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    Terre Haute

    The Beautiful City of Nantucket The beautiful city of Nantucket is located just 12.5 miles to the west of Terre Haute and is included in the Terre haute Metropolitan area. The city has one of the highest per ca-pita income in the tri-state region and lowest crime rates of any city in Daynemark. The city of Nantucket itself is growing quickly. every highrise you see in the photo was constructed within the last ten years. With growth like this the city spread quickly, however, in the beginning growth was limited to grids because of the past mayor's "Keep it Clean" campaign which pushed the use of a grid in order to keep development simple. The mayor has since been replaced by a much more savvy man who promotes private investors to invest their money the way they want. Since the change the once desolate hillside north of town has been filled in with very welcome high income real estate! The streets may be windy and just a bit dangerous especially during winter, but you sure can't beat a view over Harpeth Bay! THANK YOU FOR READING Please +1 and Comment!
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    Thanks a lot for the comments, replies in the previous update ! Here is a new farming update ! I'll share the LOTs in the next one, not much dependencies ! Hope you'll enjoy it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
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    Introduction - Izumo

    Introduction - Izumo Welcome - ようこそ Who has never dreamt to runaway, at the other end of the world ? In this new city journal, I will try to make you discover the Japan and its culture travelling around the dummy country of Izumo. Without waiting, let's go ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkTmkAyApAc If you liked the pictures, don't hesitate to comment and to put +1
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    Ion_Cannon- Thank you!!! Walesbridge Back to one of my old projects, I have added the textures on the first model, that's the corner version, the other one is an non-corner version. I am thinking about doing a variation on this building to the more the better for the city builder to not have repeats. South East North West
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    UUUUUUUGHHH, all this time waiting and ths is what I have to look forward to. Well I will not be missng anything as I will not buy the game. SC4 is all that I need and until some game developer realizes that there is a boatload of money that can be made by taking SC4 RH and adding 3D gameplay/updating the game engine to make modding less buggy. Sure they can add in the online gaming and all of that stuff but as long as there is an option given to be online/offline. Thats all we want is options and not being forced to play and pay the way EA wants us to. I said if before and will say it again EA is too big to make decent games. They are my least favorite game developers. So if there are any future game dev's reading this if you want to make some money listen to the things that are being said in this thread...you wont be sorry.
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    Guillaume, any word if we're able to have bridges in the city? and not just in region view? Roads are 3d paths. So you can do all kinds of crazy overpasses and curves and tunnels and bridges. Roads are crazy awesome. — Simtropolis (@Simtropolis) October 8, 2012
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    whoops, totally forgot to upload this new preview. I changed the colors of the vegetation a bit and removed the road:
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    Forced-always-online is the chief culprit to all the other losses. The two top favorites, map size and terraforming are sacrificed to reduce server load. I' m not too concerned about subway as it could be easily added and is an obvious attractive expansion candidate. If we get an offline version, map size and terraforming problems can easily be solved officially, or with mod. Almost every other losses, such as farms or bridges, can be rectified IF we have offline. Keep looking at the big picture...
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    I won't be missing any of them because I won't be playing it unless they make some BIG changes to the core game design.
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    IMPORTANT UPDATE ON THE "BIG STORM UPDATE": So all I wanna' say is that it's going to be in about 3-4 updates, as for I am working with another CJ (possibly 2) for something....And also this might not be my best update so I won't be surprised if this gets a 3 or 4 rating... Replies (And don't forget to check out the table of contents to the right!): westy177: What exactly do you mean by "go up"? Kruness: Thanks! IL.- Thanks! jack3oh3: Thanks! And yeah, I was thinking someone was going to say that garucktroll: Thank You! City of Portal: Population 10,233 Now I know this isn't the best city I've made, but...it's supposed to have a lot of commercial, its the only port in Portland. Anyway, Portal is a "commercial port city" across the mouth of the Dejay River. Portal was ranked the biggest self-sustaining city that isn't a core-city of a metropolitan area. This is the football stadium for the Portland Hyenas, Portland's secondary football team, like how Los Angeles's secondary football team is the Clippers. Portland's main football team, the Portland Rapids (named after the metro's population growth) used to play here, but as Portal started losing population, they moved to the Nissan Stadium in Downtown Portland. The Hyena's moved here as the team was craving for a stadium with more seats and since Portal is now growing faster than Portland itself. This is Foothills Middle School, which serves grades 6-8 and has an enrollment of 836. FMS is known as the nations highest scoring middle/junior high school. In the 2011-2012 school year, FMS 8th Grades scored an average of 901/1010 on the National Standards Assessment But FMS is also subject to overcrowding due to massive population growth. The average class size has went from 19 to 35 in just 7 years. City of Whale: Population 11,983 Now...this also isn't the best city I've made but, it's the same as Portal so....yeah. Anyway, Whale's population grew by nearly 911% in 10 years, but it is now only growing at 4.3% as there is hardly any room to develop. Whale is also the only of 3 cities in the PMA to have lower-class low density housing. This is the city center, which employs 32% of city residents, the other 68% works in either West Whale, Portal, or Portland. The city center use to have traffic jams, but then massive job growth in Portland led to people working outside of both Whale and Portal. Whale also houses the other side of the world's longest "Raised Avenue" bridge. This is the common lower-class neighborhood in Whale, as you could see it's pretty nice compared to whats out there in other parts of the world. This neighborhood surprisingly has the 3rd lowest crime rate in the PMA and the highest quality-of-life rating for any city in the nation below 25,000 people. 2nd Teaser, 2 more left! And view in full res., especially for the 1st pic!
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    Lyhoko Leaci

