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    Diamond Interchange Inside Avenue Intersection Interchange Inside Avenue Intersection Interchange - Zoom Out
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    T Wrecks

    Mayor's House (With More Walls)

    To those who don't see a difference: Originally the Mayor's House only had hedges in the back, not along the entire sides up to the sidewalk. I think this is a nice and subtle alternative for those SimMayors who prefer to keep more to themselves. However, you should really have removed those bushes alongside the driveways when you added the hedges. Now the bushes clip into the hedges everywhere. @citybuilder234: If you don't see what's new, why don't you just ask before you rate? Right now, you basically admit to rating this file without actually knowing what you are rating. Who knows, sometimes people point out something to you that's really an ingenious twist - easy to overlook, but very smart and useful. Other times, the change is negligible. However, there's still plenty of time to rate once you are sure you know what's going on with an upload.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    New rail junction under a RHW curve
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    I believe there is a significant difference between active content creators and works which have been abandoned. Perhaps trying to paint everyone with the same broad brush is why this idea is in a death spiral.
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    The very simple, but safe, interchange. This is competing with the Europe interchange. But, I think this is more safer, you can only get T-bone collision. But, I'm not traffic master, so I think my argument maybe wrong. The technical name of the interchange is highway-avenue U-turn interchange, or for simpler name, turnchange. Oops, the interchange is eye-candy. In the time, I made mistake by intrepreting interchange made by one-way road. But, someone who makes this interchange functional, I'll award you with like and comment.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the ''new'' house for our mayors. Just I added more walls for a better look. And of course, replace the original one INSTALLATION: Put the file in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins ENJOY!
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    Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Yes, but that's only part of it ... Its what happens when the file's creator disappears hopefully because they have decided to do something else, but in at least two cases I'm aware of they stopped because they were dead, one in a car crash the other one was natural causes, who then takes responsibility for caring for their work, at the moment they go into limbo, so forget everything else that's been discussed in this topic re creating packs or better ways of handling dependencies that's just icing of the cake ... if you disappear tomorrow what happens, I know for a lot of the younger creators asking them to do what effectively is a will is something they are going to find difficult to do, but carrying on as we have been doing isn't working nor is having these discussions every few months and then adding it to the too hard basket.
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    Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    And this really is the core. The guy has spent probably hundreds of hours of his own free time for no compensation -- and then some players are going to get around to decide on how the creations are going to be handled? As much as I agree with a "custodian" feature similar to how the LEX is looking after abandoned files or how some Chinese/Japanese creators have English-language custodians for Western websites, the fact of the matter is that the community generally hasn't provided for this. And then we're back to the concerns that Jasoncw is voicing. Considering that most of us do not create anything, I think it's well worth listening to those who actually do -- after all, the community and its cohesion (as well as its presence) is mainly driven by the content creators. That being said, I seem to remember that the Barry Sanders Project /MiPro probably is one of the better candidates for what is proposed here -- few dependencies, concentrated work, quality content -- and as a player, consolidating work and perhaps dependencies would be considered very, very beneficial by me. But if creators don't want to contribute? Really, we should just steal their work?
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    Akmerkez mall, Istanbul
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    Show us your Downtown/CBD

    I hate to see the cities skylines showcase threads dying but anyways here's Downtown Greenville.
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    From the picture it looks like every 'box' is located on a street, so I'd bet you are missing dependencies for the SFBT Tree Mod. Make sure you have the most recent versions of the prop packs needed, as some of them may have been updated since that mod was released
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    Thin White Duke

    A-Z Cars

    Alfa Romeo 6C Not a pre-war luxury car. Not a post war luxury car. A mid war luxury car. Great business plan.
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    I was heavily thinking on a complex argument to write here, but then I found a fitting meme casually:
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    I hate it when people say everything you hear on the radio sounds the same these days but... everything you hear on the radio sounds the same these days.
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    Show Us your: HIGHWAYS!!!

