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    Version 1.0.0


    667 Madison Avenue is a 24-story modernist skyscraper in Lenox Hill neighbourhood, Manhattan, New York City, U.S.A. Designed by Helpern Architects and constructed in 1989, it's acknowledged as Manhattan finest boutique office building. The 667 Madison Avenue Statue of Liberty is a bronze casting of the original plaster sculpture from which the New York Harbor Statue of Liberty was scaled. The work was acquired and installed by Leonard Stern in 2011 as a salute to American democracy and the legacy of the French-American alliance. Mr. Stern's father Max immigrated at Ellis Island in 1926 and often recalled the powerful moment of sighting the Statue of Liberty as his ship entered New York Harbor. To know more about the building, visit its website. To check my other projects or report something about this work, you can visit my thread. INFORMATIONS The model is available in two versions - Landmark and Commercial Office. Both are corner models. With the custom LODS it's possible to add furnitures as props on the terraces in case anyone wants to do it. Landmark Plop cost: 80,000 Lot size: 3x2 Commercial Office: Lot Size: 3x2 CO$$$: 3,500 CO$$: 5,000 INSTALLATION Unzip the files from the .zip to your Plugins folder. There are four .zip files in the download area. Be aware! 667 Madison Avenue (Landmark - MN): this is the Landmark version for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. 667 Madison Avenue (Landmark - DN): this is the Landmark version for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. 667 Madison Avenue (Commercial Office - MN): this is the Commercial Office version for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. 667 Madison Avenue (Commercial Office - DN): this is the Commercial Office version for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. NOTE: if you download both MN or DN .zips, I highly suggest you to delete one .SC4Model file, but never both. DEPENDENCIES SimFox Day and Nite modd (for Darknite users only).
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    I have also thought about the dependency question... to avoid a wall of text, I have summarised my thoughts into a few bullet points, where one hopefully leads to the next to trace my line of thinking: Including all dependencies in a download pack is tempting. pro: - it offers the advantage of maximum convenience to the downloader. con: - potentially huge increase in filesize - repeated downloads of identical files, since dependencies - true to their very nature and purpose - are used by many downloads - risk of multiple copies of the same file in the downloader's plugin folder The problem of multiple copies in a plugins folder could be alleviated by creating a standard folder structure for the downloaded archive. pro: - possibly existing copies will be overwritten, avoiding clutter con: - in the event of an updated pack, it may be possible that a current dependency version is overwritten with an older version - dependencies downloaded separately on the user's own account may be stored anywhere - the best and safest way to enforce this would be an installer, but installers suck for anything that is just a simple "dump anywhere and go" plugin. Lots contained in a pack could be edited to streamline dependency usage. pro: - fewer dependencies required (duh!) con: - additional lot editing work that is not strictly technically required and/or not necessarily justified for aesthetic reasons - some coordination about the amount of streamling required to consider: - decisions on case-by case basis? Or define a basic set and align downloads with that? An alternative would be grouping frequently used dependency packages into a mega pack for easier management. pro: - fewer downloads and individual files required - better overview of installed dependencies ("OK, I have the basic packs 1 to 3, but not 4") due to low numbers of files - potentially a solid basis for many downloads con: - less clarity about the actual content (author, team, subject matter, prop vs. texture...) - possible duplicates with individual dependency packs (Cleanitol?) to consider: - some packs are thematically coherent, others not so much (overhead) - some packs are more frequently used than others (preference?) - some parts of frequently used packs may hardly be used, or not used at all - think of some strange textures in the BSC Mega Packs. While the packs themselves are a staple, not all of their content necessarily is. Run a dependency scanner over a large plugins folder to detect (practically) unused pack content? Some thematically coherent and related packs could be consolidated into mega packs for certain purposes (harbour pack with cranes, piers, ships...; airport pack with hangars, terminals, runways...; farming pack with farms, fields...; military pack with barracks, tanks, fences, bunkers...) pro: - easier management, fewer files con: - there may be style, era, and scaling differences There may not be one solution for all cases. - For example, it seems like an obvious step to consolidate the dependencies for mattb325's "Cottage Ornee" series and the pertinent lots. The dependencies are, in fact, all the building models used and not much else. There would be no overhead. - On the other hand, my IRM and all of its non-building dependencies (textures, ancillary props) would form a much less coherent package. In this case, keeping the IRM lots and buildings used in the pack while still relying on some external dependencies (possibly grouped into 2-3 big megapacks) might be a better choice. I'm skeptical that a packet management or other kind of automated solution will be available and working as intended in the foreseeable future. (I'd pop a bottle if I was proven wrong, though!) So that sums up my train of thought regarding the dependency question so far.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    @younghappy Well that's quite nice lotting, as I see you reused a few textures from @Simmer2rail lots, nice to see those! I wouldn't mind if you'll share this lot with the community @Thin White Duke: I had very easy job with that (in the first round), with the linked upload I got 8 pieces and a picture guide how to put together that stuff and that's all. No challenge, no real creativity on my end. And yes, I'm planing to build a much bigger international-ish kind of airport somewhere else in the future... During the last couple of days I finished Noir City - South Harbour's highway network around the mentioned and showed airport. Last week I showed a part of the highway network, now show the other part. The city leadership changed the landscape of South Harbour with full up the harbour area, placing an airport and designated the whole area for future industrial use. With these developments along the edge of the South End Hills it was built the Southern Highway Ring and its intersections with the innercity expressways. South Harbour highway network Little extra: due to the airport development and to finishing soon North Harbour District I started to expand the seaport/seaside area this time less industrial. Bonus: Before and after region (traffic) view about the Airport and Southern Highway Ring: Before: After: - Tyberius
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    JP Schriefer

