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    Show Us What You're Working On

    It's amazing how this game keeps chugging along. Fantastic work everyone; @Simmer2 and @Dreadnought in particular! I don't have too much to show for myself, just a bit of work on my new suburbs: Enjoy!
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    Mary Maurine Mayo

    Wethy Towers

    Version 1.0.a


    You will need to get the Sim Mars Mod to use this set of lots... This set of Lots are for the Sim Mars Project. Med Wealth R$$ 3x3 lot 3x4 lot 4x4 lot 3 different lot sizes Capacity 200 power consumed 3 water consumed 32 Growth stages 5,6
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    Loewenthal Metals

    Version 1.0.0


    Loewenthal Metals, located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago's south side, once functioned as a lead and zinc melter and scrap metal dealer, but ceased to operate in the early 1950s. The building currently appears vacant, but nearby development may soon rescue this building from an uncertain fate. This lot is modded for industrial (I-m) but would look right at home in a grittier commercial or mixed use district as well. 5x2 growable and ploppable I-m lots Provides 186 jobs (modded with the Industrial Quadrupler in mind) MaxisNite and DarkNite versions included DarkNite requires the Day and Nite Modd Installation Instructions: 1. Download either the DarkNite OR MaxisNite version. If you are unsure, choose the MaxisNite version. Attempting to use both versions in your Plugins at the same time may cause conflicts. 2. Unzip the .zip and move its contents into your Documents > SimCity4 > Plugins folder. 3. Enjoy! - Comments, questions, or issues? Check out my BAT thread.
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    finally compleate... will upload soon...
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    As you all know, full animations using HD props is not possible, nor is it possible to make animations bigger than a cubic tile. I'm however implementing an alternative method to simulate animation with full sized HD props I made, by using an extensive database of timed exemplars I created just for this purpose. It is a very tedious and complex affair thus the time its taking to complete. Here is turntable sequence 1 in GIF format, this sequence is made with 26 timed exemplars and spans 5 game hours (about 8 minutes in real time). I'm already working on sequence 2 and once done I will post the whole animation. Please excuse the poor quality of this GIF. Nick Part 1
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    Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Hey y'all! Loewenthal Metals is now available on the STEX! Also, shout out to @Hotwheeler for the great history that I used in the STEX description!
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    Version 1.00


    KOSC Presents: Diego Del Llano Growables - 2017 Pack One Introduction This is set of growable, high-density lots made from Diego Del Llano's BATs that were released in 2017. The objective of this set is to provide growable alternatives to the ploppable landmarks in the original release for a more traditional gaming experience. While ploppable are amazing in their own right, it doesn't quite allow for one to experience the feeling of zoning a plot and having that shiny new tower pop up. Package Overview 4/14 IMPORTANT NOTE - this file currently only works with the DarkNite versions, and NOT MaxisNite - an update will be rolled out soon to accomodate the MaxisNite buildings Included in the following package are a set of growables for all Diego Del Llano's 2017 releases (excluding the Loop Postal Station building in the Federal Center Chicago set). A couple of the buildings have different occupant versions to satisfy different demand groups. There are TWO versions of the package you can download: Vanilla and CAM. The vanilla version has all of the larger buildings capped at stage 8, with capacities that do not exceed 7500. For those that use the Colossus Addon Mod, the larger buildings extend all the way up to stage 15 and boast much higher capacities, up to around 11000. If you desire to plop the growables, use the buildingPlop cheat and look for exemplars starting at DiegoDL_ (requires ExtraCheats.dll). General Stats All stats were generated with PIM-X. Vanilla versions differ only in growth stage and maximum capacity tweaks (for buildings that exceeded 7000 by default). The breakdown is as follows: 4 R$$$ buildings CITITOWER Guadalajara, 4x6 left corner Ventura Place One, 3x4 front Ventura Place Two, 3x4 front Ventura Place Three, 3x4 front 4 CS$$$ buildings CITITOWER Guadalajara, 4x6 left corner Hotel Presidente Guadalajara, 5x5 front Hotel Presidente Intercontinental Mexico City, 4x2 front Carlton Hotel Johannesburg, 4x2 front 7 CO$$ buildings AON Center, 3x4 front Carlton Center, 3x4 front Carlton Hotel Building, 4x2 front 345 California Center, 6x3 front One Kansas City Place, 4x3 front Everett McKinley Dirksen Building (Federal Center Chicago), 3x8 front John C. Kluczynski Building (Federal Center Chicago), 6x3 front 10 CO$$$ buildings One Metropolitan Square, 6x5 right corner Gas Company Tower, 6x3 front Capella Tower, 4x8 left corner Park Building (Capella Tower small building), 4x2 front Chanin Building, 4x4 front Commerzbank Tower, 4x5 front IBM-Marathon Tower, 5x9 right corner Denver Place, 6x8 front First National Bank Tower, 5x5 front Torre Multiva, 4x3 front Detailed stats for all of the buildings can be found in the enclosed README. Install Instructions Pick either the vanilla or the CAM version and drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. To uninstall, simply delete the files from your hard drive. Dependencies Main Building(s) This list contains all of the buildings used in this set. Each subfolder corresponds to a particular building/set of buildings - if you don't have a particular building feel free to delete the corresponding subfolder. Cititower Guadalajara Denver Place Hotel Presidente Intercontinental Mexico City Commerzbank Tower IBM Marathon (1250 René-Lévesque) Hotel Presidente Guadalajara Torre Multiva AON Center Gas Company Tower Carlton Center Carlton Hotel Johannesburg One Metropolitan Square One Kansas City Place First National Bank Tower Capella Tower Ventura Place Three Ventura Place Two Ventura Place One Federal Center Chicago Chanin Building 345 California Center Mods (CAM version only) You will only need these if you're using the CAM version. Either version of CAM will work with the CAMeLots. Colossus Addon Mod 2.1 Colossus Addon Mod 1.0 Credit goes to Diego Del Llano for all of these spectacular BATs!
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Now, I'm working in this area, which will be a Downtown of Novo Jardim city.
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    Wethy Towers

