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    Papireto - 17 marzo 1861

    The Five Days of Macondo were a major event in the Revolutionay year of 1861. On March, a rebellion arose in the city of Papireto. Macondo was a colony of Fringuellonia Empire, ruled by the Emperor Fringuello II. The population was subject to high taxation, and most of the inhabitants of Macondo were in conditions of absolute poverty. Who is opposed to the imperial government was arrested. In addition, the plague of 1859 decimated the population of Papireto. The emperor and the rulers of Macondo were indifferent to the problems of macondiani. In March of 1861 the Emperor Fringuello II, to strengthen his presence on the territory of Macondo, arranged the marriage between his son and the Countess Serbelloni Viendalmare Mazzanti, daughter of Count Guido Serbelloni Viendalemale Mazzanti, governor of the Macondo’s colony. The people did no accept the news well. And so they organized a protest in front of the seat of government, where the Emperor was with his family follows the story of a contemporary chronicler… … it seems that the imperial guards have used the cannons against the unarmed people. On the streets of Papireto there are hundreds of deaths… ...the revolt broke out ... the citizens of Papireto raise barricades in the streets of macondo. They attack and defend themselves with rifles and stones ... … the imperial guards were defeated in the "Piazza della mole". …The Insurgents are moving into the Government Palace… Many government officials, including the Count Servelloni Viendalmare Mazzanti, are captured. …Emperor saw the difficulty of resisting under siege in the city centre and he preferred to retire at the “Reggia di Macondo”... …At the “Reggia di Macondo” Emperor meets thousands of protesters and decides to escape in the countryside of Macondo. … The news of the revolt spreads in the countryside of Macondo. Thus, near Casteldipollo, the emperor and his family are captured by a group of rioters and are conducted in Papireto… ..People run to Piazza del Popolo, where was set up the scaffold. Justice will be done. In the 17 March 1861 the leaders of the revolt proclaim independence. Born the Republic of Macondo.
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    It will be very familiar to those who love the genre, but it will also do new things and set its own priorities and focus areas: It will be a single-player game that works completely offline. The goal is to simulate one whole, huge region at once - no need for tiny city lots or artificial city interaction dynamics. It will be affordable and will not rely on DLC. Alpha and Beta versions will be available for a reduced price. Moddability will be a priority, not an afterthought. Read more about Citybound and the technology: http://blog.cityboundsim.com/the-beginning/
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    Update 4: The churches of Notre

