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    Canary date palms and walnut trees are released I finished as well the flags: Next project, surely to finish the HD automatas
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    Some Winter Scenes

    For the ST Winter Scene challenge, I was working on three images, and I just wanted to share them here. You'll see more of both the City of Niederbauen and the resort of Hörnli over the coming months, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these Christmas and Winter themed images. I really wanted to post more in the run up to Christmas but RL and school got in the way unfortunately. I hope I'll be able to post more in 2017. I'm especially sorry for the lack of entries since October. ----------------------------------------------{--------}---------------------------------------------- 1. - The new resort of Hörnli. 2. - A brand new city of Niederbauen. 3. - Hoch-y-Brig revisited in a winter storm. Hope you enjoyed! Have a great Christmas and a New Year! ----------------------------------------------{--------}---------------------------------------------- Replies for "Schwyz"
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    @simmytu I'm really liking that central business district you got going on. As said, I'm delivering an update to the station. I solved the prop issue by just replacing the catenaries with the SFBT cats. I figured out some other issues as well and added details here and there. Not too much longer now.
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    WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II HOHENKIRCHEN: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Got a few more pictures from Hohenkirchen -- This is an overview of the north side of town -- next door to the Old Town Citadel. The Frauenkirch Cathedral and surrounding park lands. The Kong Financial Group -- another improvised office complex. The Wilhelm I Platz with the Prussian War Memorial in the center.
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    That's a good question. For the Guardian Building I'm doing it differently than normal. Because of how much small and interlocking detail there is, everything has to be very precise. So I'm using very close photos (like https://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelgsmith/16306321357/ or https://www.flickr.com/photos/kaszeta/5852789954/ ), and I'm counting the bricks. And because of this I actually have the scene units in 3ds max set to feet and inches, instead of meters, because in the US, a brick is 8 inches wide, and three bricks stacked are 8 inches tall. Even more ideal would be if you had measured drawings of a building, but those are very rare. But that's not what I normally do. If a buildings has bricks that I can count, I might count them. But really what I do is I measure the building in google earth. Then I find an elevation photo of the building, and I open it in photoshop. And then I take a grid and put it into photoshop and then scale it to the right size. So if a building is 30 meters wide then I scale it so that there are 30 grid boxes. And then I duplicate and scale the grid again so that I have useful dimensions like 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, or any other dimensions that I notice are common on the building. So if I'm measuring how big something is in the photo I move the grid over to line up with it. But when doing this you have to keep in mind that there is distortion in the photograph, so you also have to use your own judgement. You also have to be careful to do the big dimensions first. For example, if you measure the width of a window, and then the width of a column, and you clone them to make your facade, the width of the facade will probably be wrong. With small parts it's easy to be off by 15%, and then when you clone and add them together the inaccuracy gets bigger and bigger. And then at the end, usually the height of the BAT is close to the height of the real building. Either way I scale everything vertically so that the height is the same as the height listed online. Then I scale it horizontally to fill the lot correctly. Me and most American BATers use a one paver tile (1.6 m) setback from the edge of the lot. If a building would need too much horizontal scaling to fit the lot correctly, then I don't make the building, or I try to find a creative way of making it fit. And then I scale the building vertically by 133% to compensate for the visual squash that the orthographic camera introduces.
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    Ronyx: Water Treatment Released

    Download I'm so pissed, once I was done I found out the lods have some kind of edge glow, makes no sense since there is no illumination but whatever.
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    We're Going Downtown

    Welcome Back to New Cardiff! Hey, it hasn't been long, but I wanted to post a short progress report on New Cardiff. After finishing the highway, I set to work on the downtown area. I began by downloading a couple of diagonal assets and scattering them about the area. After about an hour of tinkering, this is the result: This is just a barebones setup, I need to go and find several diagonal park assets and such to really fill out the space. Any suggestions? Replies @Urban Constanta Thanks so much! And I've fixed the link. Thanks for the sub! @MeMyself&I Again, thanks for subbing! Thanks for the love on the Funkychange, it's my first try at something so unique. Shameless Plug Section Here's a nice 6-ish minute video of me building all this. If you like my work please check out my YouTube channel. I'm currently building my city of Harinsburg, as well as New Cardiff, which is meant to capture the look of a Midwestern industrial river town. If you really like Harinsburg and want too see still images, written descriptions, etc, check out my other City Journal of Harinsburg:
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    This is the region my city is in, I only have 2 and a half tiles done (still working on the airport) but I can't wait till I get towards the mountains.
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    Entry 43 : The Longest Night (5E139)