    To 'Charles Darwin'.... While a Sim Mars bat wouldn't be to everyone's taste, to some folks it is worthwhile given how long it has been since any Sim Mars stuff has been uploaded. One thing's for certain: your review is simply distasteful. You've offered no constructive help whatever to the uploader and your comment runs contrary to the STEX code of conduct: Put yourself in the place of the author. Would you like to be spoken to in such a way after having offered a game asset for free? Staff Response: The offending 'review' has been removed in violation of the STEX Code of Conduct.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Here I go again... Location in region:
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    Alright guys here it is, the complete weekly listing for last year. Imo, the weekly is the best scale because as I've said before, it usually takes more than a day for a members creation or contribution to the site to be fully recognize/disseminated. Yet there's still plenty of slots > 208 in total and it's seems like there's a large variety of members up here. So a big congrats to you if you ever made it up into the top 4 for an entire week Weekly Leaderboard's 2016 01/03/2016 to 01/09/2016 1. 58 - Ln X2. 57 - TakingyouthereT3. 43 - Mr_MasionT3. 43 - boformer 01/04/2016 to 01/16/2016 1. 72 - Takingyouthere2. 61 - Ln X3. 53 - kingofsimcity4. 51 - rsc204 01/17/2016 to 01/23/2016 1. 94 - kingofsimcity2. 67 - Ln X3. 62 - Takingyouthere4. 46 - Feindbold 01/24/2016 to 01/30/2016 1. 69 - rsc2042. 58 - Koesj3. 56 - boformer4. 55 - Mr_Maison 01/31/2016 to 02/06/2016 1. 80 - Ln X2. 69 - kingofsimcity3. 61 - Takingyouthere4. 52 - 9gruntsand1hammer 02/07/2016 to 02/13/2016 1. 80 - Ln X2. 62 - kingofsimcity3. 61 - SimCoug4. 52 - Takingyouthere 02/14/2016 to 02/20/2016 1. 156 - boformer2. 93 - Ln X3. 81 - SimCoug4. 61 - kingofsimcity 02/21/2016 to 02/27/2016 1. 86 - boformer2. 57 - Jasoncw3. 51 - Takingyouthere4. 41 - boldlybuilding 02/28/2016 to 03/05/2016 1. 100 - Takingyouthere2. 69 - KoesjT3. 54 - BelfastsocratesT3. 54 - boformer 03/06/2016 to 03/12/2016 1. 85 - Cool_Z2. 80 - boformer3. 61 - Takingyouthere4. 51 - Philforhockey51 03/13/2016 to 03/19/2016 1. 93 - boformer2. 66 - Takingyouthere3. 58 - Philforhockey514. 52 - Simulanten 03/20/2016 to 03/26/2016 1. 134 - boformer2. 70 - Takingyouthere3. 49 - Pegasus4. 48 - Cool_Z 03/27/2016 to 04/02/2016 1. 88 - boformer2. 53 - kingofsimcity3. 51 - Mr_Maison4. 49 - Takingyouthere 04/03/2016 to 03/09/2016 1. 77 - Philforhockey512. 68 - boformer3. 62 - kingofsimcity4. 54 - Cool_z 04/10/2016 to 04/16/2016 1. 57 - Takingyouthere2. 56 - Philforhockey513. 50 - Jasoncw4. 38 - kingofsimcity 04/17/2016 to 04/23/2016 1. 76 - Takingyouthere2. 68 - kover3. 42 - Philforhockey514. 40 - Avanya 04/24/2016 to 04/30/2016 1. 66 - Bipin2. 55 - philforhockey513. 53 - Takingyouthere4. 45 - kover 05/01/2016 to 05/07/2016 1. 73 - philforhockey51T2. 70 - TakingyouthereT2. 70 - boformer4. 65 - kingofsimcity 05/08/2016 to 05/14/2016 1. 76 - philforhockey512. 68 - CorinaMarie3. 58 - 9gruntsand1hammer4. 55 - kingofsimcity 05/15/2016 to 05/21/2016 1. 76 - Goofyguytpa2. 73 - vester_DK3. 59 - philforhockey514. 49 - kover 05/22/2016 to 05/28/2016 1. 84 - vester_DK2. 76 - Goofyguytpa3. 56 - philforhockey514. 48 - Ln X 05/29/2016 to 06/04/2016 1. 86 - kover2. 60 - Avanya3. 46 - 9gruntsand1hammer4. 43 - philforhockey51 06/05/2016 to 06/11/2016 1. 57 - Thin White Duke2. 48 - Simmer23. 40 - CorinaMarie4. 37 - Tarkus 06/12/2016 to 06/18/2016 1. 86 - MushyMushy2. 67 - Avanya3. 56 - Cool_Z4. 46 - Thin White Duke 06/19/2016 to 06/25/2016 1. 74 - Cool_Z2. 71 - Thin White Duke3. 64 - kover4. 54 - CorinaMarie 06/26/2016 to 07/02/2016 1. 79 - CorinaMarie2. 75 - Takingyouthere3. 56 - Avanya4. 45 - Thin White Duke 07/03/2016 to 07/09/2016 1. 110 - CorinaMarie2. 81 - Avanya3. 56 - Ln X4. 52 - Haljackey 07/10/2016 to 07/16/2016 1. 69 - rsc2042. 63 - boldlybuilding3. 56 - Judazzz4. 54 - CorinaMarie 07/17/2016 to 07/23/2016 1. 138 - rsc2042. 80 - Takingyouthere3. 69 - Fantozzi4. 65 - MushyMushy 07/24/2016 to 07/30/2016 1. 102 - Fantozzi2. 92 - rsc2043. 82 - Takingyouthere4. 52 - Mary Maurine Mayo 07/31/2016 to 08/06/2016 1. 71 - Takingyouthere2. 64 - Mary Maurine Mayo3. 51 - rsc2044. 47 - Fantozzi 08/07/2016 to 08/13/2016 1. 62 - Fantozzi2. 55 - Thin White Duke3. 51 - Mr_Maison4. 51 - rsc204 08/14/2016 to 08/20/2016 1. 51 - Jasoncw2. 47 - Takingyouthere3. 44 - Judazzz4. 39 - Avanya 08/21/2016 to 08/27/2016 1. 