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    Natural Wonders

    Our world is full of incredible natural wonders that keep us in awe. Today we're going to take a tour around the globe (except Antarctica - that's probably going to be a separate update down the road ) - visiting a few of the most unique and stunning natural wonders our planet has to offer. Note: this update contains a few gifs (4MB and 6MB) - it was difficult to get them any smaller. Africa Danakil Depression - Ethiopia Our first destination can be found in the hot, humid climate of northern Ethiopia. The alien like world of the Danakil Depression is known for its incredibly colorful sulfur pits - and also being the home of the hottest temperatures on earth. With temperatures reaching as high as 125 degrees, you won't be able to stay here long - just long enough to load up your camel with salt and continue on with the journey. Asia Sigiriya - Sri Lanka On the small island nation of Sri Lanka in South Asia is where you'll find our next location - the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya. This stronghold was selected by King Kasyapa of the Ceylon civilization back in the mid 400s CE as a new capital - and it was truly ahead of its time. The original structure featured a massive city perched on top of the rock, with expansive gardens and trails leading around the entire structure. Little of it remains - but it continues to keep tourists in awe to this day. Australia Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Northern Territory When you think of Australia - one of the first things that comes to mind is its stunning Uluru (Ayers Rock), dramatically rising some 1,142 feet out of the outback. Uluru is the original aboriginal name for the area - and it has no specific meaning behind it. They believed that the rock has a great spiritual meaning - and was created at the dawn of time. To this day, those visiting it are urged not to climb the rock out of respect to these beliefs - and taking photographs of certain areas is also strongly urged against. Europe Holuhraun Lava Field - Iceland We're traveling to the Arctic for our next destination - the volatile and unpredictable Holuhraun Lava Field. This lava field is the size of Manhattan and its been growing at an unprecedented rate - and its also been spewing out a record-breaking amount of lava and sulfur dioxide in recent years. Hiking is surprisingly allowed here - but make sure you watch your step, especially with lava that can reach temperatures as high as 1,470 degrees Fahrenheit. North America Nares Strait - Canada/Greenland Border We're staying in the Arctic for our next sight - and you'll find the stunning Nares Strait located on Greenland's wild west coast. This pathway to the North Pole is lined with dramatic fjords and mountains - and with some of the most inhospitable temperatures on earth, every trip is an adventure. South America Devil's Throat (Iguazu Falls) - Brazil/Argentina Border Our tour wraps up with one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in all of South America - the majestic Devils's Throat of Iguazu Falls, located on the Brazil/Argentina border. This is a sight unlike any other on earth - water cascades from 3 different angles down nearly 300 feet of sheer rock, creating a thundering splash that can be heard for miles around. This is nature at its best - and its a destination that you won't want to miss out on. Note: a lot of these pictures required extensive custom content creation, and although it may look like it - there actually wasn't that much photoshop being used at all. The Iguazu Falls & Danakil Depression gifs are completely unedited - the in game animations were recorded using ScreenToGif. For those wondering where I got Sigiriya, it was downloaded here and imported into the game as a big BAT - some small editing was done though at the top to add things like better looking trees. Ayers Rock was made using the in game terraforming tools, but had a couple edits to the terrain mod and the clouds. As for the pics from the Arctic - the main use of photoshop was adding reflections to the water (in the Greenland pic), giving the lava a little life/making it glow a bit (the lava itself is real), and adding some mist/clouds in general as well. I created an entire set of textures for those pics - consisting of two parts. First one being just a simple terrain mod - consisting of fairly basic cliff/ground texture mods. Here's a demonstration of some of the base textures/cliff textures at work. Secondly, I also finally figured out a while back how to create overrides for the JENX terrain paints: 1, 2. And again, these aren't some sort of photoshop effect or whatever, they're just overrides of the in game terrain paints. For those interested, here's the pics completely unedited: here and here (the lava is usually supposed to be used at day, so I had to make some enhancements for the night time image.) So yeah, there's finally legit lava + glaciers in the game There's still plenty of work to be done and they don't have proper icons yet so they're sorta hard to use, so it could be a while for a release on anything. But as always, if anyone is interested in something then please PM me and I can send you what I've completed thus far. