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    Version 1.1


    The Great Southwest Building, formerly the Petroleum Building, is a skyscraper built in 1926 and located at 1314 Texas Avenue in Downtown Houston, Texas, in the United States. The structure was originally commissioned by Joseph S. Cullinan, founder of The Texas Company, to house the offices of his growing oil and gas business. Designed by New York architect Alfred Bossom, the building features Art Deco styling with unusual Mayan touches including reliefs and a stepped back style on upper floors to mimic a Mayan pyramid. This is the second version of this building, the old one is now unavailable. Textures and nightlights were improved. Click on the image to check the other views: INFORMATIONS The model is available in two versions - LM and CO$$$ - and with and without the annex building. All of them are corner W2W. Landmark - with annex Plop cost: 70,000 Lot size: 3x2 Commercial Office - with annex: Lot Size: 3x2 CO$$$: 1,500 CO$$: 2,000 Landmark - no annex Plop cost: 55,000 Lot size: 2x2 Commercial Office - no annex: Lot Size: 2x2 CO$$$: 1,500 CO$$: 2,000 INSTALLATION Unzip the files from the .zip to your Plugins folder. There are four .zip files in the download area. Be aware! Great Southwest Building (with annex - MN): this is the version with the annexed building for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Great Southwest Building (with annex - DN): this is the version with the annexed building for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Great Southwest Building (no annex - MN): this is the version without the annexed building for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Great Southwest Building (no annex - DN): this is the version without the annexed building for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Note: inside each .zip there are the Landmark and Commercial Office folders. If you don't want one of them you can delete its respective folder, but never the .SC4MODEL. DEPENDENCIES SimFox Day and Nite modd (for Darknite users only).
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Haha, for sure! I've finished the interchange in the 'raw' form. At this point I've completed the 'challenge' but there's still a lot more work to do. Tinkering, signs, lights, beautification, etc. It was one of the most difficult interchanges for me to build in SC4, despite it only being 2 levels. Some zoom ins. North: South: East: West: EDIT: Further progress
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Thank you everyone for the kind words!! If decrepit is what you aim for, then here is an old decommissioned spherical oil tank I just finished. Perfect for that out of the way oil depot old tank farm awaiting demolition. They are standalone units. 1 2 Simmer2
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Hi everyone! Today I show a new interchange of mine. It's ugly, maybe not even realistic (non of mine usually is realistic or efficent, but I'm the mayor it's my money, ehh... my citizens money... ). I started to expand the region and opened a couple of new city tiles to make the main highway system around NoirCity. This is the first part of the complex interchange system of SouthPoint. Enjoy! - Tyberius
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Here are a few more "detail" pictures of the Siegessauler Platz -- as promised -- for those of you that are interested. A different angle to show the areas not visible in previous views. 05 06 And a few close-ups -- mainly because they make pretty pictures ...(lol) 07 08 09 10
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    Cyclone Boom

    Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Some additional thoughts on a few of the topics raised... Automated System As I see it, the concept for APT type system (following @matias93's post here) would be the ultimate universal solution for distributing content. Bridging the gap between both accessibility and ease of use. Greatly simplifying the process of batch installation -- that's what this is all about. Therefore as such, it should leave no stone left unturned. If this is the way to go, it needs to cover all the main aspects of plugin management. The whole incentive aims to reduce the steps needed to add BATs, lots & mods in bulk. We want to make it easier for everyone involved. Whether a newcomer to SC4 or a veteran player. People want to have the option of adding custom content, without going through the arduous and headache-ridden task involving dependencies and testing for conflicts, binary searches etc. The mise en place would be done beforehand, and then the system takes care of the rest. After all, that is the main appeal of fast food restaurants... I imagine a key benefit is it'd be relatively simple to modify the master list for each pack. Effectively being a central reference and set of instructions. Adding new files accordingly, and the same if needing to point away from obsoletes. By sourcing the original files, something worth considering is if authors decided to release updates. The STEX (at least) uses versioning, where any previous revisions are saved and are by default still available for separate download. We'd need to ensure should any given file be updated, the system retrieves only the version it expects. This would be the one incorporated inside the MODPACC, already checked for compatibility with the others included. Any changes would need manually approving for inclusion. Then the instruction commands could be altered, pointing to the new version and any additional dependencies. The authors supply content, and those tasked with arranging the packs determine how it gets compiled. Otherwise the more extra variables, the greater chance of all sorts of potential conflicts and chaos. Without cohesion, it'd defeat the purpose. For the user, the process of updating ought to be as simple as re-running the tool, to synchronize with the pack's contents. Removing obsolete files (in the modus of Cleanitol), and replacing them with the newly released ones. For the sake of bandwidth and convenience, it'd be grossly inefficient to re-download the entire content set more than once per installation. Above else, all this needs to revolve around simplicity. Streamlining at both ends of the spectrum. Going down this route, I'm very much in favour of it being implemented cross-site to the fullest extent possible. Personally, I must admit the finer mechanics of all this is beyond my current technical expertise. I know the IPS suite does provide a standard REST API which may help provide the platform for integration. However, this would absolutely require a team not only willing to work on this, but obviously have the knowhow to understand how all the procedures work to bring this to fruition. So essentially looking ahead in this direction, we'd need at least 3 core groups of people: Developer(s): Creating the base framework, integrating it accordingly with site software, and creating the commands for processing. Organisers: Determining the contents of each MODPACC, considering compatibility between items. Testers: Basically quality assurance for functionality, and checking each MODPACC works correctly in SC4 (and ideally when combined with other packs). This would need to be in a standardised environment as determined by the package manager. Content & Community Cycle While I like the idea behind automation and packaging content in general, I feel @Fantozzi's earlier concerns are very valid. Following on... How would the batch distribution of plugins (automated or otherwise) affect the motivation of active or aspiring content creators? Knowing a MODPACC bundle is far more appealing, there's a chance of individual entries on the STEX or LEX being overlooked, especially if included. With a package containing multiple items, individual creations are less likely to be recognised and cherished in their own right. I suspect at least for some, this plays a big part with motivation -- knowing what you create is valued by those who decide to pursue it. For any aspiring creator, the task of earning appreciation may then become steeper. If all the plugin packs attain most of the the limelight, and you receive no feedback, why would you bother to continue sharing your own works? It'd be very hard to compete on such a scale. I imagine this is one reason why there's been so very few transport mods other than the NAM and RTMT, or based around them with compatibility in mind. The reason being, a MEGA mod is designed to be an encompassing solution for a specific need. Tried and tested, and proven to achieve just that. Anything much more than a collection of fixes, I think we need to proceed with a degree of caution to ensure authors are respected for creating individual uploads. I very much agree with @rsc204's summation, including the points about informing people about custom content as a whole. At the same time, I think we also still need to encourage newcomers to ask questions. A starter pack should be strictly limited to just that -- an introductory taster. The thing is, there's a cycle where people enter the scene, slowly learning their trade. First starting small, posting on the forums, or seeking advice. Sharing progress, while progressively becoming familiar with how the game and custom content functions. Maybe delving into BATting, lotting, modding or map making of your own. All the time expanding on your knowledge and gaining vital experience. Finally completing the loop by passing it onto other newcomers who come along. While the so called 'golden era' for new creations may be over, what we're seeing nowadays is quality over quantity. We therefore still need to be careful not to break the cycle, otherwise closing the door and potentially discouraging those interested in taking up creating BATs, lots, mods or maps for the first time. That cycle is what keeps any learning community alive and well. This isn't and rightly shouldn't simply be a museum. Bandwidth Considerations Anything involving mass online data distribution brings this into the picture. Here at Simtropolis, the STEX is unsurprisingly the biggest overhead in this regard. Putting it in perspective, the past 30 days has seen 630GB of bandwidth used from all files downloaded. I can confirm within the IPS suite, there are standard usergroup settings to cap bandwidth quota, download speeds and also quantity. So there are options to limit the flow, should that be required. Using an external host such as ModDB is a possibility. At least on the STEX from files, it's possible to link the download location set via a URL. That way the user would either by redirected to the page (as the NAM does currently), or perhaps a direct link to start the download. I did notice ModDB's terms state the following: As @CorinaMarie previously mentioned, I suppose a way around this is by re-designating all content as property of the community. If we can help it though, I think it's best to keep everything hosted here. Nothing on the internet is certain. But the recent Photobucket debacle proves yet again how relying on external sites puts full trust in their policies and services. Integrating any system is also much harder without direct access. Indeed, through a system allowing MODPACCs to be batch downloaded on site, or even compiled and offered as individual entries, it can only result in a sharp rise in the amount used. As @Tarkus said above, it's difficult to predict the scale or trends of such an increase, and we'd need Dirk to clarify whether this may overflow the upper limit costs of the site. Depending on the scale, the question is: Do costs need to be covered? Then if so, where possible, finding the best method(s) to recoup this without restricting the packs to an isolated group of users. I've mixed views about packs being withheld and not openly available. On one hand it'd prevent bandwidth mounting, but on the other would be contrary to making them accessible to all SC4 players. Similarly with putting each on a DVD or in an exclusive section say for site donors (min $X amount). The deciding factor here is whether or not it's sustainable to cover the costs of any extra bandwidth. It's tricky to have it both ways. But if we can avoid it, I'd be in favour of keeping them available to the masses. If we're looking at lowering barriers for newcomers, this I feel is necessary. Overall the entirety of this project would undoubtedly be a mammoth task. But when there's a will, there's a way... right? Like most things: start small, gain momentum, get off the ground, with the ambition to expand.
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    The first airport I've ever built and it's just a crappy dump of a regional one. I'm sure I've missed some essential stuff, so let me know where I can improve.
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    Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I think there is a general consensus that packaging together all the Maxis fixes and stuff that makes the game work as it should, would be a high priority. Why don't we simply start there, no new content per-se, but a simple download once and you are done package that gets all the fixes into the game. We could also try to bundle with that all the add-ons from Maxis (new landmarks) as an option. Not forgetting things like the SC4Fix.dll and maybe Buggi's Extracheats too. It is possible to include into an installer the option to DAT Pack the I-HT fix whilst we're at it, but as the CAM 2.0 installer proves, that needs a lot of testing to ensure it works with all setups. For me, that's the first thing almost every new user would want to have, before custom content muddies the waters. Here's the problem part, lots of people talking, who's going to be doing this stuff? I could take care of the installer, it's not actually that difficult. But it would need people to test it and provide feedback, that's something in my experience that rarely happens. However, the one benefit is that I had already started on such a package and have a lot of prep-work already done. But I would want a firm green light before resuming work on it, so I'd be certain having done the work, that I wouldn't be blocked by restrictions on re-distribution. In addition to some assurances that there would be help with testing, so we could check various platforms and variants of SC4 would all work with the installer. It's not a one-man job by any means if this is to work. Because if it doesn't work reliably, we're just creating more problems, not less. The good part is that this is a one-time job, unless suddenly we find later new fixes that need to be added. I'd be happy to open-source and upload the NSIS code and installer build though, so anyone could in theory update it later on if need be. @Fantozzi makes an excellent point though that this shouldn't be simply a bunch of files for installation. It should be linked from a tutorial that explains what the pack does and links out to additional information. For example explaining how to use/setup the command line switches. Since nearly everyone should be using them, if only the -CPUCount:1 line to prevent CTDs. It could also link to topics on setting up the best graphics for SC4 (DirectX), explaining the rendering options, limitations and showing how to fix the common problems. So any new players have a one-stop shop for getting their game running optimally and patched. Once we see how that option works in practise, we can start to think about expanding such packs to cover custom content. But I do think massive packs are a disservice frankly. Trying to have "localised" content packs may be very useful, but if there are going to be many, we need a solution to avoid duplicate dependencies. =================================================================================================================================== Trying to index-link all the existing content is a job that would take a herculean amount of effort to realise, idealistically I approve, practically I have strong doubts it's achievable. That said, I do recall once saying, if we don't ever start, we'll never achieve anything. This "it can't be done" way of thinking has for too long been stopping any attempts at progress towards what must surely be the most ideal solution to the worst problem of the community. However, to do it right would not only take a lot of work and a long time, it would require absolute destruction of the notion of rights over how a creators work is distributed currently. We, the community must have the rights to re-package as is best for everyone, not the creator. Feeling idealistic, let's go mad and right for the best solution possible, pie in the sky thinking if you will... Some software that knows the IDs of everything and can download just what you need, all whilst ensuring your plugins folder is always adapting to those requirements. If we started off with limited support for a bunch of just the key dependencies, it would be a start at least. Expanding that to everything would be a big deal though time-wise. What I'm thinking of is doing away with dependency packs altogether and indexing just the single model/props by splitting them up. Filenames would be IDs only, so duplicates would sort themselves out. The application would just keep the non-packed files somewhere and when things changed, re-datpack a new set of files from the vast number of individual ones. Content you download would work with this software and be downloaded from the exchanges as it is now. Only you'd run the download through the application which would ensure you had everything you needed from a central repository. Not to mention, bandwidth (much more expensive than hosting) would be limited to a much smaller amount of just the specific files needed, it would be a huge improvement in efficiency, making it cheaper to run. It would also be a no brainier to compress the living heck out of everything for storage/downloading and have the server and client side handle those operations so they are invisible to the end user. Of course the problem with such a solution is that we create a two tier-system, the old way and the new. We'd probably need to separate that content which works with the new system from the old. But over time we'd be able to build something that will be infinitely better and deal with all these problems once and for all re: dependencies. It just requires a new category on the STEX/LEX for files designed to work with the new system. Only the dependencies would change in terms of how they were hosted. It would also require tools that would work with the new system. For example some modification to SC4 PIM-X so it could spit out the files automatically to work with the dependency manager app. The great thing about a two tier system is that we don't have to ditch how we used to do things to get it off the ground. The two options could always exist, those who just want the easy life would be restricted to using the new compatible content only, but it'd be a start. Those who want flexibility and hate change could just continue to do things the old way. Whilst a lot of this is really ignoring the huge amount of work and change needed to realise it, quite deliberately I might add. I can't think of a better solution and if we are going to invest a lot of resources into any such project, why do it in any other way but the most optimal one? Lets at least reap the most rewards for our efforts. So the real main barriers would be summed up as: Designating a host for this new dependency content. Finding a revenue source for the costs of hosting/distribution. A software developer who can make the client side and server side software a reality. Someone with the knowledge to create or adapt a tool like SC4 PIM-X so lotters/modders aren't overburdened from working with it. People willing to devote their time to index and modify the files to work with the new system. A consensus form the community guardians that content should be freed to make things better for the community. Rather than simply worrying about creators rights. A lot of hurdles, sure. But, I believe it could work and would be great for the community if it did.
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    As of right now, because the NAM Team's FTP account for ST has been down since sometime before the release of NAM 35, the NAM downloads here on the STEX actually point over to ModDB, and ModDB is presently beating SC4D by a 4:1 ratio. The STEX pages are getting a lot of clicks, however (the GOG article likely helped a lot), but I don't really have reliable stats on them due to the situation. That's also obviously skewed by the current logistics, however, and my older stats do support your theory. I do have my figures for NAM 33 and 34 handy, both of which were releases where the NAM was directly hosted on the STEX. Both ST and SC4D beat out ModDB in terms of their share of overall downloads--ST by a wide margin, SC4D by a slight one. With NAM 34, the market share three months after release broke down to 60% ST, 25% SC4D, 15% ModDB. With NAM 33 (which only lasted a month as the "current" NAM release), it was 56% ST, 24% SC4D, 20% ModDB. One positive with ModDB is that the mainstream gaming media does actually browse around there, and the NAM's presence on there did actually start getting them to pay some attention to the SC4 community in late 2013. Rock, Paper, Shotgun picked up the NAM 32 Pre-Release, and then the full release of NAM 32 ended up being PC Gamer's "Mod of the Week"--both outlets mentioned and linked to SC4D in the process. While the gaming media had kind of been forgetting we exist since C:S was released, and became a bit of a darling for them, we are starting to get on the radar again, evidenced by this Kotaku article from earlier this week. The NAM usually goes straight to #1 on ModDB whenever there is any sort of press about it outside the usual SC4 community outlets . . . I'd imagine the creation of these MODPACCs would be pretty big news, even now, and if we can leverage it the right way, we might be able to parlay that into increased traffic here. I'm also in agreement that we need some sort of a build put together first. A rolling release of different types of packs might also be a good way to sustain interest in the project over time. That's certainly a possibility--links all over, at the very least. I think we can use this as a gateway, if we set it up right. The webpage and zip-packed file is obviously going to be easier to keep around. @simmaster07 actually designed a pretty awesome PHP-based online NAM installer back in the NAM 29 era . . . sadly, however, it's not around anymore, as he didn't have a permanent place to host it. I'd also agree that the existence of the MODPACCs and a client aren't mutually exclusive . . . arguably, they're both solutions we need. The MODPACCs can be for an entry point, and the client can be for when we get them hooked on SC4 custom content. Another comparison would be the RHW ramp interfaces. We have two newer overrideable implementations of them, the draggable versions (DRIs) and the FLEX piece versions (FLEXRamps). We intentionally maintain both . . . some users prefer not having to reach for the menu, but others don't want to memorize the drag patterns, and prefer to just plop the FLEX pieces down. Sometimes, it's necessary to have different points of access. -Tarkus
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    My idear was - to make the starter packs only accessible via a tutorial page that would explain what's in there, what is good for, how to use it and who were the original creators. Imho - what new players really need is a guided tour through the 'sc4 museum' not simply all exhibits collected in one room. I also agree on this for another reason - we should always figure out things the way that community as a whole can survive us, the individual player. What if sites move (to another country, to another technology, to another dimension in space-time), get a new software and all the links need to be updated . Who will be responsible for the client software in five years? Who will care for this if we are gone? The more simple the solution is - the higher the chance someone will care for it in the future. So the question might be also: how many people will be able to nurse a client software if we are gone, how many people will be able to nurse a simple webpage and zip-packed file if we are gone? I absolutely agree. First step first. We might block other developments with what we are doing. I think @T Wrecks showed a good way. Let's first think of the data we can pack together. If I remember right, he mentioned girafe trees. And if I remember right @rsc204made some additions/correction to them so all of them are mmp and prop. So to collect those things together in packs first of all - there is spread out content and fixes by different authors are even spread out more. To do this work first doesn't exclude to make a client later. It doesn't exclude the creation of starter packs. So as this doesn't block further developments - imho this is the action to start with first. If you make the client the first task you most probably will block further developments regarding consolidation of content.
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    Nakama 6th - Memories of Snow Part 1

