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    Thin White Duke

    Show Us your: HIGHWAYS!!!

    Transition from I-96 W. to I-96 E. over Colonel Hill in Boswell.
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    Thin White Duke

    Show us your Night Shots!

    I-96, with Alicante on the left and Boswell on the right.
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    Network Skins (Coming 2016)

    With Network Skins you will be able to change the appearance of roads, train tracks, pedestrian paths and power lines. The changes are purely visual. That means that you can uninstall the mod at any time, and your save games will still work! Features: Replace Pillars of bridges and elevated networks (done) Replace roadside trees (almost done) Replace street lights (almost done) Remove decals on roads (direction arrows) Replace power lines (e.g. rural, different power poles) Replace textures (e.g. cobblestone roads) Replace meshes (e.g. custom bridges) Here is the first working version with trees and street lights: The only thing that is not done is serialization (that means saving and loading doesn't work). I am working on that! Here is the current Roadmap (December 2015): DONE | HIGH-PRIORITY | LOW-PRIORITY Module 0: User Interface Static GUI for pillar selection (done) Dynamic context-sensitive GUI (done) One-click presets saved by the player Module 1: Pillars Replace pillars of elevated transport networks (done) Replace pillars of bridge transport networks (done) Replace pillars of power lines (depends on Module 4) Module 2: Props and trees Experimental Feasibility Study (done) Serialization System (almost done) Select tree type of decorated roads (done) Select street lights (done) Option to disable decals (direction arrows) Select other props Module 3: Segment textures (e.g. cobblestone roads) Module 4: Segment meshes (e.g. custom bridges) I am planning to publish the update (Module 0, 1 and 2) in January. After that we can think about module 3 and 4 Module 1: Pillar Changer The first module of the network skinning mod. More features will be added in the future (e.g. Configuration of street lights, trees and props per segment, different textures for one road type, different bridges). Right now this mod allows you to change the pillars of elevated network types (roads, rails, pedestrian paths). Support for bridge pillars will be added in a future update. It is similar "No Pillars", but with more options and without the collision detection. The mod also supports custom pillars, but right there are no pillars in the workshop. MrMaison is working on a NYC style pillar for elevated trains (stacked on a road). Here is a quick tutorial how to create custom pillars: Spoiler Install Mod Tools Open the Asset Editor (New Asset) Press F7 and run this script with the command line: PrefabCollection<BuildingInfo>.FindLoaded("RailwayElevatedPillar").m_AssetEditorTemplate = true; Select "Building" and search for the Railway Elevated Pillar template in the Public Transport Tab. The special thing about this template is that the AI of the pillar is passive (no visitors, no "No Road Access" warnings, no crime etc.). You can also use it for other decorative assets. Now import your model as usual and save it To test your asset locally: Open your local "Assets" folder. Create a new subfolder and move the .crp into that folder Create a new empty text file named "Pillar.xml" and put it into the folder Start a new city. You will see your pillar in the list To publish your asset: Click the "Publish" button in Content Manager Click on the little folder icon to open the folder that contains your preview image Open the "Content" subfolder that contains your .crp Create a new empty text file named "Pillar.xml" and put it into the folder Publish your pillar. Don't forget to add my mod as a dependency.
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    Mushy's Random BATs

    It's been a while! Due to some unfortunate RL circumstances while I was on my trip I got a lot less done than I had hoped to. Quite a bit has changed since then though! For starters, expect the eventual release of my dump trucks to be my final gmax release. I've found it much easier to make variations of models in 3DS max and since I'll be getting a significantly more powerful computer in the near future my render speed in 3DS will be better than it is now. As such, I'll be moving my vehicle production over to 3DS, which will bring along many perks such as better quality textures, reflectivity, and overall HD render quality. Vehicles that I was was previously working on will be redone (future NA truck packs, the Sprinter and Vito vans, heavy equipment, and my planned set of more JPN-themed trucks). --- Before I start showing off the newest stuff, I've gotten a little farther with the Yokohama apartment. Pretty soon I'll be able to move on to making a 2nd version which will be pretty easy. After that I intend to make 2 variants of the longer version of the building (has 3 stairwells instead of 2). All that's left on this current model is finishing the interior and exterior clutter on the right side of the south render (the side with balconies). Once more interior stuff is added the lighting will look better on that part of the building. I've kind of been holding back on working a lot on this building right now because at this point my render times for it are atrocious (try about 10 minutes per Z5 angle... about 40 minutes for this set of test renders!)... something that should be fixed slightly by the new computer in the near future. One can easily see how the right side of the south render isn't finished. I need to add towels hung over the railings and add clothes hanging from the balconies above. It will end up looking like the left side... where some of the balconies have heaps of junk but others are totally blank. I noticed this on the real life buildings when I was looking closely at it... guess some people are more neat and tidy than others! --- So I've started working with some EU trucks. Because of 3DS's far superior modeling tools (and texturing), this look better than the other set I've released a while ago. There's a Scania and a DAF as I had originally planned. The Scania is s somewhat recent model and the DAF is from the 90's. I think the trailer needs aerodynamic covers on the underside though... (between the tries of the trailers and the back of the semi cab). I'll be making regular box trucks later... I was just having fun with metals. I'll probably make a semi trailer version of the metal boxes as well. The trailer shown isn't done - it needs reflectors and I need to add a different texture for the front panel (shown on far-right render). The Scania 8x4 will definitely be reused for a dump truck and likely a large straight box truck. The semi cab version will only be used with heavy/oversized loads. For the same purposes I may make a 10x6 and/or a 10x4.
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    Seraf's Atelier

