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Moz Angeles

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About this City Journal

Moz Angeles was discovered by a poet/singer Steven Patrick Morrissey. After disbanding from his former region Smithsville, he came across a land that reminded him of his lonely past....

Entries in this City Journal


City Of Moz Angeles

 As the region of Moz Angeles grew bigger and spread farther apart, its citizens  wanted a part of the modern lifestyle. They wanted a higher education, wanted to make more money and wanted to create their very own metropolis...what they created was The City of Moz Angeles

Morrissey's private jet flying over Moz Angeles, the under construction Mozzer Live is in the upper right, and Mozzer media square across the street.


Monument Square, where statues of Morrissey watch over the square along side him is Johnny Marr, the fountain in the center was the focal point to "Reel around the fountain", written by Morrissey and Marr:


an areal view of the still under construction Mozzer Live, built is the Smiths Theater which will begin holding the Academy Awards aswell as concerts and world premiers. across is the Moz Angeles City Center home of numerous financial buildings


The highly reliable MTA transports people in a timely manner, here we have the Salford Station, which stops in front of the Johhny Marr Convention Center


The Newly built Sports Complex, to the right is home of the Moz Angeles Arsenal of the MLS Soccer League, across is the Toyota Center which is home to the Mozzers of the NBA


Middle Class suburb of Salford Heights


Moz Angeles State Capital alongside the Moz Angeles Chamber of Commerce


Moz Angeles Country Club


Moz Angeles first suburb, this where the wealthier, more educated Angelinos resided, Named Angelino Heights:



Maudlin Heights

 Maudlin Heights was founded by citizens that searched for a faster way of living compared to the life they knew in Dagenham Valley, little did they know they were'nt ready for this change.

Brighter side of Maudlin Heights:


over populated housing in newly developed Maudlin Heights:



Dagenham Valley

 Dagenham Valley sprung up when Moz Angeles begun to spread outwards. It consists of several small farms and a small rural community.

Dagenham Valley's rural farming community:


Main water tower that feeds D.V.


Small rural streets on the outskirts of D.V.


Dagenhams Main Street:



Sweetzer Bay

 Sweetzer Bay houses Moz Angeles' first bridge. The historic bridge connected the regions together which allowed for the development of the region.

"Sweetzer Bay Bridge"



Vauxhall Plains

 After traveling around the region, Morrissey camped out at what is now Vauxhall City. After contemplating the layout for his newly discovered land, Morrissey named the plains after a future album "Vauxhall and I". Currently the region is being transformed for future housing, but the conservation core is in a heated fight to preserve the lush green, tree covered plain.



Piccadilly Cove

 While sailing across Patrick Ocean, Morrissey was taken by the calm of the water and color which was the blue of his parents eyes back home. Once Morrissey set foot on the warm crystal clear water and sand, he knew this was home. Morrissey named the cove and beach after his favorite spot back home in Manchester. Piccadilly Cove was where Morrissey wrote "The Lazy Sunbathers. Why? im sure once you lay on the white sand you will realize it.

Piccadilliy Islands:




"The Lazy Sunbathers" Beach:



Le Zenith Bord


Downtown Zenith, Sir Morrissey recruited the most inspiring architects in France to recreate one of his beloved cities in the world. Morrissey even wrote a song after Paris "I'm Throwing My Arm's Around Paris". Here you see Le Mozzer Square, where Morrissey spent most of his time wandering the still lined buildings, filled with stone crammed streets. Morrissey loved to mingle with his fellow Zenithers, observing them for future consideration into his memoirs or even a song or two. Below you come across the world famous Aux Quatre Saisons. The likes of The Strokes, The Killers, The Dears, David Bowie, James Dean and many many more all inspired by Sir Morrissey or inspirations to himself have relaxed in this architectual gem


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