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About this City Journal

Large, Densely populated region with many rivers, bays, and oceans.

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Schulmanator: I greatly appreciate your comment! Come again!

Esterwood Int'l Airport is the biggest destination in Andracia, taking in nearly 400,000 persons per month, 40% of Andracia's total.

I know I've been on vacation from updating, but life's been hectic lately and I just haven't had the time to update. Now it's time to return from my vacation:


The Empe-er-we mean president- flies over the skies of Corinth toward Esterwood.

His plane flies over Ostillium

city.jpgHe looks out the window at his great city.



The plane turns toward Esterwood.


The plane flies near the Golden Gate Bridge in Riverbend.

Finally the president lands back in Esterwood:


Note: Two of the runways and one taxiway extend into Norianus, but that is all that is there, so I didn't bother to take pics.

Terminal A:


Terminal A serves all international destinations, such as Rostolosta, Visithia, Adhera, Southgate, and Tantalia.

Terminals B and C:


Terminals B and C serve several international desinations in Valencia, but mostly serve long-distance trips within Andracia.

Terminal D:


Terminal D serves domestic destinations.

Terminal E is the newest terminal:


It can be reached by means of underground automated subway, departing from the east end of the airport:


A municipal apron can be found to the south of terminal E:


For business travelers, there is a hotel located nearby:


Access to the airport is via a highway loop:


To the north, a commercial district has developed:


A bridge for the main highway goes over the Noroldo River:


That's all folks!



 IrvingTwoSmokes: I appreciate your comment, I like to have a varied array of cities.

sandy32000: True, True! I appreciate your comments! Please return!
Serenity is a major city in the western part of the country. It is home to 320,000 people, and 120,000 commercial jobs. The city is one of the oldest cities I have built in real Earth time, started six years ago. At first it was a slum, but under the famed mayor Michael Albert, the city rose to become a major banking and financial center. The city has one of the most expansive skylines in Andracia.

Panoramic View:

panorama.jpgThe Serenity Center(John Hancock) is the tallest building in Andracia

The area between Downtown and the West CBD is home to many businesses, including the evil AIG:


Serenity's airport is one of the busiest in Andracia:


The city has one of the healthiest budgets of all the major cities in Andracia:


Downtown is a lively area:


Central Plaza is the largest plaza in Andracia. It is estimated that over half the business deals involving Serenity Companies occur here:


Many wealthy individuals live in the northwest part of the city:


Those who are extremely wealthy can live in the exclusive Karstovine Estates, a gated community:


To the far bottom are the power lines that carry in the massive amount of power required to run the city from Powafanda

Downtown is home to a dense cluster of skyscrapers:


The west CBD is centered around a soccer stadium and a basketball stadium:


Serenity University is located in downtown, and is a major Andracian University:


The University has attracted high tech jobs to the city

The subway system in Serenity covers four city tiles, and is the most used in Andracia, closely followed by Entralciopolis' System:


Coming Next: Esterwood, the airport city

That's all folks!




 xdancerk3: I appreciate your comment!

archaen: I've been working on the coast; it is hard because I don't want to destroy anything. Thanks for your comment and input!
Corinth is a large suburb to Serenity, Alarius Ridge, Riverbend, and Ostillium. Is is one of 3 large tiles in my region, so it is not dense, but has 130000 people. It is home to The Isthmus Broadcasting Corporation, located in 3 office buildings downtown. It also plays host to the National Soccer Championship, soccer being Andracia's favorite sport.



Many nice apartments can be found near downtown. They are popular with young professionals working in Riverbend and Serenity:


a rail line can be found to the North, which offers transport to Ostillium and Alarius Ridge.

Also, many families choose to locate to the suburbs to the east of downtown Corinth:


Downtown is home to the Isthmus Broadcasting Corporation, which serves Ostillium, Corinth, Alarius Ridge, Arsfel, Riverbend, and Chalet:


 Downtown has many rail lines, as you can see. IBC is located between the two train stations, and includes the three high rises and the Guggenheim.