    Well, 2 years without activity? atleast I'm back here and with an update of Nakama. This update will mostly about the Last Run of 285 series Train in Mizawa Line, Mizawa, Nakama. This update mostly based on the last run of 205 Series Train in Yokohama Line back in 23 August 2014. There're several station on route not shown: Amagi Station (between Hashimoto and Mizue) and Higashi-Mizawa Station (Between Iguchi and Mizawa) because I havent finished the area. ()sad() but hopefully I'll post it later as different update. If there's something is rather incorrect about thing I dont know, please tell me. And credit for several picture I took from Internet as written +--------------------------------+ Nakama 6th - Memories of Snow Part 1 Mizawa line 285 Series Last Run 三沢線285系ラストラン credit to: http://home.a08.itscom.net/yokohama/205/lastrun/index3.html Sunday July 16 2017, Hashimoto Station on Mizawa Line crowd of people gather in 4th platform on this Station. They waiting for the train, but not a usual train. This train is part of event "Mizawa Line 285 Series Last Run" which is basically the final commercial run of the 285 Series train in Mizawa Line before retired. 10.23 am, the train arrived from Mizawa Station direction in the 4th platform of station following a big banner about the farewell to the train. Hashimoto Station in 10.25am Many railway enthusiasts come to the station and took the trip with the train or just took the photo and video in the station about the last trip of this fleet since the next trip on this line will be served by the new fleet, 323 Series. Inside the train itself is pretty crowded almost similar like weekday rush hour of this line, but for now, its a different case. On 10.26am the train left Hashimoto Station as a rapid service while the LED display sign on train changing from "For Hashimoto Station Local Serivces" into "For Mizawa Station Rapid Limited". This train wont serve Hashimoto Station anymore which been served since 1990. Front of the 285 series car in the last run, 285-71f. A sign being set in the front and back car since last week which is about the last run and the farewell sign. "We welcome aboard to the train 1822a rapid limited service of Mizawa Line to Mizawa Station. Train will stop in Shin-Mizawa Station, Kurihama Station, and final station Mizawa Station. Please give the prioritize seat for the elderly, disables, and pregnant woman. This is the last run of 285 Series on Nakama Railway Mizawa Line, please enjor the ride and thank you." as the conductor announce after the trains depart from Hashimoto Station. Train 285-71f passing through suburban of Amagi-cho, Mizawa City. at 10.33am, train approaching Mizue Station. It wont stop in this station since it's in the rapid limited service. In Mizue Station, there're several people waiting not for regular local train, but to capture the moment of this train last run passing through the station. Train 285-71f approaching Mizue Station This train, 285-71f alongside with other 27 set of 285 series fleet previously served this station as local services. The other train sets on this fleet as for 16 July have already retire from this line and currently in depot, awaiting for the next action for this trains. 285-71f leaving Mizue Station Inside the train, many passenger took video alongside this train run to record the final moment of 285 Series serving Mizawa Line. 285-71f in Mizue-cho, Amagi Ward, Mizawa City Leaving Mizue Station, the scenery changed, from dense suburban area into semi-rural area. Alongside Mizawa Line there are various area from Bustling downtown Mizawa City near Mizawa Station into rural area between Kuramoto Station and Akitsu Station while in the middle mostly suburban area. Rural Scenery between Mizue Station and Kozue Station. 10.37am, The final run of 285 Series train enters Kozue Station 4th Lane as it passed the Station. Similar like in Mizue Station, some people waiting for this train and took picutre or record video from the platform of station or the bridge of trainway. Kozue Station was used for the nearby Mizawa International Soccer Stadium which was used in several international events. Atleast during 1990-2017, 285 series serving the stadium attendant even for abroad attendant to come to this largest Stadium in Nakama. 285-71f passed Kozue Station. After Kozue Station, scenery changed back into sprawling suburban of Mizawa which is the second largest city of Greater Nanohana. 285-71f after leaving Kozue Station "Next Station is Shin-Mizawa, the door is in the right side of train from the train heading. Transfer available for Matsukawa Shinkansen and Mizawa Municipal Subway Blue Line. Be careful with your step and check your belonging before leaving the train. Thank you" from the announcer of the train as the train approacing Shin-Mizawa. The train entering Shin-Mizawa area. Shin-Mizawa Station, a major Station of Mizawa build alongside the construction of Matsukawa Shinkansen back on 1980s. Although 285 series wasn't served the line yet when it's opened, the train series as it served Mizawa Line have an important role to serve passanger of Matsukawa Shinkansen who want to go to the Mizawa Downtown area. 285-71 entering Shin-Mizawa Station. in the same time where a Shinkansen Train enter Shin-Mizawa Station from Nanohana. "Door will be opened". 10.39am the train stopped at Shin-Mizawa Station. In this station, several railfans who not following from Hashimoto Station, just entered the train to see the final departure in Mizawa Station later on. some other just took videos from the station platform. 285-71f in Shin-Mizawa Station of Mizawa Line "Door will be closed". 1 minutes later at 10.40am, the train departed again from Shin-Mizawa Station and heading toward the next stop at Kurihama Station. Between Shin-Mizawa and Kurihama, the train already pretty packed with people who want to board with this train for the last time in Mizawa Line, some train window intentionally opened for better view on the joyride with this train. "Next Station is Kurihama, the door is in the right side of train from the train heading. Transfer available for Nazawa Line for Arakashi Station and Through service for Shinwangan Line. Be careful with your step and check your belonging before leaving the train. Thank you" from the announcer of the train as the train approacing Kurihama Station. at 10:43am, 285-71f arrived in Kurihama Station. Similar like in Shin-Mizawa Line, some people just board from this station. As the train stopped at Kurihama Station, Nazawa Line 5000 Series also arrived on the Station from other direction. this will be the last time of these train encounter each other as in commercial purpose. 285-71f at Kurihama Station alongside with 5125f from Nazawa line. "Door will be closed". at 10:45am the train leaves Kurihama Station and heading for the last station of his service, Mizawa Station. 285-71f between hilly area of Iguchi-cho. 2 minutes later, 285-71f approaching Iguchi Station without stopping in this station, giving the farewell on running. 285-71f as it approaching Iguchi Station 285-71f passing through the bridge crossing the Nakama National Route 1. few moments after leaving Iguchi Station, Mizawa Line merged with Saikaido Main Line which is the main line connecting Nanohana with Matsukawa until Suzukake. at the time the last run train enter this part, there's not yet any train in Saikaido Main Line to encounter with, atleast for now. 285-71f as it enter the track parrarel with Saikaido Main Line after passing Higashi-Mizawa Station, at 10:49am the train will enter the final destination of this last run, Mizawa Station. 285-71f entering Mizawa Station. In other track 321 series of Saikaido Main Line just left the Mizawa Station and Heading to Nanohana Direction "We will arrive at the last station, Mizawa Station in a few moments. The door is in the left side of train from the train heading. Transfer available for Saikaido Main Line, Miwangan Line, Izumi Line, Serihama Line, Nazawa Line and Mizawa Municipal Subway Red Line. This train that you are currently riding, 285 series will retire as of today from service on the Mizawa Line after serving since 1990. Please make sure that you take all of your belongings with you as you exit the train. We sincerely hope that you take all of your happy memories of being on this train home with you for safekeeping as well." As the final announcer of the driver of 285-71f 285 Series train served between Mizue Station and Kozue Station during winter time 10:51am, the train arrived at Mizawa Station as scheduled and will be here for photo session until 11.00am before it go to Depot in Kagawa. In Mizawa Station itself, there's a lot of railway enthusiast already there taking photo of this train and recording the final moment of it serving this line as it arrived at Mizawa Station. During 9 minutes stop, a lot of people documenting the interior of this train. Final moment of 285 Series serving Mizawa Line. as the time showing 11.00am, 285-71f as the last train of 285 Series in Mizawa Line departing the Mizawa Station. as the train departing the station, the driver honk the train horn and everyone bid the final farewell of the train giving the thanks for the whole fleet of 285 series for last 27 years. as the train leave the station, it will join the other train of 285 Series Mizawa Line at Kagawa Depot while Mizawa line will be served further by 323 Series. to be continued....
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    Truly an enormous amount of work. I think the KISS principle may have to be applied here and Fantozzi's thoughts about after we're gone. I like the pre-packaged zip file approach mentioned earlier. I don't see why we should avoid developing a package management system for content just because we plan on making starter packs. These are two totally independent efforts that can happen in parallel, and I'd go so far as to argue that the package manager is an even more pressing concern. Once users try to install content outside of these prepackaged sets it becomes exponentially harder to keep track of dependencies and conflicts while also trying to maintain a folder structure that lets you keep track of what the heck you downloaded in the first place. Focusing only on the latter could just lead to people sticking only to starter packs (which could conflict with each other anyway) at the expense of other individual releases.
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    Mushy's Random BATs

