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About this City Journal

The Imperial Atlantean Colony of Perseus is a nation state located off the western coast of Atlantica-Alba and is the sole Earth Colony of the Imperial Atlantean Empire. It shares land and...

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Passau City is the capital of the Atlantean Earth colony Perseus. As such it is afforded many of grand public buildings and monuments that exist in other important cities across the empire. Passau also benefits from high levels of investment as it serves as the base for almost all Atlantean corporations and institutions that have a presence on Earth. This is shown by its large and modern commercial quarters that intermix with the historic centres of the city.

The city underwent massive regeneration and development after the British Handover to the Imperial Atlantean Empire. The city, under British rule, was a wealthy one that benefited greatly during the days of the British Empire in addition to the flourishing trade with neighbouring Alban nations. A large amount of the architecturally significant buildings still exist in the city and many were cleaned and repaired with money provided by the Imperial Government. One of the first areas of the city that was re-developed was the soon to be Government District and adjacent Palace Quarter. The Palace Quarter contains some of the most beautiful buildings in the city in addition to being the most desirable residential area given the abundance of designer and boutique shopping, street side cafés, Michelin star restaurants and cultural attractions.

Given the proximity to the government district the Palace Quarter is also home to many of the foreign consulates that exist in the city. Nations that are present include the United Kingdom, Dominion of Wales, France, Kingdom of New Burgundy,

At the very centre of the area is the Imperial Palace, the official Earth Residence of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Michael Stormont III. It also serves as the home of the Imperial Envoy to Earth, His Highness Prince Julius Stormont. The palace was originally the home of the British Monarch and later the Governor-General that represented the British Crown and its interests.

After the handover the Palace and its gardens were renovated and re-designed. The garden was given a more natural look with the landscaping of rolling hills and a new lake, while the upper garden was given a formal appearance and a new fountain installed. The front courtyard was repaved and a new statue of Emperor Amadeus Stormont I was placed at its centre. Inside the palace all the state rooms were re-designed to incorporate the Imperial Crest and Coat of Arms of the Stormont Dynasty, a new throne room was created and original details were enhanced and improved.

The palace does open for a couple of months to the public in the summer and it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Perseus.

Imperial Palace














Arch of the Atlantean Empire

Situated at the northern end of the Palace stand an arch that celebrates the power and glory of the Imperial Atlantean Empire. It honours the scarfice that occurred during the founding and later expansion of the Empire and stands as a grand expression of pride in the empire and her people. An empire that has lasted thousands of years. An Empire Arch stands in every major city of the Imperial Atlantean Empire, some more classical in design, while others are incredibly modern. The Arch in Passau is more in keeping with the surrounding architecture of the Palace Quarter.









Part Two will take a look at the cultural attractions and lifestyle of the Palace Quarter and the people that live there


Update Two




The Government of Perseus

The Imperial Colony of Perseus operates with semi-autonomous status within the Atlantean Empire with a directly elected Colonial Council as the governing authority with responsibility for matters ranging from economic development, health, education, taxation, border defence, security to the environment. The Imperial Government in Atlantis City has the power to over-rule the Council should it be determined the Council is no longer the best platform to govern the colony.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor appoints a Governor-General to act as the Head of the Colonial Council and represent the colony to other nations and leaders. He reserves the power to dissolve the Colonial Council and acts to serve the best interests of both the Persusian people and the Emperor.

While the Council holds far ranging powers it must follow policy directions and guidelines from the Imperial Government and adhere to all laws specific to the colony, in return they are afforded a greater degree of freedom and generous levels of Atlantean support both political and economic.

The Colonial Council consists of two parts, the Colonial Chamber and the Council itself. The Chamber is the primary forum of political debate in Perseus and its members drawn from all sections of Persusian society. The Chamber operates a proportional representation system with the majority party forming the Council. The main parties of the Chamber are; The Social Democrats, The Perseus Alliance Party, The Progressive Democratic Party and the Green Coalition.

The Colonial Council acts in a similar function a governmental cabinet with a great degree of powers devolved from the Atlantean Imperial Government. The Head of the Council is the Governor-General and is de-facto Deputy Head of State.

In 1990 the Colonial Council moved to their new home in the new Council Building located at the head of the Perseus Mall, a large ceremonial plaza in the centre of the newly developed Government District. Designed by Michael Mauir it sought to emulate the power and prestige of other government buildings around the world. His crowning feature was to be a magnificent dome with an interior to surpass even the greatest architectural wonders of the world.



















Many thanks for viewing and comments are appreciated.

The next update will look at the laws of Perseus, government institutions and diplomatic relations with the wider world


Update One


Perseus has been showcased as part of the Imperial Atlanten Empire CJ in the older CJ forum.

However, I have decided to also create a CJ for Perseus. A lot of what will be seen is copuied, by new content is already under way and this will be updated constantly :)

Once a British Colony and later dependency, the island state of Perseus, formerly known as Ben Madigan, was the site of a crashed Atlantean exploration vessel over 3000 years ago. The Pioneer, was one of the earliest and most privative warp drive enabled ships launched by the planetary nation of Atlantis and soon after that launch contact was lost with The Pioneer and search missions were called off after a further 3 months of intensive investigation.

