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    Interview with Darmok, Creator of Anduin Valley

    Please PM Mikeaut1 if you have any questions regarding this article.

    When did you join Simtropolis?

    In April 2003, I was before that on another SimCity BBS (I honestly don't remember which one it was), and one day the admins just closed it. I then found Simtropolis by pure chance, and have been here since then.

    Why did you join Simtropolis?

    After lurking a bit, I liked what I saw and read in the forums, so it was the sensible thing to do.

    I never regretted it.

    Did you ever expect to win the MOTM?

    I never even thought about it! I saw it each month and I was glad to see members being recognized by their peers for their contribution to the community, I knew of course that in the recent weeks/months some of AVR readers nominated me, but I never saw myself as being that much important to the community compared to wouanagaine or others who are making great BAT's or like Jacqulina who is always helping everyone with her support. I'm not that active in other forums besides the CJ section.

    But I must say that I'm really touched by this award, it means a lot to me.

    What was your inspiration for Anduin Valley?

    In 2003, when Simtrop was a bit more, shall we say, informal. I first tried my hand at a CJ, and as I was working on the same map that I'm using today by the way, I decided to name it "Minas Tirith" as a tribute to Tolkien's work in Lord of the Ring. That CJ came to an abrupt stop the day my computer crashed and I've lost everything on it except some pictures.

    After that I was not playing with SC4 for quite a while, but still lurking in the CJ's forum.

    And in December 2004 (if memory serves me right) I found Jeronij's Sculpting Columbia River... that was like if I was strike by lightning! The way he was playing the game fascinated me! and more so something he told us in one of his first post in the CJ, he said "play WITH the game not AGAINST it". At this particular moment I began to see SC4 for what it was, a software so flexible that one can PLAY with it ANY way he wants to, like clay for a sculptor or paint and brushes for a painter... I never went back to the "regular" way of playing SC4 after this, and that was the best move I've made game wise. So I should say Jeronij made me do it! Before Jeroni, Jhipolitto and Paletexan were my biggest influence, and after that on the rural side I should name Dan (Dhoppeii), Bernhard (Nardo69) and Meinhosen plus many more, on the "concrete jungle" side I'd say that Alek "Aleking" is one of the top cookie!

    Those are my main influences for the, shall I say skeleton part of the city, BUT I must say that lots of small details come from ideas I will "borrow" from lots and lots of other CJ's, some of the ideas come from me too but they often are triggered by things I've seen elsewhere and sometimes from RL.

    Whew... that was long winded!

    What are your favorite Simtropolis moments?

    Two things, the first and foremost is reading the comments of AVR readers, it's always a great pleasure to read them! People in Simtropolis are very analytical and have an inquiring mind. It's often a challenge to keep up with some of them

    Do you have a job?

    I'm a graphic designer, my tools of the trade are: Photoshop (of course) InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat. I can't see myself doing anything else.

    Do you have anything else that you would like to share with us?

    Yes, this community is a very healthy one, and I never thought that I would meet here so many people from very different backgrounds sharing the same passion. I hope that this spirit will continue for a long time and will help bringing more understanding between different cultures. (hearing violins in the background.....) OK OK I didn't mean to be corny....

    I'd just like to finish to finish this (looooong) interview, to salute and thanks all the friends I've made here. And remember: Take care and enjoy life!

    Please PM Mikeaut1 if you have any questions regarding this article.

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