    JP Schriefer's BATs

    @gutterclub thank you! So I desaturated the blinds a bit, because the glasses make them blueish anyway but I think the final result was good to go @Fantozzi thank you! I use Google Earth to check the higher parts, and it's possible to see where are the blinds in most of the cases, so the sky reflections aren't really a problem @Francis90b thank you! Great analysis! Have you ever thought about doing a blog about buildings? You look so interested on their history, meanings, appearances and you do it really well. If you don't want a blog maybe a great addition to Wiki pages I always use Google Earth to check the whole buildings. There are blueish blinds there indeed (probably due to the glass effects as you said), so I just desaturated them a bit. Also the masonry was too dark indeed, reddonquixote said the same about it, so I changed it too. Regarding the Singer Building, I can do it, but actually the old one was smaller than the base of the skyscraper. Possibly I can do both anyway, the original old one and also only the base of the "new" one. They used the same pieces, only in different configurations. @edwardjeria it's now on STEX! Here you go to 667 Madison Avenue: Now another one that is in the end of the drawer for almost one year. I started this one thinking about getting some experience to start the Municipal Theatre from Rio someday. Some time later I started the Singer Building and today I think the only thing I need is actually a lot of patience for these buildings with so many details CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil - Bank of Brazil Culture Centre) I'm focusing the HD version to this one.
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    The Simtopian Dream

    _____The Simtopian Dream Simtopia features several recent models by our SC4 CGI artists, mostly commercial and residential towers, using the IRM for industrial support, and including a wide selection of floral MMPs for landscaping. I focused mainly on tall buildings, landscaping and layout, painting 2.5 GB of plugins on the SC4 canvas while running the simulator at cheetah speed in heavily-modded mode. I wanted to study how tile-sets, custom content growables and ploppables function in the simulator. In the lower right corner of the Simtopian Dream banner region is the Sky2222 on a small tile, it is the tallest fictional building I've ever found on the STEX. _____Region View _____The Eve of Simtopia Simtopia is a utopian idea inspired by civil design and philosophy as early as 320 BC in the Mediterranean. Based on the concept of justice, engineering continues to enable construction of modern architecture, civil and technological facilities worldwide and in space. Development continues toward the world conceived over 2300 years ago. _____The Dawn of Simtopia In the Gaian hypothesis as in ancient Greek mythology, the Earth is considered a living whole and Life and Cosmos are an intregrated system. Thea, meaning 'divine light', the daughter of Gaia, the mother of light, raises the city platform to begin the Simtopian day. Concrete, steel, and glass, the essential building materials of the modern world and as models rendered in SC4 reflect a high precison of their color, texture and form. The buildings are designed to be both beautiful and functional, and engineering continues to improve their strength against forces of nature as well as balancing with delicate biotics of nature. _____I. The City Life In the heart of Simtopia are the venues of civics, culture, sports and entertainment. Busy harbours and streets are kept clean by the use of hydrogen fuel and electric power. Simtopia is heavily-treed with a variety of parks and cultural sites. Factories are kept small and spaced between stores, offices and housing. A fresh-water creek meanders through town to the sea from a small mountain where physics and astronomy research facilities are placed around a public planetarium used for entertainment and education. At night Simtopians attend stadiums for sports and shows, the planetarium displays a live view of the night sky projected by a large radio telescope that filters through the city light. The model used for the large radio telescope is based on the 305 meter Arecibo Radio Telescope, the Nexis Space Ears. (A similar 500 meter radio telescope was more recently constructed in China.) Art museums, libraries, theaters and archives are arranged in walking distance like on a college campus. Elevated Inter-urban freeways connect major commercial, residential and industrial centers, buffered by tall trees, many of the tall, well-lit landmarks provide easy navigation through the city. _____II. The People Places The freeway loops around the largest stadium, a model of the air supported Tokyo Dome with a capacity of 55,000. Tokyo Dome is similar to BC Place stadium in Vancouver which has since replaced air support with a retractable roof. A busy main seaport surrounds the outdoor Bailey's Stadium, a fictional building in the corner of town with major highway neighbor connections. Simtopia is well connected to neighboring cities which are yet to be developed. Yurtec Stadium is a functional commercial venue in the tourist district where Don Miguel's world famous Barnacle Seafood Restaurant and Deppiesse's Diner can be found. The city zoo now converted to a petting zoo with small herbivores and Llamas is surrounded by hobby farms and wineries, and a farmer's market, contributing to agricultural tourism on the city's edge. A monorail train arrives at the station where visitors can begin a walking tour of the agricultural estates. _____III. Building the Dream On the other edge of town light manufacturing and high tech. begin stretching out from the freight rail station. Apply yourself to the technologies and industries of Simtopia, all applications are well-received and duly processed for the benefit and benevolence of civil society. Build a world, make it more beautiful and strong than all chaos and waste. Suffer with the light and strive against the darkness. Those are my offices there in the H1 Tower to the left. The floor spaces of the highrise are very wide, each floor requires many technicians co-ordinating several applications of knowledge and skill. _____The Simtopian Dream Credits for the building models would be quite extensive, so I will mention only 5 model makers who have most recently contributed many excellent buildings to the STEX: Diego del Llano, JP Schriefer, Kellydale2003, Jasoncw, and Mattb325, whose works appear prominently in many of the scenes above. Mods used in the building of Simtopia: UtilityRadius TrafPollution Modd Super Demand Mod Abandonment Dilapidation Modd 1.2 Cousin Vinnie Ordinance No Fires or Riots Mod ReZonePlus v1.1 RH Rewards Unlock SFBT Street Tree Mod (v1.0) Industrial Revolution Mod Blvd Park and 1x1 Anti-Pollution Grass 2.0.0 Terrain, Water and Flora used for Landscaping: Sudden Valley by Gobias Sidewalk NY Slab, Stanley Seawalls, B98_Beach_Extend, BrownRockForeshore, GB Vancouver Island Beach, San Francisco Water, TropicalMossyRock. BSC Props Jeronij Vol 02 Trees, CPT 8 and 9 Tree Models, Girafe trees, flowers and shrubs, NVBC marina, coral and rocks. Ship Props: Medieval Sailing Ship 1 Cargo Ships 1 Powered by: Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction Cosmic Neutrino Background Energy Presented by community.simtropolis.com
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    Arnold J. Rimmer