    Regrettably I haven't been working on this too much lately, but I have done some work over the past few days. There really isn't all that much left to do on the day render... I do still need to post those HD closeups of the trucks though. One of these days I'll post on here why I'm so sporadic with my postings and why I jump around between projects so much. I can assure you there is a valid reason aside from my hatred of exporting and modding... gahh... --- I have a job now (my first!), and have been there for a few weeks, so I have been busier than I usually am this time of year. -Mushy
  14. 4 points

    Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I just wanted to pull together some ideas that have jumped out at me. To address this concern, I like the concept @Tarkus proposed in the next quote. A 'Pay for Convenience' scenario that seems like it would be fairly straight forward to implement. This is a good thing to keep in mind no matter what your doing. You are absolutely correct, you can't please everybody. Normally, the sweet spot is when nobody is 100% happy. So true, no one lives forever. It does make sense to stock the shelves before you put out the 'OPEN' sign. Rolling releases is a great idea, it should sustain the interest of users if it's done with some regularity. And your offering compelling content. There seems to be some consensus on this point and since I am almost finished a project that I think will do this for Linux users, I have to agree. This would help new users and address concerns of giving credit where credit is due. Also part of my current project, I plan to include a tool to create a launcher for the user. This is what drove me to start my project. It was also suggested by rsc204 after I posted my commandline tutorials. Truly an enormous amount of work. I think the KISS principle may have to be applied here and Fantozzi's thoughts about after we're gone. I like the pre-packaged zip file approach mentioned earlier.
  15. 4 points
    I would advise against trying to outright adapt apt, chocolatey, npm or any package manager for Linux distributions and software tools. These are all specialized for distributing libraries and executables for systems or source code for development and carry a lot of complexity that would make it difficult for community members to contribute to its development and adoption. It shouldn't be difficult to implement a basic package manager for our purposes in a cross-platform language like Python over several stages. We can start something extremely basic and work our way up to more supported use cases. I have a possible roadmap for this, but this starts to move away from the topic of distributing modpacks and becomes an entire discussion on actually implementing a package manager for SimCity 4 mods.
  16. 4 points
    JP Schriefer

    JP Schriefer's BATs

    I just updated the Great Southwest Building which was looking a bit weird before. I intend to do it with other buildings if I manage to have time to do it. Thanks again to Jason for giving me some really useful tips when I released this model months ago. Now I finally updated it, better late then never
  17. 4 points
    @matias93 that looks great. I have now talked to @Begabee via email and he has this to say So now to some pictures with Begabee explanation for each one as we go ... Main Screen Picture No. 2 is Picture No. 3 is Picture No. 4 is Picture No. 5 is Picture No. 6 is Picture No. 7 is Picture No.8 is Picture No. 9 is Picture No. 10 is Picture No. 11 is See next Post .....
  18. 3 points