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Replies for "Scenes From South America" @TekindusT Thank you! I really went all out on that Buenos Aires pic - took forever but it was worth it! @Bojci Thanks for stopping by! Appreciate the kind words @Dgmc2013 Thank you, appreciate the nice comment @tariely Thanks for the kind words! I'll try to incorporate more little tutorials and whatnot into my entries from time to time - and to show how I make them come to life. @mrsmartman Thank you! I'll hopefully try to do a few more of those in the future to show a bit of what goes into my scenes @IL. Thank you! Although I've done some very heavy photoshop pics for fun in the past, it's important to keep things in moderation. Photoshop had a minor role in the update - mainly for things like mist/clouds/rain effects, adding filters to give some of the pics to give them a unique character, and to also do a number of small cosmetic edits like adding power lines to the MMP'd poles in the Tocanao pic. All the buildings, MMPs, lots etc are real in the pics - containing a bunch of custom content I created along with creative uses of existing content. @GoKingsGo Thanks for the wonderful comment! @raynev1 Thanks for the kind words I've been thinking about it recently and I might try to fit them into some sort of prop pack along with some of the other models I've been working on. If you want them in the meantime though, feel free to PM me @Fantozzi Thanks for the nice comment As for the buildings I used in those pics, I believe I used the following: a rusty shack from Simmer2's prop pack vol3, some shacks from the fordoniak prop pack vol2, and the main buildings were from RDQ's prop pack and from Wallibuk's collection on the STEX. I used some of Maloskero's stuff too - he graciously sent me a decent amount of BATs that haven't been released yet though, so I think a few of the buildings in the pic might not be available yet. But I believe he is working currently on getting the other blds on the STEX here soon. Also, one last note - a few of the buildings I used had their roofs recolored to orange/red to give them a bit more of a South American flavor - hopefully that shouldn't be an issue though @Namiko Thanks! Yeah, that scene is hard to beat I'm gonna keep the updates coming too, I have a loooot of stuff I need to publish into updates.. @Mymyjp Thank you for the kind words! It would be great to see some more updates - I really enjoyed your work @Akallan Thanks for the comment! I've actually thought about Nordic countries, but the lack of BATs is a big issue. Especially the stave churches - I could texture one pretty good but unfortunately my modeling capabilities are lagging behind. I've found enough stuff though for Ancient Egypt so that's definitely going to happen @JP Schriefer Thanks for the nice comment as always @f3cs Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! @_Michael Thank you! I usually do big, massive scenes - so I wanted to change things up a little and do a few zoom 6 scenes like the Amazon river one, glad you liked it @dabadon5 Thank you! With each update, I really want to convey that feeling of being on a great adventure across the globe - so it's nice to hear that @RandyE Thanks for the comment Randy! It's quite amazing what we can create using the canvas of SC4 Finally, big thanks to @Jolteon, @CorinaMarie, @Manuel-ito, @Fantozzi, @MushyMushy, @Dgmc2013, @tariely, @matias93, @Marushine, @mike_oxlong, @mrsmartman, @bobolee, @kingofsimcity, @Krasner, @_Michael, @bladeberkman, @Francis90b, @GoKingsGo, @raynev1, @Namiko, @mattb325, @scotttbarry, @Akallan, @JP Schriefer, @RandyE, & @APSMS for all the likes!
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    Also that one song called Despacito.
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    This has appeared to work. Thank you for your help.
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    Do be honest, I also have problems with dubstep and modern pop and rap music. Most of the dubstep songs are nothing more than the sounds of metallic pieces putting in a mixer and being as loud as the launch of a space shuttle. Pop is mostly a collection of mediocre songs that repeats the same patterns of music and lyrics, with as less creativity as possible. As about rap, oh boy. Most of the rap songs are all about money, drugs, women, cars, golden jewelry, violence, fame and egos bigger than the Earth itself. Surprisingly, it's still possible to find dubstep, pop and rap songs that are not only decent, but actually enjoyable. Fortunately, there is still good music today, but you have to do some search to find it. However, there is one genre that I can't stand it. That's the so called "skiladiko", a branch of urban folk music which is very popular here in Greece. The music is an annoying mess of bouzouki and other instruments, the lyrics are so lazy that even a baby can write better and more creative ones, and the voices of their "artists" are worse than dog barks. Maybe this is the reason why this genre of music is named skiladiko, which can be translated as "doggish" or "doghouse" music. Yeah, no kidding. The worst thing about skiladiko is that, unlike the previous music genres, this one has no good exceptions. There is absolutely no skiladiko song that I can hear, let alone enjoy. Even worse, this overestimated kind of music, as well as its "artists" like Kelly Kelekidou and Vassilis Karras, is much more popular and beloved than actual good music and brilliant artists, like Vangelis and Mikis Theodorakis.
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    Extremely useful !!! Thank you (both the creator and the heads-upper :-)
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    As a player, anything that makes it easier to download content would be great. As far as 'abandoned content' , maybe we could replace that phrase with 'left in the hands of the community' ?
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    Boxes instead of trees