    Sorry guys, I was so busy those past weeks that I couldn't really work on my BATs I hope now I will find a bit more time for BATing... Glad to hear it Thank you! I will try to finish it as fast as I can Thank you for the comment! Thank you Thank you And here I thought people on this site like huge buildings I'm glad you like it in its original look There were a few things to add in previous update but I think the model is finished now Next will be the winter version and Nightlights Yes, I'm still here Ok guys, time for update. I think I added everything I wanted... I'm pretty satisfied with how the building looks now. I was entertaining the idea of making interiors on the first three floors...for about ten minutes I guess I just want to finish this building after all this time
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    Meanwhile, in Zinfandel... (teaser)

    Zinfandel is the really big city in the Eden Bay region -- not a more or less haphazard concatenation of existing smaller towns into one big municipal fiction. Of course, P. R. could not not escape there for a week-end, during Spring Break.
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    Version 1.0.0


    So you've got a penchant for fun, and practicality. You've saved up enough to buy a car and what's out on the market? Gas guzzlers, soccer-mom-mobiles, cars that require detailing after every trip, you get the idea. Consider a Subaru Legacy! Whether you're the outdoorsy type that lives for the campground or the sporty type with a thirst for adrenaline this car fits the best of both worlds! About the upload- There are twelve vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a Subaru Legacy, with six of them being 1997 station wagons and the other six being 1998 sedans; with each one being included within it's own folder and labelled accordingly. These are Low-Wealth vehicles (given their age and average selling price for their respective years) and will appear on your road networks. Dependencies? None Required. This file was originally requested by Markthrash and has been made available to download! The wagons were included for added variety and as a tribute to my first car; a short-lived affair that just wasn't meant to be..
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    This happens to me as well sometimes, and I've found an easy fix by dropping a few road tiles (individually, no need to connect them to anything) and then run the simulation for a little bit - the zots will disappear after some time and once they do you can go back and bulldoze the roads (the zots won't come back) Like this: After you place the roads and wait a few game months, the zots will go away:
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    Version 1.0.0


    INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MOD - WALL-TO-WALL INDUSTRY BSP Production Steel Products by SimHoTToDDy 1 - INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW This is the twelfth upload in a second series of IRM W2W lots based on BAT models made by other artists, this time manufacturing industry. It's the last BSP building for the time being, BSP Production Steel Products by SimHoTToDDy. The building will provide 264 I-M jobs. The building leaves room for an alley on one side, but since it's pretty common for rows of W2W buildings to be interrupted by the occasional alley, I included two lots that make use of the empty space plus two additional corner lots. Here's the list of the included lots: 6x2 straight, Stage 1 (2 versions)2x6 left corner, Stage 12x6 right corner, Stage 1In keeping with the other IRM stuff, the job numbers are intended to be in line with Maxis stuff if you use Toroca's Industrial Jobs Quadrupler. Since you cannot zone large coherent areas with W2W industrial and the lots can be complemented with fillers, the resulting job density will, in fact, be not that excessive. For the same reason, growth stages for IRM W2W are generally kept low. 2 - USE If you extract this archive to your root plugins folder, it should create a folder IRM\IRM W2W Expansion\[NAME OF BAT], where [NAME OF BAT] represents the name of this download item. Within that folder, you will find all the game-relevant files and a sub-folder containing the HTML readme and some screenshot(s). If you no longer wish to use this download, proceed as follows: Bulldoze all lots pertaining to this downloadSave all the cities and exit the game when you're done bulldozingRemove the associated files from your plugins folderHint: Just to be sure, I recommend moving the undesired files somewhere else and doing some checks before you delete them permanently. This way, if it turns out you forgot to bulldoze something, you can add it back in temporarily until you're done. 3 - DEPENDENCIES IRM W2W Base Pack Since this is an extension to the IRM, all the dependencies of the original IRM base pack still apply. In addition to this, you'll need the original upload of the BAT to see the buildings: BSP Production Steel Products. Only the .sc4model file is required. If you want to have the option of blocking the enclosed lots from growing temporarily, for example when you want to go back to regular (i.e., non-W2W) IRM industry for a while, you can use the IRM W2W Expansion Blocker v 1.0 (or higher) from January 23, 2015 (or later). RECOMMENDED DOWNLOADS Industrial Revolution Mod I-D Addon Set 1 for more I-D mech & out lots Industrial Revolution Mod I-M Addon Set 1 for more I-M mech & out lots Industrial Revolution Mod I-D Filler Set 1 to dress up I-D areas to your liking using ploppable fillers Industrial Revolution Mod I-M Filler Set 1 to dress up I-M areas to your liking using ploppable fillers 4 - FINAL WORDS Credits to SimHoTToDDy once again! T Wrecks, October 29, 2015
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    What worries me the most is that now the free YouTube, as any other "freemium" services, will be seriously plagued with ads. They will just put in more and more ads, longer unskippable videos, annoying banners with mind-drilling rings and bells, until the free version gets so annoying to use that the regular user will end up going for the paid one. Spotify had this problem, that's why I switched to YouTube for free music streaming... I guess it will be time to move on when the situation gets too annoying.
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    Funny Screenshots

