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  • Munchiez

    Tropico 4, a new sim city?


    The gameplay is best described as a rather unique mix of SimCity style building and historical dictators. As El Presidente of the various islands in Tropico 4, your task is to develop an island and most importantly, keep control. It is a balancing act between keeping different factions happy, allowing you to stay in control, as there is always someone to please.

    Tropico 4 also has an integrated trade system with foreign powers, such as the USSR and the US. This is where goods can be exported and imported: enabling the player get items to please the people or even stop importing things rebels want. In turn, this all causes the player to be constantly busy – building improvements or issuing edicts, so that there is never a quiet period in game.

    Overall Control

    The amount of control that Tropico 4 gives players beyond doubt absorbs them into the game. Giving players all the powers a real life dictator, Tropico 4 not only gives the control of the island but even your people’s lives. From hiring foreign specialists to help out in empty positions, to ordering edicts to please foreign countries; as the dictator it is all in your control. Control levels even go down to getting individual citizens arrested or forcibly ‘removed’.

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    User Feedback

    Not a SimCity replacement. More like the Civilization series in that it has an end. It does not appear to be open-ended or user extensible, but it does look interesting. Might be fun to play to the end once or twice, but after that ???

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    Nonny moose is exactly right and let me speak about why he is right . First of all civilization is a strategy based game with war or combat elements wichever you choose as well as diplomacy element's . Then as we all know simcity contains building and some destroying and if you wondering Im getting to my point . furthermore simcity contains no combat except in photoshop and frozen props if you desired to download them . This folks is what makes civilzation exciting and how it dosen't compare to the sc4 we love today simply it dosen't contain and ""strategy"" . Depending on you point of view yes this game would be playalbe but not to a strategy extent as civ would or ""empire at war"" for that matter hense comes the playability .

    just some constructive critisizm :ducky:

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    actually, the game doesn't have an end. you start with a city and you keep it for as long as you like... until it crashes :P.

    This is also much more different than societies because Tropico is a lot more difficult ;). And if you do want to compare it to Societies, Tropico actually did the Societies part right.

    Tropico is more of a management game and a very intense one. Manage farming, production, exports, tourists, services, citizens, etc. Pretty much like a Simcity game except you plop the buildings.

    Perhaps the only thing that would lose the SimCity feel of this is the scope. You really shouldn't expect to command 10000 citizens as it will have an identity for every citizen and that will just kill the computer. At best, the island can be described as a microcosm of a true island run by a real dictatorship.

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    I purchased the game on amazon and I played it for a couple of days. It has a good concept and is fun at first but gets boring very quickly with all the missions seeming to be the same with a few differences. If you are expecting it to be similar to SimCity, Cities XL, or even Societies you will be disappointed. Its an OK game but not worth the money in my opinion.

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