    Thanks for the suggestions. I walked through many of the BATS and finally installed a dependency that was missing-and it worked. Thanks again!
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    BAT Request Thread

    I recomment to bat this one: The Blue Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif, north west Afghanistan. Reasons: . we don't have any afghan monument yet. - batter would earn immortal fame doing this. - it would be a fine alternative to the Maxis Hagia Sophia. - the reflecting ground/marble and the composition of colours would add something unique and special to the game
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    A-Z Cars

    Steyr 55 (Steyr was an austrian brand)
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    I'm starting to get the hang of working with this stuff. This is the most elaborate interchange I've done yet. I'm still working on the other side of the bridge but I have the basic interchange done but I will possibly add more and I still need to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I'll upload that when I am satisfied with it. On the second pic I have filled in the sand on both sides since taking the screenshot.
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    Release Cesna C-185 Skywagon with Floats - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1102590880
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    Because it's stuff I made and I have a feeling of authorship over it. I want to have confidence in the plan and I want to trust the people involved with it. It's like if I had a deviantart account with my art on it. And someone was publishing a book and wanted to put my art in it. The book was being sold at-cost, so no one is making any money, and I was never planning on selling my art, so there are no opportunity costs to me allowing the art in the book. Just because I made the art for free for other people's free enjoyment doesn't mean that I don't care whether or not my art gets put into any random non-profit art book. Oh, and don't forget that they will be "remastering" my art before putting it in and that I won't have any control over what happens. Or maybe I'm an amateur photographer who posts photos to flickr (for everyone's free enjoyment). And someone approaches me and tells me that flickr isn't a very social platform and that it's inconvenient for people to see the photos. They tell me that they want to start an instagram and twitter account that reposts photos from flickr, and that they plan on having a lot of followers, so more people would be able to enjoy my photos more conveniently. What you are saying is that not only should I (the actual creator of the content) have no say in this, but that I am being cruel and selfish and petty for wanting a say, and that my cruelty and selfishness and pettiness will lead to the downfall of the community. I don't think there are any creative fields (whether it's art, music, writing, or even just game mods) that think the original authors shouldn't have control over how their work is distributed. What is being discussed is a new system of distribution. And creators will need to have confidence in a new system in order to buy into it. If it's a good system, content creators will join in. I think most creators view the STEX as a platform for individuals to share their creations, while people who mainly download might view the STEX as an amorphous bucket of water that creators slowly drip drops into. The understanding when uploading to the STEX has not been that anyone on Simtropolis (or "Simtropolis itself") can do whatever they want with it and redistribute it however they want. Putting a notice on the STEX that that is the new policy would fix that problem for future files but I think that would leave a bad taste in the mouths of most content creators. The LEX is different because it started off as a closed exchange, and I think even before the LEX most of the BSC members explicitly gave permission for the BSC to be custodians of their work in the future. When it was opened for non-BSC people to go through the scrutineering process people were still implicitly submitting their work to that way of doing things. The LEX has been an open exchange for a while now and idk what impression newer members have but I don't think the nature of the LEX and the STEX are the same. I don't see a problem with the LEX rearranging its content but I don't think it's the same for the STEX. From my perspective this makes things a lot easier because it means the dependency packs can be worked with. I think with a good system you'd be able to get permission for most of the good existing content from the STEX, so all that would be missing are some random plugins here and there. If we're really aiming for user friendliness, it will be successful if most of the current content is included, even if a few BATs here and there are missing. Like with spotify and those other types of services, they don't have literally everything, but they have 95% of what people actually listen to most of the time, so the missing 5% isn't a big deal because people are busy using the other 95%. For SC4 the system wouldn't collapse, experienced users would simply download the random missing stuff. Anyway I don't think permission is the difficulty. I think the difficulty is nailing down exactly what is happening (for example I'm most excited by an automated downloader but bombardiere doesn't want that, and T Wrecks is probably right in that it's not realistic in the first place), and then figuring out the organization and standardization issues which are very complex by themselves. We haven't even scratched the surface of that. Do we relot wall to wall building to share one standard setback (and what should it be?), do we standardize menu icons (but I like my icons, and I think other people like their own icons too)? Should custom queries be included? There's a million different issues and getting some basic consensus on them would be very hard.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Well, I'm back from holidays and eager to jump right in Soooo, I'm posting a few pics of a lot I'm working on (One of a series). Added a few more models as well. Including a version of the truck loading facility!! Work in progress. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Simmer2
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    Widening the ramps to 2 lanes is just for aesthetics. Since MIS, RHW-2, 4 & 6S all occupy one time, it actually won't do anything in terms of capacity increase from the game's standpoint. Also to make the proper connections, ultra-wide RHW networks (RHW-10C and 12S) which are in the planning stages, are required. Widening the main highway an extra tile adds 50% capacity to my east-west highway As for tree controller, I don't have a single one. I used a ton of trees found on SC4D. Just search for 'tree' on the LEX and some of the most popular results are the one I use. ----- As for the highway widening project, the interchange shown above was the principal component. With that out of the way, the rest of the stretch was easier and I completed it today. Some before/during/after interchanges shown below. Some ramps were widened (as mentioned, aesthetics only) & improved as part of the undertaking. Apologies if all these pics makes the page slow to load. I wanted to show everything! Rotated (sorry) This is the stretch that was winded.
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    This is my first attempt at a U.S. styled interchange.I missed a few details in some of these photos
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    Version V.1.0.1