    Replies Well guys, I'm back from Uruguay, the trip was amazing, Montevideo is really beautiful and Punta del Este as well, I highly recomend, Uruguay is a very good country. Schriefer, Benedict, Schulmanator, lulsalad, scissors, gugu3, Neto Dari: Thanks once again for your comments, I'm really glad to see that you guys are following the CJ. Simrico: I loved what you wrote haha hope your sims had a great trip, Notre is always welcoming to tourists. TorontoFCBrony: the most beautiful town ever? Wow, thats quite a compliment, thank you! The Churches of Notre We are still in the year of 1870, and today we are gonna make a tour by the churches of Notre. 1. De Oude Kerk, built in 1710. 2. De Nieuwe Kerk, built in 1756. 3. The Westerkerk on a cloudy day, built in 1768. 4. The Marienkerk, by the sunset, built in 1842. 5. And the Notre Kerk, on a foggy day, built in 1862. And as a bonus, my favorite picture of Montevideo.
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    SchulMedia: News Reel #2 (#1) (#3) (#4) These are the odd one or three pictures that aren't enough to make a full update with but I still want to show you. I'll sort of put them here and arrange in reverse chronological order. The most recent ones will be first and we'll work our way backwards. I'll put the date by each. There will be the occasional thing I have just a few pictures of but still want to use. For those, look here! After 20 stories, the next newsreel will be started. This is the second one. See the first one [here] and the third one [here]. Wednesday 13 August 2014: News Brief #40 Princess Katherine I attended the dedication this morning of Blasingame Memorial Auditorium in the Wirdleonia capital of Robinia this morning. This octagonal structure will be a vibrant addition to the community. The headliners for opening night are the Singing Bass Family and Shark Cat. Thursday 31 July 2014: News Brief #39 Who needs Shark Week when you have SHARK CAT???!! WHO NEEDS SHARKNADO 2???!!! BONUS: The SharkCat song! Sunday 13 July 2014: News Brief #38 The Good News Report! Brought to you by Margay Ocelot & Company, LLC... Margay Ocelot & Company is your best source for tropical wildcat supplies. Stop by the big dome in Jaguar Village today! Good News #1: Congrats to Tonraq, who scored Schulmania's 4000th comment in the new CJ area. Way to go! Good News #2: Move over, Casper! The friendly ghosts are headed to Schulmania... and they ride ferries! Check out this traffic in a tile with NO population! Good News #3: Too bad we all can't live in Schulmania! Good News #4: The 2014 State Visit to Belize and Guatemala has inspired something new and different for Schulmania. You will see more of it later! Friday 11 July 2014: News Brief #37 Initial reports from the 2014 State Visit are now coming in! Xunantunich, Belize Tikal, Guatemala A bit of a starter for you! Saturday 21 June 2014: News Brief #36 Hungry?? Friday 13 June 2014: News Brief #35 Nyan Airlines, the flag carrier of Schulmania, has made arrangements for expanding service from the Feline Realms to the The Bureau of Feline Affairs High Commission for International Feline Affairs has been working hard to expand feline trade and transit and is most pleased to offer nonstop and connecting service from National Capital International Airport (NCIA - Oak Ridge, Tenne) and New Arlenes International Airport (NAIA - New Arlenes, Mookimia) to Edwardsville-Salem Regional Hub Airport in the Region of Salem (and is making final preparations for flights to Region of Salem International Airport once it is opened. Let's check out the inaugural flight, heading out from NCIA and headed out to Salem. Countess Katherine II (Countess of Harar) will be leading a feline delegation to the Salem airport grand opening. The airport security and customs offices are outside the terminal Nyan Fight 16 to Salem has been cleared for departure. Let's take off! Monday 9 June 2014: News Brief #34 I don't care how sweet your ride is... ...you are NOT going to enjoy this road!!! (Why did I do this? Because I CAN!!! Mwa ah ah ah ahhhhhhh!) Sunday 25 May 2014: News Brief #33 Thrilla in Schulmanilla!! We're headed back to the Isle of Bruce in the Royal Quarter for an exciting sporting event. It's time for the Thrilla in Schulmanilla! The boxing match of the year! We are headed to the Wildcat Den, the arena located in the heart of the busiest part of the business district. The arena is the home court of the reigning MLY (Major League Yarnball) championship team: the Atomic Kittens. There's always something cool at the arena. Tomorrow there's a concert by Fluffy and the Pouncers! Crossing over the Wirdle River to the Isle of Bruce over the 14th Street Bridge Don't get lost when you have to turn onto Maine Coon Street! Hurry up to get there quickly! The good seats will be taken quickly. Today's boxing match is between Feline Boxing League (FBL) champion Tabby "The Scratcher" Morrell and Humanoid Boxing League (HBL) contender Osborn "The Vet" Weasel. The winner will get the All-Schulmania Boxing Belt! Future FBL contenders will be watching the outcome of this event very carefully! We're here! and it's almost fight time! Let's grab our seats! And.... "DING!" The fight is on! In a very one sided match, Tabby "The Scratcher" Morrell won on a TKO in the second round. Osborn "The Vet" Weasel required 163 band aids and will have to wear the Cone of Shame for weeks! Thursday 8 May 2014: News Brief #32 Where were you when you heard the great news??!! I was in Meow Plaza! Schulmania won the 2014 CJ March Madness sponsored by PhatHead! Woo hoo! Tuesday 6 May 2014: News Brief #31 Celebrating The Belgian Millennium! 