    Hey hey! Welcome to Ashford! Ah but who cares? Winter is finally here! 'Tis the season to be jolly as the winter holidays have started and a thick blanket of snow covers most of northern Cathnoquey. Traffic is almost at a standstill as the slippery roads have frozen over. It's the perfect season for desaturated postcards, and ski stations all across the Northern Territory have started operating for the winter. University is on winter break, but the university district is still fairly busy at this time of year. Holiday shopping still needs doing for some, as 'tis also the season to share! With the roads blocked up, most people rely on public transit, or stay at home where it's cosy and warm. Yet, for the most part, the city isn't completely locked, and people are still going to work. It definitely is the season to visit Ashford's ski resorts and saunas. Tourists can pack up, come in, and have some coffee and cakes while watching the snow fall over the city while the ponder their holiday plans. City Hall Lake hasn't quite frozen yet, but the canals have. Soon, people can finally go ice-skating again. There is a sense of wonder across the city, as with every winter, as the snow transforms the landscape. There is a sense of wonder across the city, as with every winter, as the snow radically transforms the landscape. The city continues to function, but everything is also so -quiet-. Can't blame the people gone for the winter holidays, or who decided not to rush to work today. Besides, there are several traffic jams in certain areas, as not every car uses winter tires, and accidents become the norm. You'd expect different from a city used to snow in winter. The M-3 interstate is still operational, though, with road equipment finally coming into play! In the Northern Territories, despite the milder climate winters are harsh. Yet every year, snow comes ever later as the climate warms. Many people point out to snow falling as definite proof that hell is not freezing over, yet the first snowfalls used to happen a month earlier just two decades ago in this part of the world. At least 5E139 isn't the warmest year of the Fifth Era or on record at all - that dubious honor does belong to '136 however. It's time to turn on the geothermal plant. Electricity provides most heating in most households, but there's a specially dedicated network that provides warm water to most. But already, in the deceptively quiet city a small emergency is occurring. A small avalanche further down the railway has shut off rail traffic in and out of Ashford. Passengers and commuters from further down the metro area end up stranded in the frozen city. For several, it's the occasion to wander into midtown and enjoy the fine dining establishments. Further in the suburbs, the bustle of city life and the constant noise and music give way to a surreal landscape of silence and peace. The first snowfalls always come to the delight of kids, especially in the mountain communities of greater Ashford, such as Balmung, NCT, where they can sleigh down the steep roads. Ironically, the new trains that are due to replace Ashford Subway rolling stock can't handle the ice! Stranded regional trains come to the rescue. Flights rush in to land before an expected blizzard later today, and another accident is narrowly averted. A jet has become stranded on the airport's main runway, and ATC has mistakenly given clearance to the next plane to land. Thankfully, the flight crew noticed the runway intrusion on time and abandoned the landing. 'tis the longest night tonight, and at barely 4PM night has already fallen. Traffic into midtown as the snow begins falling again... ...and it is soon time for commuters to go home from work, either by road... ...or by rail, at least on the still operational metro lines. Tonight's big game has had to be cancelled after the away team (from Vesper Bay) failed to reach Ashford on time tonight. Now that's disappointing. The Ashford Rangers are not top of the league (Glenvale played almost perfectly this season and leads them by 5 points) but they're on a 10 win streak, so there's a feeling that anything is possible for the Blitzball league's recently promoted underdogs. The mayor must be preparing their New Year's address, but the rotunda and most upper story rooms seem to be empty tonight. Empty streets in downtown Ashford. By now most people are already done with their holiday shopping. The biggest celebration, Saturalia, is in only a few days, and is a grand occasion to visit family, exchange gifts and feast around roast. The Wayfell celebration has spread to all over Tamriel and even further, such as Cathnoquey, and even Akavir. Rail services resume, allowing people to finally return home to their families. The longest night of the year is just starting. And thus, the fair people of Ashford are falling asleep, as several more inches of snow begin to fall over their roofs. The winter season is starting, and truly, 'tis the season to be merry. That's it for today folks! Hope you enjoyed, this is a shorter than usual entry as I'm very busy, but a new city's in the works so stay updated! Happy holidays to all ^^
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    Redevelopment Mod

