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    Feindbolds Buildings

    Hey, finally some free time again Why did nobody told me about Chicagos awesome lowrise buildings? Shame on you No seriously, somehow missed all the great stuff while checking Chicago in the past. I´m currently working on a 45 deg. corner: Also here is a art nouveau corner I made a few weeks ago:
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    The finished buildings have been released - I've got a nice collection here. AJ's power station will be added when it's all done and then I'll prob finish up the bridge. Cargo train station isn't gonna be easy to do the way I'd like to (if possible), so that's on hold atm. I do plan on creating some parks with car props (unless there already are some great ones on the workshop) to serve as finished cars waiting to be delivered.
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    Finishing off Frankton

    Alright, time for a new update. I'm sorry it's been a while since the last update. I haven't had too much time until recently, and now I'm away on holiday, but I've still got stuff to show! As usual, I'll start with the new building in the theme. This is a freely ploppable building that fits on 100 degree corners. I'm sorry I don't have any good pictures of it, but I can assure you that the corner is 100 degrees, it just looks different with the angle of the picture. When I get back in about a weeks time, I'll post some better pictures of it in the asset editor and in game. I've also made freely ploppable versions of the other buildings so you can place them nicely on curved roads or places with strange zoning. I might make them RICO compatible, but that's something completely new for me. But yeah, the building came out better than expected actually. The normals worked well, saving me hundreds of triangles. The only issue I've got is that it admittedly doesn't fit on the corner perfectly. There might be some small patches of grass which can be covered up with some concrete brushes or surface painter. And it doesn't perfectly fit with the zoning but that can be fixed with a ploppable building. I'll try to get some nicer pictures when I'm back demonstrating everything so far. So, enough of that. I'm sorry I said so much about one building. Let's get to the fun stuff! I've managed to detail the whole town except for some of a little exclave which I will easily finish up. A birds-eye view of most of the town. So this is an overview of the town with all the important parts. Just so you don't get lost, you can see what part of the town you're looking at with the little picture on a corner of the screenshot. I've been trying to get some detail and life into the game by using some cim props. Here we've got some football practice going on. And, well, I don't know exactly what this is, but maybe some friends visiting each other. If if you haven't noticed already, I've put some prop cars parking on the small streets. I think it adds some nice realism and detail. Here we've got the public pool getting a new set of tiles. This is downtown. It hasn't changed much since the last post, but why not show it again, right? But the roundabout did get upgraded to two lanes, because it was clogging a lot. This is Frankton's church with the cemetery and crematorium. Like most towns, the church is the oldest building in Frankton. This areas has tennis courts, the police station, an office and a playground. You can also see some roadwork on the bottom left of the picture. A closeup of of the playground. And here is closeup of the roadworks. You might remember this area from the last (and first) entry. There used to be houses where the empty field is but I removed them. I just felt like it made the town look a bit weird and unbalanced... I don't know how to put it exactly, but I didn't like the shape of the town because of that area. It was a really tough and painful decision because that part of town was already detailed with the backyards and things, but now I feel better. I think the town looks much more realistic. On the other side of the main road, are Frankton's tenement buildings. Frankton and Harrien are pretty wealthy towns, but the tenement buildings house most of the workers for the factories. This is Frankton's high school/secondary school or whatever you want to call it. Here you can see some students taking their P.E lessons in the field. These are the houses on the other side of the school. The rough patch to the left above the map is a playground. Here's a closeup of the playground: This is Frankton's newer area that was made when the town was bigger so it sits on the edge. There are offices, some shops and a supermarket. Just behind the scenes. This is an exclave of Frankton. A lot of people living here actually work in the fields. Only half of this section is finished. When I post the pictures of the new buildings, I might get a small update for this area too. Now here are the new farms. The new Prop Line Tool is just so useful. Saves lots of time, and makes the farms look more realistic. I hope that sometime in the future we can draw multiple rows at the same time. This place, I'm not sure what to do with. I can either put more houses as an expansion of Frankton, leave it like this and detail it or just make a field. Maybe you guys can suggest something. Some storage and transport buildings for the fields. You can just make out some people hanging out in the shade of the orange warehouse. Don't exactly know what's happening here, but it adds some life. Last but not least, I've kind of updated the details and added a new station in part of the industrial district. I don't have a map on these shots, but you probably know where the industrial area is. And some life. You can see a guy hanging around by his truck here. Here's the new train station. There are also shuttle busses from each town that go to this station. The train line connects the two towns to the city. The "city" currently is just a placeholder as a "pretend" city just to get things moving. It's all gonna get removed once I move on to that part. In fact, the line also connects to the outside world to simulate that there is stuff past the fog. Fun Fact, there is actually an invisible train station when a track goes to the edge of the world, which is where trains drop and pick up tourists or people moving in/out of the city. You can actually connect a train line to these stations which can give you more control as to where tourists go. And that's it. If you read everything up to here, thank you. It means a lot, even though I will never know if you did read everything. I'm sorry I was late with this one, but as I said, I did t have much time until recently. Luckily I managed to get time to do this even though I'm away. Also, what do you people think of the map thing to show where the screenshot is? I just figured that people might get a bit lost if there are just pictures, especially closeup ones. Thank you, goodbye, and see you later!
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    Myrtos Beach, Greece