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    Road Work and Beautification

    Hello again! Here's another quick update from East Edge, having just passed the 99 year mark. 1. Avenue Expansion Previously, as you can see in this picture, this road was a simple four-lane avenue, but as the city grew, more and more cars started using it and I was forced to upgrade it to a turning-lane avenue. It wasn't easy, but I eventually did it, and traffic is much better now. 2. Hill Lake A low-density area at the edge of town, with a lake and a film studio serving as buffers to the industrial area. 3. Inner City "Suburbs" To mix things up a little, I added some low-density housing next to a natural lake. 4. City Center Highway Approach 5. Traffic 6. Turning Lane Heaven/Hell Once you start plopping turning lanes, you can't stop. ___________________________ That is all for the time being! I'll continue to work on the city. Next up is another highway interchange, so stick around if you're interested in that :-)
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    Show Us your: HIGHWAYS!!!

    Nice picture! The windmills are a pity, though. Why not use fewer but bigger windmills, like the SFBT one? I know wind turbines in Belgium are usually ±100m high.
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    I'm SO happy you stated this. Especially the bold part. Some of the lower end computer owners in this topic cannot seem to grasp this. Some of the lower end computers owners simply don't have the cash to upgrade so easily. Fancy economic principles in the video game industry meet average Joe who isn't going to upgrade to a gaming rig because a couple of rich kids greedily want more out of an already correct game experience. Y'know, adult life, where even saving doesn't necessarily get you enough money to get a good PC unless you borrow, along with the associated risks. 1) There is no "rich kid" here. I'm an adult. I make over 28yo making over 170K (USD) a year. My opinion is that they should take the limits off. Or at least make the limitations moddable. Do me a favor and don't judge me for my opinion. Thank you.
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    Feindbolds Buildings

    Thx, well its just an uncommon shape, but still 100% w2w compatible^^: Once in a while everyone needs some distraction ;). I might do a couple of eurobuildings, maybe even work on 2 themes simultaneously (euro theme would be smaller though, definitly not as complicated as brooklyn, more compareble to the vanilla euro buildings). Thx, yes, in Hannover, a lot of these buildings survived the war and the (in some areas even more destructive), 60s to 80s Zeitgeist. Especially Berlin wasn´t that lucky sadly . About the colors, its hard to measure, because it feels like there is a huge difference between colors inside the assets editor, and colors ingame. Right now my diffuse is a washed-out red color and the colormap is added on top of it (wich makes it even harder), maybe its a better choice to turn the roof into a b/w map and control the colors completely through the colormap. I´ll try that either tomorrow or friday. Well a very colorfull orange roof and an allmost colorless grey "body" looks allways a bit odd, but there are hundreds of buildings with this kind of combination in every bigger city. I started this one, guess it will be a bit more in harmony with the roof: About LUT and biome,.. I use the temperate biome and bloodyPenguins mod without any LUT, this is probably the best setting to balance colors because its the most neutral (but as you said slightly blueish).
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    Show us your farms!