Poorer suburbs of Ostillium can be found in the far east of the city:


Near the waterfront there is a GLR system which offers transport from the stadium to downtown:


The national soccer stadium is on the northern part of the city:


This part of the city is directly to the southeast of Serenity.

To the extreme north central part of the city, many high rise residential resort homes look over Corinthian Inlet:


Corinth is home to the largest park in Andracia, Coit Park:


Near the stadium and Convention center there are many very expensive condos and office suites:


A small shopping district in the suburban area:


More apartments:


Isthmus University is the biggest university in Andracia, and is pretty prestigious:


That's all folks!



 Thank you for your comment, dimilpol006!

Today I present the city of Riverbend! It is located on the Noroldo River in Ithsmus Province. It is home to about 220,000 sims, 110,000 commercial jobs, and a fair number of high tech jobs. It is considered one of the best places to live in Andracia.
I have separated the city into various neighborhoods, based on their makeup:
AlDa is on the southern end of the main city, and is home to the city's train terminal, as well as one of Andracia's largest comanies, Andracisoft (Simon & Frank Associates)
The highway bridge is one of the most majestic in Andracia, foering spectacular views of the skyline:
The building that ignited the gentrification of the slums in South Riverbend, a tall office building on Central Avenue (to the left of the building):
Some of the most expensive apartments in the city can be found here
St. Ignotus' Cathedral, the largest church in Andracia (and one of the few) can be found right on Central Avenue:
The cathedral is located very close to the south CBD:
Chelsea, the oldest wealthy district in the city, at almost 130 years old, is home to a bourgeois bohemian populace, and is to the west of the north CBD:
The convention center, located in South Riverbend, is surrounded by a wall of high rises, and borders Central Ave:
The Ferry district was the first part of the city founded, and is named after the first thing built in the city, which is now 200 years old:
The ferry district skyline is the skyline usually shown on postcards of the city, though it is only a fraction of the entire thing.
Kensington is to the southwest of the north CBD, and is home to many tall condominiums, as well as some businesses:
Central Avenue is a wide avenue with pathways down the middle. It goes from the University area to the AlDa area. This part is where it turns toward the North CBD:
Mullenham is a new wealthy district to the west of North CBD:
Roosevelt is the district that is separated from the rest by the Noroldo River. It is home to some high tech companies, the city's nuclear power plants, and some people:
South Riverbend has grown over the last 75 years from a total ghetto hellhole into the glamorous, ritzy southern business district, this change being fueled mostly by the construction of the Canary Center. Central Avenue bisects the heart of the city, and runs through the famous Athabaska Plaza. It is my favorite district, and is my first CBD to really have charachter.
Athabaska plaza is next to Benthall Center, and the Horizon Bank(Bank of America Charlotte) building.
Athabaska Square, up close:
Here Central Avenue jags over one tile, accomadating Big Bry.
Here is the small district of Terminal, home to one condo building and the cruise terminal:
The bounds of the district are at the road and the street behind the condo building.
Riverbend University is easily the most prestigious institution in Andracia, comperable to MIT or Harvard. A CBD has grown up around it in the last 125 years:
Seen in the bottom Left is the small district of University square, and in the upper left is the Central district.
The unity/midtown area is centered around the Unity center (Columbia center)

The Rock, offering great views from any window!


That's all folks! Next up: Corinth


 So I tried to do this CJ before, but I was too busy to update it. Now I am going to start fresh on Andracia!

Andracia is the first region I established, and I have been playing it since I began.

I use NAM, SAM, RHW, RMIP, as well as many buildings and train stations in my cities. I don't plop buildings, I like having at least some realism.

Population: Now more than 5,000,000 people, and growing!



Urban Cores:


"Provinces" And their Names. National Cap. is Red star, provincial caps are blue. The names are of provinces

Riverbend: (More pics soon)


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