    Please view the first comment to see it in full resolution! Located on the island of Cephalonia in the Ionian Sea, few beaches across the globe can compare to Greece's breathtaking Myrtos Beach. Due to it's remote and rugged location, the beach is completely inaccessible by foot - the only way to reach it is to traverse your way down a series of steep hairpin curves. Once you make it there however, you'll be rewarded greatly with pristine, warm Mediterranean waters, perfectly soft white sand, and of course, incredible views. There's plenty to do as well - surfboarding, windsailing, boating, or you can just soak up the sun if you wish - why don't you come visit today?
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    This is all very interesting... Well done, it's great to see new discoveries into the game's mechanics.
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    Show us your Mosaics

    It's time to BUMP this thread and bring back the mosiac LOVE! Note: Use this link from Imgur if the mosaic goes blurry- http://imgur.com/a/gMhgj
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    Stats are more or less sorted. I plan to stick with industry lvl 3 for the factories and lvl 1 for the office (otherwise it complains about too few services in an industrial area) and then I'll adjust the worker education ratios manually when that's possible. @AJ3D is it something I can add to the xml file already (without it having an effect) or will I need to update the xml files when the mod is updated to support that? I've put work on the over road bridge on hold for a bit as I want to make sure it fits with the power station too. I'll do some preperations for upload today and if I have time I'll test some concepts for the integrated cargo train station. Shouldn't be too long now until you guys can build this mega factory (though atm it will need alot of highly educated workers).
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    The year is 2000, and the city center of Trujillo is on show. Called "The Island" by locals, this area of the region is the most populated and teeming with "potential" for the next decade.
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    That Unused Moisture Data View

    @CorinaMarie Well, my apologies. Obviously that wasn't my intention. Food for thought: the hydrology simulation only appears to run on terrain loading, as does the moisture simulation (values change monthly, but are calculated when opening the city). Perhaps when creating a region in SC4Mapper, this parameter could be set? There is another parameter in the Weather Tuning Exemplar called mMoistureVariationScale, which is described as the "Amplitude of plasma-based noise in moisture map (map creation only)". Default value listed is 40, which would be the difference between the default min=60 and max=100. It may be worth installing something like CP's Columbus Terrain mod (or similar; Missouri Breaks is probably more distinctive) because it has far more textures, and the moisture differences would be far more noticeable (or make an SC4D account and download Lowkee's Seasonal version of the CP mod to see something similar). Mostly, I suspect that this mainly influences the range of textures that you see at lower (warmer, moister) altitudes since higher altitude textures (really temp and moisture) tend to be mostly the same (less noticeable differences).
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    RRW wide curves

    So, you have RRW installed, and I think something is changing your textures. Nothing to worry about. Few options: 1. You have to be sure NOT to install any other components regarding railway. Under "Additional Features and Customizations," all of the "Rail Texture Style" options should be unticked. 2. Check your Plugin folder for old railway mods, like PEG 205 mod or anything you were using. I am almost certain it is not compatible with RRW. Hope that helps somehow
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    That Unused Moisture Data View

    I'm crossing my fingers that you're being tongue-in-cheek here. Actually, the image is deceptive due to SC4 perspective. As far as Ennedi and Lowkee were able to determine, the hydrology simulation is mostly a moisture simulation (since the dynamic aspect of that simulation is disabled), and moisture is directly affected by wind. The effect was determined to be hardcoded barring new evidence, as all efforts to change its direction were unsuccessful. Wind in SC4, using the only enabled terrain INI tables (tropical), blows from the east to the west. Thus, eastern facing slopes will be dryer than western facing ones; the wind does oscillate, which gives the appearance of dryer southern slopes, but reliably only the eastern facing slopes will be consistently dry. Others will vary depending on what appears to be the mfWindPerturbationRange variable in the Weather Tuning Exemplar. I wonder if a negative value here would allow opposite wind direction, but regardless the way it works defies logical exploitation (we would typically want the north or south slopes to have emphasized moisture/dryness, not the east/west ones). It would be interesting to see how much could be accomplished by DLL modding, but that is a very convoluted can of worms.
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    Hello old hobby, I miss you.
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    I had forgotten about all of these models. Great work!! Thank you very much for reviving them. I have a few more colonial BATs that were never published, in case you are interested.
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    New part of town really likes SimFoxl Midrise
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    Show us what you're working on!

