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About this City Journal

An overflow HDB estate, funded by a 10% government tax on noodles and durians. An attempt to force those lazy sim limbs into action and get them walking around a Singapore/HK based city,...

Entries in this City Journal


Toa Payoh presents a first in multi purpose transport...

The only sunken river water highway in existence, oh boy is this going to make the mayor of Ang Mo Kio mad. Following a non stop 72 hour session at the head office of the Toa Payoh Innovation and Transportation Department (TPITD), they decided that the best way to beat the traffic jams and the seasonal flooding is to build a combined sunken river drainage system and elevated road. Imagine Malaysia's Smart tunnel outdoors! You can see the results below.

Start of the WTE leaves the leafy suburbs ~ (Excuse the pun)


WTE passes to the left of the MRT maintance and depot yard.


Aerial overview of TWE, those fussy Sims not happy with having a regional first transport solution they display their unhappiness at having to move more than 5 metres by displaying no job zots!


Due to the huge success of the MTR corporation the local government of Toa Payoh allowed the MRT corporation to build a covered service bay for their EL-Trains.


No to be outdone the MRT department decided to use the Smart drainage canal idea and build a new line called Centre Link EL (CLE). The line is entirely above ground build in the drainage canal.




And finally a sneak preview of the area around the TWE and CLE line. This former marsh land has been drained and is currently being turned into a sports hub.


Huge big thanks to the ARS Sunken River team and of course to the NAM team for producing such excellent tools.


Toa Payoh Lor 6

Well this councilor is well and truely exhausted and suffering from staring at too many Lord Bixel and T-recks wonders... So for this update pictures speak louder than tired bureacratic words....









Comments, intros and mutterings to come soon....


Over in next door Ang Mo Kio the Mayor was getting jealous of the speedy development of Toa Payoh funded through it's 10% noodle sales tax. This sleepy village's population had been steadily declining since the opening of Toa Payoh and the Mayor of Ang Mo Kio had been getting increasingly irritated at the reduced funding his office was receiving. In a desperate move to bring down Toa Payoh, the Mayor tried to sink a cargo ship carrying a large shipment of instant noodles.


Following a riot by local hawker centre traders in Ang Mo Kio village, the mayor decided to implement a "lane changing tax". Immensely unpopular with taxi drivers and private car owners, this tax would charge vehicle owners $0.75 every time they changed lanes. All vehicles are already tracked by the GPS cash card system, so the new scheme was rolled out in record time.

Within 6 months the mayor had collected over S$ 62 million and instigated the Ang Mo Kio transit hub. The mayor had to be evacuated from the ground breaking ceremony as he was pelted with durians in protest by taxi drivers. 2 people were taken to hospital due to spike related injuries and 93 people suffered breathing problems due to the smell of durians.

The construction of phase 1, the dual monorail station was completed in record time. Following this phase 2 - Sunken commuter rail line, phase 3 - MRT subway station and phase 4 - SBT interchange bus station were completed 6 months later.


However, as the mayor is very temperamental, due to a MSG addiction, he ordered the demolition of phase 4 - the SBT interchange bus station, and repositioned it next to the sunken rail transit station. This delayed the works by over 8 months and cost an additional S$ 14 million.

The final layout for the Ang Mo Kio Transit Hub is depicted below.


View from the East Side or maybe that's West?


Following an audit, the Mayor was found guilty of bribing a local road lane and arrow painting company. The Mayor had instigated several new traffic layouts which forced drivers to change lanes and therefore boost the Mayor's budget. Following his removal from office, it is unknown what the future holds for Ang Mo Kio.


In this second entry the government of Toa Payoh will show some of the small features of the estate. Although, the estate got off to a bit of a shaky start, the 3% council tax reduction for residents living in the Toa Payoh district, soon encouraged 40,000 citizens to move into the newly constructed towers.

The first arrivals of residents complained that all they had jobs, a convient LRT transportation system and direct access to PTE expressway, there was no where for them to eat. Mrs Lim, of Toa Payoh Lor 3, complained that she had to drive 3 km to the neighbouring city of Woodlands to eat. Intially there was no provision for community gardens, which forced some residents to take over the Toa Payoh Tigers Football Club training ground and grow vegetables in the penalty box.

Finally, the government reacted to the residents demands and demolished the Cube Park @ Centralpoint, to make way for a community market and hawker stall centre.

HDB Market and stalls

The government in conjunction with Cold Storage also constructed and indoor hawker centre and supermarket on Reservoir drive at the southern end of Toa Payoh.

Resevoir Drive Hawker Village and Supermarket

Central Downtown extension

The central downtown area was rapidly extended to the outer limits of Toa Payoh Centre and stations added to the former LRT depot loop.

Much to the complaint of general population, the 10% sales tax on noodles and durians has been continued to fund the planned development of the Toa Payoh Link Estate. Roughly the same size of Toa Payoh Centre, this estate will feature the latest designs from Bixel, Twrecks and Partners, as well as an intergrated school, community college and staduim. In line with Toa Payoh planning regulations, these facilities must be 96% completed before any construction can take place on residential areas. The Link Estate will also be connected to the East Line Express Link and to the city wide MRT subway system. Below is an update of construction.


Well that's all for today, don't forget to keep eating noodles.


Due to the severe overcrowding in the main city, the government decided to apply a 10% sales tax on durian fruit and noodles. Whilst controversial, this measure enabled the government to save up enough funds to develop the new estate of Toa Payoh.

The new estate which was designed by Royal Architect Lord Bixel & Partners, was completed in only 2 years thanks to the modular design of the buildings.

Here is a brief overview of the estate to date. More details on the creation of Toa Payoh will be available shortly.

1. Aerial view of Toa Payoh from the drainage canal side. Due to an error by the town planning office, the canal actually floats 1 tile into no man's land!

Aerial view of Toa Payoh from the drainage canal

2. Aerial view from the resevoir side of Toa Payoh. The offices in the small commercial district were soon abandoned and replaced with shophouses.

Aerial view of Toa Payoh from Resevoir side

3. Close up view of the HDB (Housing development board) flats.

HDB flats

4. Close up view of the HDB estate, based on the sandwich planning layout. (Roads on the outside, pedestrian areas, recreation and public transport on the inside)

Close up of Toa Payoh

5. Community commercial area - Linked to the estates via the LRT tram system and pedestrian walkways. This area also features the large Community Temple area.

Commercial district

Well that's it for the first entry. Due to government bureaucracy I must spend at least 15 hours a month developing a new form, with a minimum requirement of 6 pages.

HDB flats - Garden Estate by Bixel and Trecks

GLR Tram mod by SBFT

Asian City Block pack

A few Korean bats from sc4labs http://cafe.naver.com/sc4labs

I will update the files used in making this city in more detail later.

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