    Show Us Your Interchanges

    My first big interchange is almost done. Its based on this Time creation: two days Textures: Los Angeles, Springwood, Cleyra LUT: 70s vintage Critics welcome, hope you enjoy! (Soon cinematics)
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    I've been busy the last few days and only started looking through the 3 discs yesterday. I downloaded them on Monday (quite easy to do with the WinCDEmu software and now I understand how this works - couldn't be simpler). I just need to back-up the discs on a new flash drive (currently on my external hard drive - just in case - stuff happens...) I am quite pleased with the contents. A bunch of these creators I have never heard of but have some interesting content. Tried and true favourites are here: FrankU, Mattb, Jasoncw, JBSimio and so on. But it is so "well organised" I love it. No more trolling through the STEX trying to remember who created something or depending on our own private search engine otherwise known as @Yarahi That doesn't mean I won't be downloading some of the new stuff - great content still coming out!! Thanks to @Dirktator for putting them together.
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    Hi SimCityHawk, I've hidden the other topic you started accidentally so everybody posts here. As for your questions, @simmaster07 already answered #1 - just hold [SHIFT], [ALT] or [CTRL] while zoning and see what it does. That's how you can get rid of the automatic streets. If you want the game to look more European, one step would simply be to focus on the Euro-Contemporary tileset in game, disable automatic streets (as you now know how to do) and use some more diagonal roads. A huge realism boost will come with the Network Addon Mod (NAM) should you choose to install it. How do diagonal streets, roundabouts, cul-de-sacs, roads at fractional angles, smooth curves, tram lines, tram in road or avenue, etc. sound to you? You'll also get a bunch of other features; it is a very extensive mod. Depending on what kind of European look you're going for, the download areas here, on SC4Devotion, or on simcitypolska.pl or SimcityPlaza (there are more sites, too) should be a treasure trove - be it Parisian, Mediterranean, Eastern European... If you don't mind plopping some eye-candy buildings to fill in the gaps along diagonal roads, you'll also find diagonal rowhouses in various styles. It cannot hurt to poke around in the CJ section and have a look at European-themed city journals to get some inspiration, and if something particular catches your eye, the good folks here will surely help you find it so you can give it a try for yourself. In any case, there's only so much you can do with the vanilla game, especially in terms of non-US cities. Therefore, downloads will very likely be part of the solution.
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    I guess for me its a mix of Hong Kong and Huston. My cities are dense yet have sprawling highway networks. I also take a lot of inspiration from Toronto, my closest 'big' city. I also like Dutch designs, even though I am not Dutch (I blame @MandelSoft for this influence)
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    My inspiration is mostly from my part of the world along with places I've been. As I grew up I spent every summer living with other families that were close friends of mom and dad. I've lived in the hills and hollows of Kentucky with no running water inside the house and cooking was done on a wood burning stove. I've lived in a teeny, tiny town in the Mojave desert where the peeps considered a half percent humidity a lot. I've lived in the outskirts of Chicago. I was in Hawaii for about a month. And many other places in or near towns and cities of various sizes. Ofc, I always came back to Indiana for school. Also, we used to go camping on any good weather weekend so I've been in well over half of our state parks and seen the land between here and there as we drove. (The walking/hiking trails in Turkey Run State Park and the caves in southern Indiana are awesome.) I don't model any particular area per-se, but it's kind of a combination of all I've seen. I have basically no interest in trying to create any kind of close replica of any real place, but I prefer to have a random map that looks as if it could be real. Then I go for a look that is similar to the satellite views of areas around me. As part of my job as a residential real estate appraiser's assistant I create all the maps for the reports and that includes aerial views to show the surrounding influences with and without parcel zoning overlays. I'm learning how proximity to things such as a big reservoir or dirty industrial complex affects the market value of homes. I kind of try to incorporate those concepts in to what I make in SC4. And if you've followed my farm picture posts in the show us thread, you can see I really prefer the rural areas to be predominate with small towns hither and yon for added (simulated) realism.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Wow, I really like the addition of the MIS bridge next to that arch bridge. Adds a lot of realism that it's not mirrored. Also, your last two pictures are not loading: ----- I'm continuing work with my highway widening project. This time I'm filling in the median + new ramps + new bridges Rotated for better view
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    As for the second one, it could easily be the subject of an entire dissertation and probably more. Buildings: there are A LOT of European buildings on the exchanges. Just search for 'European' and you will find pages of them. And then comes down to what you mean by European. You can search for things like "Hamburg", "Paris", "German", "Italian", "Scandinavian" etc. Another way is to go to the more local exchanges, which tend to have more local content. For instance, you will find lots of high-quality Polish-/Eastern Europe-style content at SimcityPolska, French content at ToutSimcities and German content at SimcityKurier. Regarding grids, I kind of disagree with you: There are a lot of grids in Europe, too, but only in certain areas. Contrary to American cities, which are all fairly contemporary, when building European cities you must think which age each neighbourhood would have been built, and what was already there, and what might have been added afterwards. Medieval neighbourhoods tend to be the most difficult because of the narrow streets and irregular angles (which are both a pain and to be good often have to be individually lotted), whereas 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century neighbourhoods are often different kinds of grids, which lend themselves well to SC4 building. Post-war neighbourhoods are often built in tree structures, however, with long, snaking arteries (can be built with wide curves and far sections) with neighbourhoods branching off them. For inspiration on European city building you could take a look at kbienu7's epic MD (over at SC4D) feyss' MD (link goes to SC4D but I think it is also available here at Simtropolis) and <shamelessselfpromotionmode: on>my own, (also over at SC4D)<shamelessselfpromotionmode: off>.
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    Cyclone Boom