    What am I working on? Oh y'know, cities... ...'n' other stuff. Enjoy!
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    The Olympic Park

    A brand-new picture from the city of Wolfskreut. This time, the Olympics are in town. When the games are on, the roads are closed, so pedestrians can wander freely. Notice the concert and games in the stadium. It's all happening. Hope you enjoy.
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    I am working on a mod for the Map Editor that allows the user to import real-world tree cover using a bounding box similar to that used in terrain.party. This mod will connect directly to the a Web API image server and automatically import the tree cover within the provided lat/long bounding box. The Earth's tree-cover can be browsed with a viewer at http://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?url=http%3A%2F%2Fec2-50-18-182-188.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com%3A6080%2Farcgis%2Frest%2Fservices%2FTreeCover2000%2FImageServer&source=sd An early copy of the source is located at https://github.com/madtony26/TreeMapper Below is an example of the tree cover in Frankfort, KY: ... and the resulting forestry imported into the game: Here's what it looks like while importing trees into a flat map.. The importing process finishes almost instantly, but it can take several minutes for the game to update the Forest resource, which is somehow blocking the trees from rendering to the screen. I'm still working on understanding how that happens behind the scenes to speed things up (but even with the waiting, it's still faster than painstakingly planting the trees yourself. The density will be configurable. The following was imported using three trees per pixel from the image server, which looked great in the game. The trees were randomly placed near the pixel location, and the randomness will be configurable. The imported trees can also be used as a guideline for lining things up as they are in the real world. For example, the following interchange was easily replicated using the trees around it as a reference. Also, the highway path was easily traceable through the forest in the upper-right corner (below). The river that you can see in some of the pictures flowed nicely through a gap that could be seen in the tree coverage. I'm thinking about using Tree Mapper as the title. Some things I'm still working on before I can release the mod.. 1. Speeding up rendering the trees after they are first imported. The import happens quickly, but for some reason, they are not drawn until the forestry resource is calculated, which takes several minutes after the import. 2. Tree selection. Right now, it's hard-coded to use the tree you see in the images above. This will probably just be a simple drop-down selection. 3. Accuracy. Right now, the coordinate system doesn't match up perfectly with the terrain.party coordinate system. I read somewhere that the terrain.party author had some issues with higher elevation coordinates being off. To mitigate this, the user can provide an x-scale and y-scale that will stretch the imported trees to line up with the terrain.party terrain. 4. GUI polishing. Right now, it's pretty rigid. I want to get everything else working and clean up the user interface last. Need to add tree limit warnings. Development slowed down a lot, since I got distracted playing my Frankfort, KY map that I imported! The game is fun and will suck you in like that! I'll try to publish more updates and screenshots as I go. Lastly, any test cases/requests for cities to import tree coverage and terrain? I'd like to see how it will handle interesting cities that users would like to build on.
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    Air Purification Plant



    Listed under Parks but this baby isn't your average park. It activly cleans the air around it very well for a rather nice radius. It also looks cool.
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    Show us your Mosaics

    @Ln X Wow, that's simply stunning work. Everything from sidewalks to grasses completely unified, even the RHW textures don't stand out. Great use of unmolested terrain textures where appropriate, with some superbly detailed flora and fauna. Then there are the diagonal houses in all the right places. In this one picture you've captured the essence of what SC4 can be with enough effort. Hat's off to you sir.
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    The JPG and PNG files are just images that show you what the lot looks like. You do not need them in your plugins folder. The only sort of files that need to be in the plugins folder are ones with the following file extensions: .dat, .sc4lot, .sc4model, and .sc4desc.
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    This should return at some point, although I can't really provide an estimation when. Dirk's had a very busy year so far, and some of these site-level features require his expertise. By the way, if you're wondering how the Challenges Leaderboards were posted, this is an admin feature which allows HTML source input. If you'd like me to add tables this way, I can do it for you. Just provide the HTML (e.g. using Word or an online table creator). The editor will recognise it as a table, and the text can be edited as normal. It's just adding new rows / columns would again require manual input.
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    Traffic Light Replacement Mod v1