75 - Avanya2. 66 - Judazzz3. 57 - Jasoncw4. 55 - boformer 08/28/2016 to 09/03/2016 1. 117 - kover2. 104 - rsc2043. 93 - kingofsimcity4. 79 - Simmer2 09/04/2016 to 09/10/2016 1. 69 - Ronyx692. 66 - rsc204T3. 61 - MushyMushyT3. 61 - CorinaMarie 09/11/2016 to 09/17/2016 1. 74 - CorinaMarie2. 70 - MushyMushy3. 69 - rsc2044. 60 - Thin White Duke 09/18/2016 to 09/24/2016 1. 82 - Takingyouthere2. 66 - DavidDHetzel3. 57 - Thin White Duke4. 55 - kingofsimcity 09/25/2016 to 10/01/2016 1. 92 - Takingyouthere2. 73 - kingofsimcity3. 63 - DavidDHetzel4. 59 - rsc204 10/02/2016 to 10/08/2016 1. 139 - rsc2042. 87 - TakingyouthereT3. 62 - Angry MozartT3. 62 - Thin White Duke 10/09/2016 to 10/15/2016 1. 222 - rsc204 (what in the... seriously rsc? )2. 87 - Fantozzi3. 84 - kover4. 78 - Takingyouthere 10/16/2016 to 10/22/2016 1. 84 - Halijackey2. 76 - Takingyouthere3. 70 - CorinaMarie4. 61 - rsc204 10/23/2016 to 10/29/2016 1. 148 - rsc2042. 106 - andisart3. 84 - philforhockey514. 79 - CorinaMarie 10/30/2016 to 11/05/2016 1. 151 - rsc2042. 82 - APSMS3. 68 - Tim The Terrible4. 67 - matias93 11/06/2016 to 11/12/2016 1. 174 - rsc2042. 97 - matias933. 86 - Halijackey4. 84 - CorinaMarie 11/13/2016 to 11/19/2016 1. 92 - CorinaMarie2. 75 - Ln X3. 69 - rsc2044. 67 - Halijackey 11/20/2016 to 11/26/2016 1. 83 - rsc2042. 68 - kingofsimcity3. 61 - Aarsgevgelte4. 54 - Halijackey 11/27/2016 to 12/03/2016 1. 95 - rsc2042. 67 - CorinaMarie3. 57 - philforhockey514. 55 - Aarsgevgelte 12/04/2016 to 12/10/2016 1. 120 - Feindbold2. 113 - rsc2043. 99 - Ln X4. 80 - CorinaMarie 12/11/2016 to 12/17/2016 1. 121 - rsc2042. 88 - CorinaMarie3. 67 - andreharv4. 66 - matias93 12/18/2016 to 12/24/2016 1. 97 - Ln X2. 94 - kover3. 63 - Roxyx694. 52 - JP Schriefer 12/25/2016 to 12/31/2016 1. 87 - Abrams1242. 79 - CorinaMarie3. 78 - Ln X4. 59 - kover
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    I like your approach a lot, but some issues arise, that could complicate you when advancing: * Try sinking or raising the faster networks instead of the slower ones, thus preserving the most surface area for zoning. In this case, you could get better results by sinking the rails by 7,5 metres and the maxis highway by 15 metres (or changing it for a 7,5 metres sunk real highway). * On the same vein, keep always in mind the slope tolerances: those avenue overpasses at +15 metres are a bit hard to use, even for rubber tyred vehicles, and that's why they are being phased out in favour of more realistic +7,5 ones. * Play with wide radius curves and fractionally angled networks. You'll need some practice to learn how to drag them, but is all on the NAM documentation and it becomes second nature easily. Reserve hard corners for narrow and slow streets on old neighbourhoods. *Consider adequate distances for stations: even if the game falls a little short on realistic distances, there are some useful criteria to optimise the traffic simulation: urban mass transit works best with stops at 3 to 5 blocks away (18 to 30 tiles), while suburban rail, monorail and highway exits need at least 10 blocks (60 tiles) between stations or entrances\exits.
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    moar stats; Weeks leading 2016 11 - rsc204 7 - Takingyouthere 5 - boformer 4 - CorinaMarie 4 - Ln X 3 - philforhocky51 Weeks leading, consecutive 3 - boformer 3 - rsc204 Most appearances in the top 4 25 - Takingyouthere (7/9/6/3) I figured I'd be up there but I did not expect this! 22 - rsc204 (11/4/3/3) 16 - CorinaMarie (4/4/2/5) 14 - kingofsimcity (1/5/3/5) 13 - philforhockey51 (3/2/6/2) 12 - boformer (5/3/1/3) 12 - Ln X (4/4/3/1) 9 - Kover (2/2/2/3) 8 - Thin White Duke (1/2/1/4) 7 - Avanya (1/3/1/2) Most appearances in the top 4, consecutive 12 - rsc204 9 - philforhockey51 8 - boformer Final stats, two year totals(2015-2016); Weeks leading 11 - boformer 11 - rsc204 9 - Takingyouthere 8 - Ln X 6 - Huston 5 - Cool_Z 4 - MushyMushy 4 - CorinaMarie Most appearances in the top 4 33 - Takingyouthere (9/10/8/6) 29 - Ln X (8/7/9/5) 27 - rsc204 (11/7/6/3) 26 - boformer (11/7/4/4) 21 - Huston (6/6/6/3) 20 - kingofsimcity (3/8/3/6) 16 - CorinaMarie (4/4/2/5) 14 - Thin White Duke (2/4/3/5) 13 - philforhockey51 (3/2/6/2) 11 - A Nonny Moose (1/4/4/2) 10 - JP Schriefer (2/0/5/3) Next it would be cool to see who the most generous members are, that is who has given out the most rep in a year.
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    Beardmonkey's stuff