    Cori, There is no error thrown. You only find out later. If an LTEXT or xml subfile is corrupted, you probably won't notice any difference. Since PNG subfiles are really only important for plopped lots (one of the two normally found, determines what shows in the menu), you may only notice when you browse the menu that particular lot is found in. It will show up as a blank spot on the menu, and it could freeze the game. If an exemplar gets corrupted, I'm guessing a lot would depend on the type of exemplar, and whether it is ploppable or growable. I've gotten into a couple of habits: once I've finished testing and alterations of any new downloads, and before movingthe lot to its final resting place in the Plugins folder, I reopen the file and double check that LTEXTs haven't turned into Greek, that the PNG files aren't ether blank or turned into Japanese, and that any exemplars haven't had all their properties wiped out. The other thing I do on a semi regular basis, is just start scrolling down the menus where recent additions should show up and verify that nothing has gone awry. Jeff (if I may call you that), Interesting thought, but a more politically correct name would be the "Drastic Urban Renewal" mod! So, programmatically, we would be looking at something like: If Crime Lot Condition Filter property = 0x03 (abandoned) (Note: This property does exist in the Arson Crime exemplar.) and If Time since abandonment >= (pick some time period) (Note: No such property exists. If this is even tracked by the game, any value is hard-coded.) Then, commit Arson Crime (Note: Since we don't have the source code, we have no way of directly causing any action to occur.) I looked at this from the Crime standpoint. We know that the Arson Crime only occurs on abandoned lots from the Crime Lot Condition Filter property mentioned above. We know from the Crime Relative Occurrence in the Arson Crime exemplar that without any modifiers, Arson as a crime will occur about 1.5% of the time when the conditions are ripe for a crime to actually occur. We could tweak the Crime Relative Occurrence property to increase the chances of Arson occurring as a crime. Since Arson will only occur on abandoned lots, changing this value shouldn't affect any other aspect of the game. Of course the chances of any crime occurring on a particular lot is also affected by such things as Police coverage, local education level (which also affects overall wealth levels), and any ordinances and/or mods that are designed to have an affect on crime Looking at it strictly from a Fire standpoint, we know the following: 1. The Flammability property in building and prop exemplars has a maximum value of 255. 2. From the Flammability Multiplier Abandonment property in the Flammability Simulator exemplar (value = 1.5), we know that abandoned buildings have their flammability increased by 50%. 3. From the Percent FireStart vs. Flammability property in the Flame Simulator exemplar, we know that any Flammability property value >= 160 has only a 50% chance of actually starting a fire. We could safely tweak the Flammability Multiplier Abandonment property (as this would only affect abandoned lots), but everything is based on the Flammability value given to a particular building. I did a random sampling of buildings in my Plugins folder and found values ranging from 0 - 50. Of course 0 multiplied by any number is still going to be 0. A small value multiplied by another small value is till going to result in a small value. Any Flammability value below 75 has a 10% (or less) chance of having a fire started. So no 100% chance of such a mod causing a fire to occur. The Percent FireStart vs. Flammability property could have additional values added above 160 that increase the chances of a fire starting. But since this would have a global affect on all lots, it could cause unwanted effects elsewhere in the game (probably not a good idea). Of course the chances of any fire occurring on a particular lot is also affected by such things as Fire coverage, and any ordinances and/or mods that are designed to have an affect on Fires. Of course there ARE the god-mode disasters! Nothing like a massive lightning bolt from the blue, or a meteor plunging in from directly overhead at supersonic speeds to not only get rid of some unsightly buildings, but to also really liven up what might otherwise be a boring game-play session! This is starting to get like solving puzzles. Cheers, Tim
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    JP Schriefer

    JP Schriefer's BATs

    Thanks everybody! I changed it, T Wrecks, just like other textures as well. I didn't like the green roof texture TBH, but I couldn't do it better The Great Southwest Building is now on the STEx The Tacoma Financial Center I said last time:
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    Sidelining the art deco building for the moment; I've painted myself into a corner on it, but will no doubt return to it soon enough. In the meantime, this one happened; still working on details and needs textures to really begin to come alive... The elevation is inspired by a building I've seen in downtown Los Angeles... EDIT: The texturing went quicker than I expected. That, or I'm holed up inside while it rains. (Rain? In LA?)
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    JP Schriefer's BATs

    lol thank you. If the lines are in a separate layer in photoshop, you can select the lines themselves or the space between the lines, and then go to Select>Modify>Expand Selection. And with this you can expand the selection by a little bit and then delete parts of the lines. Or you can also go to Layer>Layer Style>Stroke, which will add an outline to the layer. You can set it to go on the inside, and if you set the color to white, it will basically make the line thinner. When I make those kinds of lines in photoshop, I make the image a really high resolution and I draw the lines only one pixel wide, so that the lines are super thin. And then I give them a Stroke Layer Style to give them thickness. That way I can do preview renders and tweak how thick they are. It's very hard to get the thickness right because they need to be thicker than real life, but not too thick.
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    JP Schriefer