1000 Belgians in Schulmania! Celebrate with us as we enjoy the Baronial Manor in Pyy, inspired by Ooidonk in Belgium!! Baronial Manor - Pyy Ooidonk Castle- Belgium Enjoy this special occasion with the finest chocolates... Tuesday 29 April 2014: News Brief #30 Lawyer Cat has been at it again. There has been a big fuss over in the Theater District of the capital... Frankly, I am not sure what they were complaining about... it looks fine to me! Lawyer Cat will be bringing this to the Supreme Wirdle for a ruling forthwith! Wirtyplace, the seat of power of Schulmania, home to the Supreme Wirdle As Lawyer Cat approached the entrance, he was accosted by a group of feline petitioners and asked to take a petition from them to the Supreme Wirdle as well.The petition was from the felines in the capital and is directed toward the humanoids in the National Capital Region. He agreed to carry the petition in with him. In case you are a humanoid, you'd better see the petition... We'll see what her rulings are in these two cases soon! Friday 25 April 2014: News Brief #29 Here in the Isle of Bruce, the bustling business hub of the capital's Royal Quarter in the Wirdle River, everyone is talking about the big news! The Supreme Wirdle has been interviewed by Meow magazine and has outlined a detailed plan to triumphantly end the war against Queensferry! Magazine vendors are being mobbed by patrons looking to read the exclusive scoop scored by ace reporter Lois Lane! And as an added bonus, the magazine also includes 15 great new tuna and sardine recipes as well as some fabulous do it yourself craft projects to keep your kittens entertained all season long! Get your copy today! Meow is on sale at newsstands everywhere! Tuesday 8 April 2014: News Brief #28 it's waaaaaaay too quiet here in the CJ section. So, time to stir things up... Look what Queensferry did! Bombardment of cities in East Atkinos... coming very close to the military academy Damage was extensive. Schulmania National Air Force planes drove off the enemy bombers and shot down 8 of their vile craft. They also dropped thousands of these flyers across the region. Their insolence is insufferable! They will pay for this!!! Wednesday 2 April 2014: News Brief #27 It's somebody's birthday today! Celebrate with Schulmania! Sunday 30 March 2014: News Brief #26 Schulmania's first recording studio has now been opened! Located in the city of Pyy on Pyy Island, Schulmanicus, Milford's Sounds will produce and distribute all sorts of great feline tunes! Let's sail in! Purr-haps you would like to buy our first recording... On sale now in fine musical shops everywhere... and on iPurr.com! Tuesday 25 March 2014: News Brief #25 The Government of Schulmania is pleased and honored to announce that Schulmania has received its 7th consecutive Most Entertaining CJ Trixie award from Simtropolis! We thank the members of Simtropolis for their thoughtful consideration and appreciate your ongoing support of the Feline Realms! Sunday 16 March 2014: News Brief #24 Today Schulmania hit 700,000 visitors in Volume 2! I'm headed to Wally World to buy us some awesome party supplies. And a very special destiny fulfilling edition of Schulmania will be released to celebrate the occasion. Be there for the par-tay! Tuesday 11 March 2014: News Brief #23 Never doubt the ferocity or fighting spirit of the feline! The feistiest felines are ready to defend our nation! And ripped from today's headlines: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/911-call-reveals-family-held-hostage-fat-cat-22858540 Thursday 6 March 2014: News Brief #22 It's a great day for a trip to the National Zoo. Come along with me to see the cool critters!! Saturday 1 March 2014: News Brief #21 Now open in New Arlenes... New Arlenes International Airport!!
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    Replies: 47ply, on 27 Feb 2014 - 10:46 AM, said: this is really nice. some of us need to send this stuff to our city leaders for an example of how it should be I appreciate the comments and visit. Schriefer, on 27 Feb 2014 - 3:48 PM, said: This town is looking really good! Thanks. Downtown businesses are clamoring for some upgrades though. Schulmanator, on 27 Feb 2014 - 8:06 PM, said: Nice looking suburbs Keeping some green space is a challenge, plus transportation. We have a pretty good bus system, and some commuter rail to a few outlying towns. Thanks for stopping by! Gugu3, on 28 Feb 2014 - 07:11 AM, said: Good looking suburb We are looking at some more parks, etc. to keep up with the population. Benedict, on 28 Feb 2014 - 09:07 AM, said: This is looking fantastic. I think the fact that you pay a lot of attention to the greenery and green space helps to make it look so seamlessly natural. Thanks friend! We're trying not to cut down every tree! Update: Businesses line up along the freeway. The restaurant at the truck stop is popular with locals as well as the traveling public. One of the numerous small ponds that dot the area. These businesses house some of the high tech manufacturing companies that have grown here. The Forest Acres area of the city is bumping up against the Crosstown Freeway as it grows. By for now... Dick
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    Dark Future Comes.