    How do you create a similar mod? Step 1, you need to be able to BAT new traffic lights. Step 2, you need to edit a bunch of T21 files, these attach props to transport networks. Step 3, make the props animated. If you've not done these things before, there is a steep learning curve. But plenty of tutorials exist for Step 1 & 2, I'm sure someone would be able to help with the animation if you get that far.
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    That Unused Moisture Data View

    I'll admit it was the 2nd time I went away from ST upset and crying. I felt that my post moments before yours was verifying what you said about the water min/max being related to the ground moisture content and I was also hoping my screenshots of the renders with variations to said variables would provide new insight into a previously unverified aspect of the game. As for which Data View I replace, I'd already been chatting with a couple peeps about moving it to radiation since that's essentially worthless to me or taking on the onerous (to me atm) task of making it a whole new entry on the UI thinger as @Mister Giggles suggested. Or just coding up 3 or 4 under different views and then whoever downloads them could pick which view to replace based on their play style. It just isn't my top priority right now. I do have a problem with follow through on making projects pretty. I'm more of the let's-see-what-else-I can-find-that's-exciting type. Yeah, I believe it was some of Lowkee's work I'd read related to someone needing to alter moisture on a particular sloped part of the ground in order to plop someone's MMP tree or something. There was definitely mention about the southern sides of hills having more moisture. My guess would be this is hard coded in the game, but with my limited knowledge that's merely speculation.
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    Mister Giggles

    SC4: DE Win7 issues

    "The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block." indicates a problem with either the CD-ROM drive or the disc itself. I find it unusual that you can install the game without error, but can't get past the disc-check. Well, we work with what we have. I recommend, based up the information available, that you clean the disc and the drive, and then possibly re-install the game to preclude the possibly of a corrupted install. Check the integrity of the disc while you are cleaning it. Large and/or deep scratches may mean it's time to move onto a new copy. Might I recommend the GOG version? A digital copy with no DRM that you can always redownload from the site in the event of occurrences. Edit: Cart before the horse, perhaps. It is possible you have an update installed that is preventing the game's DRM from functioning correctly. As well as DRM can function, anyway. Other possible issues: 1: Your game is not updated. The latest patch for Rush Hour/Deluxe can be found here after accepting the agreement. Your copy is likely in SKU 1 territory... 2: It is possible that Simcity 4 doesn't correctly close when exited, and the process still runs. Kill it via Task Manager. While I doubt that is the issue here, it is something to keep in mind for future troubleshooting.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    More progress on my sunken rail corridor... development encroaching too! Zoom in
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    Hi there, Yes, previous reports suggest that like most digital vendors, Amazon does include the fully patched version. A quick way to check is by going to the game's executable (Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe). Then hover over the file and check it has a version of 1.1.641.0 This would confirm it includes the published patches (EP1 + Nightlights update). If this isn't the case, I'd suggest taking it up with Amazon and request a refund. Hope this helps!
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    Thin White Duke

    The Milestone Thread

    My reputation points are now the same number as my year of birth, and it probably won't be very long before I reach two thousand.
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    Finally Made a Map I'm Happy With :D

    Good to see your progress here. You can still make out many of the hills and bumps in the terrain from before. Only now everything looks much more suitable for the average player to build on. Having spent many occasions trawling for maps on the STEX/LEX, I think this kind of map is in short supply. I often prefer to work with smaller regions, say 3x3 or 4x4 large tiles max.
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    Wells Fargo Plaza is complete and published, get it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=714398792 Some screenshots:
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    I've started making a little something small: The Wells Fargo Plaza, in San Diego, CA. It's part of a series of buildings I'd like to do to help fill in the gap between super high-rise and low-rise buildings on the workshop, for those who want more modest but still impressive skylines. I have a habit so far of making complicated supertalls, these smaller buildings would be a breath of fresh air for myself and those who want smaller buildings.
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    Version 1.0.0