    PLEX on the STEX - Community Support

    Permission has now been granted to myself and @Tyberius06 to upload to the "PLEX on the STEX" the missing SimPeg files and also once sorted out with pictures and dependencies Paeng's Forum Attachments, if there is anyone else out there who wants to lend a hand, please let me know and I'll have a word with the staff at getting you permission to upload to the "PLEX on the STEX". Only major requirement is anything that's uploaded is clearly identified with the original creator In mine case real life commitments mean its going to be a couple of weeks before I can do anything in this area, @Tyberius06 has been given editing rights to Paeng's Files over at the CBEX (plus some files that Paeng give me) and that applies to anyone who wants to help and has an account over at CB Web. -catty
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    Human relations, not really, you mean customer service, it's perhaps a subtle difference, but we're in the world of business or capitalism here, not a group of friends. I wasn't suggesting you need to pay them money not to be treated like dirt, but my argument is that having used their service for nothing for 10 years, you've got a really good deal. Now it's come to an end, I agree not on good terms, but YOU GOT 10 YEARS OF FREE!!! Why are you mad about that?, the good times are however, over. But you got a great deal overall, if you really think about it. I agree, those who were paying but now are restricted to the higher tier, have far more cause for complaint than those using the free service do. However I bet you that's a tiny percentage, it always is, and most of the loudest complainers have the least reason to complain from what I'm seeing. See their terms and conditions, you know, the ones which say they could change the terms whenever they liked, to whatever they liked. Those terms you accepted and agreed to by using the service but are now complaining about. The same terms which if you disagreed with (you seem to now), should have prevented you from using the service but somehow didn't? PB owe you nothing, some might argue, you kinda owe them?, that's really more what I meant here. Of course that logic is flawed, they did after all, happily give you the service for free. But you don't seem to talk like someone who realises they got a free lunch for 10 years, which has now come to an end. No, you are just annoyed that it's come to an end, ignoring all those tasty dinners you had for so long without paying a cent. Some might think those 10 years of free entitled PB to some gratitude, that's the point! LOL, it's still 2017, right? Business Ethics, I don't believe such a thing exists in the world of big business, name one top fortune 500 company with an ethical track record? All of them most likely have CEOs on 7-figure salaries, pay their staff a pittance, get their products from 3rd world slavery and are generally money-hungry corporate *censored*. It's funny how people are surprised that businesses don't give a damn about anything but money, aka profit. I didn't say I liked the status quo, but let's not be blind to the reality here. I didn't suggest PB's actions were morally fine, but your argument fails to acknowledge that you were using PB for free, despite your free services costing PB money. Not having the moral high ground doesn't mean the other party are being moral either, remember, "two wrongs don't make a right". I simply mean to say that you really don't have a good case for complaining because someone took your free stuff away from you. Come on, what difference would one months notice have made in real terms? Is that REALLY your issue with this change? People are all using that argument, but really, you are all unhappy that the change happened. "PB should have let me have another option to keep my images without the $400 fee?" Why?, how are they obliged to do this? Because you were best buddies for 10 years, you know, with all the money you spent as a loyal customer? Sure it doesn't seem reasonable, some are calling it extortion, but this is nothing new nor the first time a free service has done such a thing. It usually happens when the business is reaching a critical mass, I'm just saying I can understand why it's happening and be OK with it. My attitude to all this: I got my free service, thanks very much, I'll get my coat. PB you've been terrible, I'm so much happier I'll never have to use your services again. Absolutely, that business that gets paid nothing and gives you stuff for free no doubt? I've done it too, moved to FlickR where I am using them for free now instead. But if FlickR change the rules tomorrow, I'll know the reason my images need moving again (natch), is because I was too cheap to pay for hosting them. Margins on Amazon are wafer thin, it's not an example of how every business can operate. But they do a lot of trade, so a few cents here x many million transactions works out for them. But few can actually compete with those prices and stay in business, not all similar things are the same. I gave a real world example of hosting costs, a simple google search will show I'm not making the numbers up. Your estimate using Amazon was not reflective of what people in practise pay to host content. Nor is Amazon ideal for most people who want hosting, although I'm sure you could go that way. I did, but if you read the statement again in context, you'll realise I also did say it wouldn't be for everyone. Just that for some use cases it's actually not a horrific deal is all. Would I pay them $400 a year, nope, if I needed such a service I would have paid for a reputable one in the first place. But if you are selling online, so basically you are a retailer (however small your operation), $400 is chump change for what you are getting in return. I didn't say it's a good deal for everyone, but if you make $20k/year in sales, you'd be paying much more to eBay for example, even more to the taxman, it's a very small slice of the pie. These are the sorts of people complaining in the BBC article @Cyclone Boom linked to. It just makes me think they too have an unrealistic expectation of the world. Presumably they are nice people who give their stuff away for free in return, right? Why is a discussion where people disagree a flame war? Honestly, what's wrong with the world when people can not discuss things, despite not agreeing, without labelling it as more than debate? I'm not flaming anyone, I just think that your viewpoint is very self entitled, sorry for calling you out on it, but that's what I think. Yes PB aren't being very nice to users like you right this minute, but for 10 years they've been giving you a free service you were happy with. If you read the entire thread (or just the first few posts), you'll know I spent 6 hours moving about 1/3rd of my own images when this occurred. I'm totally affected by this, I'm just not annoyed about it. I saw it coming, PB have been making things terrible for a long time and it seemed like the free days might be over. I've posted previously about how such free services and the lack of people willing to pay, myself included, for internet services is the root cause behind the obliteration of community sites like those for SC4: I want things to be better, but also don't want to pay for it, in fact actually, I literally can not afford to pay for it. I'm living on the edge here financially, gotta eat and all that. The key difference is that I don't expect the world to be free, I know if I want some service, I have to pay for it. Sure, for the longest time the internet was different, but those days can end at any time, after all, if a business can't make money, they go bankrupt and lots of people loose lots of money. We're here using ST for free, you've no doubt downloaded a lot of content if you are like most of us. Did you pay or contribute for that?, because someone is, none of this is free either in the grander scheme of things. It costs money to run these sites and not a small sum either, someone has to pay for it. Now, I can't shout too loudly, I did donate to help SimPeg a few times, but due to my current situation have been unable to do so for ST or SC4D. Of course I believe I try to give something back through my community work, pay my dues as it were. But the point being, if the money dries up, no more ST, no more SC4D and we're not even a business. If PB is really in financial trouble (seems likely), this step may actually save the business. It might seem a bizarre counter-argument, but I can see some justification for getting rid of all the freeloaders to stop loosing money as quickly as possible. Every day you wait, could be costing them a fortune in additional costs, maybe that simply wasn't an option? Some people just don't want to think there might be a valid reason for this action, but honestly, I don't think they'd risk the PR backlash if there were better options on the table. I'm just being the devil's advocate here, nothing more, nothing less. So if you think that PB should keep giving everything away until they go bankrupt, rather than try to fix the business, for ethical reasons, you simply don't understand Capitalism or good business practise. In fact legally speaking, assuming there are shareholders involved, they are obliged to take action here to shield the business from potential bankruptcy. How? By whining about your free stuff being taken away? What productive and helpful steps are you engaging in to improve things? I bet, like me, you'll just move to another free service and ignore the pitfalls until this all blows up again when that service stops being free. Sure, I'll do much the same, the difference being, when it all blows up, I won't be making a big song and dance about it, I'll just accept moving my images every now and again is a necessary trade off for using free services. This is the problem, we all want these services, but the majority doesn't want to pay for them. Until we realise that doesn't work, this cycle of content destruction will continue again and again and again. That's the main point in all this, not to beat you with a stick of my logic and reason. But if people think the next free service will last forever, then we are simply deluding ourselves. Is the solution to host this content directly on-site? I worry that would impose too many costs on ST/SC4D etc to be a practical solution. But hobbies are rarely free, perhaps people need to consider paid services if we want to avoid these problems again and again. What about self-hosting them on a domain, so the terms of hosting can change without all the links being messed up? But even then, people will stop playing, leave the community and resources will once more go missing as renewal fees may lapse. Perhaps the only solution that is guaranteed is to host the content as part of the site, despite the drawbacks? It's really not an easy problem to solve, every solution has major potential drawbacks. What we really need, as I mentioned in the linked thread, is simply a better internet, where changing hosts doesn't destroy your links. Like how when you change your mobile phone, you can keep the number. But that's an even bigger struggle in terms of regulation and technology. Because if your links are based on an owned domain, you are locked in, unless you own the domain. That debate could rage ever onwards, but in the here and how, we all need to accept Free isn't really Free, there are strings attached. If you lunch for free, enjoy it while it lasts, but don't count on it lasting forever, it likely won't.
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    Oh, there we go. What if these themed, organized and easy-to-install collections are released only as DVDs for donors, using the same terms as the earlier STEX collectors' discs? We would create a revenue stream instead of killing one.
  21. 3 points

    Show us what you're working on!