    JP Schriefer's BATs

    Actually it is, I made this way because I thought it would be better to see in game. However it's not possible to ignore tips from the Michelangelo of the BATs, I'll fix those lines
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    @MeMyself&I Thanks! But no, they aren't. They are props in the SFBT Train Props release. Click for the link.
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    Marlco Island(Fictional) Cordon County,DE
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    T Wrecks

    Show us Your Oddities!

    Yes, that's one of the quirks of SimCity: connect a power line to an underfunded power-generating facility (power plant, WTE plant, etc.), and the power line will begin to spark and smoke. Quite illogical IMO, and it can be rather annoying.
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    BSC - VIP / Girafe's skills on the BAT

    I was really hoping we'd see the Walnuts eventually, thank for yet more great flora. I'm not into using Palms much, but again fantastic quality models as always . The flags look really useful too. I also like the automata, maybe a little dark perhaps? But then I'm not overly familiar with French trains, outside of the TGV lines anyhow.
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    Redevelopment Mod

    A third approach would be for abandoned buildings to mysteriously burn down (if a mod can even cause that to happen). I'd call it the arson mod, and the story would be that the building owner, pushed to bankruptcy by his failed investment, torches his building to collect on the insurance. Perhaps police and crime levels could help determine whether a developer turns to arson.
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    Most of it still works 100%, as the fundamentals haven't changed. Most of the changes in 35 are addon capabilities, not fundamental shifts, although I think some of the drag patterns for the switches may have been altered. There is currently documentation for these changes (labeled FlexTrack), under the file RRW FlextTrack User's Manual (written by @Eggman121 ). If you're not seeing it, it's likely RRW has failed to install again. You did a custom install with RRW selected and no alternate rail texture mods?
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    Redevelopment Mod

    Cori, From my experience with Reader 1.5.4, yes, there are occasions where it will corrupt some subfiles (usually one or more of the png files, and sometimes one or more of the LTEXT files; occasionally an XML subfile or one of the exemplars; never seen it corrupt the entire file) during a save. However, I think I've narrowed down the cause to only certain circumstances: I used to see corruption a lot. It turns out that I was in the habit of saving the file after every little change (i.e. make a change in the lot exemplar, save the file; make a change in the building exemplar, save the file; make a change in one of the LTEXTs, save the file). Since I've changed to just saving the file once after making all the desired changes to subfiles, I don't experience corruption. Or, if I do "accidently" save the file before I'm done making changes, if I close the file, and then reopen it before making further changes, this also prevents any corruption. So, saving the file multiple times while still open invariably leads to corruption in my experience. I downloaded and took a look at the only two mods I could find that deal with abandonment and dilapidation globally: the Less Abandonment mod by Bones1 and the Abandonment Dilapidation Modd 1.2 by RalphaelNinja. They took two completely different approaches to the issue of abandonment and dilapidation: Abandonment Dilapidation Modd 1.2: RalphaelNinja took a two pronged approach. First, he modified the Lot Developer Stay New Time property in the Building Development Simulator exemplar to periods from 1 year to 180 years. Second, he modified the Capacity Satisfied property for all the Maxis medium- and high-wealth R, CO, and CS building exemplars to include only occupants with the same wealth level as the building. The end result is he neither prevented downgrading of buildings, nor abandonment. He really only hid the visual aspects of both. Changing the Capacity Satisfied properties prevented buildings from be re-occupied by lower wealth occupants. In effect, once conditions changed such that a building needed to downgrade to a lower wealth level, instead of lower wealth occupants moving in, the building abandoned. Note: This mod is not compatible with CAM as both modify the same exemplars. Less Abandonment: The approach taken by Bones1 was to modify the Desirability Threshold Growth property in the Developer exemplars for the various medium- and high-wealth residential and commercial developer types along with I-HT. He changed the value so that the threshold for growth is much higher than the threshold for decline, whereas previously both thresholds were the same. In effect he prevented buildings from developing when desirability was borderline (previously with the thresholds the same, a newly developed building could start to dilapidate with only a minor negative change in desirability). NOTE: While this mod is not compatible with CAM, the changes instituted by Bones1 have been included in the latest version of CAM. Like I said, creating the mod isn't the hard part. Testing is. Of course, one could always create a mod, throw it out on the exchange, and let everybody that downloads it test it for you. It's not like that hasn't been done before. Another thought along those lines though: ping Cyclone Boom to see what he thinks of the idea of conducting a Beta Test for something like this. Maybe throwing it on the exchange clearly labeled as a Beta, cautioning downloaders (maybe multiple times) to save any cities before trying the mod, and asking for feedback as to whether or not there is any detectable change.
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    Is this Ground Metro?