    I've uploaded another barn to the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892211952
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    not much change for the station started working on the lod, main building is mostly finished. I decided to finish one of my older projects, the textureing is fully done now and lod only needs some baking before it can be served, it is the ALL NEW Utrecht tram!! and I released a bench prop, to be specific the one they use on the Utrecht railway station some more simple props to come!
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    So, I right-clicked a pic I had posted in a thread to see if it listed the pixel resolution. (It did.) But then out of curiosity I clicked the security tab and found out I've visited here 4,153 times! While I'm sure this won't break any records or anything but that's like an average of over 11 times per day since I signed up. I could do some testing to see if it counts each new tab I open as a visit. Like when I have 10 beeps, I open each in a new tab and then read them one by one and close them.
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    More of my Capital. Only 2 of the buildings in picture 2 were plopped. The appetite for $$$CO is insatiable because of my attention to a good educational system and high-tech industry.
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    Zigzag or Drunk Drivers on RHW

    The NAM Team has no official term for this, though we've informally used the terms "drunk" and "zigzag" (as well as "stupid") to describe this sort of behavior, so I knew exactly what the OP was talking about. The automata do often behave rather stupidly in general, but to be precise, there's actually two kinds of automata out there, that each behave differently--commute-generated automata, and lot-generated automata. Commute-generated automata is a visual effect that results from the automata simulator reading traffic simulator data, and is designed to roughly correspond to the level of traffic on the roadways. This type is prone to occasional stupidity, but unless there's some other underlying issue, these automata don't tend to zigzag on RHW crossover paths. Lot-generated automata, however, are automata that are associated with specific lots or types of lots. They aren't fed any sort of commute data from the traffic simulator, and instead initially show up in close proximity to the lots that spawned them. Since there's no simulation that is influencing their behavior, they basically "explore" all the paths on the networks they are traversing, without too much rhyme or reason, and are extremely prone to zigzagging with crossover paths. Examples of lot-generated automata include construction/moving trucks when zones begin developing, police cars when new police stations/kiosks are plopped, and so on. If one uses traffic generator lots to boost the appearance of traffic, those will produce lot-generated automata that will zigzag. Occasionally, commute-generated automata will start to zigzag if the traffic simulator is feeding the automata simulator screwed up data. Inadvertent installation of a non-NAM simulator in a location that overrides the NAM simulator will absolutely cause this to happen on an RHW network. The wider networks in the RHW and Network Widening Mod (NWM) require specific settings in the "Congestion vs. Speed Curve" to encourage "spreading"--otherwise, the commute automata will just clog one side of the network and may zigzag. The vehicles here appear to be freight trucks--those are generally commute-generated vehicles, which search out the edge of the city tile. While there are lot-generated freight automata out there, I do believe there could be a traffic simulator plugin conflict involved in this instance. Checking the Congestion DataView would help in diagnosis--if the thing is glowing red or has uneven red/green stripes on the RHW, you know you have an issue there. In that case, I would reinstall the NAM and make sure to run the "Cleanitol" option in custom installation mode, which should eliminate most potential conflicts. If you prefer a manual search, look for hailman's Variable Route Buses or the SPAM Traffic Plugin--both of those are actually incompatible traffic simulator plugins that will completely zork RHW functionality (they have the RHW network set to 0 km/h speed with a capacity of 0). -Tarkus
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    A-Z Cars

