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    Okushiri - Central station

    The first update will focus on the downtown of Okushiri, with the old port. You can click on the pictures to see them in full view. (1280px) Pics are a bit heavy (1~2mb) so let them load fully. An overview of the downtown area, not a lot of big buildings. The railway station serves only a small local line that runs around the island. There are some blank spaces because it is of course still work in progress. A closer view of the train station area. From another angle and night. A closer view of some of the building making the downtown. Lots of offices but also some good apartment buildings. The danchi area located just next to the downtown. Since it is uphill, you have a fantastic view of the downtown both day and night. The ferry terminal and some houses along the shore of the downtown gulf. The other side of the port, the apartments building here also have a fantastic view. -- That's all for now, hope you liked it even if it's repetitive.
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    New Update! (Can't seem to get titled links working in the new editor here...) Blog post: http://blog.cityboundsim.com/the-road-to-alpha-week-66-more-on-planning-mode/
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    Version 03


    This lot contains 45 lots (growable CS$ and CS$). Instead of uploading these all separately, I decided to do them all together in one mega pack to make downloading easier. These BATs were originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, he was unable to finish these lots. He graciously handed his work over to me to finish and subsequently upload for yall. For comments/feedback/critique/praise visit my lot thread or drop me a pm. I'd be happy to help. Also, visit the website for full sized images. ------- Stats: ------- 1x1 to 4x4 Growable ONLY 15-80 CS$ and/or CS$$ Jobs Plop Cost : $1500-3200 Bulldoze Cost : $150-320 Air/Water/GarbagePollution : Low Radiation : 0 Flamability : 50 (ish) ------------------ Dependencies: ------------------ BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01 SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures nos.17 Essentials (v04+) BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol02 BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol02 LBT Mega Prop Pack v.01 SHK Parking Pack BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 Murimk Prop Pack Vol03 - Industrials Above all... have fun! nos.17
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    The Battleship Seto

    A battleship owned by the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War.