    Year 2112. Albion Oblast. Hiigaran Federation. Megapolis of Pizen. Smog. Two of the night. ===================== Hey all, will return with new update. Mostly set on Earth 2112. Ecological Catastrophy, destroyed the world that we know and now humanity lives in ever changing world. Next large update in two days.
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    Cool interchanges everyone Here's an image of the last one I posted later on: This one isn't much of an interchange either, but it does include an RHW and one ramp. Of course, zoned development is non-existent at this stage in the city's development: Here's a new T-interchange I recently built: And here's a similar one but diagonal. Yes, I realize it's missing one of the left turn movements, but I couldn't find a way to make that look good, so I did something else with one of the ramps. Think of it as two partial Y-interchanges with an extra ramp thrown in to one.
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    edwardjeria- Thank you!!! Vlasky- Thank you team mate!!! SimCoug- Thank you!!! Schriefer- Thank you!!! cmdp123789- Lol, thank you!!! 2639 & 2641 Jerome Avenue Here's a new building I'm working one, I hope I can get it close to the texturing like the next building, so I can texture them around the same time. The wing on the left is 2639 Jerome Avenue, and the wing on the left is 2641 Jerome Avenue, both of these wings are actually serarate buildings.
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    Neto Dari

    Marco Polo

    Bem-Vindo a Marco Polo, cidade localizada no Centro-Leste do Cruzeiro do Sul. // Welcome to Marco Polo, city located in the East-Central of Cruzeiro do Sul. Português English Subúrbios da Zona Nordeste de Marco Polo, se vê o VLT Transmarcopolitano. // Suburbs of the Northeast, below you see the VLT Transmarcopolitan: Subúrbios da Zona Noroeste, no centro da imagem está a Via Expressa Norte-Sul. // Suburbs of the Northwest, in the center of image it is the Expressway North-South: Subúrbios da Zona Sudoeste, Aeroporto Municipal de Marco Polo e uma pequena região industrial, cortados pela CS-533. // Suburbs of the Southwest, Marco Polo Municipal Airport and a small industrial region, crossed by CS-533: Subúrbios da Zona Nordeste, congestionamento na ida para o trabalho, acesso a Nova Lusitânia(CS-032). // Suburbs of the Northeast, congestion on the way to work(rush hour :/ ), access to New Lusitania(CS-032): Região Industrial de alta tecnologia e termoelétrica a gás natural. // Industrial region of high technology and thermoelectric(natural gas): Região Comercial, atravessada pelo VLT Transmarcopolitano e CS-032. OBS. Aqui tem acesso restrito de automóveis hehehe. // Commercial Region, crossed by VLT Transmarcopolitan and CS-032: Bairro residencial de alta densidade na Zona Sudeste. // High density residential neighborhood in the Southeast: Vista noturna do Centro de Marco Polo, na esquerda subúrbios da Zona Oeste e no meio o entroncamento da CS-533 e CS-032. // Night view of downtown, on the left is the suburbs of West Zone and in the middle, the CS-533<->CS-032 intersection: + Essa é uma cidade de tamanho médio do SC4. // This is a medium-sized town of SC4. + Possui cerca de 180 mil habitantes. // Got about 180 thousand inhabitants. + Os maiores problemas são os congestionamentos, tráfego denso e a saúde deficitária // The biggest problem is congestion, heavy traffic and poor health.
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    BTT (CJ section): 6 March 2014

    Hi, Huston. And another 'not too shabby' week for you. Hi, jmsepe. On the brink this week... Hi, paeng. Glad you're enjoying Banished - hopefully it will be released for MAC so I can give it a try. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ben's Top Ten I've been expecting this for a while now, but the competition has been so fierce lately, that it has taken a revolution to see Repubblica di Macondo reach number one for the first time. Random & Random and Nyhaven are back. Happy CJing, everyone! Follow on Twitter: @benstopten Ben's +10 Teiko Metropolitan Area by jmsepe Greater Whatcom Region by SounderBruce Mitiga by 89James89 Sector 5 by Benedict Schulmania by schulmanator Addison County by rewright Teddy City by Titanic Bluff Lübbenauer Tor by TekindusT A random journal by Moerp Amnefest Village by NurelFayed
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    Randoms | Assorted SC4 pics #3

