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    Coffee Break

    Welcome, to this Coffee break you all! I've got Rem Koolhaas here with me, we'll be soon enough discussing skyscrapers in Asia, but for new enjoy! 1- Current Progress on City Tile 2 2- Rural Scenes (non linked) I've been doing more "rural" cities, one of which located in a foggy valley.. it is crossed by the "Jade Line" Have a great weekend Simtropians! See you soon with "Skyscrapers, or how I stopped worrying and love the image"
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    Replies: 1131989: Sure jmsepe: same hope for me, as we would need new southeast asian CJ Mymyjp: Thanks! JP Schriefer: Thanks!. NMUSpidey: Yep it keep raining here.... thanks! +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Author Note before reading: - This update contain 90 images, may take a while to load all - Play this background song for better atmosphere of update - Sorry for a bit spelling and grammar error
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    New SorGun Recap

    Update 45 1851-1883 Well, it’s been over a year since there was any regular update activity, so I thought I would refresh my memory before we get going again. Feel free to join in. Let’s go back to the summer of 1851. A group of pioneers set sail from Portland Oregon hoping to start a new life and make a few bucks while they are at it. The Pacific Northwest was sparsely populated, and our band of adventurers intended to start a town that would one day become the San Francisco of the Oregon and Washington territories. The going would be tough, but they set out with a vision and had the fortitude to see it through. New SorGun was founded that year, and through hard labor and determination the group of settlers made a small village where a forest of evergreens once stood. Along the way they made friends with a local tribe of Native Americans, and slowly the jumble of cabins become a hub for traders, trappers and other wayward adventurers. As the town expanded through the early 1850s, other settlers move in and start their own settlements. Junction, Materburg and Porthaven also get their start around this time. Logging becomes one of the prominent industries of the region and each town suffers its economic ups and downs. The growth and expansion of the early settlements doesn’t come without its costs. In the winter of 1856, a war party of Native Americans strikes through the region after a number of violent incidents leads to armed conflict. Fortunately for the citizens of New SorGun, the town was saved, but Junction was put to the torch. By 1860, Porthaven was growing steadily with Nicholas J. Delin at the helm. Through his leadership and the towns’ proximity to the new Army fort, Porthaven was already overtaking New SorGun as the principal settlement in the region. However, nothing could have saved the region from the crippling depression and stagnant growth that would result from the devastating American Civil War. Even during the worst of times, intrepid individuals find a way to create opportunities, as was the case with Eastman T. Finch. As the recession of war faded away, the other towns in the region began to grow as well. By 1870 the entire region was profiting from the continued migration of Americans heading west. Mr. Fredric Stevens even managed to tally the entire region in the census of 1870. By 1873 the rumor of a railroad terminus in the area was creating a firestorm of activity. The Northern Pacific Railroad commissioned a poll to determine the best site for the terminus of their trans-continental rail line. Unfortunately for the participating towns, the big wigs in charge of the railroad agreed that it would be financially beneficial to themselves to create a town out of thin air, and laugh all the way to the bank. Almost immediately, folks began moving to Steamer Bay from the other towns in the region, including New SorGun. Business was booming in Steamer Bay, and the railroad bosses had every intention of shutting down any town in the area that dared get in their way. But Mr. Finch wasn’t going to give up so easily. The little town was hanging on, despite the concerted efforts of the Northern Pacific to erase New SorGun from the map. And with the help of a new friend, Mr. Finch devised a plan that would keep New SorGun chugging along. Fredric Stevens would make his return to the region for the 1880 census. Steamer Bay was growing like gangbusters, and a number of other towns were popping up in the area as well. Unfortunately for Mr. Delin, the Northern Pacific got the best of him and gobbled up nearly the entire town of Porthaven. Stevens continues his census tour with a rugged Scotsman and learns about some shady activity by the Northern Pacific Railroad. He finally reaches New SorGun and is shocked to see how much the little town has grown since his last visit, despite the appearance of some political disagreements among the populace. The surrounding countryside has seen changes as well, including the booming quarry business and large swaths of farmland. The 1880 census concludes in the small town of Materburg, where Fredric Stevens decides to finally put down stakes and live out the rest of his days in SorGun. After 30 years of growth, one might want to catch his breath, but the 1880’s roared ahead at breakneck speed. Grumblings about immigrant workers began to rise to the surface in Porthaven, and political struggles were taking shape in New SorGun as Kathleen ‘Miss Kitty’ Timworthy rose to prominence. Finally, a criminal incident in 1882 set up a political firestorm in the town of New SorGun, pitting Kitty Timworthy’s People’s Party against Eastman Finch and the Businessman’s ticket. Will the Northern Pacific Railroad continue its dirty dealings and finally wipe New SorGun off the map, or will New SorGun self-implode under internal strife? What will happen to Lee Shao and his fellow Asian-American immigrants? Have we heard the last of Nicholas J. Delin? Or Fredric Stevens for that matter? Are you ready for more New SorGun?
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    Nah, they've been modelled. Problem is likely that they were modelled beyond a certain thinness that the render can't seem to register Well, he's right. This can happen accidentally. Just apply a grey default texture and check again. This has happened to me sometimes! Just realized, I forgot that there's technically a bump map on the window, that's overlapping the window frames. I might just take it off since it's not all that crucial to the BAT Okay, I'm now diverting any new developments of any Vancouver Res/Com Hi-rises to the Mass Effect: TMW BAT project (It was meant to be there in the first place). The next thing I'm currently working on here on TRP, is this mystery BAT. I have nothing to say about it. I only offer these pictures and little else. Yes.
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    Mikenstein's Government