    © 2015 Tonraq

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    nos.17 Essentials

    Version 11


    Version 11: 09.08.17 This is a small pack that contains miscellaneous B62 props as well as my custom prop families and may be a requirement for some of my future uploads. This currently contains only a few props and a handful of prop families (including ones for LBT and SHK vehicles), and some custom textures; more will continually be added as I work. Check back often for updates as they come. Anyone may use any of the props, families, or textures on whatever projects you want, but please, refer to this file as a dependency. If you need to edit any of the attributes to fit your project, feel free to do do. Credit is not strictly required, but it'd be great if you would do so. For comments/feedback/critique/praise or just to see what's coming up next, visit my lot thread over at Simpeg here (may it rest in peace...), or at Simtropolis here.
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    The pictures & information below is for the most part a duplicate of an entry that I recently posted in a CJ. I use the CJ in part to showcase my work. But going forward it's more appropriate to post progress reports in this section. I've always had an interest in skyscrapers from the time I was little. It's the reason why I was originally drawn to the city simulation genre in the first place. I'm sure many SC4 players can say the same. However I differ from the norm in that I also have an interest in other tall non-highrise structures. Be it a skyscraper, observation tower or even a smoke smokestack, I appreciate tall structures all the same. The reasons for this is because of where I'm from. While we do have a pretty decent skyline here in Toronto, undoubtedly the single most impressive part of the skyline is our observation tower. For those not familiar with it, the CN Tower, with a height of 1,815ft / 553.33m, was the tallest freestanding structure in the world for over 30 years(from 1976 to 2007). CN tower u/c Only the Empire State Building has reigned over a height title(post industrial era) for a longer period of time. Needless to say it's something we're quite proud of, much in the same way as a skyscraper aficionado's from New York or Chicago are proud of their distinctive skyscrapers and record holders. I would not have been any more impressed with the structure if it were a buildings instead. Another thing that influenced my perception was the neighborhood where I grew up in. There was a very large plant nearby with a tall smokestack. That chimney was easily the most distinctive landmark in my community. It was a beacon that literally helped me find my way home a number of times. Once when I was little and got lost and then on a number of occasions later on when I was in a drunken stupor... That 'ol stack and little else So in contrasts to most people's opinions about those smokestacks, I was thankful for their existence. That in a nutshell is why I am impressed by all tall structures. Smokestacks were the first custom BAT's I made and subsequently released on the exchange more than 10 years ago. Of course they are relatively simple to BAT compared to a building. Later on I did try to BAT buildings & towers, with a few decent results I never got around to releasing any of these structures because no matter what fix I tried I could never get the damn night lights to work. So after much frustration, I abandon creating building altogether and took a break from BATing. It was after this that I discover my niche. For there is another type of tall structure that I've always though was pretty cool looking. Add to that, I've also had an interest in steel frame structures, such as cantilever & steel arch bridges. So what do you get when you combine steel structures with height? The lattice tower. These structures are know by a few other terms as; truss towers, freestanding framework towers or more simply radio/tv towers. My fascination with them has only increased after I started making them, because its something I turned out to be pretty good at(imo). And aside from several concrete observation towers and a small number of smokestacks, guyed and self supporting towers, there is overall very little of any other type of tall non-highrise structures on the exchange, especially when compared to the number of buildings that have been released. The BellCan & Russian tower have relatively simple superstructures; The entire scope of the project comprises more than two dozen lattice towers(a few are 'hybrids') from all over the world and a few custom designs. Many of which are very prominent landmarks in their respective cites. Imo some of these are amongst the coolest looking/most interesting structures on Earth. (additional images in the spoiler tag) SC4 gmax (partial)render shots On another note, I would of loved to transferred these into Cities Skylines. Heck I might have even persuaded to stop playing SC4 if possible. Unfortunately they're too detailed, many of them have more than 100,000 polygons/triangles and from what I understand, assets above 10k will some serious lag and/or crash issues in skylines. Going forward I'd love to get pre-release feedback on details like textures and scale. The next post will contain the directory of releases.
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    Welcome to Pensatucky, a 1.2 mi city located in the north of the Great Plains State from the fictional country of Simland. The City is car-centered and has many interstate and interchange in it's area. Pensatucky has many things to see. A very modern Financial District with a lot of good hotel and nice apartement, a lot of Skyline view park, and a few monuments like Space Needle Tower. The easiest way to come to Pensatucky is Interstate 1 running South to North in Simland, but you can also use the North Plains Airport, or the newly inaugured high-speed rail system running though the Avalon River. I let you enjoy de beauty of this town : First an aerial view of the city towaring south-east. We can see the CBD with many parks and nice place and a lot of suburban area with many freeway. Here's another view of Downtown taken from the other side of the Avalon River. You can also see North Plains Airport. Here you can see the downtown Gardens, with a little flyover. This particular structure will be soon underground because it's really ugly and was made before tunnel were added. You can see here a better view of Interstate 1 running from left to right in this picture. This part of I-1 will be underground too in a few years. View from the top of the tallest building of Pensatucky to the north. See there's no limit to the suburb to the edge of the map ( nearly ^^ ) A top view of the City. In West Pensatucky is a huge interchange with 5 freeway. In a less develloped zone, a freeway in construction. A lot of people will soon move in this area. And for the end, a little view of North Plains Airport, the Avalon River, and the CBD for background. Hope you enjoy the visit. You can see more pic at my steam profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/grockefeller
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    Hong Kong Sidewalk Mod

    First, First I want to thank @ rsc204 (MGB ) for its " Maxis Texture Replacement Development Kit". I recently learning to use all the tools I need to create my own SC4 mods.. I think I'm happy with the result of my sidewalk mod, I only need to add the "base texture replacement" . Sorry for so many Maxis buildings, I saw the need to empty most of my plugins to speed SC4 load on my PC. Note : Textures made ​​by me .
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    Show us your European City.