    My legendary retaining wall BATs are back! Completely remodelled and retextured, the CURB series takes a new lease on life with concrete/grey asphalt plaza textures similar to those found on many BATs and official Maxis content. Furthermore, the models have been completely rebuilt, now with sidewalk-width walk areas around the new street-level gardens above the retaining walls. For those new to this BAT series, this set includes basic components required to build your sunken highway with CURB. One of these pieces is an underbridge lot (left and right halves are two BATs), with the other being a 15m slope, slope-conforming component that is plopped in the middle of two FARRHW ramps in a fashion similar to below: Just be sure to make sure the top RHW-4 level is constantly 15m high, and plop the pieces where they fit. You'll notice it's pretty self explanatory. As a dependency, you'll want to download http://tinyurl.com/CURBdependency If problems persist, contact me, or watch this promotional video to see what your end result should be like: I hope you enjoy the product! Lot's of work and many a weekend went into this.
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    The Simtopian Dream

    _____The Simtopian Dream Simtopia features several recent models by our SC4 CGI artists, mostly commercial and residential towers, using the IRM for industrial support, and including a wide selection of floral MMPs for landscaping. I focused mainly on tall buildings, landscaping and layout, painting 2.5 GB of plugins on the SC4 canvas while running the simulator at cheetah speed in heavily-modded mode. I wanted to study how tile-sets, custom content growables and ploppables function in the simulator. In the lower right corner of the Simtopian Dream banner region is the Sky2222 on a small tile, it is the tallest fictional building I've ever found on the STEX. _____Region View _____The Eve of Simtopia Simtopia is a utopian idea inspired by civil design and philosophy as early as 320 BC in the Mediterranean. Based on the concept of justice, engineering continues to enable construction of modern architecture, civil and technological facilities worldwide and in space. Development continues toward the world conceived over 2300 years ago. _____The Dawn of Simtopia In the Gaian hypothesis as in ancient Greek mythology, the Earth is considered a living whole and Life and Cosmos are an intregrated system. Thea, meaning 'divine light', the daughter of Gaia, the mother of light, raises the city platform to begin the Simtopian day. Concrete, steel, and glass, the essential building materials of the modern world and as models rendered in SC4 reflect a high precison of their color, texture and form. The buildings are designed to be both beautiful and functional, and engineering continues to improve their strength against forces of nature as well as balancing with delicate biotics of nature. _____I. The City Life In the heart of Simtopia are the venues of civics, culture, sports and entertainment. Busy harbours and streets are kept clean by the use of hydrogen fuel and electric power. Simtopia is heavily-treed with a variety of parks and cultural sites. Factories are kept small and spaced between stores, offices and housing. A fresh-water creek meanders through town to the sea from a small mountain where physics and astronomy research facilities are placed around a public planetarium used for entertainment and education. At night Simtopians attend