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Region Of Berlin

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About this City Journal

I am showing all of my cities in this journal!!!!..this is my first cj so recommendations, constructive criticism or anything of that nature will be greatly appreciated!!!

Entries in this City Journal



im deciding to incorporate all cities into this cj instead of some from a particular region...ive been a little busy with driving school lately so i havent posted any new entrys.

sometime between today(oct 13) and oct 20 im planning on posting a new entry on Yorkshire which is my biggest city ...around 280000 people and modeled after nyc sorta

the order of the cities im planning on releasing goes a little like this

1 yorkshire/yonkers

2 shellburg/octave msa

3 darinda/new burlington/san hernando msa

4 Channelview

5 yardley/flagship

6 corpus christi

cities in the works currently that will be added to the list soon are

Riverred msa

Fort Dailey



City Of Port Amberston

portamberstonoct1540125.pngCITY OF PORT AMBERSTON

     Quick Stats:

population: 44,415

commerce: 68,172

industry: 0

   The City Of Port Amberston is located on a tributarie of the redland river in the northern half of the berlin region. It is the most populous city in the Port Amberston-Ft. Dailey metropolitan area which also includes the cities of Northland, Buckhead, Sugar Hill, and Kentfield, The area is home to over 85,000 sims,but growing very rapidly.


    Time Periods:

Early Times: in its early times it was the northern most city in the region and home to many banking corporation branchs from the major city of the moment, Darinda. Banking and corporate headquarters made up most of the jobs in the area. The city also became known for its world class shopping districts.

Mid-Century: The population of high wealth residents rose exponetially and the iconic gated inner city neighborhood of Riverfern was established. Many business executives and workers immigrated from the southern part of the region and the population inclined notably.

THE BIG BOOM: "THE BIG BOOM" heavily affected the entire region, commercial markets shot up with the population and some of yesterdays small towns are now todays most modern and innovative cities, particularly putting port amberston on the national scene, the opening of goldman airport followed.

Suburbia!!!!!! : with the new abundance of jobs and many more residents people got tired of the city, and the opening of the first subdivision in the city, The Shore, was a high flying success instantly home builders started developing subdivisons all over the northern part of the city. during this time the city doubled in size.

Hello down there: The port amberston skyline blossomed!!!!! as more corporations were founded more highrises went up which also sparked more contruction in the uptown business district near Riverfern

Back to the City: alot of new residential highrises went up in the inner loop area and population went up dramatically and average commute lowered below 45.  (Currently still in this time period)

here are some photos


This is the civics and waterfront district in southern downtown (the pic above)


This is the intersection between the Buckhead Expressway and Loop 89 (above)


This is Uptown(above)

Suburbs (BELOW)







Pics from a recent flood(BELOW)





This is my first cj entry so please comment ask questions give suggestions...and if your going to lleave me a nasty comment you can but please tell me what i could do differrent! thank you for checking it out


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