    Hi, This is available in the Network Addon Mod (NAM); the option you seek is specifically called GLR (Ground Light Rail), which is available both as a Puzzle Piece network (individually placed) as well as a draggable starter override network for El-Rail (Place the starter and then drag El-Rail over it to automagically get GLR). Support for GLR is still active. The NAM also has other options like GLR/Tram-in-Road (TIR), on-Road (TOR), on-Street (TOS), and in-Avenue (TIA). The NAM also has a whole other options to make your game work better, like an improved traffic simulator (no more Sims taking that shortcut on the street when there's a highway right next door, but takes two extra blocks to access). You can find the NAM here: Enjoy!
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    What I'm working on right now
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Miyamizu Airport finished within 24+ hours.
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    Thin White Duke

    JP Schriefer's BATs

    Today was a good day.
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    Predictions for a Donald Trump presidency... Some of these predictions may cancel each other out, but hey! They are predictions after all. Positives: The conflict in Syria being resolved and the refugee crisis in Europe abating as a result. Lower taxes and less regulations. An increase in the labour force participation rate by at least 2% percent points due to lower taxes and less regulation, so from 63% to 65%. Improving race relations, particularly for African Americans, due to more employment and Ben Carson being the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Improved relations with Russia and possibly treaties to ban ABMs (Anti-Ballistic Missiles) and further nuclear disarmament. The swamp is partially drained and lobbyists exert less influence in Washington DC while crony capitalism takes a beating. Abolishment of Obamacare. Investigation of Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Clinton Foundation for fraud, solicitation of money and other forms of graft. Investigation of Barack Obama for constitutional violations and presidential violations of power via use of excessive executive orders. Investigation of the CIA, Department of Defence and the State Department for arming Syrian rebels and possibly ISIS. MSM continues to wither and die as it pushes its OTT left wing, liberal news reporting and general hysteria about Trump. The US/Mexico border is properly secured. NATO is abolished and a new military pact involving the US, Europe and Russia takes it place. The US relinquishes its role as world police and removes many of its military bases around the world. Negatives: Increased crime due to ramped up efforts to deport illegal Mexico immigrants and deteriorating US/Mexico relations. NAFTA renegotiations go bad and the US and Mexico coordinate less on matters of immigration and drug wars; this could mean Mexico slips even further into the control of the drug cartels. Mexico becomes a failed state due to the drug cartels taking over and a causes a surge of immigration to the US. More China/US aggression and a rehash of previous Cold War tensions. These tensions causing a nuclear arms race as Japan and Korea build nuclear weapons as a deterrent against Chinese nuclear-armed missiles. The Korean situation finally implodes and North Korea finally shells Seoul and levels most of it to the ground; creating the most deadliest conflict since WW2. Even more left/right polarization. The rise of militant Liberalism/Democrats/SJWs due to frequent protests against Donald Trump and his administration. Trade paralysis- Trump's aims at renegotiating NAFTA and other trade deals involving the US blow up in his face and rampant trade wars ensue. The Swamp, far from being drained, is deluged with more crony capitalism and lobbying influence. Increased government debt due to low taxes. The US dollar's global reserve currency status is going to prevent the manufacturing renaissance which Trump and his team dream of. Trump will keep the IMF and World Bank as they are the means of projecting American economic power while impoverishing developing nations and third world nations with debt restructuring and harsh "conditionalities". This will hamper Trump's plans to renegotiate NAFTA and other trade deals. The US leaves NATO but Trump and his team decide to not design anything to replace it.
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    To distract me from finals, here's a new train! It's based on the unique Amtrak Cascades trainset, featuring Talgo Pendular cars - which are a full 7 feet shorter than the locomotives on either end! This train has quickly become one of my favorites that I've made for Cities - it has all the bells and whistles (including actual bells and whistles!) - directional lighting, Vehicle Effects sounds, and of course a beautiful paint job. It's a nice one, for sure! Download here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822531424
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    This is awesome man! I decided to go ahead and finish up the station I was working on. Not quite done yet but making headway. It seems as if the props are conflicting, I'm also missing the ICE train-set from the lot. So that's an issue as well. The textures are custom made, and yes, I even included wires from each signal box if you look closely.
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    Our trip to Sydney begins with one of the world's most recognizable buildings - the Sydney Opera House. Built in 1973 - its unique white seashell shape truly sets this skyline apart from the rest. Sitting just behind it is the Royal Botanic Gardens - opened in 1816, there's no better place to take a stroll on a sunny day. Just as recognizable is the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge - built in 1932, it's one of the best ways to cross the harbour. At night, its distinctive lights dominate the surrounding waters. Water taxis are a great way to get around the harbour, and the Circular Quay (whose name contradicts its squarish shape) near the CBD is one of the most popular destinations in the entire city. Sydney is a city known for it's suburbs. In fact, it's got 555 of them - but few are as beautiful as Lavender Bay. It's easily reached by water taxi, has great views of the Harbour Bridge and the skyline in the distance - not to mention being ranked consistently as one of Sydney's most livable suburbs. It's a great place to call home. A rainy day in the CBD. Some of Sydney's most recognizable buildings can be found near Hyde Park - such as the MLC Centre, which held the title as the city's tallest building for 15 years. Nearby is the Sydney Tower - completed in 1981, you can enjoy some exotic cuisine 360 degree rotating restaurant. Another scene from the CBD - some of Sydney's tallest buildings - Deutsche Bank Place, Chifley Tower, Aurora Place, and Governor Philip Tower tower over the Royal Botanic Gardens. However, it's at night that these buildings truly come to life. And finally, some overviews of the city. Special thanks goes out to all the various creators at 3D Warehouse, as many buildings here were imported from there (too many to list). If you're interested, just search "Sydney" there and you'll find many of the same models I used - you'll need to have basic gmax/3dsmax knowledge to get the model into the game however, but it isn't very difficult. The highway system is modular, for an insight of how I created it and the process behind it, please take a look at the comments section of my "City Overview" and "Night Scenes" ST challenge entries. A pic illustrating how I set it up and some of the pieces in game can be seen here. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver
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    The harbor is growing

