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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a DLL for SimCity 4 that adds a few more cheat codes beyond Buggi's Extra Cheats DLL. SievertBeGone — removes all radiation from a city, including from buildings that produce radiation when plopped (such as the advanced research center). Chernobyl — irradiates an entire city hazmat — creates a toxic spill disaster on whatever tile the mouse is pointed at UncivilDisobedience — creates a riot disaster on whatever tile the mouse is pointed at. The mouse must be pointed at a road, street or avenue tile. The development thread can be found at this link. Source code can be found here. Make sure to follow this file in case more cheats are added! Installation Move to Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins. Compatibility Tested and working on 1.1.641.0 (Steam/GOG/Origin) on Windows. Also works in combination with SC4Fix and the Extra Cheats DLL. Untested but should work with any version of SimCity 4 Deluxe or SimCity 4 w/ Rush Hour. Mac and Linux users This mod is untested on Mac and Linux platforms but my understanding is that SimCity 4 for Mac and Linux is essentially a Wine wrapper. Compatibility is not guaranteed, but it's worth a shot. If you're playing on Aspyr's PowerPC version of SimCity 4 this mod will definitely not work, but if you're using that version of SC4 you probably have other issues to deal with.
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    Thanks, I really should get back into it and finish the bridge. Maybe could stream today. In the meantime new mod: Sharp Textures http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793176674 This mod makes textures appear sharper by increasing anisotropy and decreasing mipmapping. Settings can be adjusted in real time. Anisotropy makes textures look better at grazing angles. The vanilla anisotropy varies between 0 and 8 for various textures. Mipmapping makes textures lower resolution as you zoom out, this mod decreases this effect. Decreasing mipmapping may introduce noise / moiré patterns / aliasing problems. Combining this with the dynamic resolution mod will make it look even better by improving clarity and countering the aliasing isssues. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406629464 FPS may get slightly lower depending on settings, this mod puts a bit more load on the gpu. I've always noticed the textures being a bit blurry, especially roads, trains and decals at grazing angles. So I looked around using mod tools and found that every texture has a setting for anisotropy and mipmapping. Then I contacted TPB for help with coding and he made the first script which cycles through almost all textures and changes those settings, but it didn't change the vanilla assets. I contacted boformer and he made a new script which made it work for all buildings, I just had to add the code for props, vehicles, trees, citizens and networks. After that TPB made it into a mod which can change the settings in realtime, and also save them and load them. We had a new problem where the mod couldn't change the settings on map load for texture replacement mods like roads united, but TPB also figured out how to fix that. Thanks to @TPB and @boformer for basically creating the mod, and thanks to @Tim The Terrible and @Jerenable for testing it out.
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    Just yesterday there was a topic from a new player, catpower165061 discussing his lack of gaming skills. There was some good advice from several people including RSC204's link to his favourite tutorial, which I looked up and it is a good one. Couldn't that link be placed in the Omnibus section for newcomers? This made me think about how some of this information is not located anywhere on the site. Yes the Omnibus has tutorials but some of the more skilled/advanced/knowledgeable players know "stuff" that some of us less skilled/knowledgeable players might like to clue in on. Such as RSC204's NAM tutorials - I only checked those out very recently and boy those should be better advertised but the links are in his signature (Didn't pay attention to it - no need to hide your light under a bushel) and there I finally got information about roundabouts and how to create them properly! Custom content creators - trying to find some of these is getting more and more difficult on the STEX (the LEX is better organised and easier to use, however it is limited and not always on both exchanges) so there could be a list of creators who have created excellent content under Residential, Commercial and Industrial. As an example LNX in his CJs frequently suggested creators names for commerical (diagonal for instance), industrials and residential etc. From my experience, if I don't know what to look for I don't know what I'm missing. Even listing alternative SimCity sites with downloadable content such as ToutSims, the Polish site, Moonlights(Japan) site. Some of these I only found out about trolling through Paeng's CJs and others for inspiration (well stealing ideas ). A little note about googling A Nonny Moose's postings might be relevant. His old postings helped me when trying to have SC4 work better. Cori's Rock/Beach/terrain shoppes are an excellent feature - keep them coming. I personally like show and tell type tutorials that's how I learn best. As an aside the Lot Editor tutorial has lost all the pictures - can this be fixed/updated? Does any of this make sense to some of the more experienced players? Or the Newbies? Oh and I just thought about a link to the Plugins organisation thread. I wish I had known about that a few months back! When you are new you don't realise how you are going to regret not having a better organised plugins folder. According to the Lex I have downloaded one of BSC's dependencies 6 times no less (good grief - not sure how to fix that). I have to sort that plugins folder soon - there's excellent advice on that thread. Sorry about blathering on but wondered if some such information might be helpful to others. Any suggestions?
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    Released! I would have preferred to release this yesterday, but I was still in the middle of making the icons by the time I passed out for the night. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793404813 Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I dropped it into Water General after all. I don't like it, but a pipe is a pipe, feels more fitting than anything else. I spent the last week optimizing, over 500 tris pruned from each asset. but they are still kinda heavy for my likes. I should have thought about the pipe organization earlier on so I could get the detail density I was after without having so many faces that are only visible from the side. Shoving this much detail in an asset (not to mention 4) was grueling, I'll probably make some other stuff first before returning to the pipeline sets. Thanks all!
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    Show Us Your... Nature

