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Infinity Islands

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About this City Journal

As the world runs out of mineable oil, scientists search the globe for a new way to mass produce energy. In the year 2164 they come across a large group of islands once thought to be...

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And Again...

I am going to have to stop working on ANOTHER CJ! This is the second time that a CJ has gone down the tubes! first it was because of a computer hardwear failure (RAM card blew and this computer isnt powerfull enough to run full large tiles) This time when ever I enter any of the citys the game crashes to desktop within 5 mins. IT bugs me because it is ONLY this region that dose it. I have not gotten any more plugins or changed anything since i started this region so im not sure what happened. SOOOOO unless i can figure this out i will not be updating this CJ anymore. Sorry for your wasted time!


SW Trendan is another highly educated area of the island. The majority of the population work in the HT industrial area.


Here is the commercial area on SW Trendan. Due to a low ammount of consumers the area isnt very developed. You can also see the other half of the mysterious crator.


The high tech area is also under developed due to lower demand.


This is Twincano island. The sientists think that two volcanos started to erupt at the same time, and continued to grow at the same speed.

There is also a smaller volcano on the island.


This  partialy under water mountain range was produced by two continental plates moving towards eachother, one moving up and the other sliding underneth.


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SE Trendan

SE trendan is a well educated area. Most of the sims have a good income and own the factories in the city north of them.


The sims in this area of the island live in nice houses.


SE Trendan is the commercial hub of the island, If it has to do with money then it most likly it goes though here!


When the sientists first arived at the island they found what looks like a massive crater with very steap edges. They still do not know what exacly could have caused this. The crater is shared with SW Trendan


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Eastern Trendan

Eastern Trendan is the second dirty industrial city on the island. Like NE Trendan there is no educational facilities so the sims are uneducated.


The industrial sector provides all the jobs for the area because there are no commercial buildings.


Most of the sims live in low wealth apartments.



NE Trendan

NE Trendan is one of the two Dirty industrial sectors on the island. There are no schools so the sims are uneducated.


Here is a closer look at the industrial sector.


As you can see, there is some commercial buildings along the highway.


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I like to use my space as efficently as possible while avoiding the ugly grid system. I try to make citys look like real citys.

This is Trendan, The first city in the Infinity Islands.


Trendan has a large part of the islands population, 40,000 Residsnts. Here is its main commercial/ Residential area.


Here is the citys mostly-high tech industrial zone. You can also see the stadium.




As the world runs out of mineable oil, scientists search the globe for a new way to mass produce energy.

In the year 2164 they come across a large group of islands once thought to be unusable. Being thousands of miles from anything, and with no real natural recourse it has been left almost untouched since its discovery in 1832.

Found on the ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean, The islands in this area are the only ones in on the planet with a rare mineral called Infinite found inside the wall like mountains of the Infinity Islands. After the discovery of Infinite, scientists run tests on it and after 5 years and hundreds of millions of dollars spent they find out that grinding infinite into a fine powder and adding copper, and putting it under pressure, it produces a very large amount of electricity AND will produce a steady current for approx. 150 years. Not only dose this new combination of copper and infinite produce electricity, It is very stable and produces no radiation or byproducts. An infinite capsule the size of a water bottle will power an average car. All electric cars in the world can already be powered by the capsules just by changing the Lithium ion batteries already in the cars, with the infinite capsules.


Scientists quickly make camp on the islands and start to mine out the infinite… And the story starts here….


I am teraforming islands as i need to since doing the whole map at once will take a week or two. I might also give you guys a chance to design your own islands that i will put into this map and play on. If you have any questions please post them or pm them to me.

The computer that i am using for this CJ isnt super powerful so i will not be using alot of eye candy or plugins that slow the game down. (Eg, Custom Docks, Water or land mods). I do use CAM (and many growable buildings), NAM and other essential plugins.

This is Infinity Islands so far.



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