    A New Corina?

    The video was blocked for me due to broadcaster rights over here (Channel 4), but I'll take your word for it. With pink being mostly red (in RGB terms), I guess it works both ways. Or there's always this slightly less subtle paint job: Quoting from The Milestone Thread: Along with selected others, I can confirm all Trixie & MOTM winners will be eligible to receive a new CML of their choice. Including any 'catchphrase' text if wanted, icons are also very easily added in the same field. In fact, this allows CSS properties to be added, so there are limitless possibilities in terms of styling, text glow/shadow effects, etc. Of course, we wouldn't want anyone to have one they don't like, so you'd be contacted to work something out you're happy with. Also it is about time some of the ranks held greater visual significance. Because let's face it, the incrementing dull grey stars & shields aren't exactly the most inspiring or interesting. With this in mind, the plan is to add a wider range of ranks to the database for both low and high post counts, taking feedback from community suggestions. The same as well for reputation levels, making them more Epic. So yes, stay tuned. The arrival of Cori's tractor is a small sign of things to come! Not to mention the return of the Trixie medals, and without forgetting the Trixies themselves...
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    I'm curious to know where people get their ideas for cities, towns, rural areas etc. Do you use Google Earth? Your own part of the world? Batters' lots set an idea in motion? Other CJ's? Sometimes I run out of ideas to make something a bit more unique - things start to look the "same". Let me know what inspires you.
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    How do you 'feel' time?

    If you are wondering, yes, many of the stereotypes about punctuality are true (says a Chilean that's currently arriving late to his first class of the semester, along with many of the university students). But what's behind them? A field of research, sometimes called Sociology of Time attempts some explanations. Observing the overall pace of timed activities of different societies, they have developed the categories of time-oriented and time-relaxed societies. On a known experiment, Robert Levine et al. measured the speed of people walking on city centres, the time a postal clerk took to sell them a stamp and how precisely timed were several public clocks. What they found is that most Western European societies, along with the US and Japan are consistently time oriented societies, where people walk fast, work efficiently and care about keeping clocks working as intended; in counterpart, most Mediterranean, Latin American and Middle Eastern countries (those categories overlap) are time-relaxed, meaning that we focus less on punctuality, plan ahead for customary lateness and don't care about occupying other people's time. A clarifying example is shown by Levine and recognise by many other scholars that share his experience: while giving classes on time-oriented countries they could count on their students arriving in time, but were also frowned upon if they extended the class after the scheduled time ends, with students abandoning the hall. On time-relaxed cultures, arriving late is generally seen as admissible, even for the one giving the class, but leaving a classroom before ending is widely regarded as impolite, while extending it is took as a 'gift' from the scholar to their students. Further analysis has observed that time-oriented cultures tend to be richer, more individualistic, more stressed and to develop on colder climates, but there's no clarity on how this factors are related to time perception. Also, there are cultures that aren't fully time-oriented nor time-relaxed, as Korea, where lateness is considered very impolite, but end times are much more flexible. Similar phenomena occurs on developing countries, where most people retain a time-relaxed culture but economic and political elites have synchronised themselves with foreign time-oriented cultures, as in northern Mexico, where both hora inglesa and hora mexicana are selectively used depending on the situation.
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    Where does your inspiration come from?

