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About this City Journal

My first city journal, Alexander Land, is a small region that I am going to build up without using any cheats (only downloaded content, but nothing like a radical ordinance or money tree),...

Entries in this City Journal


Junction City 2

Junction City Continued...


As you can see, the city has progressed quite nicely since it's humble beginnings!

Demand to live and set up shop in Junction City has been growing non-stop, mostly because of the high quality transportation network that makes it easy to get from any part of the city to another using trains, busses, and ferries.


The highway doesn't get much use yet, but once the region expands it's central location will make the area very attractive for wealthy businesses.


The city is a very active place. Hardly anyone sleeps in once the morning trains start rolling by outside their windows.


Here some wealthier sims enjoy their proximity to the river.

Here I tried building my first custom seaport. It didn't turn out so well. I couldn't figure out how to use the PEG leveler tool correctly.


The airport has several different options for transit into the city.


Here is the zoning in Junction City. My hope is that once the population grows large enough the infrastructure will be able to support some nice and tall commercial offices.



Junction City

The center of the region was first settled by farmers looking to take advantage of the abundance of open land.

They named the area Junction city because of the large connection between the different rivers.




The farms grew quickly, expanding to the riverbank.


After the success of the area many residents began moving in, and a new neighborhood was built near the junction of rivers,

chosen for its prime real-estate location.


As you can see, people were eager to live here, so eager in fact that some people moved in before there were even any jobs available.

(You can also see that I need some more custom medium-density residential buildings >.<)


As with any new city that wants to grow fast, however, there is also a lot of dirty industry cropping up. This riverbank is already becoming rather

polluted even though these factories haven't been around for long.



Alexander Land

Alexander Land!

This is my first city journal. I decided to start with a small region that I plan to build up. I made the region using the god mode tools and I tried to create a landscape that would be interesting to build on. Each zone has a different theme to it. The top and middle left zones are very mountainous, while the top right zone has some hills and a large island and is connect to the sea. The middle right zone is mostly water and contains a few large islands, and the very middle zone is pretty basic and unites the regions around it. The middle left zone is the most flat zone but it also has a large river. The bottom left zone is mostly flat but with plateaus randomly placed around. The bottom middle zone is a marsh, and the bottom right zone is very hilly.

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