    More pictures: DAY LIGHT MAXISNITE DARKNITE DESCRIPTION The Palácio do Planalto (in english: Planalto Palace) is the official workplace of the President of Brazil and it's located in the national capital, Brasília. The building was designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated on April 21, 1960. It has been the workplace of every Brazilian president since Juscelino Kubitschek. INFORMATIONS This model is only available as Landmark. Landmark: Plop cost: 70,000 Lot size: 7x9 INSTALLATION Unzip the files from the .zip to your Plugins folder. There are two .zip files in the download area. Be aware! Palacio do Planalto - MN : this is the Landmark for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Palacio do Planalto - DN: this is the Landmark for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. DEPENDENCIES SimFox Day and Nite modd (for Darknite users only).
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone!! The Southern Live Oak is here! This second Live Oak tree was a challenge to make but very rewarding. It's a mature variant with mossy bark and Spanish moss hanging. It is known by many names. This one is great for decorating as well as making some interesting swamps you can get lost in while abusing your F12 key Enjoy! Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=708892511
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    Show us what you're working on!

    Work in Progress of the Southern Live Oak. Still have some more work to do (gonna make it fuller) but I'm almost done
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    I used to have a miniature railroad as well when I was a kid (Märklin). I loved the trains, but my favorite part always were the roads, houses, cars, trees and stuff - probably an early sign of things to come....
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    It was a long time I havent been here so Hi again! I released my chalet buillding theme with 4 buildings (I added one more today so 5 for now) and custom prop pack for chalets that includes few props to be used primarily in this theme. I will be adding more buildings (I hope) and I want to make few service buildings. For now I hope you enjoy with new theme. This theme looks better in winter maps in my opinion but in normal maps you can even see colourful flowers in front of windows and different coloured roofs of wooden houses so its up to you! Thanks for looking Chalet Building Theme workshop link
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    Show us what you're working on!

    That's smooth,right?
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    Entry 8: More Growth So today we have a report on the general growth of the city and its surrounds, including the first satellite settlement and the issues with the oilfields where we'll be starting as since last time they got even worse. Caused mainly by the halt in production of raw materials as the wells dried up meaning that everything had to be imported for use by the refineries we had this rather large issue. 1. This, coupled with the rising costs of running the refineries now there were no resources available locally led to a slow decline in the number of refineries trying to hold on. Below is the original oil field that is little more than a few stubborn refineries and some empty dirt plots, with nature already trying to reclaim the land. 2. Meanwhile at the end of the oil fields in a small cove we saw the settlement of our first village outside Antario itself in the form of the fishing village of Skjar. 3. As you can see this village has mainly grown up around the small cove and its fishing trade. This also gives Antario its first source of food that isn't imported as, up until now it has been entirely reliant on food imports. Sure the small fishing fleet isn't going to feed everyone but at least its a start. The actual village is also a lot different in looks than the city itself with only the main street through it and the rest of small houses springing up along dirt tracks wherever there is space for them. Despite the whole low income of the area, it does support some lovely views out over the bay above the fishing harbour. 4. Moving back into the city now, as there's not that much else to show you in the small village of Skjar we stop by at the suburbs where they have grown a little bit more since last time and have also had a large highschool finished in the centre of it. 5. We also have some larger parks popping up throughout the suburbs in an attempt to break up the large swathes of houses that dominate the growing suburbs. 6. Finally we head into the actual city where growth has continued in the financial sector as more highrises have popped up due to continued interest in the city. You can see it here behind the recently named Prosperity park, a hopeful sign for the cities future. 7. We also have had some investment put into the expanding city, behind the financial district in the form of this Stadium for general sporting events. Its not exactly all that popular as we haven't completed any developments around the stadium yet to bring people in, but hopefully it'll help with future investment and growth. 8. Finally as usual, we have an overview of the city as it currently stands at 41,963. You can see the new village in the far west past the oil fields.. 9. And as usual we have the list of things we want to do with the city. Not that a lot has changed since last time. -Provide housing for the increasing number of people wanting to move to the city? -Oil fields expansions. -Find new avenues for the old oil fields. -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Look into new avenues of industry, maybe forestry? -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done? (OOC: Again apologies for how long its been since the last update, the little one is a bit demanding with time and well, as interested as he is in C:SL, his attention span is shorter than mine. Anyway I hope you like the entry and it makes up for the amount of time its taken for me to actually get it done. I've also changed the theme to go back to the original grass as you can see in the overview and image 6. The road has also changed to a more speckled look though I do need to change the sewage colour after looking at the overview. Anyway, I do hope for the next entry to not take so long so will hopefully see you some time this week rather than next month. Cheers James)
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    Yeah I'm just very proficient with AutoCAD, and it would be sweet to plot out my city on a couple A1s! Nice new entry, can't wait to play this game again!
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    I started a new project; chalet building theme. I am not sure how many different buildings I can make but I have one nearly finished and one waiting for texturing yet. I started two days ago and I wanted to share this project with you (as in FB group) to get new ideas and suggestions. One of the important things is specialized props for this theme. They will help to make buildings more different than each other and also they will add detail to buildings and overall accuracy of theme. This was Mr Miyagi's idea btw and I found it cool and also I was thinking something for winter dlc. So far I made one nearly complete building (3x3) and another one without textures (2x1) and also I made few window flowers prop (which are essentials for this theme). I think I need more props, still searching for them. I know there have to be lots of buildings (not have to be completely different but different sizes) to make a good building theme but this is the biggest project I have ever started so we will see how it goes. I also want to make themed service buildings (hospital, fire station and police station first may be) but first I need to make more houses and stuff. I dont know if there is desire for this kind of theme but I decided to post this since I want to share process with you so we will see if this goes well or not together Here is a few screen shots from first asset of chalet building theme.
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    Park Ventures