    Ford Econoline
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    A-Z Cars

    Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4
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    Zigzag or Drunk Drivers on RHW

    It's a known bug. Those zig-zag routes (you can see it drawn using the 'drawpaths' cheat with the DLL extra cheats) allow the biggest RHW overrides to get their increased capacities. Remember that the RHW works overriding much smaller networks, so the NAM team had to develop a way to force the game to give more capacity to the same small networks, but only when overriden by the user.
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    To go back to gray mapping and levels tests AND since it has been a while, here is recapitulation of things : Gray Mapping : for the time been, this is the way to go for me. But in most -95%- of the maps, placing harbors are impossible to lay. (I found gray maps of harbor cities here and there, and in many of the harbor problem was incredible, if not impossible.) Even on a single level of a 84 level in a map, the difficulty persists. The only solution I found is using the "Smoothing" tool in God's Mode on the beaches, after generating the map. In maps with different levels (84-85-86, etc. or 84-94-104 and so on) the smoothing tool is also good to create nice smooth transitions between levels, in the hills even steep ones (84-104-124 and such). The hick is that one has to smooth the whole region, daunting... I kept a few screen shots of cities that are not saved in the game. They show the three harbors placement, roads going up hill showing default low level residences (I mean placing one residence, holding it down for a second or two, and a largish grid shows up. Two reasons : How close to the water line houses will be built and using the land 'as is'. The Pix show one half of the landscape smoothed out, the other raw terrain. (you get some really weird results like that.) Those pictures are not ready to upload as of this writing, but if there's enough interest in them... So to conclude : I'm giving up on the whole thing. It was taking too much time from actually playing. Let's not even talk about transportation frustration with the NAM options or even with the vanilla flavor of roads, avenues, highways, trains, monorails, et all. But that's another topic.
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    Very interesting. Something similar does often occur here in the States. But usually its a function of developers overestimating the market, rather than building a "shell" as an investment. Couple of possibilities off the top of my head since we are talking about a building with no occupants: 1) Use LM version of buildings if they exist. If only LM with jobs versions exist, remove the jobs. If only RCI versions exist, convert to LM. 2) I'm not sure if the following would work; it might require some experimentation. If you would prefer "empty" buildings to grow in an appropriate zone, use an existing growable R or C building and remove the occupants. My thought here is that if a building has no occupants to begin with, there are no occupants to move out and trigger either dilapidation/downgrading or abandonment. I'm not really sure how the game would handle this. 3) As an alternative to 2), change the jobs/residents numbers to a very low number to maybe represent an small on-site leasing office/maintenance team. 4) As an alternative to 2) and/or 3), have multiple versions of a particular lot with differing building exemplars (NOTE: the IIDs of both the Lot and Building exemplars would need to be different to work): one representing a "full" building, and one representing a "shell." This way both versions of the building might grow.
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    I tried attaching a submesh with the regular prop shader and it just worked as expected, attached to the bus, but the rotors shader seems to spin no matter what, I tried to change some parameters and stuff but nothing. Day 28: Tire Marks http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893107235 Day 29: Rumble Strips http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893760650 Streamed for 4 hours and continued the nuclear power plant:
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    Toby Ferrian

