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    SimCity 4 10th Anniversary Live Broadcast



    Join us on February 21st, 2013 at 10:00am PST for

    The Maxis SimCity Live Broadcast! It's been ten years since we last

    became mayors in SimCity 4, and we're celebrating this 10 year

    anniversary with a retrospective from the current SimCity team. We'll be

    talking to the key players behind both SimCity 4 and SimCity, get some

    behind the scenes stories, and see just how much SimCity has changed in

    10 years. RSVP and tune in on February 21st to see SimCity new and old.

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    User Feedback

    Maybe they will announce that they have either been kidding about the online drm and the city tiles and lack of subways and all the other issues or have had a change of heart and decided to actually listen to the community. Though it's not likely.

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    So, I've watched the stream and I notice a few things about the SimCity 4-part:

    • It was brief, very brief, like 2 or 3 minutes...
    • The do mention SimMars, but NOT the NAM? How can you mention SimCity 4 modding without mentioning the NAM?

    Oh, and don't convice me with Curvy roads. I have been fooled  with CitiesXL...

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    Well, don't be too hard on them.  While it is not what we would have liked, it is definitely not a successor to SimCity 4 Deluxe.  I just watched that whole 90 minute presentationi, and I noticed quite a few interesting things:


    • As expected the trade off to the 2 x 2 city is the graphics detail.
    • There is air freight.  Destination not mentioned.
    • There are four major items that pretty much require intercity co-operation to build.  One of the greatly desired major works is an archology which they say takes "hours" to build, and I think they were talking RL time.  The airport is another, and I don't remember the other two.
    • Well, would you really like to manage more than 16 cities?  Old hat to us, but think about the novitiate.
    • There are some discoverable resources.
    • They spent a lot of time talking about the Sims and monitoring them, caring about their well being, etc.  Sound familiar (The Sims)?  The game is set up to give you a guilt trip if you dispossess these guys.  They address both homelessness and unemployment in a really big way.

    If it wasn't for the DRM problem, I would buy this game because I think it would be fun.  That doesn't mean I would stop playing SC4 though. 


    The games are different.  The new one is really a fleshed-out Sims-City.  I might play it in the place of one of the other logic games I play.


    The long time frame of this video gives a very good example of the unfettered game.  Apparently the Betas were locked down to force players to use something they were studying.


    Good luck to them, but I think this on-line thing will be a flop.  After they realize their error, I hope they will rerelease it without it.

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