    Maps of Norway. Download here. First town. Train station. Aerial view. It's just beginning of my first European city. Hope you like it.
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    A panoramic view of Kaijo's Shinizaka-Kurume Wards, one of the largest business districts in the metropolis. Kaijo's sprawling cityscape has been described as "only surpassed by Tokyo and Osaka as a showcase of the Japanese urban phenomenon."
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    Hong Kong MTR East Line

    Elevated Rail - Subway Automata re-skin for Simcity 4, in-game first test.
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    NAM Visual Guide?

    First off, speaking as a NAM developer, we are keenly aware of some of the common complaints about user-friendliness. We've had the unenviable task of juggling the seemingly opposite tasks of simplifying the mod while also fulfilling requests for new features. That's part of the reason we're in the process of killing off puzzle pieces in favor of FLEX implementations. People complained that they found the puzzle pieces difficult to navigate and complained that there were so many of them, while some of those very same people wanted new features. Going FLEX allows us to eliminate the need for many puzzle pieces and TAB loops, while allowing the use of overrides to adapt content to new contexts. Granted, this has been a massive undertaking, and there's been some teething issues (to be expected, given what's involved and the fact that we are a small team of volunteers--smaller than in years past), but the groundwork is being laid. As far as the "monolithic" approach, the reason we went this way is because it happens to be what a good portion of our userbase requested over many years. Our experience has been that most users (at least the ones we get feedback from) is that they do want something more than just the simulator and Maxis fixes. The whole "separate download addon" side of things we had going on between NAM 21 and 30 exploded in ways we didn't expect. It was originally started as a sort of compromise when the RHW was still in its embryonic state, but had a substantial adoption rate in spite of it. But then, beyond the RHW, we ended up with (in chronological order) the SAM, HSRP, RAM, RuRP, NWM, and DBE as separate downloads. The idea had been that we'd freeze the main part of the NAM, and issue periodic controller updates that would add new functionality to these expansions. However, this "modular" approach ended up failing, in part because certain developers outside of those projects didn't end up following that model, and instead decided to keep sticking their updates into the NAM itself (Tram and URail got to be just as large as the RHW of that era), and we ended up synchronizing those Core updates with the updates of the separate downloads, so it never really was a modular release system as intended. The separate download plugins also made the prospect of crosslinking with other separate download plugins difficult (i.e. crossing over an RHW with HSRP), and we'd get tech support questions like "I installed the NAM, but where's the NWM?" In some cases, people would mix-and-match old NAM versions with newer separate downloads and wonder why things were broken. More critically, the download stats from the NAM 30 era showed that 45% of users who downloaded NAM 30 also downloaded the RHW 5.0 update. There was also the long-time "batteries not included" situation with the NAM not including stations for GLR and the like, due to the long-time "no lots" policy that outlived its usefulness. Taking all that into consideration, as well as a desire to have fewer packages to have to support, we went for the "monolithic" package. That said, the "monolithic" package, while perhaps more "honest" than the fake "modular" NAM, still isn't the perfect setup. It has solved some problems we faced in the NAM 21-30 era. We've discussed some possibilities, one being going away from a package entirely, and going to a custom web interface of some sort that uses a Java client, though the manpower required for that has tabled that for now, so in the meanwhile, we're trying to improve upon the existing experience. One idea that has been floated is a "NAM Lite" package, that is literally nothing but the traffic simulator and a couple other minor things. Nothing is set in stone there, however, and our main focus right now is preparing the full NAM 33 package for a pre-release (similar to what we did with NAM 32). Touching on the documentation issue, I'll cover your points and A Nonny Moose's: As mentioned in our previous discussion on NAM documentation, due to the issues with the formatting used for the NAM 31.x documentation, it made it virtually impossible to edit and update for NAM 32, and there's unlikely to be any fix in that sort of form for NAM 33. We're basically going to have to start over from square one with the whole thing, which, given our limited manpower right now (we have 6 active developers, plus 5 internal testers--and the definition of "active" is less stringent than it would have been even 2 years ago), is going to take awhile. The idea we're looking at now involves appropriating the SC4D Wiki, allowing us an easier way to dynamically update the info. It's been about 17 months since we've had a NAM release, which is one month shy of the all-time record. RL has been rough for many of us of late, and if we don't get things out soon, the whole project may just fall into the abyss, which would not be good for the SC4 community. Apologies for the formidable wall of text. -Tarkus
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    Welcome back, sorta...!