    Show Us What You're Working On

    Work in progress Nudle Maps-inspired map of an older region of mine:
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    I took the base of the Pampas Grass and made it into a bush Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893640591
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    Diego Del Llano Growables - 2017 Pack One

    Damn...too bad I already went through them myself...could've saved myself quite a bit of work. I'm sure it will be useful for many other users though.
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    A-Z Cars

    Ford Anglia, 1967
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    Thin White Duke

    A-Z Cars

    Volvo 850R
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Finally after 5 days im able to start on the CBD of Raccoon City...this is what I have completed so far...
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    I am currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. I was driving around yesterday thinking about this place doesn't look like anyplace else ... meaning even in a flexible game it might not be easy to capture the feel of Taipei: (1) The lanes don't line up across intersections (and some cases the streets as well). (2) I learn from SC4 and CS that roundabouts (not common in the USA) are to keep traffic moving. There are many in Taiwan except that they all have traffic lights which seems to defeat the whole purpose. (3a) Multizoning. Like LD/MD residential with LD shops on 1F and 2F. (3b) Multizoning. Little farm patches simply stuck here and there. (I suppose a ploppable vegetable path would cover this.) (3c) Multizoning (underground). Huge underground shopping complexes at major subway junctions. (4) Roads within city limits which wind up mountains with slope and turn sharpness hard to reproduce in a game. (5) Motorcycles everwhere (yes, on side walks) (6) Tons of two way short residential blocks not wide enough for two ways; not gridded; often deadend (7) Large amount of vacant real estate not abandoned (Chinese invest in real estate like in The West people invest in financial markets)
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    I love old games. It is a sad truth that AI has not improved over the years commensurate with hardware. So, graphics have followed Moores Law, but not AI. (Or in the case of something like SC, then simulation as opposed to OPFOR AI.) Graphics have always driven the games market. Yes, computers are hitting the walls of physics. So, we see multiple cores and parallelism as opposed to faster instruction processing. But few applications and few games make any use of it. A good example for applications is video editing can speed up linearly with each new physical core. A good example for games is chess. There are chess engines that show the same linear speed jump. But most games are determined by a single core and the GPU. So, we had this trend which always emphasized graphics over AI/game play. Popular culture has made this worse. The smart phone has produced a generation of multi-taskers. (Humans don't actually multi-task well. Psych studies show they simply handle many things poorly. Without a PhD, you just need to look at highway accidents to see this.) We now live in a culture where the ability to concentrate and focus intellect has been reduced. I think we see it in our hobbies; which include games. Yes, not the entire market is like this. But only indie developers blow everything on craft and art. Business go for ROI ... so, the hardcore gamers come up short. Finally, an excellent proof of what a difference graphics make. A few years back, the market for submarine simulations was stone cold dead. Why? A submarine really doesn't have much in the way of epic visuals (compared to a flight sim). Then some European studio realized that they would make a subsim with the visuals of a flight sim. In particular, the water had to be beautiful. You got Silent Hunter 3, and it sold. (But in many ways, the classic AOD {Aces of the Deep} was a better game.) Last night, I looked at SC4 and CS side by side. For the hardcore players, SC4 still has a lot of mileage left in it. Finally, I see SC4 as a product of the Golden Age of PC games. (even though released 2003) The Golden Age was the 90s. New genres were being born constantly; not we have safe templates to follow. Will Wright, Sid Meier, and others were pioneering entirely new models of game play. They were not simply porting board games to PCs, but makings games that could only exist on PC. Budgets and teams and returns had yet to become huge. You could gamble on ideas. SC4 although 2003 was born out of the culture and formula of 1990s and golden age of PC gaming.
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    There are no menu items or lots included in this particular mod, so you're not missing anything if you're not seeing any. "T21" is the shorthand term for "Type 21 exemplar", which is a special type of exemplar file that attaches props directly to transportation network tiles--this is also how the traffic signals, streetlights, etc. are implemented on the default Maxis networks. If the mod is installed properly, you should see the guardrails show up automatically when you build the network. If they are not showing up, then it's quite possible you have a conflict with another RHW-related T21 mod (i.e. if you've downloaded any sort of mod to add streetlights to the RHW). The RHW does also have a default "cosmetic" option to use a single concrete barrier on the ground-level C-type networks (instead of a dual one), which is located in the "z___NAM" folder, so it's possible that could also be blocking it, if it isn't installed to a place that comes after that in the load order. I'd try putting the mod in a "z____Catalyst" folder (four underscores instead of three), which would put it later in the load order. As far as getting grass under curves and ramps, you'd need to be using the FLEXRamps and FLEX-based Multi-Radius Curves in order for it to show up. The older, static puzzle piece-based on/offramps and curves cannot have grass underneath, because of how Maxis implemented static puzzle pieces. -Tarkus
  35. 2 points