stadiums for sports and shows, the planetarium displays a live view of the night sky projected by a large radio telescope that filters through the city light. The model used for the large radio telescope is based on the 305 meter Arecibo Radio Telescope, the Nexis Space Ears. (A similar 500 meter radio telescope was more recently constructed in China.) Art museums, libraries, theaters and archives are arranged in walking distance like on a college campus. Elevated Inter-urban freeways connect major commercial, residential and industrial centers, buffered by tall trees, many of the tall, well-lit landmarks provide easy navigation through the city. _____II. The People Places The freeway loops around the largest stadium, a model of the air supported Tokyo Dome with a capacity of 55,000. Tokyo Dome is similar to BC Place stadium in Vancouver which has since replaced air support with a retractable roof. A busy main seaport surrounds the outdoor Bailey's Stadium, a fictional building in the corner of town with major highway neighbor connections. Simtopia is well connected to neighboring cities which are yet to be developed. Yurtec Stadium is a functional commercial venue in the tourist district where Don Miguel's world famous Barnacle Seafood Restaurant and Deppiesse's Diner can be found. The city zoo now converted to a petting zoo with small herbivores and Llamas is surrounded by hobby farms and wineries, and a farmer's market, contributing to agricultural tourism on the city's edge. A monorail train arrives at the station where visitors can begin a walking tour of the agricultural estates. _____III. Building the Dream On the other edge of town light manufacturing and high tech. begin stretching out from the freight rail station. Apply yourself to the technologies and industries of Simtopia, all applications are well-received and duly processed for the benefit and benevolence of civil society. Build a world, make it more beautiful and strong than all chaos and waste. Suffer with the light and strive against the darkness. Those are my offices there in the H1 Tower to the left. The floor spaces of the highrise are very wide, each floor requires many technicians co-ordinating several applications of knowledge and skill. _____The Simtopian Dream Credits for the building models would be quite extensive, so I will mention only 5 model makers who have most recently contributed many excellent buildings to the STEX: Diego del Llano, JP Schriefer, Kellydale2003, Jasoncw, and Mattb325, whose works appear prominently in many of the scenes above. Mods used in the building of Simtopia: UtilityRadius TrafPollution Modd Super Demand Mod Abandonment Dilapidation Modd 1.2 Cousin Vinnie Ordinance No Fires or Riots Mod ReZonePlus v1.1 RH Rewards Unlock SFBT Street Tree Mod (v1.0) Industrial Revolution Mod Blvd Park and 1x1 Anti-Pollution Grass 2.0.0 Terrain, Water and Flora used for Landscaping: Sudden Valley by Gobias Sidewalk NY Slab, Stanley Seawalls, B98_Beach_Extend, BrownRockForeshore, GB Vancouver Island Beach, San Francisco Water, TropicalMossyRock. BSC Props Jeronij Vol 02 Trees, CPT 8 and 9 Tree Models, Girafe trees, flowers and shrubs, NVBC marina, coral and rocks. Ship Props: Medieval Sailing Ship 1 Cargo Ships 1 Powered by: Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction Cosmic Neutrino Background Energy Presented by community.simtropolis.com
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    Scenes From South America