    Terring Yep, it can be changed quite drastically MilitantRadical I've been wanting to do one for a while to show people raw SC4 images of ME:TMW Tonraq It does yeah, and of course, to make a scene underwater, it was gonna have to be photoedited tankmank Indeed, that's why I had to edit the image with Umeda Tower. The blue was waaay to bright and overwhelming and made the image look - strange? In any case, it looked way better after editing KonstantinII I'm not against pure SC4 imagery, but it tends to look a little dull sometimes SimRico Thanks, and yeah, I still try to keep it from straying from SC4, with the exception for the update about Austra's Cerberus Station. It was too good not to turn into a 3d styled image pingpong Thanks, it's great of you to say that. Though some urban scenes, ie. Origins: Kasumi Goto - the one of Osaka including Umeda Tower really needed the editing badly cause I couldn't stand the color palette that the creator of the Umeda tower BAT decided on city89 #1, #2 I made them myself specifically for that image, and I'm pretty sure you asked me about last time but on ME:TMW, and I pretty much gave you the same answer as follows. Again, I'd really appreciate it more if you PMed me about BAT queries rather than posting on the comments. I don't really appreciate it when commenters ask for a BAT, ignoring everything else -- it's not really what the comments sec is for. In any case, I haven't released the buildings since they're primarily novelty items that I am unlikely to put out to the STEX, but I might in the near future. ____________________________________________________________ This Randoms update has a wide variety of images and a wide variety of timelines, being when I made them. Some were made 5 years ago and some only recently. Some are complete, some not so much. It really is completely random, and there is not topic at hand. But one thing's for sure; all these images are unedited. So just sit back, and enjoy the raw SC4 images. An image of Llithustania's Crovakian state capital, Delavia, before the EQ struck. The small village of Ferdinand in the islands of Selcia and Bormeleo. At night. Welshington, Bauitelle, Llithustania. A blast from the past, made several years ago. An image I made that was inspired by Alaska. Also inspire by my discovery of these odd terrain textures. Huehue. An old image from the ETA, a Litusian territory before it claimed independence. From the 3N CJ. ME:TMW's Batarian slum on Khar'shan uncut. An unedited shot of the Cerberus Station over Austra in ME:TMW. Novamaine, capital of the ETA. An old image I'd never shown on ST. The Progress I made on Touraan City, capital of the Gurivian Emirates or Federation, I forgot. Close up shot on the Mysterious Island remake and its artifact. The result of the Tutorial I made unedited. Just wanted to post it here too lol. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's ugly. From one of my earlier towns that I actually grew. A view of the main town area of Avondale. An old town I use to play. And it was actually turning a profit. I'll show you it again when I've removed the Maxis Trees and spruced it up a bit! ____________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, you remember what I said in the last update? About a Sci-Fi update regarding a remake of a classic sci-fi film? Well, here's the project in progress: I'm making some models for the few images I'm making in regards to this specific movie. I gotta fix some surface on these models in skecthup but so far so good If you wanna take a guess at the movie, go ahead. Anyway, that's it for today, come back to R&R for anything new and random!
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    Replies: MatTSW: Cheers! scott1964: nbvc's Stone Paths- freemunchies: Thank you! In this update I experiment with bedrock. Indiana Joe: Thanks for that. Yeah I've compared the differences between JPEG and PNG versions of my pictures, and there is a negligible difference between the two image formats. So I'll be sticking to JPEGs from now on. Schriefer: I'm glad you liked it. city89: My next WIP is a sprawling mid-rise city, so in a couple of weeks time I will be presenting another downtown. Update 17: Fernsville- Strato's Lake In this update there is even more MMP work on display as we travel around Strato's Lake. In a couple of areas there are visible outcrops of the massive batholith which resides underneath Fernsville. This igneous bedrock is the only on-the-surface indication of such a batholith. There are a couple of villages dotted around Strato's Lake, they are kept alive by the tourists and hikers who visit the area. Something I've always wanted to do having walked around the Lake District; recreate stone paths which cut through rocky areas. The water lilies only grow in the more stagnant parts of Strato's Lake. An old landslip; what top soil remained immediately afterwards was washed away due to torrential rain. The pedestrian bridge is a necessity during rush hour since many tens of thousands of commuters use this avenue to enter both Tamboria and Cranksville. Yet more fields where I use MMPs for the crops. Spot the fisherman. My next MMP idea was to have this avenue cut straight through a layer of bedrock.
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    SIRs Viennese BATs

    @all: thank you! @ T Wrecks: here is my new version. It still not really fads away, but isn't so intensive anymore: Wish you a great weekend and I think I will start rendering on Monday.
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    Kakado's BATs

    So I decided on 5 buildings I will export If there are things that i need to change (and I know there are) tell me now I Added the city where they were taken from and the approx years For some reason the 2 from Ashdod and Gan Yavne look the same ... how can I change that ?
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    My Views regarding Parking in SC4

    Parking garages aren't really useless! There are basically two cases where they can prove useful, provide park-and-ride capabilities for MT stations w/o built-in parking, and provide car access to lots served by Ped-Mall tiles (pedestrian-only streets) where sims can drive to the parking garage and walk to their workplaces. The ingame parking garage is not only ugly, it is also huge, taking up a lot of space and looking weird next to bus-stop or subway. Search the STEX for alternatives, but my advice is keep away from "modular" sets (they don't work). Low or no parking usgage may be due to the way it has been placed, or due to the traffic simulator settings of NAM (less pro-MT, lower bus speeds). I have replied to similar posts in the past, below are some links: - - - - - Hope this helps.
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    Marco Polo

    It looks like a prosperous area. I am sure they will be able to improve their health.
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    PBGV's BAT Thread

    Only Carnegie Hall Tower is a textured box. Metropolitan Tower is modeled but not entirely finished. There are renders of it a page or two back. I can't speak to how quickly these buildings will be finished. I've been working on modeling the interior walls and floors of CitySpire Center tonight, and with the complex facade it's taking much longer than I expected. You can't simply make planes for floors as I had done with old models. In this case each floor needs to be form fitting to the exterior and included the inner walls and window frames, all in order to prevent light from traveling between floors in the night renders. As you can see below, a lot of the detail will be lost in renders, but it still needs to be there to prevent the light seepage.
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    Vlasky's Hell's Kitchen

    DOOD i absolutley LOVE me some of that avatar ! Sending YOO a buddy invite! Hey Vlasky LOVE the blimp! Whered you get it or are you making this?
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    Vlasky's Hell's Kitchen