    I'm not sure I have any specific influence. I like to have water on my maps, maybe because I grew up on Lake Erie. Other than that I usually succumb to impulse. My cities tend to morph as I go.
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    Regarding #1, holding down shift as you place the zone will disable automatic street placement and holding down alt will rotate the zone to face a perpendicular road.
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    Changing game play parameters

    To my knowledge - CAM and SPAM, both change global parameters of pollution, workforce and occupation demands. Therefore they don't work together (apart from their different impacts on farm grow levels = caps). Therefore imho, what CorinaMarie says Applies here. I'd like to mention that all SPAM custom farm fields and farm lots should (someone should test that) can operate without the SPAM core mod, so they can basically work with the NAM (with little adjustments perhaps, but most probably even without that). It's only the core mod of SPAM we are talking about that is in competition with CAM and NAM.
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    Modding Fun with SYS.PAK

    Hiya, Michael RT. Welcome to Simtropolis! Here's how I did mine. Create a new Folder called Test off of the root of Drive C Copy the SC3KPAK.EXE and Sc3kpak.lng files (from wherever you extracted them) into the Test folder. Copy the SYS.PAK file from \GOG Games\SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\Sys folder into the Test folder. Now run a command prompt. (The following pics are from XP, but after the 1st one yours should look similar. The difference is where different versions of Windoze places you when you get to the simulated Dos environment.) Now type in: cd \test and press enter (to change to that folder) Type: dir and press enter just to check that you have the 3 requisite files. Next type: sc3kpak e sys.pak Press enter to see: Then type: exit (and press enter to quit the command prompt window) Then in your Windoze File Explorer, go to the test folder and there will be all the extracted INI files to play with.
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    NAM General Support Topic

    There's never been a clean, direct TLA-5-to-OWR connection, and attempting to build one with any past or present NAM release will just result in the TLA-5 reverting to Road at the transition point. A lot of folks out there (myself included) have done the TLA-5-to-Avenue-to-OWR method that @matias93 suggested, which does work and looks pretty nice. With respect to code and even textures, however, I can't imagine it would be too difficult to actually rig up a true TLA-5-to-OWR transition. I'll take a look at that one. -Tarkus
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    I made a generic Date Palm to serve as an all around palm for our tropical maps Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1098812442
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    Welcome to GVU,or Greenville University
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    Three more suburbs of Mont-Valin

    1. Fieldsborough once had fields. Not any more. The city planners have taken Mayor Brownstone's demands very seriously : as little grid as possible ! 2. 3. 4. Although there are still pockets of griddy resistance here and there. 5. Not wanting to be outdone, Aldergrove (where the groves of alders have long since disappeared) also tried its best to comply : 6. Although building diagonally still escapes the vast majority of contractors. 6. There too, as you can see above, a few farms hang on. But it's a losing battle, 7. The MacKinnon flower farm. (Imagine living there in the spring and summer, perfumes wafting on the breeze... and the deafening buzz of buzzy bees.) 8. 10. Last but not least, the further away from Mont-Valin and Middletown, Elmsborough has seen its growth shaped by the railway that goes through it, forcing the planners to give up a little on their ungridding fervor. 11. But they still made a valiant effort. 12. 13. 13.However commerce and some mansions owners still like a good, simple grid... 14. The school and one of the town's clinics : 14. There is one medium shopping center, at the edge of town... 15. ... but the Ste Ermenegilde church hasn't ceded an inch of its propriety -- the cemetery has been relocated, though, and the space converted to the town plaza. 16 Many ancient farmhouses have been converted : 17.The last big farm, half of what it was in its glory days, before the railway came :
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    Show Us your: HIGHWAYS!!!

    A RHW-8C doing the 'splits' to cross a shallow river
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    For one long standing issue, making power lines for custom power poles has been an issue since Network Skins deployed out like nearly a year ago... and lo an behold, Procedural Objects to the rescue where it can. Impressive scenery.
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    When the front page feature is an advanced freeway interchange signed Haljackey
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    Cheats Update

    A couple of notes: Both Open Office and Libre Office can import .doc *and* export it as PDF - both are freeware. MSWord itself can Save As .html which would convert your table to html. There are some caveats if the .doc has images, but they wouldn't apply to just your table.
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    How do you 'feel' time?

    Time is movement. And totally dependend on movement. Look at a clock, it shows time by showing movement. To organize time is only an instrument to organize process:work, traffic etc.
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    Money and Circuses

    Or watch womens soccer. None of them trip over their feet only so they can demand a penalty. Hell, during the match between Belgium and the Netherlands two ladies bumped heads, and instead of wussing out they just got some bandages and played on like pro's. Though the absolutely insane amounts of money that switch hands in these transfers does beg the question to what degree society should pay up for the costs of it. Who exactly is paying for a new stadium? And who pays for all the police that are present to secure these matches? Are it the clubs or the government and by extension, the tax payer.
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    Today's vista. I understand there are already procedural high-tension wires up on the workshop. David
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    ..when old threads gain traction because of members jumping on a revival bandwagon!
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    A quick overview of the city!