    May, 49EL: Coast

    Lyhoko: The results of the poll are as follows: 1 vote for a beach, 2 votes for industry, and 5 votes for farms. Weþureeg St. has expanded quite a bit, and now extends out of the north end of town before turning east along the coast of the Yanar River delta. Several farms have sprung up along this new area to take advantage of the new space while remaining relatively close to town. Various sorts of crops can be found over here as well as we head closer to town, such as lasëm, whose seeds are used to make oil, along with being eaten by themselves, keurats, (carrots, but they're normally purple, or sometimes yellow) kajen (a round fleshy red fruit) and ketmienta, (catnip, used in the production of beer as well as for cats) along with more mara. Closer to town is the spaceport again, along with the region's first dairy farm. Finally, a way of getting fresh milk! Well, there's some sort of grain here, but it seems that Lyhoko never told me which it is... The town has expanded out in this direction as well. Lyhoko: One can make bread with it. Thanks... That certainly narrows it down... An overview of town and most of the farms. South is up. And, of course, the map. Lyhoko: "Field" is Myonian for "park", "granon" is Zukish for "peninsula", "tiel" is Myonian for "tail", and "mun" is Myonian for "moon". Poll Lyhoko: What should be added to town next? Lyhoko: Remember to look closely at which option is which number when voting. Don't say something like "3 - an industrial area." 3 is farms, the industrial area is 2. Lyhoko: Voting is now closed! 1: 2 votes Add an actual beach area, instead of a random flat sandy area 2: 2 votes A small industrial area, to provide more jobs 3: 0 votes Additional farms (near Galesfeburg), to reduce the town's reliance on outside food supplies 4: 2 votes A separate nearby farming village, to help provide food but without taking up space near Galesfeburg Lyhoko: A three way tie? Lyhoko: Please choose one option at a time... but you may vote more than once, as long as you do not double post. Let other people have a chance to vote!
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    Palm Coast Airport

    This is my connecting airport to my palm coast city. It is a small to medium sized international airport with medium sized aircraft. It features a main terminal with two separate concourses, a decent sized cargo area, a train station, one long runway with a complex system of taxiways, a large control tower, as well as the surrounding city ready to be built. Please feel free to comment for questions and feed back. I will be open to your ideas and maybe ill feature them in my cities. >>>Also apologize because it would not let me upload more than these three pictures.<<<
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    Metro International Airport

    Welcome to Metro International Airport The airport features 2 airfields. The first airfield is a large international airport. It currently serves 647,441 passengers. The second airfield is a small international airport. It currently serves 211,376. Combined, both airports serve 858,817 passengers. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Accomodations Resort Hotels: Additional Hotels: Does anyone know of a good custom airport pack? Thanks for stopping by!
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    Update 11 - Hiroshima-eki