    Nofunk's BAT Thread

    Well, it is a sweatshop, after all. No hope of the workers sweating when a proper HVAC is installed...
  36. 2 points
    Really? Because state of the art is not what I'd call it, not by a long margin. It's fully 3D, that's all. Even the best quality stuff released so far, doesn't come close to the details we could have years ago using SC4. Everyone seems to think that eventually computers will catch up allowing for C:S to surpass SC4, but that's actually real unlikely. Why? Simple really, because an Isometric game such as SC4 is simply orders of magnitude more efficient than full 3D can ever be. The sort of computing power required to match what SC4 can do, but in 3D, won't likely be around for many years to come, if at all in the short-medium term. The processes used to improve CPUs and GPUs are starting to hit the limits of what current manufacturing is able to handle already.
  37. 2 points
    @huzman You have certainly given this a lot of time and effort. If it's not working out how you like then whatever alternative you find that is better is the way to go. Btw, have you tried any of the three programs I linked to near the beginning of my first post? I know lots of peeps like them. I pretty much came up with this idea here for two reasons. First, I mostly wanted to understand how the original game worked with grayscale map import and rendering. And second, there were some peeps saying they could not run the other programs so they didn't have an alternative. Feel free to post your pics here and discuss the techy parts of what is good or bad. It's all about learning and sharing that knowledge with others.
  38. 2 points

    RRetail Development

    A few more:
  39. 2 points

    Show Us What You're Working On

    I did not know that the distance between stations make difference in the game, I thought was more influence in the overview that funcional, anyway. Thanks from suggestion. About the curves, I agree. Actually, they like more "beautiful" ingame, but analyzing the image now, it is noticeable that is weird in a Downtown. The viaducts were a problem. I made the faster transitions, but I did not like because I think is some unrealistic, but thinking in a area with a little space, is better don't waste it. Anyway, thank you from your suggestions. I will make some changes in the Downtown.
  40. 2 points
    Thin White Duke

    A-Z Cars

    Toyta Celica Supra
  41. 2 points
    Markshot, Not sure why you would consider any of these items as being "unreal." Every city around the world has its quirks. I don't think any of these "issues" are unique to Taipei. There isn't one item you have listed that I haven't experienced (or at least seen pictures of) elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately there are many situations that happen in the real world, that the game just can't replicate. 1) Such an offset intersection can't be created with plain vanilla Maxis streets/roads. It might be able to be done with the NAM equivalent, but usually there are a number of hoops to jump through trying to create intersections where streets cross at other than 90 degree angles. Even if possible, I'm not sure how "realistic" it would look once the area is zoned, or once buildings are plopped. 2) The NAM team might be able to replicate something similar. Whether they would decide to do so would depend on the "payback" for the work necessary to do so. 3a) While there are many downloads that replicate the look of such buildings, actual multi-use buildings just can't be created in-game. The existence of at least one particular exemplar property suggests this is something the SC4 design team at least considered, but it was never implemented. 3b) This is the one thing on the list that might be replicated in-game at least visually, with some planning. You couldn't successfully mix agricultural zones in with other zones because of desirability and pollution factors (although I've seen indications that there is at least one mod available that allows agriculture zones to be placed anywhere). But you could visually replicate this somewhat, by using some of the Maxis park/garden lots, or some of the other downloads available that replicate neighborhood vegetable gardens. You might also want to check out the latest version of CAM, or SPAM (by Pegasus) as these mods change how agricultural zones interact with other zones. 3c) Trying to create something that can't be seen would add nothing to the game. Jobs for a particular lot can only be created through building exemplars. As far as I know, you can only have one building exemplar per lot, so stacking buildings/structures with jobs isn't possible. For a particular lot, you could just simulate underground space providing jobs, by adding those additional jobs to what would be appropriate for the aboveground space, and telling a story about what notionally exists underground. Another way to do it would be to create say a subway station lot (or taking any existing such lot), and then create a building exemplar with jobs that represents whatever commercial space you envision being underground, and again telling a story about what notionally exists underground. 4) Limitations of the game are, what they are. Unfortunately, the mere act of trying to lay a road on steep terrain, dramatically changes that terrain. 5) I'm not even sure how someone would go about creating a mod that would replicate this in-game. My guess is that it would have to be purely a visual mod, as the traffic simulator wouldn't be able to handle something like this. 6) While this can probably be replicated visually with one-way streets, the traffic simulator wouldn't work as you would want it to. 7) This would be easiest to replicate (I would think) by just choosing random areas to not zone. Of course, you might want to find some other empty lots you could plop to disguise the grass, as not every undeveloped piece of property looks like a golf green, or is rectangular in shape. Bottom line is you can only do the best you can when trying to capture the look and feel of any particular town/city. Some things just can't be done.
  42. 2 points