    Working on a Miami / florida themed city... 160k population so far... Pictures show the beach (with downtown at the back) and close up of downtown.
  22. 3 points
    So if you had a business that was haemorrhaging cash providing a service to 10's of millions of people, most of whom for no income whatsoever, you don't think getting all the free loaders to leave would help restore your business to a healthy cash flow? It's one thing when you consider the hobbyists who use the service freely but make no money from it, but surely those making money using a free service are simply the worst part of that equation? Shouldn't they feel entitled to at least a part of the revenue to account for their part of providing the means to sell services? It's not like eBay, Amazon etc offer their services for free, yet despite taking around a 15-20% cut (eBay + PayPal), you can't host these images as part of those costs. Why shouldn't Photobucket expect to charge for their services?, especially in such cases, I mean $400/year is chump change if you are selling products day in day out on online retailers. This contradicts the fact that almost every freemium product out there needs a revenue source to make the business viable. That's why most such services are always doomed to fail, it's absolutely not a viable way of doing business in the long term. That or there is something murky about the business, like with freemium gaming. Lots of people get the game free, but ultimately that's paid for by a bunch of hopeless addicts spending money they often don't have. Fact is, if PB is bleeding through cash, it would cease to exist if something didn't change, that's a likely trigger for such changes. Not that I like they way they went about it, but seriously, if you aren't paying them a cent in all these years, they owe you nothing. You are not their customer, you are a free loader, heck, so am/was I, the difference being I know I was getting something for nothing, which can't last forever, so I'm far less annoyed about the changes. You don't expect much do you? Seriously, they should provide the service to you based on the cost of Amazon, one of the highest-scaled out vendors in the market place? You know businesses like to make a profit, right? Fact is in the real world, you'd be lucky to get any hosting service worth a damn for under $50/year. Sure, that still makes PB 8x as expensive, but if you look into it, unlimited bandwidth is not an option for $50/year, you'd need to be on a higher tier. When you actually understand the costs of real world professional hosting, actually PB is not being unreasonable asking for $33/month for their service. Of course, if your needs don't make that cost work for you, indeed, they have left you high and dry with no viable option to remain with PB. But, that is their right to change, just like the local shop can decide to charge $10 for a soda. Of course, if you do charge $10 for a soda, don't expect to sell many, but then again, these days people pay stupid-money for everyday crap. How many people pay for the convenience of popcorn when they go to the cinema? Or will happily spend $5 on a soda there?, in that context, is charging $10 actually that terrible? Ultimately if you want to bring ethics to the table, you've been using PB for free for years, if anything that doesn't exactly give you the moral high ground here.
  23. 3 points

    Reluctant PIM

    Throwing in my two cents here: Like you guys I had my problems running PIM-X the first time. But, the msvcp71.dll is present in both the \\Windows\System and \\Windows\System32 folder. I remember that I looked for a solution and followed the thread over at SC4D. @Corina Marie: I would recommend to install that Win7 Patch for PIM-X. It overwrites the already existing multiarray.pyd in the installation folder from PIM-X. Running all of it with no problems under Win7 SP1. Kind regards!
  24. 3 points
    I have my doubts that site traffic would take a hit from hosting this stuff offsite, heck it might even do the opposite. We could have links on the download page / documentation pointing to the community's sites. As @SimCoug mentioned, we need to keep things as simple as possible for the first package. This undertaking would still involve a lot of work but can be used as a trail run / test for future packages. Call it the guinea pig if you will. We're doomed to fail if we want to please everybody. For now, I think we need to turn down the scope of this project and start small.
  25. 3 points
    I think that's my biggest concern that in trying to make things easier for the user, the community would lose even more people, in a lot of ways all those people posting about missing dependencies, can't find this, am looking for this, help I've got a problem ..... etc are the community life blood, they bring people in and once here they usually go rummaging thru the site, without them how many visitors would the CJ's get or the creators getting comments from people. Whatever path we take its got to be doable and long-term, starting something off and then having it die because there aren't enough people who are willing to keep it current ... see MEGAMOD over on the Banished sites who also tried to come up with starter pack for the the users to just download and is now very out-of-date. If you take BegaBee program as an example of what's possible, you will note he's built in the ability of having 10 plugin folders which you can swop around and add more plugins into it if you want ...so (and this isn't me saying this is the way we should go) ... if we went down this path Folder 1 - The best 100 plugins (plus dependencies) at SC4Devotion Folder 2 - The best 100 plugins (plus dependencies) at Simtropolis Folder 3 - Folder 4 - And so on, with each site deciding what they want to showcase or alternatively Folder 1 - The best 100 Commercial Hi-Rises (plus dependencies) Folder 2 - The best 100 .............. It doesn't have to be big, just has to get people started and wanting more and not wiping out the site bandwidth limits in the process. Over time the number of plugins could be increased ..... -catty
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    This is the skyline of my new city, Teufort (Like every city I name is Teufort)...
  27. 2 points
    1. So, first, after deciding things had got to change in Middletown and its region, Mayor Arielle had herself built a new Mayor House. Not quite Mies Van Der Roe-ish, close to the very orthogonal Downdown, close to the very proper City Hall, but still, it was a clear declaration of intent : let’s get into the XXIst century, people – or at least the XXth ! 2. 3. Then she enticed IKEA to open a store downtown : 4. At that time, the whole eastern part of the city was still fields and woodlands. As many new people were coming to Middletown, Arielle B. rezoned it residential and commercial. But most of all, she asked the city planners to let go of the grid. Until then, the town had grown according to the good old orthogonal Vulgate, especially south of the tracks. 5. 6. 7. But it HAD to change in the new north and west parts of town. 8. A plaza illustrating the modern, curvy Mildletown was built in the middle of the first new neighbourhood, and was named of course after the daring Mayor : Arielle Plaza. 9. Arielle B. had not expected her citizens’ resistance to the Ungridding of Middletown. Despite the new roads and streets, they obdurately kept on orthobuilding for a while. 10. There were definitely mixed results. 11. At first the resistance was fierce, albeit polite. Then, little by little, it slowly faded. Tax inducements helped, and the fact that the older griddy rich migrated away from the new neighbourhoods. The new citizens were not very wealthy, but they were young and more enthusiastic about modern living. 12. 13. 14. 15. The great Ungridding battle is over now, Arielle B. has mostly won (the neighbourhood towns are going antigrid big time) and Middletown has settled back into its normal life. Quiet neighbourhoods… 16. Quiet fields (this last untouched one will likely be transformed into a bona fide park, at some point)… 17. Quiet shopping sprees in big and small markets… 18. 19. 20. And, for the daring, some excitement brought from the Outside World by the truckers for whom Middletown is a welcome stop. The Rocking Truckers Motel’s bar-restaurant transmogrifies into a disco with live bands on weeks-ends and holidays ; the local band, The Midnight Ramblers, are all ex-choir boys and began in the St-Felicity Church basement. Now, that’s modernity for you ! 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. And Arielle is happy !
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    Alighieri Apartments