    Our journey to South America begins in Baños, Ecuador - located in the Eastern Andes, this popular tourist resort town offers lots to do. From restaurants, hot springs, waterfalls, and plenty of other activities to keep you occupied - its an excellent destination for anyone wanting to get a taste of the region. We won't be staying here long though, as the neighboring Amazon awaits.. While Baños may be located in the Andes Mountains - it's also known as the "Gateway to the Amazon" due to its close proximity to many of the Amazon River's tributaries and streams, offering a direct route into the jungle itself. We rent a boat from one of the locals, and we're soon on our way - into the dense, humid climate of the Amazon rainforest.. We travel deeper into the Amazon, and it might be hundreds of miles before we reach the next town or village. The locals here live simple lives - while some are tucked away so deep into the forest that they haven't been reached yet by civilization - others live on the shores of the Amazon and its tributaries with limited contact. We get a chance to meet a group of them, high up on their stilt houses - the brief glimpse into their lives and customary rituals is quite fascinating. In this part of South America - much of the local economy depends on important natural resources such as oil to keep afloat. Lake Maracaibo, located in northern Venezuela, has been vital for the locals - outside of the Middle East, this is one of the world's largest oil producers since oil was first discovered here back in 1914. Much of the land surrounding the lake is surrounded by endless fields of oil pumpjacks - they've quickly become a common symbol of the region. We head back into Brazil and the next stop will be a common sight in many of the major cities. From São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro - favelas dot the outskirts and creep up along the mountainous hillsides. The people here might not have a lot - but they make the best of their situation for them and their families, creating makeshift houses from whatever they can find. Some 1,000 miles west is where you'll find our next destination - one of South America's greatest cities, Buenos Aires. The mighty obelisco rises some 221 feet above the surrounding Plaza de la República and the spaciously wide 9 de Julio Avenue - commemorating the founding of the city back in 1536, its one of the main landmarks in the city and one of its premier destinations. Our final destination takes us back to the Andes - and although much of the land here is inhospitable and harsh, there's still a number of small, charming villages and towns that you'll want to check out. The small village of Tocanao in Chile stands on the edge of the Atacama Desert - despite the lack of rain (this is the driest area on the face of the planet) - the people here have adapted quite well, making the most of a few small streams that run close by. The bell tower here dates from 1750 - built from volcanic stone, its a unique landmark that's quite striking. Note: For this update (and others) - custom content creation has been vital. I've been creating custom road texture sets (this is only a small portion of it - there's about 20 or so for the Banos pic), BATing various small buildings from scratch (1, 2,), making HD water textures, and much more. I don't know if any of this stuff will make it to the exchange soon as there isn't any documentation, a number of small things still need to be fixed/improved, and I've also been extremely busy with my CJ lately. In the meantime though, if anyone is interested in these then just send me a PM. Additionally, about the last update - the obscure BATs were not photoshopped in (that would be waay too much photoshop in my book) - they're all ingame BATs I got from 3d warehouse. The Petra pic used a bit more photoshop than usual - I made it a long time ago when I was still messing around with PS - but the pic still uses an ingame BAT from 3d warehouse with some extra effects around it (added lights, made the cliffs look better.) Anyways, if I'm doing a scene and I need something from 3d warehouse, I'll import it into 3dsmax, render it, and use it as a prop in my scene. They are like any other BAT you would use. I already wrote a number of moderately in-depth guides on this in my other "South America" update here - I might consider doing this again (more in depth) if there's enough interest. Also, all of my scenes with the crazy road textures are really just a big flat prop (ingame props, not some sort of crazy photoshop effect. That would be an excessive amount of photoshop in my book). I'll make a big texture, place it on the prop in 3dsmax, render it, and use that prop in Lot Editor. So it isn't some sort of post processing effect, these are ingame props, no different than any other prop you would use. I already made a guide on this here in my "Year in Review" entry (the Pisa picture) so feel free to check it out. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: Ancient Ruins - Pt. II Big thanks hanks to @Fantozzi, @kingofsimcity, @RandyE, @_Michael, @MushyMushy, @Jolteon, @CorinaMarie, @Yarahi, @mrsmartman, @mike_oxlong, @Manuel-ito, @matias93, @tariely, @raynev1, @Dgmc2013, @GoKingsGo, @Ducio, @Namiko, @Akallan, @Oerk, @scotttbarry, @Bastet69008, @schokoladeneis 1, @mattb325, @Elenphor, @Krasner, @juliok92012, @JP Schriefer, @Don_Pato, & @sucram17 for all the likes!
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    I think's it's hip hop.
  35. 1 point
    These are some really good suggestions. As you said @tmorgan96, adding more late-game challenges would really enhance the game. Don't make them the same challenges too, different cities with different types of industries or economies would be facing different problems. I think something really good would be a dynamic economy. That means your city can't rely on one industry. Or even taking contracts with companies and setting up factories and a headquarters for them. I like making pretty cities, but I would love it even more if I could make functional and pretty cities. I personally don't think CO has "lost touch" with what players want, they just didn't know. CO saw a starving genre, and took the opportunity by creating this game. I just don't think they realised how popular it would become and I don't think they really knew what people wanted since the last good game came out 10 yrs ago at the time. As far as I know, Colossal have been trying to increase the game's difficulty recently with natural disasters. It's a start, but to really change it up, they might as well make a new game. I really hope CO has learned from this game and if a new city builder is made some years down the line, I hope they can make an even better game than this already is. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying this game for (probably) many years to come.
  36. 1 point

    Name my City, please?