    Hello! Thanks for the comments guys! :wub: Okay, I promised we will go urban. Well here we are! Today update is axed around Hiroshima central station. [広島駅] The station which is under construction, still the old building is used for the moment. This update was a pain to do. Getting the right building to grow was hard as hell.. I hope you liked the update! Don't forget to rate and like! :wub: -Arthur.
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    35 degrees is the maximum gradient for roads and bridges, so if you draw a road towards the top of a steep hill, it would either have to carve into it or make a bridge -- or not allow you to draw it -- based on how long your drag is. I seriously can't wait until you guys can see the bridges and overpasses, they're totally fun to play with.
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    No, I'd just rather see the SimCity franchise go to a developer that actually takes to heart what their core customers would like to see in future versions, not this stuff that they're trying to brainwash us all into believing is going to be fun. It's sad that there are not more publishers with as deep of pockets as EA otherwise I think it likely that we'd actually have some competition for SimCity. EA is banking on name recognition just like they did with societies.
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    BSC mega prop packs.

    It's a dependency. You need it for certain models of custom content lots to show on your game. By itself it does nothing on your game. You need a lot that uses such props to be of any use at all.
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    NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    In addition, they can be created with the current NAM to some extent. Here's some examples after tinkering with those diagrams for about 5 mins in SC4: Continuous Flow: Superstreet: Michigan Left: Ya I know they're pretty basic, but they're possible! EDIT: Xyloxadoria wanted me to make a 'hyperstreet' (which doesn't exist) but I said Challenge Accepted. This is the result. As you can see, SC4 hates me. But I still did it. Where's my money Xylo?
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    Show us your - Region

    I restarted working at my region because I wanted to have some more mountains. So, what do you think of this so far?
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    Terre Haute

    Awesome update!
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    Can my PC run SimCity 5?

    Well, let us know what your budget is for a new PC and we can come up with something for you. I've been assembling a thread with recommended builds at various budgets on the official Simcity forums, as well. As for full vs micro ATX board -- it really depends on what you need. The board I have in that picture has everything you could need -- just not in huge amounts. 2 RAM slots, which is fine if you get 2x4GB sticks for 8GB ram. It even supports higher than DDR3-1600 speeds. 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0 (and your case usually adds a few more in front). 1x PCI-E 3.0 x16 slot, etc. The only downside is few onboard fan power and limited OC support I assume, but you're easily saving $100USD over the Z77 boards. But yes, that would be for a lower end system. For mid to higher end systems I would recommend the Gigabyte UD3H or UD5H boards. Lots of features, heavy duty heatsinks on all the chipsets, etc. I price stuff out using Newegg, since thats the site I'm familiar with. But http://www.ebuyer.com/ or several other sites work just fine for people in the UK/EU. Unfortunately, it seems certain hardware is more expensive than the USD pricing. I guess because of VAT? (The Core i3 CPU for example comes to like $175 on Ebuyer, CCL, and novatech)
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    Voted for all except bridges, as that's speculation at the moment, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. The thing I will miss the most is the regional view in SC4 and being able to have a huge metropolis made out of smaller cities connected together, you know, because cities don't live in bubbles.... Not that I'm buying the game anyway.
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    Ben's Top Ten +10

    Congrats Schulmania!
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    Aaron Graham

    Terre Haute

    Looks great, lovely update!!!
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    Corraile | Reborn (AIN)

    @Benedict - Thank you! I just had an epiphany. Why should Simcity just be isometric? Comments, +1s are all greatly appreciated
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    I saw a baseball park in the Q&A when they showed off the meteor shower.
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    must have mods