    Version 1.0.0


    Alighieri Apartments, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- Alighieri apartments is a fictional creation in the modern international style. These apartments are 14 floors high and designed to fit into tight inner-city 2x2 blocks. It will work as a stand-alone apartment building as well as in a wall to wall environment. It also provides a little bit of much needed competition to the HKABT/Bixel apartments which have few competitors in the 2x2 space. Like many inner-city apartment buildings, the ground floor is devoted to retail space. The tower area has four apartments per floor, each apartment has a corner balcony; the street-facing apartments are larger (3 bedrooms) and have floor-to-ceiling glass in the lounge area. The rear apartments are 2 bedrooms each. There is no penthouse suite, instead residents enjoy a roof-top communal pool. Basement parking rounds out inner-city convenience. This is a growable R§§ apartment on a 2x2 lot on all tilesets. --------------------------------------- STATS R§§: Lot size : 2x2 Growth Stage: 7 (Medium & High Density Zoning) Bulldoze Cost: § 807 Capacity Satisfied: R§ 1,106, R§§ 612 Pollution: 5 (Air)/ 2 (Water)/ 4 (Garbage ) Pollution Radius: 5/6/0 Power Consumed: 9 Mwh Water Consumed: 24 Gal/Month Building Style: Houston/Euro/New York/Chicago Occupant Group: Medium Wealth Residential Building --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO model files; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must keep only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. Regardless of which file you choose to keep, make sure you DO NOT delete the Lot File! If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/) --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: This file requires no external dependencies. --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT PARKING TEXTURES: Sadly, due to the complaints from a few members of the community, I continue to have to make the parking texture 'disclaimer' on all of my releases. This building is designed for inner-city areas. With the exception of the US mid-west where there has been massive, continued economic downturn and a flight to suburbia, no inner city area in the world has acres of parking: land is simply too expensive. This building has underground parking for residents only and visitors are expected to arrive by either public transport or park their car on the street; therefore no parking textures are included in the lot. If, in the ingame screen shots, there appears to be a parking texture used, it is purely coincidental and merely belongs to an adjacent lot that is not part of this download. If you want acres of parking or desire a different parking lot texture, then use the lot editor to make that change. --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder. Thanks.
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    Diego Del Llano

    Westin Regina

    Version 1.0.0


    This Luxurius beach front condos, are located in Puerto Vallarta , Mexico, my Hometown, the height is 196,85 ft, (60 meters). DEAR PEOPLE FROM SIMTROPOLIS: YOU CAN FIND THE VERSION WITH "NO PLAZA" IN THAT VERSION YOU CAN MODIFY THE LOT, PUT PROPS, FLORA, MAKE THE LOT AS BIG AS YOU WANT... FEEL FREE TO EDIT THIS VERSION. ENJOY. This file Includes: Functional Landmark with 1,200 CS$$$ Jobs To install: Unzip the folder inside and dragg it on C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugin
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    NAM General Support Topic

    You can patch the executable on your own, and the registry entries are mostly used to tell the NAM installer what you already have installed. They are not, in themselves, critical to the operation of the NAM, though they do usually make the installer more intelligent and that helps keep down installer-related support requests (the more frivolous ones, anyways). Since the actual working components of the NAM are really just the controller file and whatever DAT files correspond to the options you selected, as long as the installer ran successfully and the compiler successfully created a custom controller file (not super necessary--if it fails the installer just sticks a full copy of the controller in your plugins but a trimmed controller can sometimes make the game run faster if you didn't install a lot of stuff), then you can safely move NAM installations in and across computers without worry. It's my understanding that when testing NAM files that's basically what a lot of the NAM developers did: just move files in and out as needed, and then rerun the compiler script to make sure the controller was up to date (if the controller isn't updated, then the new stuff won't be recognized by the game and won't function). Since you say that the installer ran properly, then the controller was likely properly installed as well. Keep in mind the controller file is just a .DAT file; the patch to the SC4.exe is a one-time thing and just ensures that the game has enough RAM to run on 64-bit systems without crashing. When you transfer or move the files over, the Controller is just part of the files that the NAM installs, and so will be moved over as well.
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    Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    The NAM is actually a really interesting case, as it is a product of the game's file architecture. Each of the RUL files that tell the game how to construct transportation networks has a specific function, and only one copy of each RUL can be loaded into memory by the game. As a result, the only real way to ensure cross-compatibility with all mods that involve RUL modification is to assemble all third-party RUL additions and edits are assembled in a single, unified source. It has essentially required all of us who modify RUL files to work together. That's certainly come with its own set of challenges, but it's something that everyone (well, just about) in the transit modding community has agreed was necessary for the greater good. Functional airports and seaports have a similar restriction, in that there's a single exemplar file for each that defines all the allowable ports. The former Aerospace Consortium (AC Team) handled the airports--the seaports, however, were the victim of political wrangling, so there's two conflicting controllers out there. The API for the LEX is REST-based, so it sounds like there's already a window there for compatibility. It's also open-source, so ST is welcome to use it. Getting to simmaster07's idea, there's even a Python wrapper for it already. I'm in the same boat with you on all the technical details, so I'm going to see if I can alert Casper to this. Indeed, if we're going off APIs and the like, ModDB isn't going to work. It's just a place to upload mod files (very large ones, even). The way the NAM Team uses it is as an extra point of redundancy in our official distribution network, to ensure the mod remains available, in cases where SC4D and/or ST may be down and/or needing to conserve bandwidth. If we are going with pre-assembled packs, and as long as we're not all-in with it (like many were with Photobucket--SC4D actually had been hosting CML images there ), it can be a useful tool, as long as one is aware of its limitations. -Tarkus
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    Thanks @catty-cb! I started to put together a folder for myselft where I can work on this project. Altough tomorrow I would like to upload the PEG PPond Locks (finally), and then update my uploads with the proper dependency... So selfish I am! All the Paeng files on CBEX will get a readme and attached picture about the content and standard folder structure (zip name with the creator and content name\creator folder\content name folder\actual content). But I open any suggestion... - Tyberius
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    This is an easy part I can help with. The upload to the STEX can be done by anyone and then we (staff) can change the author to @Pegasus. Just post a linky to the upload here and I (or any other staff) can make that change.
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    When I do multiple colour variations of the same bat, in addition to opening the bat afresh each time, I would File -> Merge the last bat (minus the LODS, TB2 Camera Handle and Thumbnail Camera) into the fresh scene and then save as.
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    After a small break, I returned to BAT and new Tahvontorni is almost complete. You can see that ground floor is missing few walls and then lights of course. So, what do you think? I always hate roofjunk, so urgh. And logo changed blue to red, because original Tahvontorni had red Alko-logo so red M suits better. And trivia: Metrobank is a subsidary of Roxxon Oil Company in the Marvel Comics.
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    Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Always ready and willing to have a go at stuffing things up... I think I got it right though .
  37. 2 points

    Show us your Downtown/CBD

    WIP... Miami style city...
  38. 2 points

    Reluctant PIM

    Ahhhhrggggh ... yes, I've had this too on many stuff, even microsoft stuff. To my limited knowledge: msvcr71.dll is a visual studio runtime library (also distributed with the .net framework) and there are so many different version and error message might be thrown because version number doesn't fit on checking (also: 32 bit vs. 64 bit). But also because on checking there is access violation. But if you use a dll version working for others and it doesn't work for you - it should be pathing or access problem, not a problem of dll version. So if it's still not working with administrator privileg maybe it would be to install the whole of one of the different redistributable packages microsoft offers (not only the single dll but one of the visual c related packs) as with ms installer also (registry) paths and access rights would be updated.
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  40. 2 points
    I am a proponent of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). I feel like we've come to a consensus regarding the repackaging and distribution of content already submitted to both the STEX and LEX. Authors that are no longer active in the community will get rightfully credited, and Authors that are still active can be contacted. I seriously doubt that anybody will have an issue with seeing their content become part of a 'starter kit' that will keep SC4 up and going for years to come. If they do, well, there is so much content available it won't matter if a few members choose not to participate. That said, I feel the quickest way to achieve a 'starter pack' would be to build it and release it as a single download. It could certainly be a way to spur donations like the current CD's are. Even if we go the scripted route, there is going to need to be some members of the community that get together and mod and lot this project. And that is where the heavy lifting really is. I think the reason this topic got started was to introduce casual or new players who just wanted to jump into SC4 and have all the stuff ready to go. A 'starter pack' mod is going to need some serious work and won't be achievable through an automated system alone.
  41. 2 points

    About the chat?