    I love fall!!
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    A random picture from Staatsbergen. On the right side of the picture you can see the remains of Leona square and Leona clock tower. Some 40 years ago this area was filled with the classic grachtenpanden (Dutch canal homes) but during the reconstruction and city's rebranding1 years most of them got torn down to make room for high density multifunctional towers. 1 That's what the city counsel told to its citizens.
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    As promised, the "extra extra cheats" DLL with the radiation and disaster cheats has been updated to take advantage of the mouse's position when spawning disasters, rather than trying to shove them into random tiles. The STEX upload is over here. While researching game methods for that, I came across a class called cGZWinLuaScriptConsole that appears to provide a debugging interface for Lua scripts. I don't think this is even enabled by Buggi's Extra Cheats DLL. If anyone knows if this has been implemented before I won't really bother with it, but otherwise I can try and add a cheat code that attempts to re-enable it. Aside from that, I do want to move on to creating some properly organized documentation for all of this before doing any deeper dives to make it easier for the select few people in this community who do know C++ to work with this kind of modding.
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    I took time off from completing the Umbrella Pine to make some Fall trees (before winter). The 4 piece Sugar Maple Fall Set is now on the workshop. Included in this set is a green Summer version which can be used in all situations. Note also that I made Fall versions of the Oak Tree, Silver Birch and London Planetree. I am debating if I should release them as new or just add them to the existing Workshop items. I will keep you posted about that. They should be released very soon. It's addictive adding such color to the landscape. Have fun! Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793658461
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    Lot Editor/PIM tutorial, offline HTML, so the pictures will never get lost: The thing is, we can remove pinned posts, add new pinned posts and have all the information under the sun to find them. But in some ways a part of the issue is that there are simply too many tutorials to easily group everything in one list. Not to mention, one person's great tutorial, might be terrible for another. Over the years, many different tutorials have been made for the same things. It makes things more complicated. Some are out of date, no longer contain images or have other problems too. You are right also that it doesn't help that everything is spread over multiple sites, not all on SC4 sites either, for example YouTube videos. Even a list of all YouTube videos would probably be too overwhelming to be really helpful. I mean, how exactly does one better advertise such videos? I placed the link in my signature, figuring it would pop up on every post, which should help. What we need is a dedicated Tutorials section, actually, we have one, it's called the Omnibus. Only a lot of people I think don't realise what it is or possibly even know about it. Perhaps it should be renamed to "tutorials", it's a no-brainer if you ask me. I should also point out the SC4D Wiki, which is a very handy resource that's especially useful for modders. But overall I agree trying to better organise and link all the tutorials in one place would ultimately benefit many new players. But it's a mammoth task and as per my posts about Community Management of Content, I feel it's high time we the community had the right, without consent if necessary, to sort these things out. Because over the course of many years this stuff has just collected all over the place. Part of my rationale for making tutorials, is that I've only been doing this for a couple years. So I'm only too aware how hard it is for newcomers who want to learn. At least photobucket still exists. That's better than a number of the other previous alternatives.
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    yes, much so. In fact there is already an ongoing thread about management of custom content/re-organization og the STEX - Suggestions, should you have some, are welcome to be posted there When you browse the different forums/sub-forums on Simtropolis, you may see threads marked with a green pin (and also sometimes a star) - these are considered to contain helpful information/tutorials for newcomers - Here is an example of such, with a SimCity Exchange Index - and another one here; As for the LotEditor tutorial, do you know that it is infact on your computer? It comes with the installation of the game - for Win7 users it could be found here; C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Lot Editor Manual_files Hope this information helps
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    Show us your railroads