    The new site looks good,keep up the great work
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    Region of Salem

    Welcome back. Today we will be visiting the small village of Clintonville. Reply= Hester..... Glad to hear that from you and I am glad that you love the night time views. Clintonville at night. Very peaceful isn't it. Clintonville during the day. Clintonville's area scenery. Clintonville before the railroad spur and train station was built. Until next time, enjoy your visit to Clintonville, Ludlow District and Region of Salem. "Wide Open Spaces, Beautiful Scenery, And Friendly People Await You At Region Of Salem." JKB
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    Welcome back, sorta...!

    Will see if that's possible... Omnibus should be coming online in a day or two...
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    Okushiri - Central station

    Beautiful. May I ask what these boat houses in the second last pic are called? Keep up the great work!
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    Okushiri - Central station

    Looks good! There aren't many Japanese BATs available but luckily buildings in Japan tend to look the same.
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    Okushiri - Central station

    Great! Love it!
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    Okushiri - Central station

    Looks very nice! Your work's realism never fails to amaze me.
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    Okushiri - Central station

    Looks very nice Art. Can you link me to some of the bats you use?
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    Okushiri - Central station

    This looks lovely. Loving the overview and the landscaping on that island! Looks like a fun place to build on. Cheers James
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    Welcome back, sorta...!

    Would be great to have a preview post option instead of just submit reply.
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    The Towers of Steel Project

    If you could send your model by email, it would be good to test. There are different options in 3dsmax / sc4 to increase the quality but definitively you will not have the same quality than your preview.
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    Mister Giggles

    Fixing the Landfill Bug

    There's also the binary method of Nonny's, come to think of it. That may help. Don't worry! We'll solve this, or die trying.
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    Cool video showing a highway interchange reconstruction over 36 hours: https://t.co/pb95HuX0Pu
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    Mass Effect: Beyond | Episode #75

    Yay for updated map, but the new game brings many questions as to whether the mass relays will still be used or the length of the skip- and its influence on the CJ. So far so good though, love your work!
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    I do hope those issues get resolved. Pretty ambitious stuff!
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    Hope the problems get resolved, because I really enjoy this CJ.
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    I don't think so - people can make the nomination in the proper place. Might be useful for reference though, maybe.
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    Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    My first creation after a SC4 hiatus. Ironically it was buying Cities Skylines which triggered me to start playing SC4 again. I just can't leave it. Anyway, any ideas for what I should fill up the empty space with? I'm not fully comfortable with the stadium...
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    Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    An EL-station in a high density neighborhood.
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    Show us your European City.

    Aerial view update.
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    "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\Mis documentos\SimCity 4\Plugins" - that is regards! (pd: isend you a pm with the log file of the launcher)
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    Great idea, I will add this to the next scheduled release. Could you please copy+paste the full path of your Simcity 4 Plugins directory? I'm going to attempt to get the Launcher to auto-discover the Plugins Directory, but offer the ability to change the directory manually. Regards, Logic_
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    If you put a space in a file name or path name, remember to enclose the whole expression in double quotes (") e.g. "SimCity 4\Plugins"
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    This is Klatskanee and the surrounding area so far
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    Version 1.0.0


    We've all had to go through it- that phase where we think we know everything but to everyone else we have no idea what we're talking about. Such is the case with Jaden Smith, son of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and philosophy extraordinaire. This collection of tweets may be the most profound quotes of this modern century, or it's more likely showing consequences of injecting four whole marijuanas each day. Though it may be a testament to all of the stupidity we like to post on social media, his tweets should help you think while you pass the time when waiting for a city to load. Maybe by the time your metropolis is loaded, you can finally answer how mirrors can be real if our eyes aren't real. About the upload- This is a replacement for the text that appears as you are loading a city tile. Each and every one was copied verbatim (punctual errors included) from @officialjaden, the verified Twitter profile of Jaden Smith. Dependencies? None. This mod was based on Craig-Abcvs' Text Loading Mod. The idea came from __B and to mark his return to Twitter, I thought it was appropriate to make it reality.
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    Aaron Graham