    I used to hang out in the previous chat quite a bit. The new one lacks a few features which are essential to me. Most significantly is that it may or may not post what other peeps say. I was in there and suddenly I felt like I was being ignored. Sure, I know peeps have to jump up to answer the door or get a phone call and go afk, but this was different. Like 4 of us were chatting and (with pauses between) I was the only one posting. On a whim I did F5 refresh and found out there were indeed posts between mine. This is mostly important to me if I'm just playing on my game comp and sitting in chat in case someone pops in. Since I cannot trust that it will show messages (and there's no setting for a sound when someone pops in) I don't want to appear rude by not replying if someone does join and starts chatting. Secondly, and nearly as important is I cannot set it to beep when peeps post. (Yes, there's an option for that if (and only if) the chat window does not have focus, but that's of no use to me since I'm in chat on this comp, but turned away playing on my game comp.) Third, but not a reason I won't use it (just annoying), is it will not display images. It'll post the linky, but not resolve into an image itself. A lot of what I did in chat was discuss game topics and we'd all show images of how we did something or other. It just borks the flow of the convo if you have to open the pic in a new tab all the time. So, that's why I'm not there.
  42. 2 points
    I admit the scripted ways look very neat and very user friendly as well as automated. From an end user point of view, no doubts at all there... But I do have some niggling questions: in light of the fact that everything is becoming more expensive to run...here I see more and more donation messages for instance, it's a fact that the webmasters - on whom we all rely - are feeling the pinch. Also, unless the solution is quite a graphical gui, it would seem to heighten @Fantozzi's concerns about anonymity and loss of getting to know the author. So the questions are: 1) How does this automated script to install a plugins suite add real, monetary value to the websites to ensure that the websites remain an ongoing concern? It's great for the end user, but I don't see value for the webmaster (and I might be missing something). 2) These files will increase the download volumes, bandwidth and hence cost - I don't see how a user could be charged to use the solution, or how you could make a 'starter pack' plugins from this unless the gui is very limited from the get-go 3) I assume one would need to be logged in to access the modpak feature; that removes some of the existing revenue stream - a large number of users just download without being logged in and have to sit through an advert to do so. 4) Who is going to reclassify all of the STEX files to make the searches that build the plugin packs meaningful? The files date back to last century and it has always been an open exchange, so varied stuff and indeed varied results. Also the script at the top of the page would rely on a plugins folder not being datpacked (or any other end-user created dats) 5) Going back to an earlier example, where a pack contains work from a number of authors, what is to stop an inactive user logging in once more, seeing that their work is now part of a pack which is being pinged by automated scripts and saying 'heck no! I didn't sign up for this' and locking, deleting, or replacing their files with a text pad...while I believe the delete option isn't available in our current site, updating files to a simple text-pad has been done before - and en masse. 6) How does it fix the older, non-functioning files; to give an example - let's say the community wanted a dutch-themed pack.......There are several makers of dutch bats and lots who come to mind - one was a prolific batter (he has 5 pages of stuff) whose buildings are among the most exquisite bats ever, ever made, but only about 30% of them actually work in game. The rest are all bugged and either don't show up or CTD. If you want to use his work, you have to mod it yourself. On an automated model, you would be installing bugged files into a plugins pack. How does this add value to a user and how could you charge a nominal amount for it? It certainly appears that while scripts are incredibly easy for the end user, it looks like a lot of work getting all the files aligned to a script and then somehow being able to put the brakes on bandwidth as well as somehow engineering it as a 'value' proposition, like the CD is now (i.e give $, get gift). Perhaps, @catty-cb, @cycleboom or @tarkus might be better placed to answer some of these questions from a webmaster pov. Edit: The last thing any solution should do is have the unintended consequences of cannibalizing Dirk's existing revenue stream (that is the sale of CDs and the ad revenue from anonymous downloads) - any solution must complement these - because it will drive up costs associated with hosting the site and bulk downloads.
  43. 2 points

    SimCity 4 Is Still Great

    SimCity 4 is a spreadsheet that will never be balanced, but that’s what makes it so fun, even 14 years after release. Yesterday, an article about SimCity 4's Network Addon Mod, a comprehensive mod for roads and traffic in SimCity 4, reached the front page of r/Games.”Not only has SimCity 4 survived, it has thrived with new creations offered daily by content-makers, and has even evolved with substantial player-developed modifications like the Network Addon Mod,” author Dirktator wrote. While that’s definitely true, and the thriving mod community for SimCity 4 is a joy to browse through, after playing until two in the morning I can safely say that SimCity 4 also holds up on its own. Full article: http://kotaku.com/SimCity-4-is-still-great-1796823071
  44. 2 points
    @rkagerer Looks like Cities: Skylines. You might find this thread is a better home: (This thread is for SimCity 4)
  45. 2 points

    "Project X"

    I've really enjoyed building this airport, and so much progress has been made! :-) Terminal 1 complete: Its used for short flights to the local islands. I've completed the General Aviation area aswell (might add another one later): There's pathways leading to a seperate "GA-terminal"l, which is connected to terminal 1 The cargo apron. DHL has a hub here: "Feeder flight" for DHL being loaded/unloaded. These small aircraft travel between the islands. A rare visitor, Lufthansa B742 being loaded with pallets: Heavy rain often bash the airport, and when it does you need proper water drainage: Last one for today, short final for this ERJ-195 Im now working on a remote stand, a hangar area and the runways/taxiway system. Stay tuned! :-)
  46. 1 point

    Reluctant PIM

    I confess my eyes were kinda glazed over after reading those technical posts -- I was a bit discouraged. I downloaded the file (and copied the post to which it was attached, too !), thank you ! I will see what it does. Also, markussaage sent me his copy of the "missing" file. By Jove, one way or another, this thing will be made to work !!! :-)
  47. 1 point

    Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    A trumpet interchange for future's highway expansion and the industrial zone's traffic jam which the interchange barely resists (imagine how it would've been looking if I hadn't chosen a Cloverleaf over a Diamond interchange).
  48. 1 point

    Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    This is not from Simcity4 but from real life. I find this pic awesome and there are many similarities with what people are doing and posting here. English This exchanger of Huan jue wan was finished recently in the periphery of Chongqoing, enormous metropolis in the south-west of China, after eight years of construction. The work superimposes five levels where the tallest one is 37 meters tall. No less than 15 ramps had to be constructed to allow the traffic to go from one level to another, in eight directions. French L'échangeur de Huang jue wan a été achevé récemment en périphérie de Chongqoing, immense métropole du sud-ouest de la Chine, après huit années de travaux. L'ouvrage superpose cinq voies de circulation dont la plus haute culmine à 37 mètres. Pas moins de 15 bretelles ont dû être construites pour permettre aux véhicules de passer d'un niveau à l'autre, en huit directions.
  49. 1 point

    Show us your farm land!

    Something a little different: Major road through agricultural land
  50. 1 point

    Show Us What You're Working On

    Well, well....It works! Only thing left to do is a nice custom made lot and lot texture a la' Simmer2 and we are good to go. Vester's multi-angled GEvo locos fit just perfectly with my model! Bravo vester &apls Work in Progress RH1 2 3 Simmer2
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