    Aaron Graham: you should have tried ty Terring: Technically, the Futurama was only one of the exhibitions in the NYWF '39 and ty APSMS: Well, I wouldn't say ESB is on hold. I said it from the start ESB is a massive project and it is going to take time to finish it. Especially because I want to give my 100% to it. That means that as much as I can learn before I commit to it fully, the better the outcome will be. Hindenburg is another story. It was supposed to be quick project and it was almost finished imho, but than I ren into a bump. I created the material that I really really like but it is based on the Autodesk material, not Arch & Design. That means no AO, no adding bump maps. I have tried over and over to recreate the material in Arch & Design, but with little success. And I really wanted to use bump maps to "deflate" the zeppelin's surface a bit. This is the latest image of it before I stopped working on the model. (not sure if I posted it before) Schriefer: Thanks cmdp123789: Nothing is dropped!! As a matter of fact, I have created a plan by which I am not starting anything new before I finish and upload all of the BATs I have on my plate. All of these have been started before. So, basically what I'm saying is, there is probably not going to anymore new BATs. You can expect that I will be finishing and releasing most of the things I have already started. There will be two variations of ESB. One without antenna and one with it. Basically pre-50s and modern day ESB I think I said that before (?). And btw, I'd LOVE to see zeppelins in 2014 MTT9: Thanks! SimCoug: In my eyes, you'll always be the winner Seriously, you came so close that I couldn't believe. I was actually planing for that guess game to go on for 24 hrs so that I can do more work on model and than show render, but thanks to you So this is my progress. I've added doors on the Trylon, also changed some textures and most importantly added fountains around the Perisphere Please let me know what you think. (don't forget to click on image for full size)
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    No never :/ Thanks for the comments.
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    I made City Journal about this project. You find the Journal with the updates HERE. Here on the forum I will only posts updates, so pictures made while playing and not having any finishing touch. UPDATE 1 FROM THE JOURNAL: UPDATE 1 Currently working on an area in the eastern side, about 30 minutes drive from the middle of center. It's the place where there's a second financial center and where the hills start to come up. Metro doesn't reach this area anymore, therefor you can use the Regional Rail Network, something equivalent to the RER in Paris. Still busy working on it, but here some pictures as it looks right now.
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    Offline Mode Coming Soon

    18 March 2014: Update 10 has now been released. Please continue discussion Havent seen this posted yet, saw it on another forum and thought I would share. I might actually get this game now since it will be offline and mods could/should fix the bigger issues. http://www.simcity.com/en_US/blog/article/simcity-offline-is-coming
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    The University Stage 1

    Replies @UnderCoverNinja12: Thanks! @Ln X: Thanks! @Gannet: Thanks! I know it has been a long while(And it has!) since I posted in this City Journal. Back in January, I retired this CJ's mother CJ, The United Cities. Some of you in the comments wondered how long I would keep Paridise Island open following the UC's retirement. I can answer here that in fact it will be open for the time being, but will be retired sometime before I head off to college in August. Note that i haven't really updated here because I have been distracted by SimCity 2013 and another region in SC4 that i am working on. And in fact, speaking of college... tonight's update will be on the island's first university, the University of Paridise Island, located across from Falmouth with the recent PIRail extension linking the campus to downtown Madisonville. Overview of the campus: Close-up of the library(Right) and technological sciences school(Left) Close-up of the student recreation center, the administration building at left, and the PIRail station below The School of Arts and Music, along with it's auditorium for performances and plays Note that what you just saw is phase 1 of the campus. Phase 2 is expected to add housing, a multi-purpose arena, a ferry terminal, and more.... Hope you enjoyed this update, see you next time, and be sure to set your clocks 1 hour forward!(At least, if where you live goes on daylight savings time)
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    lets go fishing

    summer cant get here soon enough Have a great weekend everyone.
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    Small Cities with skyscrapers

    Interesting topic. My own hometown, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada actually boasts a fairly impressive skyline for being a relatively small city. Halifax has a metro population of just under 400,000 but its the regional centre of Atlantic Canada (approx 2 million) which gives it more weight than most small cities. Pic of the Downtown In a more extreme case, Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories has a number of tall buildings and yet the "city" doesn't even have 20,000 people. Total pop is just 18,352
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    East Kolibri

    The Hustonians sends their greetings from the 3rd featured city on my Around The World Tour of Featured CJs! .....Alf says"meaow'... uh-oh i gotta GIT!  heading off to the 5th stop.i wonder where that could be?
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    LDS Church (Mormon) Urban Meetinghouse