    NYBT International Month

    cmdp123789- Thank you!!! __B- Thank you!!! Seraf- Thank you!!! Parisian- You need 3ds Max, we have said this over and over. Paramount Plaza Here's a render, I'm working on the glass trying to get an idea to make it better.
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    Seraf's Atelier

    Aaron Graham - Thanks Aaron! Finishing touches before moving on to nightlights:
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    Thin White Duke

    Did you know?

    In Sweden, it is legal to be a prostitute, but it is illegal to purchase services from one.
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    IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    I like the theater. As for the unfinished projects, hmmm, well I really like No.13, No.9 is a nice generic building that would find use in a lot of contexts. Other than it, I think that No.6 is nice and simple and well done, however I'd like to see it w2w in any kind of setting.
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    IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    14 is the one I feel the most strongly about. It's a nice design, and it looks like the kind of thing that you can go back to with new knowledge and just spend an afternoon going through and polishing it up. It also looks like an I-HT, which there aren't too many of and all my big I-HT buildings have been popular on the STEX. If I were revisiting this one I would: Sharpen the roof texture which feels soft in some areas, redo the glass material, and make the ends of the building opaque. I went back to when you last posted about it and it's a recreation of a building which affects the decision but I think it would be better if all of the ends were solid wall (like the United Nations HQ for example) but this is just my preference. I'd also BAT the ground plane in anticipation of how you're going to lot it (grass? pavers?) so that it looks like the glass is reflecting the lot. To me, 1, 2, 3, and 4 seem like they mostly need typical roof textures, typical glass textures, and a simple concrete texture with lines for the precast joints. idk what these buildings are like in real life though. Saying it like that it doesn't seem like much but actually going through and doing it for 4 buildings would take time that you'd rather be spending on other projects. For the rest there's a variety of quality and a variety of completion. 5 I think you'd just want to restart and 12 looks almost done. The problem is that most of them are generic buildings that are half complete, and that's a category that's hard to feel passionate about. If you send me LODs I'll send back .SC4Model files. idk what's going on but the ID stuff is very important to the game and it's risky to have your IDs being generated incorrectly, even if the IDs seem unique now.
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    Toothless Stitch

    IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    Anyone else noticed that the previews with your abandoned projects could make up some nice city pic?
  46. 1 point

    IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    Woow that theater is awesome! As for the buildings, I'd say 1-2-3-4 and maybe 9. I honestly think we still lack mid sized office buildings for downtown areas and suburban office parks. The first 4 buildings would be a great addition to the stex!
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    Aaron Graham

    IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    Wonderful bats, I love the theater.
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    Mr Saturn64

    Ben's Top Ten +10

    Unfortunately, it seems as though Sim City 4's popularity is starting to dwindle in these sections. It's sad, but we'll continue moving on. As for me, at least I was in the upper half this week.
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    Show us your - Region

    New Concord has undergone some serious growth. It is currently sitting at around 1.7 million residents
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    to kiros: I have noticed a performance difference when doing large scale things (ie bulldozing a whole section of your map); with the string modification things seem to go a little bit smoother, not necessarily faster. As for your video card string, that is quite peculiar. It should generate a HEX string alongside your graphics card string. In your video card properties window, click the Properties button. Then in the properties window, select the "Details" tab (without quotes). There should be a pull-down menu with a befuddling list of selections. Towards the bottom, there should be an option called "Matching device id". The information there should be what your looking for. My id was pci\ven_1002&dev_9442. Yours should say something similar. The pci\ven_???? describes your vendor. For general purposes, match that with the vendor "nVidia/ati/intel/other" 0x???? and then use that list. The &dev_???? should give you the appropriate string that you insert into the list you matched the vendor to in the first place. Just remember to put 0x before it.
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