    I know with some software products, upgrading can lead to headaches. But the way the NAM works, that really shouldn't be an issue. Sure we add more RUL code with each release, but that doesn't really take a huge toll on your PC's performance. At the same time though, we keep making things more stable, adding support for more connections and new features. Added to that the custom controller, which ensures the only code loaded is that you will use as Philforhockey51 above points out, it can be remarkably efficient. I think I won't get in trouble if I say NAM 35 is on it's way. So if you are thinking of upgrading, maybe hold off a little while, it shouldn't be long .
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    My sim-gaming skills suck

    I agree with @RandyE about creativity not being necessary to make great cities. You can certainly micro-manage your way to a great city without having a lick of artistic creativity at all if you simply follow logic and basic mathematics. It may not be pretty at first but, chances are, that as your city starts to grow and develop all on it's own you will find that success suits you and your inner artisan will come out. Soon you will start planting trees and making neighborhoods a little bit nicer, bit by bit. @CorinaMarie has some great advice (as always) on starting out with basics that is a surefire winner in terms of early development and you should follow her design plan and just see what happens. Her method above is almost a surefire recipe for early success. It really is that simple to start out. I definitely agree with the farms being a must-have at the beginning, especially in vanilla SC4. Plain grey streets for residential connecting to a single main road with some light commercial lots and power are the essentials for a village or town center to start. It will grow. Also, don't ever underestimate the effects of a well placed park or playground in a slowly developing residential neighborhood or a small plaza in between a couple of commercial lots. You don't need a lot of things like that at first but once your Sims start moving in plop one in a housing tract and just see the difference it makes in growth. Sometimes even a couple of trees will start residential and commercial zones growing and it will switch something on for you at some point and you will see how the game moves and flows. The real key is to not spend too much, especially at first. Let things grow and, like Cori said, keep it on cheetah speed to build up funds but only as long as you're making money. If you are NOT making money every month, turn the simulator speed down to turtle so you can rectify the situation and then turn it up again once you get back in the black. Keep your zones on light density and keep your industry separate - but not too far away. A few blocks at most. Sims don't want to travel too far to work. Keep any landfills away from residential and commercial zones with a longer single road leading out beyond your farmlands. Another thing; don't let your advisors bully you into dropping money for something you don't need. They can be sarcastic and snippy and downright mean but it doesn't mean a thing. Don't let their neurosis sway you if the numbers aren't right. Just because they say you need an airport or a bigger high school or a zoo doesn't mean you have to build one right away. Accept any upgrades or rewards you're offered but you don't have to build them right away either. Wait until you have the money and the right place in your city for them first. You won't lose them if you don't use them immediately. Free rewards should be used ASAP though because they will only benefit your Sims and make them happy and they don't cost anything other than a few bucks a month for upkeep. Some don't even require that. Just let it all grow and be patient until it does. Don't start going crazy with zoning new areas just because the ones you have aren't taking off right away. Try adding a park or a patch of trees first.
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    My sim-gaming skills suck

