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About this City Journal

Svanskinahya Socialist People's republic is an independent region of the actual Russia, located at West of the Black see and Est of the Caspian Sea. The region's cities are mainly composed...

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Hello to all and welcome to my new region ! After a lot of month, maybe a year, on Maroanestra, I decide to start another things. Always in the same style as my last MD, I try this time to make it more looking like some Russes' city. Soo you will see more commie block as in Maroanestra. So without further delay, I present you comrade, my last project, the SSPR.

This region have commercial accords with Maroanestra[link]


- Full name: Svanskinahya Socialist People's republic.
- Common name : Svanskinahya.
- Independence : August 20 ,1987
- Government type : Communist republic
- Ressource : Oil, natural gas, Iron mine, wood.
- Major economic sector : Industry, agriculture, logging, manufacturing.
- Major exports : Oil, natural gas, Ore, military equipment (tanks, heavy weapons, rifles ...).
- Major imports : Automobiles, luxuries, agriculture goods.
- Currency : Vhram.
- Land area : 23.000 Km².
- State population : 13.000 at the moment.
- State capitale : Kalmykia.
- Other important city : -------------------
- Languages : Russian, English, French.
- Religions : Russian Orthodox 85% - Christianity 15%

History of the Svanskinahya People's Socialist Republic:

The first record of civilization in the Svanskinahya People’s Socialist Republic go back to the Turkish invasion of 1700, who created a citadel in this place to fight the Russian offensive to reclaim the territory.  The city was founded on the banks of the Volga river, which makes it the first port in the region for trade in minerals and cattle at the time. Hands back to the Russians in 1780, the town was razed (with the exception of walls and the church citadel) and rebuilt in the crowd in a Russian style. While expanding, the city, whose population has doubled in 10 years, becomes the capital of the region in 1810, attracting many farmer who came with the hope of finding better paid work. In 1860, the city was declared free and can be grown quiet, and still attracted many people from the  Russians' neighboring lands to come to Svanskinahya for work, and a better quality of life. In 1901, the inhabitants of the city rebels against the Russians and the Monarchs was shots in the streets.

general aspect of the city


The city was occupied during the Russian civil war of 1919 by the Red Army, and it became a region of the USSR. Later, the region began to industrialize and specialized in arms, making industrial capital of Russia from the south and east of the Black Sea.

the red plaza.


In 1987, residents of Svanskinahya, and more strongly those of Kalmykia, had declared that they were deceived and abused by the capitalist government of the USSR and demand independence under which they continue to use the socialist model.   [skip a few years since this part of history is not important] In 2003, the region opened a line of commerce between Kalmykia and Simferopol in Maroanestra (ancient region) and once a match started Svanskinahya became the first supplier of oil, natural gas and military equipment of Maroanestra.

the Valdir plaza, on the est bank of the river.


Svanskinahya's transportation system:

The region is an important river port of Goods (Ore. ..) but also a passenger, many Russians and people of Black Sea countries spend their holidays in Svanskinahya.

Among other ports, there is also an International Airport who have 4Terminals with one for freight,  with 3 runways, the airport can accommodate large aircraft such as Boeing747 and Airbus380. 

Noted an excellent rail network across the region and through the end of the line Rostov on Don (Russia) <-> Kalmykia. In addition to the rail network, Kalmykia has 3 tramways lines (1.5 for the time being are created in the game). the tram through the city for the pleasure of the travelers, while maintaining the old trains os 1950' while adding the comfort of today. Many bus lines are available and also a line of subway and study at this time. Regarding the road and highways (motorways) network, it is a bit outdated because it was built when Svanskinahya was part of the USSR, it was never updated.

Some view of the tramway and the city.



kalmykia city center transport map:


Click to see on full resolution ! 

technical note -> the south of the map is at the top and the north at the bottom ...





this quarter is located at west of the citadel (you can see the walls) and near the central station. We can see at south (top) the Karnav' ghetto, wich is the bigger ghetto in the city center. you can also see the tral line 1 running the mosaic frome left to right and the tram line 2 from south to north.

sorry, little problem with the map link, I try to resolved it soon. 


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