    So this is my city of middledell, very densely packed CBD, central business district. with a very busy main railway terminal, bringing people from the region to the cultural and financial hub of the region. with new proposals of new towers, new residential areas, even reclaiming of land to disregard the old waterfront for new office space. It's a region of two cities one of major industrial power, manufacturing and new high tech and middledell the financial and cultural centre.
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    Update : I found the culprit : there was an obsolete versions of Nos.17 essentials floating around. Lucky for me it was in my BASICS folder, at the very beginning of the Halfsies process :-) RELIEF. I can play on, now. Thanks for the support moral and technical, guys and gals.:-) I should use the Force more often.
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    Well, me, I would ask lotters first - this means how you f.e. grouped dependencies for your residential/commercial or industrial lotting projects or for your farming projects. This means we could look on the STEX and the LEX for this. To me most of your suggestion (you made some earlier in this thread) make much sense - and if people say we chose T-Wrecks as a director for this project to group dependency mega or giga packs, I would be more than glad. Therefore I officially vote T-Wrecks for director of project. And we really should start this! If we just would group girafe's flora into a mega pack etc. (me I'm thinking of the wmp stuff too), if we just get the amount of dependecies reduced by 30 to 40% it would be a big success. Also if we could group/integrate some smaller dependencies there would be more use of them and so they will become more common and so usage will become more effective. You know, many newer and smaller prop packs get rarely used in favour of those mega packs that are of older date, but they offer a broader use and so we can do more with less dependencies. Basically we have to update our standards to include more of the newer props together with the older ones. By the time of BSC team often there was first a big prop pack released and then many single lots to download refering on this pack. To me this is the ideal to go for. Not a lot pointing to 5 dependencies but 5 lots pointing to one dependency. If we keep that in mind, it's not that difficult to find what we want to pack together. It's not only cars in one pack and only trees in one pack. But instead going to the STEX and see what lotters use in combination and to find the intersecting set between lot projects of a similar kind.
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    Release Superyacht 01 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1099265938
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    Changing game play parameters

    Were you to install CAM and SPAM, one would simply override the other. In short, you wouldn't get the full benefits of one of the mods, where the exact same exemplars were edited in both. This wouldn't cause a catastrophe in terms of your save file, rather I suspect some farms or CAM lots might not grow as intended. Along with the simulator being a bit mixed up between the two in terms of it's operation.
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    ... when obscure, long forgotten off-topic threads are brought back to life!
  38. 2 points
    Bad Peanut

    Network Extensions Project

    I think you mis understand how roads work in general. Boformer was basically making what CO is possibly looking into now. The only way to get modded roads is to have completely packaged prefabs created. (Ie: a custom mesh, texture maps etc). Boformer was going to make it so you could have custom meshes and textures so that if you loaded all your custom prefabs into the game his UI would make it easy to select which segment was which prefab. Hopefully this is the similar idea that CO has. Dynamic changing of built in lanes and their configuration is impossible. Sure we have traffic president where you can edit what vehicles can run on what lanes but you can't change the built in configuration of lane segments. It's impossible without the extra work put into it (which is where andreharv comes into it - making custom meshes, textures, and editing the code to change the built in configuration of lanes) However: maybe not going so far as making a new mod - @andreharv could provide a template script for a new mod with all the lines of code prefilled. CO recently in the last couple of updates allowed for mods to be reliant on other mods. So if the script included a call for network extensions it wouldn't need to have all the code that NEXT has, it would only need code that tells NEXT to read it correctly. And have parts we as asset creators can edit to change lane configurations, meshes and textures. It would be ideal if it were ready to compile and we could just release them in the workshop like boformer had separate mods that added themes to his theme manager
  39. 2 points
    Hedrick Building, formerly the Real Estate Building, 601 N St. Mary's Street, San Antonio, Texas. Nothing special there--just a banal office box that has stood empty since 1987. Left abandoned for 30 years, the building's International Style façade has been covered in graffiti and its vandalized windows replaced with plywood panels. This blighted block is often pointed to as San Antonio's tallest downtown eyesore and the most glaring example of the postwar collapse of its downtown economic vitality. However, it's not the ugly, graffiti-covered metal tower that people don't know about, but the actual building underneath, of which we have been given a tiny peek: (Photo by Scott Ball on The Rivard Report) An International Style outer façade was installed in the 1963 as an appeal to fashionable tastes in Modernism. What was covered in-place were the richly carved and cast terracotta decorations of the original 1928 building, constructed by the Real Estate Board Building Company as new offices on what was then the northern periphery of the growing central business district. A year after completion, the U.S. economy crashed into the Great Depression, ending San Antonio's terracotta building era. This part of downtown wouldn't pick up again until the 1980s with the construction of new corporate office skyscrapers, but, the Hedrick Building by then had already become woefully obsolete and its shiny façade tired and dated. I can't seem to find pictures of the original building before the '60s cladding outside of old newspaper advertisement drawings from the pre-war era: Wow, I just had the realization that while the modern aluminum façade gave the slick impression of horizontal ribbon windows with open floor plans, it is really all a lie--the windows are actually divided by darker aluminum panels covering the original pilasters that vividly contrast with the white plenum panels to create the illusion of a steel and glass tower. The older façade was much more honest and much more humane. We can only guess on the true hidden appearance from tantalizing hints revealed by test removals of the '60s aluminum paneling. However, we can also look to the Hedrick Building's contemporary and block companion, the two-story Voss Building, whose earthy brickwork and heavy decorations remained even as that building also declined. Many of its details closely resemble what can be distinguished in drawings of the old Hedrick Building: The nearby Exchange Building one block down is considered a virtual older twin of the Hedrick Building, and as the two stand facing each other across a barren downtown parking lot, the two are often compared and contrasted for their radically different urbanist histories despite their proximity. We could potentially have another one of these: (Photo by Kevin Stewart on Flickr) Demolition was considered a strong option for the eyesore Hedrick Building, a fate that had previously and controversially befell its more famous neighbor the Blue Bonnet Hotel in 1988 at the same time that the Hedrick Building was abandoned. Ultimately nothing ever occurred, not even demolition, and it was that inertia leaving downtown buildings like this in deteriorating limbo that drove the City in 2014 to finally devise a pilot program of registrations, fees, inspections, reappraisals, fines, and incentives meant to push property owners to repair, redevelop, or outright sell their vacant properties rather than holding them as indefinite speculations with unrealistic asking prices. The asking price for the dilapidated building was reportedly $5 million while the taxable value assessment was only for $225,000, meaning less in property taxes was being paid than for that assessed from many middle-income suburban family homes. At the time considered a dangerous overstepping onto private-property rights by a city government led by a liberal mayor with hackneyed notions about a "Decade of Downtown," the Vacant Building Registration Program, for which the Hedrick Building had become the poster child, is now being praised for its apparent success as long-vacant and rotting properties once incentivized to sit idle are now starting to turn over. It was announced this earlier this week that a $12 million project to restore and renovate the historic Hedrick Building into relatively expensive downtown apartments and refurbish the neighboring Voss Building into a mixed-use building with restaurants, a coffee shop, and bar was now moving forward: Renovation work to begin soon on blighted downtown building - MySA / San Antonio Express-News Renovations to Transform Hedrick Building into the Flats On St. Mary’s - The Rivard Report Those involved in the project hint that much of the older ornate façade was apparently well preserved under the later metal skin and that what they have yet to publically reveal will be extraordinary. The plan is to begin removing the aluminum cladding this month, bringing forth a building San Antonio has not even seen in over 50 years.
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    Fortunately for everyone, you can deposit an unlimited (barring hard drive limits) amount of textures into a dedicated file folder. My renewed hangout spot is textures.com to gather new test textures to get some darker concretes. Only thing I've noticed so far is that if you stretch an object, it is going to warp textures all weird. I was looking to see what limits this objects hit towards, doesn't hit buildings, so that's very good. Also interested to see if it hits resources if there are a lot of these objects. Lastly, another observation was that prop anarchy doesn't apply on these objects, so you can't set anything on top of them as of now. Funny thing that you mentioned this because I actually build small test patches occasionally for traffic testing and line tool dropping. I haven't checked in awhile on how stuff would react in development mode until yesterday since February. Unfortunately, I am running into some sort of errors on people trying to move in with demand artificially turned on max. So this is a sudden issue that cropped up. I am really looking forward to building again because I have a host of ideas and changes to parts of the city people have seen built up. It's almost been two years since starting this and a lot of changes driving the evolution of playing the game. Going to have to test a few old saves and a new test city to see if I can replica this issue, fingers crossed.
  41. 2 points