    My attempt at English style farmland. Very much a work in progress since it takes bloody ages to do.
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    T Wrecks

    Seraf's Atelier

    If "pretty satisfied" includes accelerating pulse, bulging eyes, moderate to severe drooling and a strong "must have" sensation, then yes, I too am pretty satisfied with what I'm seeing.
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    Show us your Area view

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    I just made a park called Atys Park, for the YouTube user Atys for inspiration (sorry if I cannot make an embassy for you) . It is located in the hillside of Hamberg (using the Capital Falls map by brendan.rnp)
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    Just a little park in my city. Timelapse video of it being built too:
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    Show us your Area view

    At first, I really didn't like this map due to lack of any rivers or islands (I really enjoy bridges), but the coastlines and mountains have made it quite an interesting challenge and I slowly ended up with something I quite like. I'm still in the process of filling out the suburbs and outer limits of the city, but I'm really happy with the airport, seaport and hillside suburbs.
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    The industrial areas of Pickford.
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    Version 2


    Angels Creek is based on a mix of the vancouvers residential towers. Angels Creek is a nice place to live in, with a 180 degree view of the river it offesr anything your sims want! An outdoor pool, agym and a grand two floor lobby! It also has a beautiful sign at the bottom so anyone who drives by will know it's the Angels Creeck. Growable R
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    Mustang, Masavera

    This is a short introduction to my region of Masevera (mass-ev-air-ah). It is a very rural region inspired by the Midwest of the United States. I chose to develop my region on a relatively flat plain with very little variations in elevation as I'm not really a fan of building cities on unstable or non-flat ground as I don't particularly think it's the most aesthetically pleasing in terms of realism (which is something I strive for) This is the small town of Mustang; inspired by Mustang, Oklahoma. It's a fairly typical (boring) town ^ Downtown Mustang ^ Just a small shopping area with a Sam's Club and a K-Mart ^ Interstate exit that gives direct access to Mustang ^ Thank you for viewing my (very) short introduction entry. More updates are to come in the near future.
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    Puget Island Athletic Park

    From the album Weekly Challenge #19 - Sports Complexes

    Long before it served as the Simlympic park for the IV Summer Games, Puget Island Athletic Park was a mecca for up-and-coming Lower Columbian athletes. The Simlympics only made it even more popular. While the park's temporary Simlympic venues have come and gone, other venues built for the Games still exist - most notably the Jean Le Conte Stadium (center-right), where the opening and closing ceremonies were held. The park is also home to the Nyhaven Cruisers' home field, Crown Insurance Park (cut off on the left). With the R-250 freeway just outside the park's borders, a rail station, and four subway stations serving it, the park is accessible in just minutes from anywhere in the Nyhaven metropolitan area.
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    Peter B. Lewis Building, Cleveland, OH, USA
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    Bruce, do you have a guide to this beast? "Schulmania for Dummies," something like that? I've been away for so long I'm totally lost. It's great work as always, but I feel like a mouse trying to comprehend a whale. David
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    The NAM's quite awesome. Floating.
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    Who approved this building for a town of less the 3,000. I don't know how this grew since all zoning is low density.
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    Cities without industry

    50k is kind of small. Problems of the industrial kind start when your city gets much bigger. My 400k city got issues with supplies for the commercial zones when it reached 250k or something like that, but that was during the times when trains started piling up at city borders. The question whether you need industry or not basically boils down to the question whether your outside connections are capable of handling the supply traffic to your commercial zones. As long as they do that, you are fine. Keep in mind that all buildings in the game spawn with a stock of supplies, so issues may show up with a delay. As long as your industry is fully upgraded, there are no employment issues, either, because upgraded industry actually needs educated workers. Which means you will only see abandonment in specialized industries, and this only if you don't choose to keep your unemployment around 6%, which is usually the threshold where all jobs get filled, however nasty they may be. Jobs in specialized industry that are really conveniently available, like close to the city center, will be filled anyway. With specialized industry, I mean agriculture and forestry. The rest isn't worth it anyway, except for short periods when you may have trouble with your budget (and they may not be worth it even then, given the infrastructure demands of specialized industry). Another aspect is whether you use the in-game "cheat buildings" (I just call them such as they remove game elements) or not. If you place Hadron Collider and Eden Project, it's offices all the way. Just as an example, my current city, which, with 190k inhabitants, is still relatively small and doesn't use any monuments at all: Agriculture seems to be kind of a darling of the developers. You can have it right in the middle of your city without problems (the highest value neighborhood in my city is right next to it): I explain the small lots more in the way that this is the local "garden" agriculture that provides local milk and veggies for the spoiled citizens. It does even have a positive land value: I don't mind having industry next to my preferred dwelling places: And I don't think it looks that bad in general, even if I prefer larger buildings: Which means I have highly educated citizens, tons of industry without abandonment, and no real traffic problems. And you don't need mods for that. But yes, if you don't like industry, just make sure your commercial areas have easy access for deliveries through outside connections.
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    Show us your Area view