    Let me add my own curiosity to this. This crossed my mind yesterday after I got off the net. I can't think of anything in SPAM that would matter to a limited access expressway, except the SPAM controller which everyone is cautioned to not use with the NAM. That's it right there. As long as you don't use the optional SPAM traffic controller, there should be no conflict with the RHW.
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    OK...regardless of where your saves are you CANNOT revert to previous saves: http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/sim-city-5/1224978p1.html
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    Its not a group, Just a page. link- http://www.facebook....City?ref=stream Excuse me, I meant page indeed. Thanks!
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    Map sizes will be definetly too small!! I also can't understand why there will be no underground transportation system. (( Don't like skyscrapers made by Maxis. Those buildings are too far from the street and as a result there is no "big city" feeling.
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    OlScare / Benoit

    BTT (CJ section): 11 October 2012

    Wow ! Well thanks a lot guys ! And thank you Ben for the top ten New update is ready on my CJ
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    Holland Park Terraces

    More rowhouses are always welcome.
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    Something I need to point out with using AVE as a base network for RD-4, RD-6, and TLA-5: First, the fact that FlexSPUI uses AVE for dragging out the crossing is proof that it's possible to override the AVE-4. However, diagonals and wealthification are the main problems that crop up: Diagonals would have less capacity, and wealthification would be absolutely screwy. Second,... I've never seen any sort of proposal to use AVE-4 as a base network, unless it's a bridge-making material.
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    They never said there would either. Concept art is just that, concept art. It's made to be alluring, it's marketing, not necessarly reflective of game play or overall looks of the game. Pre impregnated. Bridges will likely only be included in areas outside playable regions for connection purposes. Think about the size of the city, it's already super small. In fact if you were to think about it on the scale of a medium sized town, it's about that size. Adding in playable water regions would severely reduce the size of it. I'm not saying for certain it's not possible, I just highly doubt it due to the incredibly small map size. I think I could live with a lot of the poor decisions they have made if it weren't for the map size, this is really going to make this game more casual than a serious simulator. If you want a more serious simulator you're best off sticking with SC4 or wait until another company comes along and picks up where Maxis left off a decade ago. It's too bad, the glassbox has a lot of potential and I think they threw it away by targeting children / Sims players too much at the expense of more serious city builders / designers.
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    I saw it too...but I believe that was in the region 'play zone' and not within the playable city limits Edit: What makes me believe that water crossing is not available...I believe it is the gaming engine; I think the water on the game map will act like an 'invisible wall' it won't be a playable / editable zone. I agree with you on this one, in the live broadcast I didn't see any water within city limits, just within the region, which is non changeable. They were also super nervous when the interviewer started about it and about ferries; There answer was "offcourse there's water, there's always water in any Simcity, hehehehe and boats hehehehe, now look at this curvy road....." or something like that, dodging the question like they do with pretty much any question SC4 or older SC's related. What I'll miss? Nothing as I won't buy, but I'm super duperly disappointed in this game. Unlike most people, the live broadcast made it even worse for me, don't even know where to start. Same here mate. In regards to the vote up top I wont vote for any because I miss all the things above. That said I wont be purchasing this SC4 is my game of choice.
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    Maxis live broadcast

    What I like most about the video is...evidently, they NEED Simtropolis. Like the pointed questions, even the answers were as usual vague and veiled. Other interesting stuff...the "modules" and stats layers. Bus system is not sexy enough though, we already have a nice functioning one in CXL. Alienating stuff are...over-confidence in new MICRO features, obliviousness to core fan's concern of Losing Very Important Classic Features, calling a mere suburb a city, and lousy excuses for no terraforming: they can't possibly expect core fans to be placated by a mere show of roads doing auto-terraform up and down a slope? Huh? That's evasion, not explanation. Definitely put off by tilt-shift blurriness hovering like permanent mist over every sim towns... Overall, to me the new gimmicks they added are no substitute for all the basic SimCity features they have cut out in the name of server economy.
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    I will miss being able to build a huge Metropolis.
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    where you got the apartment? [img]http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z141/Schulmanator/2012%20Default/cat06.jpg[/img]
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    Beach Extend Mod

    Try to rename it by adding "zzz_" on the dat file without the quotation mark, it works for me. Hope it helps you. @Bryan1998 Thanks its a great mod
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    I guess their going for a Cities XL like zoning, where everything is against a road. No more pipes either, this is good, but it takes away a certain element of the game. Either way this will be a good game, just not everything we wanted
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    Aaron Graham's BATs

    well popping-in to chime-in a 'I like it' ... I also see this as a moderately priced type hotel, that in its hay-day was the place to go... do you see it too?... anticipating its release on the stex
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    In this article, members of the team talk about their favourite disasters from past Simcity games.
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    New SorGun