    Towny McTownface?
  37. 1 point

    Show Us What You're Working On

    You can scale the model down, but enlarging it introduces the texture issues like you mentioned. There had been discussion on whether the model tweaker could be used to make HD BATS in Gmax (which lacks the ability to do a standalone Z6 render needed for HD mode), since one could in theory oversize the model and then scale it down with the Tweaker tool. The textures automatically scale and what might normally be a bit grainy at Z6 becomes much clearer. There was also hope that using this method the large filesize associated with HD BATs could be reduced, but unfortunately the size difference was negligible if there was any advantage at all. It does still remain a viable way to make HD BATs in gmax, though. That being said, yes, enlarging a BAT is usually out of the question only because the textures would become terribly pixelated and individual texture editing on the BAT LODs is tedious and borderline pointless for all but the simplest BATs. Better, then, to either slightly reduce the size of all the other props in question, or use a different prop/BAT to fit the area.
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    Baroque Garage, Skopje, Macedonia
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    Not sure this is necessary to ask; by uploading a file to the STEX you've implicitly given Simtropolis the right to host and distribute your work, and this would be transferable to any site that succeeds Simtropolis. For instance, the rights to host cities uploaded to SC3000.com were handed off to Simtrop when Wren transferred control to Dirk.
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    I made an updated version of the Canary Island Date Palm with darker, richer fronds Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1100927878&searchtext=
  41. 1 point

    "Project X"

    Small update! Completed the airport docks, which serves both ferries and cargo ships. Overview: Its connected by railway (cargo only): Shuttle busses transporting passengers to/from the terminals: In the background you can spot the main city: Cleared to land!: One lonely helicopter:
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    More shameless self promotion- my CJ here on ST is European based, though I must say there are very few growables in it. I spend a lot of time plopping each building, either as a landmark or using the 'buildingplop' cheat, though residential zones have to be grown so that takes the longest.
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    Show Us Your Interchanges

    This is the best interchange I've seen so far.
  44. 1 point

    Simtropolis not as it used to be

    One thing that irritates me personally. Not all STEX image thumbnails work properly when typed by a search engine. This also may affect some STEX users.
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    BAT Request Thread

    So I've been going through Google Street View in Oklahoma recently and here are some recent finds I'd like to see in SC4 Prairie Winds Casino - Miami Prairie Sun Casino - Miami Oklahoma Joe's BBQ - Broken Arrow Arvest Bank - Broken Arrow, Jay, Kansas (Yes there's a town called Kansas, Oklahoma) Child Support Services - Claremore Homeland - Muskogee Harp's - Grove
  46. 1 point

    BAT Request Thread

    Hi everyone. I'm recreating Orlando in SC4 and I really want Amway Center Please make it because I only need this arena to complete my recreation
  47. 1 point
    Urban Constanta

    BAT Request Thread

    Streamline deco and modernism. I think we need more Miami style deco-streamline and more modernist buildings for our cities - historical districts. Here are a few sugestions. If anzone needs more details pics just PM and i will share with you all the info i have. also we need some more modern gas station like this Litro near my city
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    90A Miller Street, by Mattb325. This is a modern mid-rise office building equally suited to dense downtown urban applications as it is more suburban main streets. It is inspired by the pared back internationalist styles that were fairly common in the late 1980s & early 1990s. At eleven stories (excluding mechanical penthouse), this building also features undergound parking to ensure sufficient open space remains around the building. It grows on a 4x4, 3x4 and 3x3 lot on medium and high density zones at stages 5 and 6 and provides 521 CO$$$ jobs. STATS: Capacity Satisfied: CO$$$ 521 (744 when dilapidated) Bulldoze Cost: $670 Pollution at Center: 3 / 3 / 4 Pollution Radius: 6 / 7 / 0 Water Consumed: 238 Gallons Power Consumed: 21 MwH DEPENDENCIES (note you must be registered with, and logged into, the SC4D Lex to download) BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol02 (http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2383) BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol03 (http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2768)***** ***** Absolutely essential or you will get a big brown box Thanks and enjoy
  49. 1 point



    This is a pack of small warehouses for your industrial areas. It is labeled as pack one, as I have some ideas for more, but no specific plans... just planning ahead. There are 5 variations of this building, all with the same stats. Lot Details and Information Growable Version : Lot size: 3 x 5 tiles Industrial Manufacturing (2 lots) Building Style(s): n/a Growth Stage: 3 Occupants: 112 I-M (
  50. 1 point


    Version 1


    Give your city's railroad system some history by plopping down this landmark roundhouse. Can be found in the train menu, but is treated by the game as a landmark. Costs $300 and $30/month
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