    Show Us Your... Nature

    From the Northern Woods to the Tropics
  42. 2 points

    NAM General Support Topic

    or just to insert an one-tile long avenue stretch to bridge the connection
  43. 2 points

    Darfs buildings | New releases

    Released second project of my Detroit series: One Detroit Center. The rotor shader kinda proved to be a hard part in the end, although the result looks cool and applying it was easy. For some reason the sub building of the windows required road access. Took some effort to fix it. You can find it on the workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1098486744
  44. 2 points

    Network Extensions Project

    Ok so a couple things. I have been slamming my head on the dresser for the past couple days and I was able to finally do this... May not look like much but basically I was able to make a new mod, using NExt as a dependency and created this new POC road out of an existing NExt road with the addition of a custom tram/rail mesh I made. After it's all said and done, this new mod, which I am currently calling Network Extensions - Additional Transport (NEAT) will be an addon that focuses on new public transport roads. It will also be the place where I do some R&D into some road customization tools (think MOM subway customizer but with more stuff...seeing that the various road requests have gotten rather crazy). Excited but sleepy. More details later
  45. 2 points

    Show Us What You're Working On

    Alright folks. I present you a few more screenshots from my Helsinki-ish city. Here we have what would be the Salmisaari sector. This area is dominated by the coal power plant. I've been using a fantastic resource called kartta.hel.fi, which has orthophotographs dating back to the 1930s and has many different mapping layers which really get down to the nitty-gritty details. Anyone who lives in Helsinki will know that this coal pile is no longer there and that the whole area has been redeveloped into offices etc. But I couldn't find the any buildings to my liking so I decided it would be more interesting to have the coal heap instead. I also re-lotted the power station just to make the whole thing more cohesive This re-lot of the coal heap was a lot of fun to make. I've just used my imagination in some corners. Coal is delivered by lorries from a nearby deep-water port, and there is also a small crane which can unload barges. Since the bridges were built, only barges can dock here and not larger ships. In real life Helsinki, there may be a conveyor belt in a tunnel that brings the coal from the deep water port to the plant. Old industrial buildings have been re-purposed into offices. I've had to stick a whole load of air purifiers around the place to keep the offices happy. Having proplems with MMP coal. When it works, it looks fantastic and hides ugly texture mismatches that couldn't be rectified in the lot editor. But it seems to keep disappearing when I place it here. I know that some props don't work well with overlays. A little active scene. A lorry arrives with coal. Some diggers sort the coal, another keeps it from crossing the boundary. I've added a few spoil heaps for waste materials and rubble.
  46. 2 points