    Completed another section of the harbor: Poor guys living that close to the railway! Two overview shots of what im currently working on:
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    Some Winter Scenes

    Where did you get those skier MMPs?
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    Redevelopment Mod

    I appreciate that, but it's one of the programs I downloaded but haven't even unpacked yet. It's on my agenda with about a zillion other things. 0.93. I was told later versions corrupt the dat file(s) when saving and it was best to stick with the old one. I did find the exemplar directly in SC1.dat and it looks the same as in the Analyzer Tree: So, at this point I'm going to guess it's one of the more complicated exemplars that is nested or something and 0.93 just doesn't see all of it. I'll have to track down the later version of Reader if I'm going to try anything with this. Well, I believe that is the main point. The building is all sad and dingy cause no one lives (or works) there and it is affecting the game but goes unnoticed. The ideal mod (or patch) would do something to remedy that. I'm starting to get some taller buildings in my game and, for example, if I need to adjust funding for a tiny, short building I have to turn the world around this or that way to get to it. From my limited knowledge, I'm guessing the most I might be able to do would be to delay the abandonment using one or both of the first two variables I mentioned to allow more time to notice the problem. Or, getting a bit silly (or maybe not), would there be a way to combine part of @Cyclone Boom's Timed Fireworks mod to be triggered from a building that is thinking about going bad? Like have it use just red ones like flares to say: Hey! Pay attention to me. I need help. So, in conclusion for me, I can see I need to find that later version of Reader (and I will want that at some point). However, since this went from a few minutes project to a longer one and no real chance of doing what @spaced5 really wants, I'll just hang out to see what other knowledge I can gain if there are more replies. Otherwise, I'm going to toss it on a back burner for someday maybe later.
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    If you ask me, he's telling Russia that he's open to significantly better relations, but is not going to be walked over by either Putin (or successor) or China. Speak softly, and carry a big stick. The stick's no good if you're not prepared to use it, and I think this is demonstrating that his good will toward any nuclear power over extends so far as they're willing to uphold their end of whatever deal he makes with them. Plus Trump gets to fuel the fire of increasingly shrill media outlets. You could say he's destroying their public image so that they can't effectively cover real problems in his presidency (you'd probably be right), but if you ask me they lost relevancy and credibility a long time ago when they unabashedly supported the war in Iraq on the basis that the US needs to be the policeman of the world and stop Iraq from gaining nuclear weapons. 14 years later and they still haven't learned. Even Fox and co. call for the Assad regime to be removed because that is going to cause oh so much more stability in the region, right? America has supported dictators for years when it supports our interests. Who sold Mubarak 1200 M1 Abrams tanks? Who actively supports the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the puppet state of Yemen? We only despise Iran because they're no longer in our pocket. We propped up the "presidents" of SK and Taiwan for 40 years before their grip on the government finally collapsed amid civil unrest and peaceful protests. We only had closed relations to countries like Cuba and Vietnam not because they were communist oppressive regimes, but because our guys lost (Batista overthrew the elected government of Cuba in a military coup, and our guy in South Vietnam was assassinated in another military coup because he was ineffective and