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    Interview with Mikeaut1

    Today we talk to Mikeaut1 a Simtropolis chat operator, Simtropolis Help Squad Assistant Head and January's Employee of the Month.

    - When did you join Simtropolis?

    I joined Simtropolis early in the morning on June 29th,


    - Why did you join Simtropolis?

    Well, when I got the game for Christmas in December 2003, I knew of Simtropolis, but I was reluctant in joining it. I did, however, lurk the site from December until June. But then I was motivated to join, mainly the buildings available to download and the city journal forum inspired me to join.

    - When did you become a member of staff?

    Ha-ha, one of my fondest memories on Simtropolis was when I became a staff member late at night on November 20th 2005. ThatMonkeySim, DragonAnime, and I were in chat and TMS just learned he was upgraded to a moderator. After he told me, I was really excited for him. SkiGeek then entered chat, PMed me, and asked me to be a chat op. At first, I was taken back but I soon calmed myself, lol. It was a fun experience for me 3.gif.

    - Why do you think you became a member of staff?

    Well, I guess the admins saw that I am a laid-back, easy going type of guy. I guess I was qualified to be a chat operator because I was friendly and helpful to newcomers in chat.

    - Did you ever expect to win the EOTM?

    Honestly, I wasn't expecting on winning this early. In my opinion, there are many other staff members that are qualified for

    the award. It was quite a surprise for me when I learned that I was

    the EOTM for January.

    - Why do you think the admins chose you for the EOTM?

    Well, according to what my award in my custom member label says, I'm good with the newcomers by helping them and directing them around the site and also show kindness towards members in the community. So these were traits that helped them decide on me for the Employee of the Month award. Honestly, I don't do what I do on Simtropolis to merit any awards. I just like welcoming new people to the site, they deserve a warm welcome so they feel as if they belong to the "family" of Simtropolis.

    - Do you think winning the EOTM will inspire you to do more for Simtropolis?

    Of course, even without winning the EOTM, my ideas and

    inspirations will continue!

    -What do you consider your greatest contribution to Simtropolis?

    Hmm... probably helping out in the SHS and submitting some articles to the Omnibus, it is a good squad. Also opping could count as a contribution to the site.

    - What are your favourite Simtropolis memories?

    There are many. One of them include staying up all night

    waiting for Chicago333 to update his city journal, Mandursuro. Others

    include Rybolton proposing to Samantha (how could that not be a fond ST memory? 3.gif). Another one as I said earlier was been asked to become a chat operator.

    - What are your main staff jobs on Simtropolis?

    Opping! I go into the chat and I kick and ban everyone and have a jolly old time for myself. Just kidding! But yes, that is my only staff job here at ST!

    - What is your favourite part of being on the Simtropolis


    Hmm... well I guess associating with other ops, like

    ThatMonkeySim for example. He's been a great help, as well as

    DragonAnime and SkiGeek, when I first became a op.

    - Are there any other game you play besides SimCity and if so could you name us a few of them?

    I play some other games: Halo 2, Driver 3, The Sims 2, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and some other PS2 games.

    - What do you do as a job in real life?

    Heh, I'm a student in high school. 3.gif

    - What do you do in your free time away from Simtropolis and SimCity?

    Something to know about me, I love my friends. So if I'm

    away from ST, I'm usually with friends. My favourite TV show is Seinfeld, so I collect the DVDs and watch those in my free time too. Also, music is really big in my life. I'm a drummer, so I like music a lot. You can always see me with my Ipod or with a CD in hand!

    - Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

    Hmm... I'm 100% Italian and I like Chinese Food! 3.gif

    Thank you Mikeaut for been with us today. Credits for this interview go to your_adress_here for conducting the interview and to Compromise for writing it up. We look forward to doing more MOTM/EOTM interviews!

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