    Mikenstein has an established Governmental system consisting of the President, who is the leader of the Parliament and in charge of the general running of the country. The President then appoints ministers for various departments, and those ministers, along with their departments have the responsibility of running their area day to day. The Parliament can be seen below. Above the President is a ceremonial monarchy. The King or Queen approves the President and the group of chosen ministers. The power of the monarchy was removed in an amendment to the constitution in 1896. From then, 57 presidents have served the country, with them only being able to serve for 2, 5 year terms at a time, but can then be re-elected after another 3 terms. The Palace where the monarchy reside can be seen below. Throughout the years, Mikenstein has been involved in several conflicts. In memory of all soldiers who have died, a huge memorial is at the very centre of Mikenstein. Also, the National Monument, behind the Parliament symbolises Mikensteinien history. The Government offices are located in a very grand building, only a stones throw from the Palace. Every year, on the 11th of November, a remembrance service is held in the national cathedral. This building is next to the Supreme Court and the President's residence. It also sits in front of the national library.
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    60. Coastal Waterfalls

    60. Coastal Waterfalls Welcome back, folks. This time we head to the coastal road (highway 1) running north of town. 1. Houses and farms on the north side of town 2. More houses and a farm to the north. Traveling further we find the forest coming all the way down to the shore. 3. Highway 1 crosses several small creeks falling off the surrounding hills. 4. The first creek 5. The second has a little fancier bridge 6. The third one adjoins a marshy estuary. 7. The marsh 8. After the estuary is a line of shore cliffs with homes on the top. 9. Time on the beach. 10. The marsh and area in fall. 11. And the tile in full. I'm not sure what i'll have next since i have a lot of half complete stuff, so it will probably be at least 2 weeks before the next update. ~cheers. @SylvioGeorge, mymyjp, sexysark, JP Schriefer, Militant Radical, NeilsC007, dabadon5: Thanks a lot for your comments! @LnX: lol no you don't. I really did a terrible job on that one: i got frustrated with it and didn't finish it. If you really want to see it there is a pic on this CJ at simpeg, top of page 41. @slickbg: thanks! i just copy what i see on the coasts here. I think a lot of it has to do with the piles of driftwood tossed up at the stormline just above high tide mark. I don't see that in a lot of sc4 beaches. @jmsepe: The terrain is Gobias' sunken valley, along with his Vancouver Island beach mod and Inside Passage water mod, with my own custom tweaking of the water alpha using reader. All are available on the LEX. @Kisa Atsuko: I have 8Gigs of ram, a 64bit OS, and the memory patch applied to sc4, and this is near to the maximum my PC can handle. With those specs it can fully run a 96x120km region (this is 88x120). The max i've gotten it to actually open is 112x120, but at that size it barely runs. I doubt 6 gigs of ram or less would actually run this region. @sucram17: lol i love that .gif @indecisive_compulsive: all my cities are functional (they have to be to get residentials to grow). I don't use any 'cheats' per se, but i use a heavy variety of mods that effect gameplay in ways that some people would probably consider 'cheating'. Some of these are somewhat neccessary since maxis never finished out and balanced some aspects of the gameplay, such as farm behavior and traffic. That said, 'cheating' if i had to wouldn't bother me at all, because after you've played this game long enough you've already beaten ever aspect of the simulator. At that point the simulation becomes largely irrelevant, because you've been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Then the game just becomes a tool for creating art, and how you modify that tool once you've mastered it doesn't detract from what you create. @whiteyboybob: Thank you! Yeah, i know about the farms. The thing is these tiles are very quick filler tiles to start off demand in my region, meaning i only spend a few hours on each just to get it done quickly. If it were a more detailed tile, like inner cities and ports where i spend 20+ hours on it i would take care of all those little realism details. Since these last few updates have been from filler tiles im content to just take whatever grows.
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    XI ・ Old and New

    " width=800>
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    Mayon Province Journals Updated !