corrupt--the new leaders were a little better, though eventually SV succumbed to the overwhelming numbers of NVA troops in 1975). While the idea of more nuclear armed nations is not particularly favorable to me, how much Chinese aggression do you think there would be if SK, Japan, and Taiwan had nukes? How long do you think China could claim that Taiwan was really the 23rd province? Would Russia have annexed the Crimea and subsequently invaded eastern Ukraine if Ukraine still had the old Soviet nuclear weapons stockpiles that it had following the breakup in 1991? Russia aggression is not stopped by acquiescing or being nice; it's stopped by demonstrating that force will be responded to, and certain behavior is unacceptable and will be responded to with more than just economic sanctions. The same goes for Chinese aggression, or any other nation-state flexing its muscles in ways we don't like. I am not a proponent of US aggression/military response, by the way. I find that we have been in the wrong more often than the right in the past 60 years of war, but I do think that if we are going to stick our fingers in the pie, we may as well own up to it and do a decent job of it. Why let 4500+ Americans die in a war with the only thing to show for it the rise of a terrorist nation-state that's worse than the one we started with (or 60 000 Americans only to let the "bad guys"--who were bad but not evil like we propagandized), not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi (or 3 million Vietnamese) that were killed. That's like letting 100 000 Americans die in the European theater to save Poland from German aggression (according to Britain's official reason for entering) only to let them be ruled by the Soviets for the next 45 years. Wait. oops.
  35. 1 point

    Christmas 2016 in Medrean City

    Great pics, love the custom lotting! You should enter the "Winter Wonderland" ST challenge
  36. 1 point

    Godawful ugly industrial zones

    Thank you! DIdnt know this existed, had to check in options. Trying it out. It is, but it takes preparation and some places I wanna just zone. With no-zone check it can be rearranged, I like that approach.
  37. 1 point

    The Best MOD on steam!

    Yeah, I notice that a lot from you, this isn't really a Reddit style message board, we like ours orderly. You need to understand how this forum works, how people post, and where things go. I'm not trying to be dismissive of your work and I like what you do, but it becomes a little spammy and frustrating when you post clickbait titles and new threads every time you have something to share, which is often nothing but self-advertising for your own Youtube channel. Now that's fair enough and usually the content is good, but might I suggest you see how others use the forums? I feel - and it's only my own personal opinion - you should definitely lay off the clickbait and aggressively catchy titles and keep it to a few threads max (make your own city journal! That's literally made for people to churn out new threads over and over and over!). Maybe it works on Youtube or Reddit - but we're not that sort of message board. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, I'm not trying to pick a fight, so don't worry! The vid itself is really informative and helpful, and I really like what you do, so thanks for sharing, anyway
  38. 1 point
    There are no credible national American news sources, whatsoever. BBC is better than CNN, and is miles above Fox and NBC combined.
  39. 1 point
    Yep, that just about covers it! Number 2 is spot on because it was said that Hillary Clinton would sometimes punch Bill in the face when things got tough. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3627626/Bill-Clinton-shiner-steak-black-eye-loud-fight-Hillary-White-House-caught-inappropriately-woman-neither-wife-nor-Monica-according-tell-book.html Anyway... Good bye to the Clinton dynasty. It was good to see Jeb Bush fail miserably too- so bye bye to the Bush dynasty.
  40. 1 point

    Show us Your Oddities!

