer interuptions.

    Do you have any other hobbies and interests? (Even god had a rest from batting on the seventh day)

    I like to make things. I have done woodworking for many years, and also enjoy photography.

    Do you have any bad habits?

    Staying up all night BATting

    Where do you get all of the inspiration to create so many and such varied buildings?

    It comes from all over. Sometimes I see a builing that just grabs my attention. Occasionally I get a request that sounds neat. Lately, I have taken to playing the game more, so I find areas that need filing.

    What is your favourite website? (Keep it clean, there are children watching who don't all have access to their parents AVS code)!

    I am not by nature a web surfer. I go somewhere for a purpose, so that depends on what I need. I will say SimTropolis is the only site that I have stayed with for any length of time, or support financially.

    What are your favourite architectural and geographical buildings and or landmarks and why?

    I like buildings with character. Something that tells the person looking at it the person who designed it took their time and did it right.

    If you couldn't do the job you are doing now what would be your dream job?

    I'd like to spend my time more creatively. I someday hope to have my own workshop.

    What is your favourite Maxis building? Why?

    Maxis put buildings in SC4? I thought we batted all of them???

    Height and any other measurements you feel are worthy of note.

    SC4 distorts the dimensions of everything; ever look in one of those circus mirrors?

    What other games do you play? (and where on earth do you find the time).

    I don't. In the past I was a big fan of other city building or strategy games. Civ and Railroad Tycoon. I have played just about every city building game I've seen.

    Do you / have you played and sports? Which is your favourite and why?

    Nope, never did. Though I have always enjoyed just about any sport live. I can't watch sports on TV though, too much commercialization.

    What is your favourite Bat building? Why?

    Tough one, I don't know if there is one, I use several. I love the Amsterdam Station, but also like some of the smaller stuff. Lately I have been growing more suburbs, and like the little homes that pop up. The new ones by RP2004 are really nice.

    What do you like most about Sim City, and what would you like most to see in a new expansion pack or Sim City game?

    I like the way the game changes every time you play. I'd like to see more options as to "this or that". Choose this business and your city goes this way, choose another one for another way. Also, Creating a demand for specific industries and eveloping a full chain to supply it would be really neat. Start a farm to grow wheat, then a bakery to make bread, a store to sell it, a restaraunt, a distribution facility....

    How large is the Far Eastern Sweat shop (number of child labourers) that you use to turn out so many buildings so quickly and can ST members apply for indentured servitude there at special rates?

    The secret to my builings is KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Even the most complicate builings are made of small pieces. Many of those pieces can be duplicated to fill it in. Spend 5 minutes making a window, then copy it 20 times to get the rest. Take one of those, modify it slightly, then you got 20 more. The biggest chanllenge was learning how to get the BAT to do what I wanted. Now I have the principals down, I just need to worry about designs.

    Extra Credit: What is your special secret power?

    I don't get offended easily. I take what people say with a grain of salt, and don't sweat the small stuff. And it's 99% small stuff

    Thank you for that SG, it's been most enlightening, next on life styles of the rich and famous we will have, opps, sorry, wrong show, next month on the BSC slot we will have Deadwoods, profile of a man who comes from 'down under'.

    Thank you, and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Goodnight (applause from the audience, quickly fading into a scrapping of chairs as everyone makes a headlong rush for the free bar).

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