    Mayon Province Journals Updated ! Previously published journals have been updated. Due to picture publishing on Simtropolis didn´t work and I had to provide links to a offline hosting site. Maters have been resolved and now the journal pictures are fresh on ST with some comment ! Glad hope this will be working for the comming journals, and I can concentrate more on the visual look ! As I´m writing this I will give you some more pictures to show ! Mayon City Railway upgrade has gone underway ! Fresh new look central station Suburb station Railway Junction University got a new campus Some entertainment and Sports Some variety of pictures Hope you enjoy my pictures !
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    Silith - penultimate video !

    Hi guys ! Today I present a new episode about Silith ! The city (i mean the city center) is finished. I have plan one last episode in english after this one. Then I going to built the suburbs but it will in march or april So here it is the 5th episode about the CBD witch is very small because of the size of the city. So, enjoy this video and the pictures below ! And a bonus episode about the public transport network ! You will have more information about this in the 6th episode. And of course some pictures of the city ! Public transport network : 6 regular lines of tramway 9 special lines of tramway 4 lines of monorail 3 lines of trmaway during the night (they not appear on this map).
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    105 Lelio Gama Street
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    You're clearly not thinking straight. This tower NEEDS to be on the STEX.
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    Introduction of Shakovisk

    People's Community of Shakovisk Shakovisk, a small Eastern European country since its creation seeks to strengthen and create equality in socialist molds. After the Soviet occupation after the Second World War, Shakovisk seeks to grow and show your place in the world with the egalitarian ideals for all. In its capital, Dostoevsky, there is growth and nation-building, but behind it lies a ruthless and nothing egalitarian society, totally out of the socialist standards...
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    As promised, Westerhuizen has received a whole host of improvements under the terms of the Strategic Development Funds. Historically, Westerhuizen was a small suburb on the 'wrong' side of the river from the historic town centre. There were (and still are) a handful of traditional Dutch cottages along the river banks, but most of the housing stock is late Nineteenth Century, dark brick terrace housing. These small, ugly homes have mostly fallen into a state of disrepair, and Westerhuizen is easily Nieuwezee's poorest, least-loved neighbourhood. Here's an aerial photo from last year: Now things are changing! Firstly, the town council has repaved the centre of Westerhuizen in attractive red brick. This complements the darker brick housing which dominates the area. The repaving has been enhanced with new tree planting, and pedestrian precincts have been added to close off some of the back-streets and prevent 'through traffic'. The result is a neighbourhood which is quieter and more pleasant for pedestrians. Here's a close-up: And that's not all. The main street has been developed with a new suite of civic buildings; a community college, primary school and a stunning new library: The new development is in the top right of the picture... Here's a closer view of the library, which (as you'll see!) is cleverly shaped like a set of open books. The design has been short-listed for several architectural prizes... Behind the library you can see the new Community College. It's a rather more modest building, yet still a boon for the people of Westerhuizen... and indeed for the whole of Nieuwezee. As well as hosting community space, the college provides adult education and evening courses for families and citizens on low incomes... In these two views you can see the whole 'civic suite' set amongst new plazas and walkways. At the back you see the Primary School. It's a compact modern building, with spaces only for the few dozen local kids of primary age... No longer do parents have to drive their kids half way across town to get to school! The other building of note is the old Leatherworks, which long since sat half-empty (except for a funeral parlour on its East side). The building has been redeveloped into a health centre, as part of the local improvement works. Again, folk in Westerhuizen can now access local services without having to cross the bridge to the Old Town. Here's a close view: The funeral parlour is closest to us here; entrance to the Health Centre is along the main road, beside the car park. That gives us a sense of the civic improvements which have been made to Westerhuizen. As a result, local housing demand has sky-rocketed. The council has laid out four new streets, all of which have been developed by private contractors to provide small, affordable housing units: These developments have added nearly 500 homes, more than 1,000 residents to Westerhuizen's population. Here's a ground-level photo taken from the small park, which you can see near the top of the last image: As you can see, the modern housing units are small but inviting and the developers are creating pleasant 'human scale' places to live. That's all there is to see in Westerhuizen for now; over the next few years we can expect to see low-rise apartment buildings finished close to the 'civic suite' (where construction has already begun). A group of local residents is also petitioning the council to give them use of a patch of riverside land, for a new Community Garden. You've probably noticed, Nieuwezee's council is quite liberal and I can't expect them to refuse this request... ;-) In closing, here's a long-shot of Westerhuizen in all its new-found glory.
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    SC4B's BAT