    In the bad part of town synchronized car jacking is an art form: ^ Title suggested by @BugeyedDragon in chat.
  41. 1 point
    Leaving aside the topic in favor or against refugees, Germany opened its doors to the refugees for a very simple reason: Germany needs more workforce, if possible, very cheap. It's not different of what West Germany did with Turkish citizens or of what East Germany did with Vietnamese and Cuban citizens during the 20th century. The welfare state can only be sustained if more young hands do the hard and badly paid work the more educated German natives don't want to do anymore. More and more people are getting retired while there are not enough young workers to fill in the gaps. That's what you'll hear say any company manager you meet. On the other hand, there is The Big Question. Why aren't enough Germans who want to fill in these gaps? Well, salaries are indecent in many branches, and the cost of living is constantly rising. Germany only introduced a minimum wage law last year. Rents in cities like Berlin are becoming prohibitive, those who can't afford the rents are moved out to the edge of the city. And those who can't pay the edge of the city are moved out to the state of Brandenburg, where rents are cheap because you will need 1 hour to get to work every day. This way, those who can, study their way through university to have better jobs and not to fall in a future-less badly-paid minijob. And still, these jobs are needed. The government didn't open its doors to refugees out of charity. They are needed to sustain the country's way of life and pension system as we know it.
  42. 1 point

    Show Us What You're Working On

    While its unfortunate that you have some issues with the props the train station so far looks pretty stellar, can't wait to see the finished product! @Deionn I've been working on a newer tile in my ever-so-expanding region Northern Polaris. This time I've named the city Deventer, because I'm so original at naming my cities. The challenge for the city was to place as many diagonal buildings as possible without over doing it while keeping a mixture between historic and post 1960's buildings. For today, after puzzling around with the nearby hills I finally finished this highway interchange that connects Deventer with (for now) an empty tile. It looks pretty neat and smooth in my opinion. Finally the overview. Its far from finished but I've put some steady progress in the last week. I use these districts signs to indicate stuff on my to-do list. As a bonus the region so far.
  43. 1 point

    Sciurus' factory

    I called a big holedigger and tadaaaa this topic reappear ! My studies are finished soon and it permits me to BAT again, after… fiou, 4 years ! Already… time goes too fast to my taste. Well, I show you what I did today, on Sketchup. The problem is, that now, the model has to be exported to Gmax or 3DS… Is that possible ? I hope so, 'cause I don't wanna make it again in Gmax ! Too much work. I know that namspopof made this with his south-france houses, so I think this is possible for bigger BATs like this one… What do you think about ? I know, there are no textures for the moment… they'll come with gmax, don't worry I made this BAT between 2pm and 10:30pm, with a rest of about 1h… I'm pretty fast I guess. So without texturing and everything else, I can make BATs easily with this method… I took a "esay" BAT to begin because of the repetition of the elements composing the facades. To restart the topic, I think I'll make BATs situated around Nancy, in France. It's my city for now 4 years and I think I'll know it pretty good to make BATs. I wait for your advices and comments about the transfer from SKP to Gmax… Thank you for your attention ! -Guillaume
  44. 1 point

    Version 2


    Two Dutch W2W buildings (LM & CO$$). Can also be used as a corner lot if you're brave enough.
  45. 1 point

    Wide angle curve issue

    Success! A custom re-install of NAM 35 seems to have taken care of the problem with my wide angle curves. Not sure why but, I'm just happy that they're working again. I've also attached the updated log file in case you need or want to take a look. Maybe there's something there to give an answer?? Thanks, @Tarkus install log.zip
  46. 1 point

    Port de Caravella Cruise Ship Terminal 1

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  47. 1 point

    Port de Caravella Container Terminal 5

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  48. 1 point

    BSC - VIP / Girafe's skills on the BAT

    Thanks a lot for your comments. I worked on few things. 1. Canary date palms 2. Some random flag props The palms integrated in the MD of Badsim, Antigone http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=217.msg514185;topicseen#new
  49. 1 point

    Liberty Island

    Version 0.0.1


    It works like a decorative landmark. Plop the lot directly on water. Due to the size of the model, it has been divided in several props and some shadows has been lost, among others little things. I will continue working and I will try to improve it. All dependencies / props are included into the zip, just unzip and copy the entire folder into plugin's one and enjoy! KOSMO
  50. 1 point

    Not enough freight shipment

    What I discovered helped me with a very similar problem was to locate the depot(s) close to the industrial area(s). Maybe your freight trucks from the factories are running into too much traffic before they are able to dispense their freight accordingly. Freight always seemed to "disappear" from the depot once it was dropped off from the factories. Watch your factory freight trucks a few times to see if they are completing their freight cycle(s). Someone posted much more info about this tactic on this forum a while ago when I was having issues. Good Luck!
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