    R$$$ about 2000 5000 8000 Lot size 6x4 Pullotion at center 3 3 123 0 Style Euro Growble stage 8 Dependencies Darknite mod http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/ BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=101 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180
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    Tudor Townhouse



    This is a medium-wealth growable residential building, with 23 occupants. Grows at building stage 4, with 3 lots (two 2x2, one 2x3). Dependencies: BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02 BSC Textures Vol 01
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    Fifth Third Center The Fifth Third Center in Nashville, Tennessee, is a 31-story, 490-foot-tall (150 m) skyscraper. It was constructed in 1986 and is located on Church Street and Fifth Avenue North. It was the tallest building in both Nashville and Tennessee for eight years, until it was surpassed by the AT&T Building in 1994. STATS Growable C0$$$ Jobs: CO$$$ 4714 , CO$$ 6738 Lot Size: 4x5 Value: 53,000 Bulldoze Cost: 5,300 Power Consumed: 163 MWh Water Consumed: 1756 gallons Pollution: 18, 18, 9, 0 Flammability: 23 / Stage 5 Ploppable C0$$$ Jobs: CO$$$ 4714 , CO$$ 6738 Lot Size: 4x5 Value: 53,000 Bulldoze Cost: 5,300 Power Consumed: 163 MWh Water Consumed: 1756 gallon Pollution: 18, 18, 9, 0 Flammability: 23 / Stage 5 Dependencies: The DN (DarkNite version) needs SimFox Day and Nite Modd How To Install? Download MaxisNite or DarkNite pack. Then in your simcity4/plugins directory, create a new folder (named it after the pack or whatever you like), then extract the pack in that folder. If you want ploppable only, you can delete the growable and vice-versa. This is my 1st ever BAT. So I hope you guys liked it. I will probably update this after I get a new CPU. Special thanks to those people who teach, guide and help me to create this BAT. I DO really appreciate it guys. (they know who they are)
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    Aaron Graham