    Excellent ^_^
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    Welcome to the Federal Kingdom of Belsay; an existing state southern of Ireland, south-western of the United kingdom and eastern of France. A state sharing the Bay of Biscay with France and Spain and a state bordering one of the most important sea routes on Earth. The Federal Kingdom of Belsay or, as the French speaking minority calls it, Le Royame Fédérale de Belsaux is one of Europes biggest islands. The federation exists out of two federal states, namely the Federal State of Wistelton (Etat Fédéral de Wistelton) in the north with an English speaking population, and the Federal State of Courteville (Etat Fédéral de Courteville) in the south witn a French speaking popluation. HISTORY A brief history: until the First World War the Island of Belsay was occupied by the United Kingdom and a small part (about 10% in the north) was occupied by Ireland. After the First World War France was capable of occupying the eastern part where already most of the population was orientated towards France. Belsay has been a kingdom since 1500 AC, but has been occupied since 1800 AC. The monarch at that time lived in hostile in Sweden and later Canada. At the beginning of the Second World War the Island of Belsay faces an uprising against the occupation by France, Ireland and the United Kingdom. After a smooth revolution the Island receives independance, with the former British and Irish parts forming the Kingdom of Belsay and the southern part forming the State of Courdeville. The monarch returns at this times and becomes monarch of the English part. In 1950 both parts of the Kingdom reunite in a federation with the former and historical monarch as the head of state. STATISTICS In the entire Kingdom there are approximately 50.000.000 civilians. To give you some references, United Kingdom has 63.000.000, France has 65.000.000, Germany has 82.000.000, Italy has 60.000.000 and Spain has 47.000.000. With this population Belsay is currently the sixth European state by population (including Russia). Courteville, the southern state bordering France, has about 15.000.000 civilians. Wistelton, the northern part bordering Ireland and the United Kingdom, has about 35.000.000 civilians. When we look at the size, Courteville occupies about 20% of the island, where Wistelton occupies about 80%. The capital Haydan is almost entirely English and is situated for 85% in Wistelton. Especially the south-eastern part of the capital is part of Courteville and therefor this part has a French orientation. In The Greater Metropolitan Area of Haydan, approximately 12.000.000 people live. This means that about 24% of the population lives in the capital of this state. POLITICS Belsay is a centralized state on almost all political issues, with Queen Dolora of Himmerton as the current head of state. The prime-minister has always been from the English population, because this part of the population is way bigger. The current prime-minister is Silvester Cornwell. CLIMATE Belsay has a climate that is comparable with the climates of London and Paris, although the general temperature in Belsay is warmer, due to its more southern location. Belsay has a sea-climate.
  29. 1 point
    I just had one of my peeps get in touch with one of your peeps over on your recent CJ to see if a deal can get 'strick"
  30. 1 point

    Marco Polo

    Muy próspera metrópolis y ricos! ¿Cuánto podría comprar esa mansión roja? And a 5-star  
  31. 1 point
    The difficulty level affects not only the initial cash, but there is also a factor ("revenue multiplier" ?) in the Budget Tunning exemplar IIRC (duh, I don't have SC4 and tools installed as of now so I can't tell exactly), which is greater than 1.00 for the "Easy" level and 1.00 or less than 1.00 for the "Medium" and "Hard". But as you said, it's actually too easy, even at the "Hard" level. I find it very unchallenging, and as my cities grow it becomes boring (cash accumulates and accumulates). So I made a mod that sets the startup funds to zero (for the hard level only) and posed some gameplay restrictions on myself (eg take only a single $1,000 loan and pay it back in 3 years - made another mod for this), but all these make only the first few years of the city any harder to play, then I get surpluses on surpluses again. I remember that some players reported that the game was made (much?) easier with the RH release. So I'm thinking of another modding possibilty (it's not for everyone, I have to admit): someone check the aforementioned budget exemplar in simcity_1.dat on the original SC4 (non-RH) CD and compare the multipliers to the current ones - maybe this is what made the game easier. If not, check the Building Value properties of ingame buildings. A new mod could be made (with lower multipliers maybe). Is there someone that would take the challenge? Would you be interested in such a mod?
  32. 1 point

    Aliens and the Vatican

    If you isolate (a group of) people long enough, they will eventually show alien behaviour, being out of touch of the world outside. No conspiracy theories needed here, it tends to happen everywhere when people get quite isolated from the rest of the world: in organised religion, politics and quite much in organised terrorism. "A lie told often enough will eventually become the truth." is what happens in their minds and eventually they can't see any other truth than their own (tunnel vision). It's also quite often true that a simple theory is most likely the right one. Complex theories have a habit in contradicting with itself, which is why I don't believe in conspiracy theories; I just believe in the "normal" bad aspects in human nature (greed, power hunger, lust, etc.) ...
  33. 1 point

    Funny pictures

    Epic strategy
  34. 1 point

    Papireto - 17 marzo 1861

    Speechless! Such details, so real, and, wow (The awesomeness has explode my ability to form complete sentences already)
  35. 1 point
    The updates are interesting as usual. I like the way you edit photos... Keep up the great work!
  36. 1 point

    Papireto - 17 marzo 1861

    WOOOO! amazing!
  37. 1 point


    what a gorgeous day to go to this beautiful zoo, too.
  38. 1 point
    ROFL!  Thanks James! And for that funny and kind contribution, you'll be the proud owner of the next business or Landmark up for grabs! So come back and check out updates or the next CJ Episode, you could strike it rich anytime in Peyton Place!
  39. 1 point

    Dark Future Comes.

