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New Freon

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About this City Journal

This is my first CJ. I created this map on Landscape Designer. I do not use any money cheats because it takes away the challenge of building a city. My regon is named New Freon, I do not...

Entries in this City Journal





This is my original layout of this city.




Year 1


After one year has passed, new residents and small businesses have started to move into town. There is a small industrial area in the south-eastern part of the city which when developed, will create lots of jobs for the new sims. There are now 1200 residents in Hamilton.




Year 3


2 years latter the mayor held a meeting to discuss where we could build a new residential zone to bring more people to the city as there were many jobs that needed to be filled. It was decided to zone a large medium density residential zone north-east of the current one. We have also zoned a new commercial strip to encourage more businesses to put up shop in the city. There are now 1400 residents in Hamilton.




Year 5


The new residential zone is now developed and we have expanded the current industrial zone to provide more jobs to the new sims. The railroad was expanded to cut though part of the new suburb to help easy traffic. There are now 9200 sims living in Hamilton.


The mayor called a meeting with citizens and council members of Hamilton to discuss what could be done to improve the city, nobody knew about the very large surplus of cash that the city was bringing in each month except for the mayor and the head of the treasury department. In the meeting there were many things that were suggested that would help improve the city. After the meeting the mayor and the head of the treasury department had a meeting of there own and decided that the following buildings can be constructed over the next 3 years. The buildings that will be built are: Elementary school, Hospital, Police and Fire Departments, and a public library.




Year 6


After a year of city planning for the new buildings, the new large police station is complete. Shortly after the construction of the fire station begins.




A new road was built to the northwesters part of the city and was deforested to prepare to be zoned for industrial there was a small police station built to keep crime under control. A passenger and freight rail station was built.




In December of year 6 the new Fire station is complete.




Year 8


A small part of the forest was cleared and the hospital, elementary school and library were built.




The Area to the north-west was finally cleared and zoned for industry. A water purification plant was built. The mayor started to receive complaints about the garbage piling up around the city so he rezones a small part of the industrial zone to a landfill. The city’s population has risen to 10,600.




Year 10


The mayor wanted to clear the north-eastern forest to make way for more low density residential to boost the city’s income. The NFTH (New Freon Tree Huggers) organization demanded that he dose not do so.


After weeks of fighting, they have come to an agreement…





The new zone will be built by the fire station and the police station. Due to the smaller size it was agreed that the new zone will be a dense residential zone, the first in the region. It was also agreed that because it is a high density zone, that the mayor had to plan to build a few parks and sports fields.




Year 12

The new residential area is zoned. The mayor hired contractors to build a soccer field and a baseball diamond and a few small parks. He also zoned a few more commercial areas along the main roads to give more jobs to the new sims.



For the 12th anniversary of the city, the citizens have raised funds to build a house for the mayor and a city hall!





Year 14


The city needs more people and more income, the mayor zones some more medium density residential zoned and commercial on the main road that leads to the northwestern industrial sector.





Year 20


I am done this city… for now. In the last 6 years there has been a few zoning changes to better suit the city’s needs. A new high school has been built. A plasma gasification plant was also built to help get rid of the garbage that is lying around the city as the land fill, well filled up.




There will be another entry tomorrow hopefully. Please comment and rate (when available)


In the begining.


This is the original layout of my city. All light residential with some light commercial where I assume will be the highest traffic area. On the far right of my city I have zoned a heavy industrial zone so that any pollution will stay away from my people (I'm a nice mayor9.gif). There are 2 main transit routes for getting to and from work, the main road and a railway.


Year 3

After 3 years and no accidents so far the city is booming. There are 2500 residents. In the northwestern part of the city there are my power and water suppliers. I assume they are created by the same person/team because they match very well. They are amazing, thank you to who ever made them. I also have a few artificial trees in my industrial zone to help with the air pollution. I have modified them because I thought that 250 a month were way too much for the pollution reduction they did. I left the price, range and effect the same, but I dropped the monthly cost from 250 down to 25.


Year 6

This is my residential and commercial zones at year 6. I have added some more residential so the industrial zone would become more developed. I have also built 2 ferry terminals to help with transportation. The population has risen to 4500. Due to low education and higher city income the city council have decided to build an elementary school. After the construction of the elementary school the city council had a long discussion on what else the city needed. After the meeting they decided on a new police station. There were a few businesses'  that were bought out to build the police station.



This is the developed industrial zone.


Year 8

There is now 6000 people living in Cambridge.

OH NO!!! The city’s first fire and there is no fire station! Workers from other factories around grab buckets and start working to put out the fire.


Due to the fire, the city council hired contractors to build a new fire station!


Since there were unexpected costs associated with the fire station that caused the city treasury to finish off negative at the end of the month. Once again city council had another long meeting to figure out a way to boost the city’s income. There were some ideas suggested, like raising tax or bringing in an outside contract. But in the end the city decided to zone some medium density residential and low density commercial zone. It would bring more people to the city and more businesses.


Year 10

After 10 years the city’s population has risen to 9000 and the money is coming in strong and the people are happy.


Year 15

Over the next 5 years higher wealth sims have moved in and the citys population rose to 11,000. The sims have been complaining about heath issues and have been blaming the pollution on there illness. The council has looked at the budget and decided to make some city improvments. They have built a new hospital, a couple more artifial trees and a water purifying system. There has been zoned a new industrial area and some commercial.


Please comment. If there seems to be good comments I will do a few more entries. Thanks for reading!.

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