Unknown to the Atlantean Space Federation the ship had travelled further than any other in history as the result of likely spacial abnormality, its engines soon failed and it dropped from warp into what we now know as the Sol System, crippled it scanned planets in the system and decided to crash land on the planet unknown to them as Earth. The ship left Atlantis with 300 persons on-board, it is unknown how many survived, though DNA analysis suggest approximately 81 survived.

The event remained undetected until the crash site was disturbed.

The island was first populated by Celtic settlers from what is now Royal Cytheria and established a port on the eastern coast of the island. In 200BC they broke away from Cytheria and established a new region called Lellan.

The island remained reality prosperous until 1360AD when European traders brought Black Plague to Lellan killing over 20,000. For years after the population declined until a second outbreak that killed 9000 led to many emigrating to Cytheria and surrounding Atlantica-Alba nations.

By 1530 the population stood at 5600, the trading port declined and economic hardship was rampant.


In 1610 a naval ship from Britain landed and immediately word was sent back to England of the possible benefit of the island. Over the next few years the old port was redeveloped and new ports on the western coasts were also developed. In 1620 the British Naval commanders imposed new civil laws on the island. The remaining native population angered by the moves of the 'foreign' forces revolted against the British presence, parts of the port town of Illford were burned and three navy vessel sunk. The acts of violence and disorder continued for over a year as reinforcements from England were sent. The navy forces landed in 1622 and brutally crushed the revolt. Over 600 natives fled to Royal Cytheria and a further 400 were executed. The remaining population pledged loyalty to the British crown and nation.


In 1640 Lellan had British rule imposed and the island was annexed as the newest colony of the British Empire, a protest from Royal Cytheria was ignored and fearing possible war with Britain, the Cytherian Royal Court dropped their objection . Work then commenced on rebuilding the island's towns and ports, he colony was renamed Ben Madigan.

In 1700 King William III sent the first Governor-General to run Ben Madigan, he oversaw the small port town of Illford become the primary naval base and port for England in the Atlantic and would serve as a base from which trade to the wider British colonies would use as well as the home of the fleet that would protect them.

In 1710 Ben Madigan was given a Royal Charter, schools could use 'Royal' in their name and they were allocated more tax revenue. A new and the first Royal residence was also constructed.


During the First World War Ben Madigan supplied soldiers to assist the war effort in Europe.  At the outbreak of the second world war the colony was vital in continued production aircraft, ammunition shipping and production of food. It was beyond the reach of German bombers and as such do not suffer the fate of many of its sister industrial cities in Britain and Northern Ireland. The Atlantic fleet in Ben Madigan were ordered to protect the colony, the American colonies and provide protection for shipping using the Atlantic.

During quarrying work on Ben Madigan in the late 1940's. The remains of the craft had badly decayed with only small fragments remaining, However, Earth 3, the Atlantean probe placed in Earth's orbit detected foreign and suspect radiation not before seen on Earth. The probe started highly detailed scans and the results were transmitted to Atlantis and after detailed analysis it was determined the area was the site in which the Pioneer rested.

In 1953 a  covert diplomatic and scientific team were sent to Ben Madigan and in private talks with Atlantean, Ben Madigan and British government officials it was agreed covert DNA analysis would be carried out to determine if any Atlantean's had survived and went on to help populate the island. The results proved conclusive, however the British refused to acknowledge any possible Atlantean involvement in the territory or  allow further talks and denied the Atlantean governments request to annex Ben Madigan as a colony under Atlantean Protection.

In 1955 oil was discovered off the western coast of Ben Madigan and extraction and exports began in 1959. In 1960 the colony was given self-governing status as a dependant colony of  the United Kingdom. Oil revenue and further developing trade with Atlantica-Alba brought great wealth to the colony and cities underwent redevelopment and enhancement.

In 1965 talks resumed after a change of government in the United Kingdom and Atlantis agreeing to some concessions and was prepared to pay the British Government of transfer of sovereignty, in effect the island was initially purchased by Atlantis. The island declared independence from the United Kingdom in 1971 which went unchallenged from London which was met by howls of protest for the opposition Conservative party. Work then began on small scale projects to improve the island's infrastructure, long neglected by the British.


In 1974 the official handover ceremony was conducted after the  the population were finally informed of the situation and given the opportunity to decide on their future. The Atlantis government recognised their right to self-determination and a national referendum was held. It was a bitterly fought and campaign with the NO side stirring fears of a brutal foreign power making demands and how they would face global exclusion and ridicule . The YES campaign focused on the benefits of such a move, the investment, economic stability, security and increased freedoms while detailing the promise of fair representation and retention of many Ben Madigan institutions. TV screens and national press were flooded of images of Atlantis and her cities, their wealth, power, ideals and freedoms.

The YES campaign succeeded with the population voting 65.8% to 34.2% in favour of becoming the official Imperial Atlantean Colony of Perseus.

Soon after Atlantean officials spoke to the population in a speech broadcast live on prime-time TV and announced the 40 Year Plan.

The entire island was be transformed from its laws to the very streets the people walked. Over 800 billion would be spent over the 40 years on delivering wholesale development and upgrade to national infrastructure, new airports, ports, military facilities, public spaces, new buildings and a total upgrade of every mile of national utility infrastructure.

The Persusian Golden Age was to begin......

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