    NYBT Townsley



    NYBT Townsley, by Aaron Graham Credits Aaron Graham- Building Creator/ Modder Darknono35- Growth Tester Here’s the Townsley also known as 245 E. 35th Street is Located in Manhattan, New York City in the neighborhood called Murray Hill. This fifteen story modernism apartment was finished in 1964, the architect is Bien, Robert L. There are four bats/ Building models and is a New York City Tile Set, each one has different brick color and each model has two wealth types R$$ and R$$$. This building is a (W2W) wall to wall non-corner building and will fit perfectly in the middle of your city block. Townsley is a wonderful apartment for your Sims. Enjoy the upload!! Here's the link to the architect's floor plan of NYBT Townsley. http://nyre.cul.columbia.edu/projects/view/17600 Please Download Maxis Nite or Dark nite, if you download both please install the nite verion you use for your cities at night. If you install both and using the default path settings that's appled in the installer the installed model file will replace the model file that's in the plugins folder. Dependencies SimFox Day n Nite Modd (For Dark Nite Version only) NYBT Essentials MAC Users: File Juicer should enable you to use this installer package. (For Mac Users only) If anything is wrong with the links in this description or problems with the files please go to my Aaron Graham's NYBT Residential Thread thread to the last page and post your problem, or you can PM (Private Message) Me.
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    NYBT 785 Park Avenue, by Aaron Graham Credits Aaron Graham- Building Creator/ Modder/ Growth Tester Darknon35- Growth Tester Vlasky- Growth Tester Here’s the 201 E. 19 Street, located in Gramercy neighborhood in Manhattan. These apartments are Wall to Wall (W2W) buildings. This 16 story brick apartment building set is a New York City style. The architecture style for this building is a modernism style completed in 1960, by architect Feldman, H.I. There are four bats/ Building models, each one have a different brick color. Each model has four lot types R$$, R$$$, CS$$, and CS$$. 201 E. 19 Street should be a comfy place for your Sim to live in. Enjoy the upload!! Here's the link to the architect's floor plan of 785 Park Avenue. http://nyre.cul.columbia.edu/projects/view/17692 Please Download Maxis Nite or Dark nite, if you download both please install the nite verion you use for your cities at night. If you install both and using the default path settings that's appled in the installer the installed model file will replace the model file that's in the plugins folder. Dependencies SimFox Day n Nite Modd (For Dark Nite Version only) NYBT Essentials MAC Users: File Juicer should enable you to use this installer package. (For Mac Users only) If anything is wrong with the links in this description or problems with the files please go to my Aaron Graham's NYBT Residential Thread thread to the last page and post your problem, or you can PM (Private Message) Me.
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    Englewood Condominiums, by Mattb325. Step back in time to the 80's. Set amongst pine woods, this euro-luxe, multi-level apartment complex is missing only the Pontiac trans-am parked in the front. With its massive expanse of shingled roof, it will suit northern European styled cities as well as those wishing to create North-Western and upper mid-western styled US towns. Additionally, Englewood Condos are an ideal small apartment complex to assist in transitioning from the low density suburban sprawl of single family homes to the higher density apartments of your downtown. Each building has 10 townhouse style apartments/condos; each unit has a complex, split-level floor plan spanning multiple floors and each unit enjoys a private, sun-soaked terrace at the top of the apartment. Wood fires in some of the larger apartments are great for sipping brandy from oversized balloons on a wool-skin rug while watching episodes of M.A.S.H. on your new CRT deluxe PYE 22" color TV Set with teletext capability Perfect for R$$ Sims, Englewood Condominiums are presented on a 2x3 and 4x3 lot. This will grow on medium and high density zones at stage 5. Use the control key while zoning to assist growth. STATS (2x3): Bulldoze Cost: $188 Capacity Satisfied: R$$ 173 (R$311 when dilapidated) Pollution: 1 (air) / 1 (water) / 4 (garbage) Radius: 5 / 6 / 0 Power Consumed: 3 MwH Water Consumed: 8 Gallons STATS (4x3): Bulldoze Cost: $347 Capacity Satisfied: R$$ 427 (R$772 when dilapidated) Pollution: 3 (air) / 1 (water) / 4 (garbage) Radius: 5 / 6 / 0 Power Consumed: 6 MwH Water Consumed: 17 Gallons DEPENDENCIES (note you must be registered and logged in at the SC4 Devotion LEX to download): BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol03 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2768) BSC MEGA Prop Pack CP Vol01 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180) BSC MEGA Prop Pack CP Vol02 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2790) BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=101) Thanks and enjoy
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    NYBT 605 Park Avenue, by Aaron Graham Credits T Wrecks- Modder Anton- File Tester Sgt Pepper- Installer Tester Here’s the 605 Park Avenue, these apartments are Wall to Wall (W2W) buildings. This is apartment building set is New York City style. The architecture style for this building is a modernism style completed in 1952. There are four bat models, two of them are what the building looks like in 1952 and the other two are the models of the present time, and have different brick colors. You will have two white bricks, a brown brick, a red brick model. Each model has two wealth types R$$ and R$$$. 605 Park Avenue brings a lovely and quiet stay in these apartments. Enjoy the upload!! Here's the link to the architect's floor plan of 605 Park Avenue. 605 Park Avenue Floor Plan Please Download Maxis Nite or Dark nite, if you download both please install the nite verion you use for your cities at night. If you install both and using the default path settings that's appled in the installer the installed model file will replace the model file that's in the plugins folder. Dependencies SimFox Day n Nite Modd (For Dark Nite Version only) NYBT Essentials MAC Users: File Juicer should enable you to use this installer package. (For Mac Users only) If anything is wrong with the links in this description or problems with the files please go to my Aaron Graham's NYBT Residential Thread thread to the last page and post your problem, or you can PM (Private Message) Me.
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    L'Aquila Apartments