    When you do a preview render make sure the slider is on Zoom 5. With the lights, it looks like you're using self-illumination on the windows. You can't see through self-illuminated materials. You'll need to pick which method you want to use, self-illumination or interior lighting. Most BATers use self illumination for towers and interior lights for the lobbies.
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    Two Times Square has "9 thumbs up" so far! You see Huston, lots of people love your Two Times Square BAT!
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    Coffee Break

    Holy macarons. That second SC4 image is macaronicaly awesome! :rofl: 
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    JP Schriefer

    SC4B's BAT

    You're improving! We can see that your plane hasn't the minimum size to make the reflection in the building, you can notice the reflections are going only to up to half of the building, try to make it bigger. To make full size pictures, when you inside the preview, there's a disc icon in the left upper corner, click there and you'll know how to make it. Darn42 tips About the antenna maybe the best way is to model it... I don't know how it looks in a bigger picture, but is your helipad in the right dimensions? It looks too small compared with that door. What's the height of the building? Just to see how nighlights look. When you have to add pictures or new informations after your last post and no one has posted after you, is better to edit your last message instead of make triple posts, unless there's a long time since you've posted. You're going really well, keep it up!
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    I'm considering new personal projects for release to the STEX, namely recreations of prominent skyscrapers along Ayala Avenue in Makati City. G.T. Int'l Tower (Love this little beauty) I've always wanted a model of the G.T. in SC4, but I never had the BATing skills for it, nor did I think I'd ever. Now that I have some skill, I might well be able to make an attempt. Then of course, I haven't forgotten about Two Times Square. I'm still doing from time to time, it just tends to be small upgrades, and little improvements. It'll be a long while until this is finished. I just hope I'm doing NYBT a proud and modest job at attempting a New York BAT. They've got a lot more caliber in this kind of thing, as well as their own skills being significantly higher than mine. I think I've done most of the things I need in sketchup, and now I'm starting to move into modelling extra details in 3ds Max. I'll be importing a few things from sketchup from now, just in case there's anything I've missed. Otherwise, this BAT is on the verge of completion. Not completely on the verge, but at this point, I'm getting there I almost feel like giving up on it and just...ehh. It looks pretty bad.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Little trick using the WMP allotment set as a buffer zone and fence system for highways. I might be using this more on straight sections of the highways.
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    Just a couple practice interchanges. I plan to use these in an actual city sometime. A cloverfold And a turbine My first post on the forum btw
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    PIneapple Under The Sea

    Under water pineapples? At least they look yummy.
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    Nice new stuff. Consistently good quality makes for awesomeness!
  23. 1 point
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    XI ・ Old and New

    Another splendid original work especially on the last images. Keep pulling out great stuff and keep the creative juices flowing! :)  
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    Killed by evil tie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scQBWUu2iic Sorry, Ultimate, I hope this wasn't racist again because I "killed" Obama
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    Mikenstein's Government

    perfectos :)
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    Coffee Break

    I love that bridge scene. Also the first one is interesting to look at. I can't wait to see the final product of it.   And enjoy your coffee with Mr. Koolhaas. :P
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    Ahhrgh,every time i see your work i want to travel into future to future Simtropolis to download your creations.This new mysterious mystery tower is no exeption. I guess i`m the only one who things this but if that tower would be taller the it would remind me of the old WTC towers. I wonder if this is already the full height or will it be expanded? The roof looks weird,but i guess this is just because there is still some roofjunk missing,right?
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    Looks like a fun place. I have never seen sumo but I'd bet I'd like it.
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    Show us Your Oddities!