    I love the globe hologram around the pearl oriental tower, brings it to a whole other level.
  40. 1 point

    Papireto - 17 marzo 1861

  41. 1 point
    JP Schriefer

    Ferrt Galeria

    Great job you did there! It's awesome!
  42. 1 point

    Ferrt Galeria

    Hey.. I just noticed this beautiful building... I see you are here to make buildings that are lacking... Taking ideas? Have you considered making some buildings for the NYBT? You know... Some wall to wall buildings.. Just like the last one...
  43. 1 point
    T Wrecks

    No parking lots please.

    If I got you correctly, you'd like all lot creators to stop adding (open) parking to most lots. I could ramble on and on about the pros and cons now, but I'll simply state a few things that - I suppose - are true, whether we like them or not: - You make the music, you decide what to play. - You pay the band, you decide what they play. - You listen to someone, you like it or you don't. I think it's unrealistic to expect that such an appeal to "the community" (= the tiny fraction of ONE community that may read this thread) will have any noticeable effect - not least because the problem you identified is relevant to your taste, your preferences, your playing style, your pet peeves, your priorities. Other people may say "A WalMart with an included parking lot is fine - less hassle with the surroundings, and if the parking lot would be too small in terms of RL conditions... eh, who cares? It's a game, and much of it isn't true to scale to begin with, so why bother?". As much as I like Magneto's mods, they also have the disadvantage that they use very modern European cars. I, for example, like to make old-style American cities, where such cars would look terribly out of place. I much prefer different parking lots (a detail that's not that unrealistic at all) with generic-looking cars (or even cars that get replaced by the 60's car mod I use) over totally uniform parking lots filled with cars that neither match the cars on the streets, on Maxis lots and on other custom lots nor the general theme of the city that surrounds them.
  44. 1 point

    Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    A parclo interchange with an expressway
  45. 1 point

    Parking Garages

    Parking garages are good only for extending the catchment area of mass-transit stations (sims will only walk just a few tiles, otherwise they will use their cars). They are meaningful only at the residential end of the commute path, as all workplaces in SC4 do have parking facilities. And not for all transit stations, only those who don't have built-in parking facilities - placing a parking lot next to such a station has no effect on commute, neither increases the main station's parking capacity. The ingame train stations do offer parking (utilising the park-and-ride feature), while all others don't. Custom content is typically (unless otherwise stated - specially modded) implemented the same way too.
  46. 1 point
    Please note that the ingame rail stations (the small 2x3 one and the reward) do offer parking facilities (ie a car->pedestrian transit switch - then pedestrians are supposed to ride the train), while all other station types (bus, subway, El-rail, monorail) do not. Same goes for most custom content as well, ie rail stations typically have parking, and all other station types typically don't (because custom content developers usually copy the transit parameters from the Maxis stuff as is). So it's quite safe to assume the above for the stations you download (unless otherwise noted). There are exceptions as well, eg I have uploaded GLR stations with parking. Stations without parking can serve a larger R area if you plop a parking garage just next (they must be touching the same road or street, because sims can't walk directly from one lot to another). The ingame parking garage is hideous, it has a 70's look and is too large: it looks funny having such a huge garage to enlarge the catchment area of a bus stop for example. There are several open-air parking garages on the STEX (basically a parking texture, a row of cars or two, and some streetlights). These are smaller and look better next to a bus stop or subway. Some of them are claimed to be "modular", although this setting doesn't actually work, as sims can't move from one lot to another, so what this "modular" means, IDK! Didn't find what I wanted so I made my own set, using the Maxis textures (yes! 0) and featuring low capacities and maintenance costs, and various sizes like 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, lx4, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 2x3 etc. I could make them available if you want. And some tips: - Don't put a parking garage next to a station that already has parking (eg rail stations), hoping that this may reduce the station's usage (ie additional parking place). The station's usage will be the same, whether your sims enter the station with their cars or as pedestrians, and you will only be wasting space and money. - A transit station without parking (eg a RTMT busstop or subway) placed next to a station with parking (eg a rail station) doesn't need a separate parking garage either, it can use the main station's parking.
  47. 1 point

    Show us your parks!

  48. 1 point

    Show us your parks!

    Not a park in the beauty sense, but this is inspired by the large open spaces left between towerblocks built in the 60's/70's, common in the UK. Click for full size.
  49. 1 point

    SimPeg Agricultural Mod (SPAM)

    Damn! Being looking forward to this, now farms don't have to be 'painted', yet look good!
  50. 1 point

    BLaM Bistagne cement plant

    No dependencies is something that I always appreciate. This is an excellent example that a lot can be almost perfect also without all these Xtra files (dependencies). Bat work is just fine. Great lot!!
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