    Here's my take on how to get started and get a feel for the game. (Disclaimer: A lot of my philosophy doesn't match what other peeps say, so feel free to ignore it.) Start in the middle of a large city tile. Plain, flat terrain with no trees is fine to begin with. Then do: Play in Vanilla with no mods of any kind. Name your city to get into Mayor mode. When the first new month rolls over, enact the gambling ordinance to get 100 income per month. Draw a plain, light gray street about 20 tiles long. Do not make any neighborhood connections. Plop a Wind Mill along side it toward one end of the street. Crank the speed up to Cheetah. Zone a 4x4 Farm. It should develop right away. Zone another 4x4 Farm leaving a one tile gap between it and the first farm. It too will develop quickly. Keep zoning 4x4 Farms one by one until finally the last one will not grow. Check your detailed demand and you will see Low Wealth Res wants in. Zone one 1x2 Res. It'll grow immediately. Wait and see if your empty Farm grows. Zone another 1x2 Res. It'll grow. Watch the Farm. Keep zoning 1x2 Res intermingled with the Farms until the empty Farm zone grows. Then zone another 4x4 Farm when it does. Extend the street when needed. Branch out in any direction. Always keep at least one zone of farm that won't grow before you zone more Res. At some point toss in 1x2 Commercials one by one. (Watch the demand.) Keep this up until you've filled the city tile. Since there are no neighborhood connections you won't have significant traffic to worry about. Running at full speed means things grow immediately when there is demand for them. Check your power graph now and then or just wait for the red blinking message saying you are getting close to capacity. Add another Wind Mill when needed. If you have a fire start, plop a fire station nearby and put out the fire. Then bulldoze the fire station. There's no need for schools or medical right now. These Sims live in the dark ages and a life span of 50 years is just fine. The whole idea is to get a feel for the very basics of the demand thinger without adding all the later complications. And you won't have any air pollution to worry with either. You will have a lot of water pollution, but it doesn't matter since we aren't providing the Sims with a water connection. Eventually garbage will start to pile up. Zone a landfill for that. If that landfill overflows, zone a new one not connected to the first one. Watch and see that you can make a seriously decent profit this way. Failure is impossible because we don't care about achieving some high population threshold nor how happy our Sims are. Then, and only then imo, start adding things to make them happy. Plop a small medical clinic in a cluster of residential. Turn the ambulance slider all the way off. Adjust the budget so it's just barely more than needed for the number of patients. You'll see you can add these throughout the tile and get their life span above 90 years and still be making a profit. (Btw, adjust each clinic individually. Never use the one in the overall budget panel.) It's all a matter of not trying to learn everything all at once. Start with the basic basics and master those first. If you keep your yellow and blue zones satisfied to the point that one more new zone won't grow then your Res demand will be high and that's good. You won't have the dreaded unemployed suitcase zots over bunches of homes.
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    I edited a Interchange a friend of mine built, so there are two links to the nearby town Link goes to an album with more shots
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    Another new quick mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793346248 This mod allows changing the hover area for big decals in real time. I was watching arrowhead junction and Flux complained that decals get in the way when bulldozing stuff, so that gave me the idea to do this.
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    Plugins Folder

    The game will load everything in the plugins folder, regardless of structure. Some Mods, like the NAM, purposefully keep things in subfolders to guarantee that they load in the correct order. The game loads Alphabetically, A-Z, a-z, and then _ and ~. The load order is important in some cases, because certain base files need to be overridden in order to work. Most prop and texture packs don't care. The NAM and transit related mods often do, as do any replacement mods (typically for textures or terrain) that you may download as well. If you don't start with organization now, even a rudimentary one, you will sorely regret it later, so I strongly suggest that you start out this way. Reorganizing a plugins folder is significantly less fun that starting with an organized plugins folder. Having to redo everything after the fact usually ends up in many headaches and abandoned regions, so start early!
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    Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Downtown Staatsbergen.
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    Simmaster's Extra Cheats DLL

    This addition of cheats allows recovery from an inadvertent nuclear meltdown--In case you forget to well-educate your technicians. The cheats allow interested users to explore the game mechanics, for example, I just started a new city in irradiated mode, quite a challenge for the experienced player. Thank-you for contributing new experiences for the fan-base of this continuing to be the greatest masterpiece of simulation gaming ever, SC4. Look forward to further, extra, extra, extras.
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    Show us Your Oddities!