    Your stuff is *plane* amazing, dude!
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    59. Sunset Coast - More Nehalum

    Nice work! You obviously put a lot of time into it. The one thing that looked weird to me is your farms. If you add some farm building ploppables it could help your realism there. 2 silos doesnt equal a real farm.
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    BSC - VIP / Girafe's skills on the BAT

    Thanks for the comments, I exported Carpe Diem and to be honest I am really disappointed by the result &ops, really far from Gan tower in term of quality especially, the glass. I think it s due to the shape of the tower and not the material I used. North side is visually really poor. the size as well is not nice, the tower looks thick. I got a halo on the edges, it will be difficult to remove &mmm. IMHO, the fact that the base of the tower is not modelled give a strange effect, transition BAT / LOT is not well. I doubt about finalizing this project, I remember someone saying that all the buildings could not fit SC4, I think this tower is one of them... urban props + carpack vol. 4 under a Urban props pack vol. 1
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    Show Us Your Small Towns

    Small... For me. Click for full size. Still a work in progress, ignore the satellite dish. I know there's a building in the way haha
  34. 1 point

    Show Us What You're Working On

    High elevation city I'm working on with farms starting to surround it Click for full size. Zoom in: ...And what the heck, a few more pics because why not I'll build a real airport here, eventually
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    Update 39: An Emerging Country... (final update)

    Bye Karasem, I did love the journal.   Also I think I know what that guy would say. "I'm going to Nakahara" :lol:
  36. 1 point

    Update 39: An Emerging Country... (final update)

    Wow what an update, makes me want to make a South East Asian city 
  37. 1 point

    Update 39: An Emerging Country... (final update)

    I like Karasem.
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    @matias93: That looks very cool. Interesting green lights, too. Do you have a day pic? Because I'd sure like to see one! @cromabianca: Good thread idea! I also like that row of pencil towers - almost like bixel's mega estates shrunk to pocket size. @cardiomonkey: Wow, that's one of the worst examples of repetition I've ever seen. How depressing, those long lines of generic office buildings... @Jolteon: Whoa. A nightmarish scene. *shudder*
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    OMG,the nightlighning is indeed spectacular.I`m so glad i switched to darknite two weeks ago. Manhattan will be happy to welcome this beauty....still need to figure out where to place it....maybe demolish one of those fabulous landmarked high class apartments along Central Park....
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    59. Sunset Coast - More Nehalum

    Very nice job! I especially love the river.
  41. 1 point

    59. Sunset Coast - More Nehalum

    So calming. A place a want to go when things get too stressful.
  42. 1 point

    Update 17: From Akashima, 5 months Later...

    Love the way you made the construction site!
  43. 1 point
    JP Schriefer

    Update 17: From Akashima, 5 months Later...

    Very well done!
  44. 1 point
    JP Schriefer

    59. Sunset Coast - More Nehalum

    Wonderful update. Great job in the river!
  45. 1 point

    Update 17: From Akashima, 5 months Later...

    Why Simcity 5 never turned out like this I will never know...   11/10.   :D
  46. 1 point

    59. Sunset Coast - More Nehalum

    Again, incredible pictures. A really superb blending of the nature and the ciry
  47. 1 point
    JP Schriefer

    JP Schriefer's BATs

    @tonyr - Thank you @ToothlessStitch - Sorry about that, I forgot to say it was not done yet. @Bastet69008 - Thank you, and fixed @Seraf - Thank you. Yeah, the only way I found was to not do the sidewalk there, was made in Lot Editor in the final version. SPECIAL NOTE: Well, folks, exactly 1 year ago on the same day and almost at this same moment, I started this thread still learning to do BATs. Since there I could improve on BATing thanks to the help from all of you who are here, so I'm very grateful. Thank you very much! Coincidentally on the thread birthday I released a BAT! Here we go: Habib's is on STEx! I also had some progress in One Financial Square (32 Old Slip), from New York, sent some images to Borg some days ago and now decided to post here. More angles on the spoiler. I'm working in a project out of Simtropolis as well, and soon I'll probably release some things from there on STEx, they're John Wesley United Church and St. John's Memorial Hall. John Wesley United Church St. John's Memorial Hall Sorry about the long post, I thought would be good to talk about how everything is going here
  48. 1 point

    Show Us What You're Working On

    Oh my god, this is amazing!! I can spot Central do Brasil, Praça Paris, Aterro do Flamengo, Cosme Velho neighborhood and several other things! Fantastic, keep up the good work. I'm working on Redfield Northern Suburbs:
  49. 1 point

    Queensferry ---> WINNING

    I love BuggMas! (I am loved!!)
  50. 1 point

    Show Us What You're Working On

    wasnt sure how to lay out the roads, so i just messed around and i think it turned out kinda nice.
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