    @Schulmanator: Thank you - I'm still learning how to achieve a nice time-lapse effect, and I think they are getting better. @McLaren_Racer: Thanks! @TayMay27: There weren't as many people to count back in 1870 Up next - Mr. Stevens continues with his census duties - even venturing up into the hills. Stay tuned.
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    T Wrecks

    must have mods

    No mod is a must without any condition. A mod can become a must under the condition that you want to do something you won't be able to do in a satisfactory manner without a mod. So the question to ask is: What do you want? What exactly do you find a bit boring? What would you find interesting? And where and in what way does the game prevent you from turning your plans into reality? Then you can search or ask for a mod that will alleviate or eliminate problems, and open up new possibilities. If you ask so unspecific questions, you will be bombarded by a hodgepodge of totally different mods... some for cheating, which may or may not be your intention, some for making better farms and rural areas, which may or may not be your intention, some that radically change the number and logic of growth stages, which may or may not be your intention, and so on. If you head off to download all those in a rush, I can almost see your next question - it will probably be in the "bugs & technical issues" section. I recommend you get some clarity concerning your actual intention first, then you will be able to ask a specific question, and this in turn will make it possible to find a satisfactory and relevant answer.
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    T Wrecks, lol, I actually already did a promotional video and shots for real projects While i was away from, or doing exports on my computer at home, I was cooking something else on my laptop. It now reached a stadium where I can safely publish it here . Who ever guesses the building's name and location gets a free !!
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    The Pennsylvania Turnpike

    Alexstonton City of Dreams

    Welcome to Alexstonton. this is the oldest city in the area. Settled by Alexston Harrisburg is 1400. The city has grown from 2 people to around 4000 in the city proper. 95% of the people in the city proper are of High wealth, or Middle wealth. 75% high wealth. The city is known for it's wonderful golf course and houses. the West side of the city. West of I480 This is where the poor section of the city meets with the rich section of the city. This is Northampton county airport. For international flights residents need to travel to the city of Kingsburg. 25 miles west. Alexstonton Public High school. I480 as it enter's Alextonston. Thats all I have up my sleeve today. next time we will head west to Lake Palmerton for some jet sking and some fun on the water!
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    Update 69 - BAYVIEW: Industry and Suburbia We shoot back up north a little to Bayview for this update. I really went all out "completing" this area. I hope you enjoy it. Let's just jump right in with a big mosaic! That large trainyard you've all see on the map. Standard grid on "The Neck". See map! An attempt at a beach. I originally plopped beach lots but those just didn't look good from the satellite view. So, I instead used MMP sand. My biggest issue is blending plop grass and beaches. Any tips??? More suburban style street layout and lots of trees! Here is something fun I found! An old barn between two three-story lofts! What a cool, unintended, occurence! I really feel a sense of accomplishment actually getting everything in this area done...waterfront done! Any tips on beaches and waterfront areas are greatly appreciated! Hope you really enjoyed this more "suburban?" update. Check out the District of Wenzel Street Map to get an idea where we are.
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    Indiana Joe

    Speculation & Discussion

    This discussion has sort of trailed off as everyone takes for granted what Maxis has told us. But if you carefully read the statements by the developers, they never directly promise that the game will be modifiable. They simply express their fondness for the modding community. I think that one of the most disliked parts of the game affects all this: it's always online. If this is an online game, how can you have custom content? Sure, textures can be modified and appear different to different users, but how can you have custom buildings or lots in a multiplayer game? You wouldn't be able to play someone's region if you didn't have the same plugins that they did. I have a feeling that sometime, maybe not until after the games release, Maxis will break it to us that SimCity can't be modded.
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    Queensferry ---> WINNING

    Due to popular demand, we will be launching more attacks soon. We do so because it amuses us, and because we love you!
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    I think its awesome, but do you think you could make a clover leaf interchange skin next?
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