    The moisture simulation appears to be a shadow of its former self. There are flags in the game referencing at least a functioning statistical hydrological simulation, meaning that you would be able to define the start of rivers and streams. The rain tool is a leftover remnant of stuff that Maxis left in. It raises the moisture level of the ground a certain amount, and when the ground gets too moist, it floods and gets covered by water. Lowkee tried to use the leftovers to create seasonal snow textures, but ultimately got tired of how both predictable and unpredictable the simulation was in this regard. For instance, wind blows (yes, wind) from the East to the West, IIRC, and cycles across from the south. Simulation speaking this meant that the Southeastern slopes were always the driest, even if they were cold, and this caused disparities in the region view snow accumulation (reflected in the city tile, but obviously less noticeable when you can't see the neighboring city). If you look at the INI tables for the terrain mod (any one), you will see that there is a table for Desert, Tropical, Temperate, and Arctic, but all except for Tropical (?) is commented out. Trying to re-enable the others doesn't appear to do anything. The terrain INI has a whole bunch of other interesting comments, none of which appear to do anything significant, including the reference to two different cliff textures (High Cliff, and Low Cliff) along with a bunch of stuff that talks about the hydrology simulation and water sources "placed by the player". Loads of interesting stuff, all chopped before final delivery.
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    Show us your parks!

    Notice the rooftop party?
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a fictional classical building designed by me. This just a eyecandy landmark in game. Install: There are two versions available , pick one -Dark nite version or Maxis nite version. Drop all files into your documents/SimCity 4/Plugins Dependencies: LBT Mega Prop Pack vol 01
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    SC4 Region View Internet Link

    In the center-top of the region view screen in Simcity 4 is a button indicating the internet linked to simcity.ea.com/. The link still goes to the ea server, but ea has long since abandoned the page and directs the user to the Origin site. All you get when you click the link is a 'Forbidden' notice --not very user-freindly. I went through the system registry and couldn't find the link or any code indicating it there or elsewhere so I figure it must be coded somewhere in the exe or dat files, but I can't see why it would be locked as internet links are often something that could change. It seems to me there are no legal licensing issues with modding the game such to replace the dead link with a functional link to wherever the user may want it to go. Does anybody know if there is an easy way to change the link? Did I miss something in the registry or some data file? Or is there any known issue changing the link with the EULA that I missed?
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    I don't know what to call this but i just made this one:
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    Best Picture Competition

    michae95l - 2 TekindusT - 2 Let's at least finish the voting on this picture because it is the third round for michae95l's image
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    @BC Canuck Yeah, there might be a use for a dedicated board on these forums directed especially at newcomers. Might be a tip for the Suggestion Box Regarding Lotediting, it is a prosess like anything else revolving around creation of custom content. Take it one step at a time. And feel free to ask if you need help. A lot of talented and helpful people around here - like @rsc204
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    Oh, the shoppes are a stroke of geniality.. photobucket on the other hand not my personal favorite
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    Which are currently borked since photobucket went to lunch yesterday and still hasn't come back. But overall, yes, I concur. We can definitely make things better organized and I believe we are moving in the right direction. @Cyclone Boom said the staff has been reviewing the pinned posts and are planning to consolidate and update them. I'd personally also like to see the best content totally hosted here so pictures can't go missing. My own personal goal is to find linkys to everything I'd've like to find on day one of joining and get those into an organized list. Things that don't yet exist, then I plan to create them (like my Shoppes catalogues) and there are enough talented peeps here that if someone brilliant would organize it, we could have a great first-place-to-go thread or post or something.
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    Something is coming for particular part of our community: (Also thinking about taxi version of this car too)
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    Stadler KISS SBB variant (Eventually Canadian GO!)
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    SimCity 4 Gameplay Demo: A Spiritual Journey