    A-Z Cars

    Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon
  43. 2 points

    Re: run away drag off the edge

    I was in systems. So, I am always enhancing games with along side utilities. These are not mods or patches as they don't alter game files. Rather they run alongside and interact with the UI and/or file system directly. Like I have added things for games like SC4 like hotspots to be able to jump to saved map/zoom locations ... For SC4, I have background process that creates differential backup checkpoints of a tile save (for all regions). That's right multiple save points of minimum size due to differential method and zipping. One of my favorite languages is: www.autohotkey.com Here is what you could do: (1) Despite running script resident; it is only active when SC has focus. So, you can pop out to windows anytime without having any weird affects. (2) It intercepts all mouse movement. (3) Given XL and YL are the pixel bounds of your current resolution (3a) If mouse movement reports >1, >1, <XL or <YL, then pass mouse movement to game. (3b) If mouse movement reports =1, =1, or, =XL or =YL simply pass nothing to the game. You have thus effectively killed edge detection/scrolling by the game.
  44. 2 points

    CT14's Railroad Lots and BAT

    Specular maps for all. Pedestrian props aren't showing for some reason. The SD car props are from SHK Parking pack.
  45. 2 points
    Oh My ! my Dream came true, I really hate to "program" this things in Plugin Manager and then lot. Thanks for make the work! Is a Honor for me! :3 Soon Wait for the Pack #2 ... Well If king of SimCity wants to... :')
  46. 2 points

    A-Z Cars

    1902 Ford 999 Set the world speed record in 1904 at 92mph.
  47. 2 points

    Feindbolds Buildings

    That was a good tip, I tend to reduce specular a lot because I´m often too lazy to manually balance specular levels for different texture areas^^. The smaller texturesize is barely noticeable in direct comparison to my other NY buildings. Also I tried to make the roof and wall areas more realistic (these thicker parts on the sidewalls are overhanging). I released one building (a 4 story corner) a few days days ago: Also Im working on some "special case" buildings for a while: I noticed something, when upgrading 2 tiles wide streets into avenues. There is an overhanging zoneable tile, and one tile without zoneing, wich is perfect for a ploppable "perfect fit" RICO: After some testing about the placement: I made this building: Also made a mirror one with colormapped bricks (dont mind the dirt on the ground, no surfacepainter installed atm):
  48. 2 points

    Beardmonkey's stuff

    Hello! Iv've released a couple of farming assets on the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=881552391 They are part of a set of assets that go well together.
  49. 1 point

    Introduce Yourself Here!

    @MisterDigitalGuy Hiya and welcome! I, too, lurked here for several months before I joined. Basically I'd ask Google about some difficulty or bug of SimCity 4 and I found I wound up here on ST about 70% of the time. There is also the excellent SC4Devotion site with great content. Since you mention asset creation I'm guessing you play Cities: Skylines. In addition to the wonderful forums for that game, feel free to drop into our live Chat Room. @Abrams124 hangs out in the chat a lot and is one of our resident gurus for CSL.
  50. 1 point
    Just a few more stats; Weeks leading 6 - Huston 6 - boformer 4 - Ln X 3 - iviaarten 3 - MushyMushy 3 - Cool_Z 3 - Benedict 3 - SimCoug Weeks leading, consecutive 3 - MushyMushy Most appearances in the top 4 21 - Huston (6/6/6/3) 17 - Ln X (4/3/6/4) 14 - boformer (6/4/3/1) 11 - A Nonny Moose (1/4/4/2) 9 - JP Schriefer (2/0/5/2) 8 - Takingyouthere (2/1/2/3) 6 - six members Most appearances in the top 4, consecutive 9 - Huston 7 - boformer Thank you! And lol, your not the only one. Nothing wrong with having a little pride Nice, congrats! I'm sure if previous years were done we'd find your name on it many many more times.
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