    NAM General Support Topic

    One of the more daunting tasks I'm currently undertaking is (finally) updating and revamping the NAM documentation. As you may know if you've followed the saga, the documentation has laid mostly untouched since the NAM 31.x releases (over 4 years ago), in large part because of the sheer difficulty in working with the source files for the new PDF documentation introduced back then. The new documentation marks a return to the old HTML format that the team used in NAM 30 and earlier, based on Andreas' tried-and-true templates, but with some modern touches on the HTML side (like replacing the old table layout with divs and spans, and using CSS formatting). Here's the work-in-progress start page: And here's a peek at some of the things I'm looking to do with the feature guides--this is a table out of the NWM section: -Tarkus
  47. 2 points

    Cheats Update

    Adv For debugging the advice system. Can take the following parameters: -refresh - Reloads the advice system as if you just loaded the city -reload - See -refresh -print - Unknown -trigger <id> - Triggers an advice message -guids <on/off> - Unknown controllers <on/off> When turned off, certain automata controllers (such as the commotion automata when building landmarks and rewards) are disabled. CreateException Intentionally crashes the game without question, hence the name of the cheat. Seems to be intended for debugging the crash dump system. Effect For debugging visual effects. Can take the following parameters: kill - removes effects which are not attached to an entity, i.e. those created exclusively through this command save - the result of this command is inaccessible on retail builds load - not fully known; seems to try to load a resource with the ID 0xca51189b (for effects?) showMaps - shows visual maps, not 100% sure, probably related to pollution. See screenshots below clearMaps - resets all maps to zero before being regenerated by the game over time prop [optional: <name> [optional: <x> <y> [optional: z]]] - not sure; might create an effect at the given coordinates. If none given, defaults to "pothole" Above: A game without and with showMaps ForceIdle - does not force the game to use more CPU power, instead this forces an idle tick, which in turns forces the game's resource manager to perform garbage collection to unload resources that are no longer being referenced. Running this command frequently may actually adversely affect performance. HeapCheck - this toggles a flag in the effects manager, but this flag isn't actually used by anything, so this cheat code doesn't really do anything interesting. NoCSI - CSI stands for City Situation Indicator. City situation is a fancy way of saying missions. Using this cheat code hides UDI indicators for missions; you can also do this from the U Drive It menu, but this cheat code forces it even if mission indicators are enabled there. RenderProp - Does not do anything. There's a component that registers this cheat code, but there's no code to actually handle this cheat code. RP - See RenderProp Tutorial - Only useful when in a tutorial. Takes the following arguments: save - forces the tutorial city to save even though this control is normally disabled next - forces the tutorial to jump to the next step of the tutorial quit - exits the tutorial and returns to normal gameplay reset - resets the tutorial to the beginning; can be used even after quitting step <N> - jumps to the Nth step of the tutorial csitrigger <mission ID> - forces a mission to be triggered toll - Switches to a bare toll booth placement input control. Only seems to be used for debugging toll booth placement validation; even regular toll booth lots don't use this control and go through the lot placement input control. udriveit does not require correct capitalization, nor do any of these cheats.
  48. 2 points

    Show Us What You're Working On

    WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- This time we're going to swoop in and take a closer look at the parks, plazas, and parking areas that surround those towering behemoths of commerce in the Central Business District atop Victoria Heights. These are mostly random shots taken at various angles to show the detail work on the building re-lots as well as the custom puzzle-filler lots that make up the plaza areas. This is the Sun Trust Building and the Eclipse Tower and Plaza next door. Telus and Tallin Square. The Neptune Fountain Plaza. And here we have the Linux and Interchange 21 buildings. And -- there are a few more pics for you -- but I'm out of time for now.
  49. 2 points

    Where do I go with this city?

    @U2boythe Between this topic of yours and a PM convo (about map making) they inspired me to create a new region. Here's some info which may (or may not) be relevant for what you are doing. Keep in mind I've only completed one full region before so take my tentative ideas with a grain of salt. Since I like to have rolling terrain / mountainous areas and I use a slope mod, I found that I need to lay out the major transportation network first. (I tried a pure natural random growth last time and then I found it was nearly impossible to upgrade roads to avenues and highways.) With that in mind here's how I've started out. This is the pretty version of my region map. Showing elevation contour lines: Which gives me this: Here's a collage I made of the topographical maps in each city's data view: I then decided that all the green lower lying areas would be the most fertile ground and way back in ancient times that's where my Sims would find the best farm land. My road network would then connect these areas and they would refrain from going thru the mountains whenever possible. To avoid later problems I laid them out using Rail Lines first and making them 4 wide so I'd have reserved Right of Way Easements. During this initial set up I then made half of that into Highways because I wanted to see red lines on the region transportation view. This let's me see my progress: ^ I extended that island from F-6 to E-6 in game and built the bridges before my back story history would actually allow it so I'd know it could be built. (I fought with it for like half an hour before the game would actually let me build the recalcitrant things.) After I get them all built I'll bulldoze them and replace them with simple roads (except the two highway bridges) to then be better able to keep track of over flowing traffic volume as some of my little farming communities grow into industrial and commercial centers. Here's one such little town. (Highway is still there atm cause I'm not finished with all of them yet.) And a normal view region pic. (Prior to highways in the western part.) So, just one girl's idea of how to start out. Maybe there's something useful you can use.
  50. 1 point

    NAM General Support Topic

    Oh no! My TLA-5s transition to paired Maxis OWRs all over my region! I followed some guy's tutorial for dragging OWRs into and out of my TLA-5 (depending on direction of travel). Does that mean I can't upgrade my region past NAM 35? Or do I need to rebuild all of my FLUP connections to TLA-5s?
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