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Principality Of Queens

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About this City Journal

A small principality of commerce and industry shown from Start to Finish. Will the Principality stay with the USA or not?

Entries in this City Journal


Host of Sim World Song August

The Pricipality today became the official host of The Si World Song Contest August at around miday today. Local news has been reporting on this decision with joy and support locals are happy to be the First hosts of a hopefully long running Contest. In an official Press Conferance that just finished the Head of the Principality said" We may only have a few days to prepare but we will be a great host and a joyus welcomer to the thousands of spectators expected in Queens" the location for the Contest is expected to be the Toyota Center in Downtown Queens as it is the largest arena around. The Official Logo was released just minutes ago:


To Apply please goto the Community Goings On Section of the Forums...


Downtown Part 2

Here is the rest of Downtown...


Here is a view of the west of downtown..


A view of the 3rd street Interchange with Queens Art gallery next to the Culture Commision..


A view of Grand Park in the Shadow if the Ulster Building to the left...


View of the transport system in the city....


Downtown Queens...

As I promised yesterday here is a view of Downtown Queens...


Soory about the blur here is a view of Downtown from Above...


A view Of Market Park home of the Old Fish Market now surrounded by the Queens Banks on the left

The Golden Building right homed to the PQRE and in the center the Market Tower..


An overview of the Downtown..


The Alliance Nation Zurich is part of Zurich Insurance Group and the Only American subsidary of Zurich in the USA...


The Gothic Architecture on the Exchange Building...

Part 2 later on today....



The Principality of Queens was an old British Colony that evaded the Decleration of Independence at first but then the Americans claimed Queens for itself. But then in 1900 Queens became a Principality wealthy New Yorkers and Bostoners moved to the Principality were taxes were xlose to nothing and wealth was in the air. Then in the 1970s the Banking Boom came and Queens City became a Banking Center and a prosperous Real Estate center. After the Millenium Quens started a revival programme to bring Queens back to its former glory and move it into the 21st center. I am NY24 and I am the Planner behind the New Principality this is an interactive Cj  Downtown is in the Next Update...
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