    I believe feasibility of that will depend on the value ascribed to high population. Farms take up a lot of space and they don't employ a super large bunch of Sims. I did post a pic in the Farm Thread, but you can't see it right now since photobucket went out to lunch and hasn't come back yet. (Which also means all my Shoppes are borked too.) Basically all I was showing there is that the farmers worked around the trees rather than felling them and pulling out the stumps. It would be interesting to see how many Sims would populate a no industrial region. Like just farms and commercial. Maybe elementary schools and libraries only for education? Aside from terrain related texture mods, I'm vanilla plus the two mods I created for income and MCP Water Treatment. I've seen it mentioned several times that Ag demand will fall off later in the game. I'm uncertain if that is based on population or education or a certain number of years or some combination thereof.
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    Plugins Folder

    To clarify a little bit more, the only files that care where they are placed (aside from load order), are DLL files. These must be placed directly in the user plugins folder and cannot be inside any subfolders . These are the only files that specifically care about being in one folder over another.
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    Yes, it should affect all 2d textures - terrain, buildings, props, trees, vehicles, citizens, networks and lods. You can use the 5 (For testing) mip map level to clearly see what is and isn't affected, this makes the affected textures incredibly blurry.
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    T Wrecks

    Show us your parks!

    You mean smokers taking a break? I can almost see a cigarette box wedged into a door somwhere near... not to mention some folks stealing a smoke while on the clock. Tsk, tsk. But seriously, I love details like these. I know there are some people crowds on rooftops of Maxis buildings, but I never noticed those light poles up there! As for your park, I think it might be a bit heavy on walkways and lacking some simple open space - makes it look a bit hectic IMO. Great symmetrical layout, though!
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    SimCity 4 Gameplay Demo: A Spiritual Journey

    You mentioned that strategy of eliminating the cost of ambulances and school buses before, I think maybe in PM, and I've stored it in the back of my mind for my next major session of gameplay. Your preference it seems is for agriculture and I'd love to see a large tile example of a successful rural development, especially since several of our colleagues do enjoy the beauty of SC4 graphics. The easiest game is using dirty industry as the primary economic engine, keeping it at a safe distance and using tree barriers to reduce pollution and traffic noise. You also have mentioned, again I think in PM, that the water pollution in SC4 from agriculture is not realistic. So Cori's mod for agriculture realism is also something I'd love to see. Just before Mary got taken away with RL activities, I had started a large tile focused on Ag so I could test her props and lots, and I will do the same now in appreciation of your work. When I was playing SC5, the players seemed to agree that population was the objective of the gaming aspect. If you can celebrate a functional city of a million sim persons then you're an expert. What I'm thinking now is high population based on an agricultural engine as per your interest. That is a challenge that I will enjoy. Cori, I think we need an SC4 Game-player thread so we can discuss with others our strategies of gameplay. I think you were hinting in PM that I release the rest of my notes on gameplay, and I have to admit I'd love to.
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    Nope, but I have considered doing some timelapse of modelling. I'm pretty new to the whole recording/streaming and only just did a few short ones for my cargo train stations. I keep forgetting to record while modelling though. Might just start in the middle of a project, since I always seem to forget when I start a new one
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    Show us Your Oddities!