    Started a new city to try out the new AD features and some mods which had been developed over the summer months where I didn't play C:S very much. Needless to say, the "Realistic Population and Consumption" mod requires you to really sprawl low density before you finally unlock the higher density zoning. Also, can anybody tell that I like mixed-up grids?
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    Show us your Area view

    Here's my city as of now, simply named Williamsburg. I plan on creating a City Journal once it's "done". =)
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    Show us your industrial areas

    The warehouses are part of CDK3. UDI notifications seem to come back on each time I start the game. Maybe I should spend more time on UDI.
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    I came back to one of my older project... Still shaping things up but I think that's... Something. I dunno.
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    Show us your night shots

    Night add so much beauty to the cities Hiatus for quite a while... come back to try the night mode out... I am amazed
  36. 1 point

    Show us your industrial areas

    I threw something together to highlight Mushy's Semi Trucks
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    Show us your Night Shots!

    I'm really surprised I haven't posted here in recent years. That being said, My SC4 doesn't work on Windows 10. I have to buy it again on Origin (which is fine, I just have to spare up some play-money first. Kids and bills are expensive.) Anywho, here are some contributions from (much) earlier. The first manned survey mission to Mars. The crew will dock with the Mars Transit Vessel "Avalon" in earth orbit. Then, they'll make the two year round-trip mission to the Red Planet. They have a lander with them, but are instructed not to use it unless conditions are literally perfect and supplies are in a surplus. Opening of the 2014 Alliance Games in Illium City. Notice the fine details, like the filled stadium with the flag and the reflections on the water. I spent several days preparing the opening of the Alliance Games. Christmas in New Dallas. Because of the location in the Southern Hemisphere, the Kingdom actually is in mid-summer during Christmas. The lower portions of the Kingdom, like Illium City and New Dallas, can (sometimes) have pretty severe winters, but for the most part they remain mild year-round. A much older shot of the Kingdom, well before it joined the Alliance. One of my first real photoshop works. The Calistan Federation launched a massive surprise attack against the Kingdom of Illium. The devastation left thousands dead and wounded, and a city in ruins. The attack also struck the industrial complex on the western banks of the Illium River, including the SIU Hydrogen Power Station, leaving nearly a million people in the Illium City metro area without power for weeks. In this iteration of my CJ, it ended up being the downfall of an entire city. It made Detroit, MI look like a paradise. The population of the city went from 1.4 million to a measly 375,000 virtually overnight. Entire districts were abandoned and left to rot. Fortunately, When I rebooted the CJ, the attack was scaled back to just a terrorist attack on the city's infrastructure, and they rebuilt, more grand than ever. And this is the oldest night-shot I have, dating back to 2008-09 time frame. A Joint Naval-Air station, later named Port Virmire. The clear outline of the base can be seen, and I still love the way it is so distinct and different (especially the docks) from the surrounding town.
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    Living Color

    From the album Weekly Challenge #22 - High-rise Lifestyle

    Vista Del Mar Citizen's Square.
  39. 1 point
  40. 1 point

    Show us your Downtown/CBD

    WTC Marriott Hotel.
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    Mister Giggles

    STEX Most Downloaded Sorting

    I miss the days when you could search for files without also digging up the comment sections...
  42. 1 point

    Show us your Area view

    Here is my current region: Currently it has 22k residents. Most of the people live in the 2 towns on the right, which are connected by railway and a single-lane highway. The villages on the left are only collected by a small road and a single railway track. There are no serious congestions.
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    Yeah when are the Trixies going to be announced? It can't take two months to count up all of the nominations and Simtropolis itself now seems to have gotten over its teething pains.
  44. 1 point

    Show us your SKYLINE

    The skyline of Helios City, as seen from Shapiro Harbor
  45. 1 point

    From the album Jolteon's Picture Dump

    Tallest building in the city. Really defines the city's skyline.
  46. 1 point

    Show us your Area view

    Follow up to last post
  47. 1 point
    Llamas on the llose! I have no idea how you guys sort through all this to pick the winners. I'd be like:
  48. 1 point

    Show us your... roadsigns!!!

    Made some highway road signs for a few of my cities in my region of the Commonwealth of Bretilla. I used Inkscape to make these signs.
  49. 1 point

    Show us your... roadsigns!!!

    Well... look what I have here! It's my first attempt at making a roadsign. Second attempt:
  50. 1 point
    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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