    L'Aquila Apartments, by Mattb325. A purely fictional BAT, L'Aquila apartments provide R$$ Sims with modern, medium density living that is equally at home in European or American styled cities. Bright, airy rooms, floor to ceiling glass doors which lead to large private balconies, exclusive penthouses and quiet communal roof gardens and pools all on large landscaped grounds with underground parking certainly put L'Aquila apartments at the more exclusive end of the R$$ range. At seven floors (minus the roof garden), this BAT will also easily bridge that awkward gap between the transition from low density areas and higher density downtown areas. This is a growable BAT offered as a 3x3, 4x4 and 6x6 (use the CTRL key while zoning to assist with growth) on medium and high density zones in all tilesets. STATS: 3x3 and 4x4 lots Capacity Satisfied: R$: 1,210, R$$: 669 Pollution at Center: 5 (Air)/ 2 (Water) / 4 (Garbage) Pollution Radius: 5 / 6 / 0 Power Consumed: 10 MwH Water Consumed: 26 Gallons Bulldoze Cost: $490 6x6 lot Capacity Satisfied: R$: 4,027, R$$: 2,224 Pollution at Center: 18 (Air)/ 9 (Water) / 9 (Garbage) Pollution Radius: 5 / 6 / 0 Power Consumed: 31 MwH Water Consumed: 82 Gallons Bulldoze Cost: $950 DEPENDENCIES (note, you must be registered with, and logged into, the SC4 Devotion to download these) BSC Textures Vol01 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=90) BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol02 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2383) BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol03 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2768)***** BSC Essentials (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=443) ***** Absolutely essential or you will get a big brown box I hope you enjoy this file.
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    I. Lostalim

    Aquarium Condos



    I. Lostalim Presents Aquarium Condos Inspired from the Maxis buildings “Colin Condos” and “Bilyk Condos,” this building is perfect for seaside neighborhoods or downtown districts. Comes with 3 versions, Landmark, R$$$, and CS$$$. No Dependencies!! Landmark: Lot Size: 4x3 Budget Item Cost: $120 Bulldoze Cost: $749 Flammability: 35 Landmark Effect: 85 15 MaxFireStage: 4 Mayor Rating Effect: 10 256 Plop Cost: $105,000 Pollution at Center: 5 5 7 0 Pollution Radii: 1 3 0 0 Power Consumed: 45 Water Consumed: 115 Wealth: None R$$$: Lot Size: 4x3 Growth Stage: 6 Building Value: $22,365 Bulldoze Cost: $749 Capacity Satisfied: 4112 1458 4128 806 4144 354 Construction Time: 112 Flammability: 35 MaxFireStage: 4 Pollution at Center: 5 5 7 0 Pollution Radii: 1 3 0 0 Power Consumed: 45 Water Consumed: 115 Worth: $749 CS$$$: Lot Size: 4x3 Growth Stage: 5 Building Value: $22,365 Bulldoze Cost: $749 Capacity Satisfied: 12560 1810 12576 455 12592 184 Construction Time: 112 Flammability: 35 MaxFireStage: 4 Pollution at Center: 5 5 7 0 Pollution Radii: 1 3 0 0 Power Consumed: 45 Water Consumed: 115 Worth: $749
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    Version 2.1


    Please refer to the changelog further down the page, for the changes that have been made with this version. This is the official STEX download page for the DAB_Patched Modern Rail Station, starting with Version 2. This train station is based upon the excellent station by Xyloxadoria (which is, coincidentally, a dependency for this version!). Version 1 description: "This is a train station to put in you city. It has been modified to allow freight trains to pass through. The station is more realistic than the in-game train station, which has very short platforms. The modern curved glass makes it look good in newer downtown areas, but the brick walls and the semi "aged" roof can make it look good in an older area as well." Lot Statistics (as of V2.1): Lot Size: 6x2 tiles (tracks come in to the right of the arrow in the terminus version) Plop Cost: §150 Monthly Cost: §20 Demolition Cost: §100 Capacity: 50,000 C§ Jobs: 6 C§§ Jobs: 2 File Size: Less than 1MB, compressed as a ZIP file. Dependency: Modern Rail Station (Version 1 - Original, by Xyloxadoria) Download this station NOW, with the big green button positioned above and to the right. If you have any comments, queries or constructive criticism, please let me know by commenting, rating or messaging me. If you find that the station does not work, referring to the support thread or the included ReadMe may help. Check out what's left of The Timbuktu Region Diary to see examples of how you can use these stations in your cities. Further images are also available through my ImageShack album... Slideshow Mode View Album DAB_City, 2012 With thanks to Xyloxadoria
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