    About the low cliff, it seems that CP Italia terrain indeed uses this. In fact, the controller file includes a texture that appears on the low end of a cliff, like crumbled earth (while all of the other textures used are in separate dependencies)
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    When I was poking around I found a few which might be related to debugging: SetDebugLevel SetGZLogLevel GZLog CreateGZLog Then after some Googling I found that "CreateGZLog filename" would create a zero byte file outside of the game. I wonder if "GZLog message" might be how to write to said file, but I didn't experiment with it. I'm sure you already know all this and more tho. There was also FX_00_SkyWriting somewhere. Perhaps that would also accept a message and then maybe an airplane would write said message in game? Thing is, I wrote myself limited notes and when I realized it was more involved than I would pursue, I just moved on to things I could actually do something with.
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    SimCity 4 Gameplay Demo: A Spiritual Journey

    I'm uncertain if it is required. However, in my early cities which ranged in size from 10k to 100k population I found it useful to slowly tweak the tax rates to level out the demand for all the Res, Comm, Ag, I-M, and I-HT to right around +2000 demand and I'd keep I-D about -1000. I use the little medical clinic for every small cluster of houses and always turn off the ambulances and then adjust their capacity to slightly over the number of patients. Budgetwise I could have, say, 5 clinics to cover the same area which 100% ambulance would cover while doing it cheaper overall. Same for schools. In my current playing I'm doing almost all AG and low Res so I extracted the Budget Tuning Parameters exemplar and set the TaxMultiplier_IAG to 5. This lets me plop enough fire stations to insure full coverage without needing to build huge, dense cities to afford them. I also extracted PZ1x1_Grass_4ab05a13 (Open Grass Area park) and set its maintenance cost to -1 per month. So far I'm liking this setup for my play style.
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    My sim-gaming skills suck

    So you are playing the tutorials in Timbuktu and also playing without anything installed in either plugin folder that alters the game mechanics? The Timbuktu region with the tutorials also has several empty tiles/cities that you can experiment with starting a blank new city. If you delete one of the city tiles you will get a plain blank flat tile where you can start just building one road across the tile. Put some industry and a coal power plant at one end, a bit of commercial in the middle, and residential and a water pump at the other end. Start with something simple and small and use the budget panel to get to the point where you are making a profit. So, my suggestion is to build one major road first and connect it at both ends to the region. To focus better on the game it will help to disable the auto-goto, the urgent advice, the U drive-it, and enable daytime only. Also when you start a city it will give you time before any fires or riots start and before garbage piles up --only place things when they are necessary, and the early game will tolerate high taxes so you can get some cash in the bank.
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    SimCity 4 Gameplay Demo: A Spiritual Journey

    Thank-you. It is enjoyable sharing these experiences with the game and there's so many different perspectives in the CJs. I have ended up using vanilla mostly because I do a lot of graphics and making lots. I thoroughly enjoy testing the game as well as testing a variety of mods and lots to ensure they work as intended. I was surprised at the budget management I did achieve in this demo session. I went back to my plugins folders a couple times to ensure they were empty because I couldn't believe that my strategy was generating so much income and profit. Interestingly, after playing this game so long I seem to know more than I know that I know about it. So it helped making the notes as I went along to record what I was doing. Do you find that successful management requires a constant adjusting, fine-tuning, the expenses, taxes, etc.? I go around and constantly adjust the sliders to squeeze as much profit as I can so I can afford to build more faster and sooner. I went over my notes looking at the management strategy I use and generally what I see is that I keep the city on the edge of collapse, keep riding the simulator like surfing a wave, always staying just slightly ahead of the crest where the wave breaks. At some point the wave becomes bigger than the surfer and you really can't lose, you just glide into the shore and sit back and enjoy your virtual success.
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    My sim-gaming skills suck

    Maybe it would be a point to slow down? Sounds like you are playing the game at cheetah speed. If you switch to turtle , and only use short stretches of cheetah it is easier to watch the RCI Also; you are not supposed to keep RCI at zero at all time... there will almost always be deman. In fact - you should be more worried when you don't have demand
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    What would you name this church? Not the file, this image
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    Jeren's asset creation endeavors

    I released the bridge, there was a little fault on my part with the SubBuilding xml thingy but thats resolved now. So I started working on my next project(s)!? I started working on making textures for the catenairy I was making, readied an update to my cooling tower improving on textures and added smooth shading thanks for @Avanya for noting it, the forever broken but almost fixed warren style truss bridge (also SubBuildings related) and a set of new lowrise high wealth office buildings (photo down below). The office you can see below are gonna be modular, you can place one or a whole row.
  45. 2 points


    A complete map over Saint Malin Republic
  46. 2 points

    XXXIV ・ A Sanese Autumn (Part 1)

    I was busy in the past three months. First of all, school started. There was literally no time for this update to happen. Second of all, I went to Europe for 2 weeks which was related to my school activities. A site visit can really change your perspective of the place and I would like to offer this as a more refined review of spatial qualities between form, space and order. だから申しあけございません (Sorry) --- Good Morning, Okaiken, today is Tuesday, November 1. Isn't it beautiful day with all of those fog lingering in the city? It will stay with us until the afternoon when the sun evaporates all of those fog. The forecast for the city will be bleak so enjoy the sun while it lasts. Today, we are going to give you a quick round around the waterfront district, where preparations for the New Years' Eve party are already underway. Check back in the end of this program to see if your favourite artist is going to play this year! It's 6:02; here are your main headlines: Okaiken to sign a trade agreement with 3 other East Althenian Nations today... "Good morning", said one. "Good Morning to you too", said another. "Have you prepared our lunch, baby?", answered by the man. "Yes I did, they're ready on that bento box". "Sir, wake up. You have a meeting at 8:30", said an attendant. "It's too early, wake me up at 7:30", answered by the business magnate. Can you at least prepare the coffee and the breakfast for me? "How far are we?", said a cyclist. "We are almost at work", said another cyclist. A third bicyclist came behind them and he told the two, "let's stop at that coffee place to get something". "Dad, wake up. It's time for us to check out of the hotel room", said one concerned teenage traveller. "I'm coming!" "We need to find a parking stop", "but I don't see any", said two carpooling members going to their own workplaces. "Shigetomo, wake up. Did you stay up all night at your station?" said a manager. Shigetomo tried to answer but his manager waved his finger as a tool for discouragement. -30- Thanks for the comment guys! Much appreciated. I'll do another one soon so expect individual comments to be answered on the next update. --- VISIT THIS SITE to learn about the 2017 edition of the New Year's update. As a special, you can take a look at my other, continuing work at this wiki to know more about Okaiken. Who knows that we had a wiki? Also, don't forget to visit the Okaiken website. Who knows that I have a website? じゃあ~ いってきます!(^も^)>
  47. 2 points
    From now on it is in Steam Workshop: Vilnius TV Tower
  48. 2 points
  49. 1 point

    Show us your parks!

    Another park, Gurley County Beach
  50. 1 point

    Show Us What You're Working On

    Been working on figuring out my mysterious "Draggable FA Power Plyon". After fumbling around my test city tile for well over an hour, I have finally found a reliable way to replicate it. Infrastructure fans take note! 1. Our goal is to link 1A with 2C. Start by placing a cluster of three plyons, with the center one (B) as the anchor. B is your standard 45 degree angle. For this example I'm using a 4-tile diagonal gap - this will result in FA 1.66 (5 x 3), or 31 degrees. 2. Perform a special diagonal drag from center to center. Take note of the standard dragging on the left versus on the right (lower $ cost). Make sure the opposite center pylon is highlighted blue - I found that placing the cursor right in center between the 3 pylons works the best. 3. Voila! 1A and 2C are now connected. You may bulldoze the helper pylons at will. NOTE: Depending on your dragging direction relative to the city tile, you may get 1C and 2A to connect instead. Also note that 1-tile gap versions have inconsistent behavior. 4. To continue your pylons, treat the 2C pylon as your new 1A. Drag out a set of helpers and repeat the process. 5. Proof that it is definitely not 45 degrees. There's still a couple of things left to figure out but I think I got the brunt of it here.
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