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About this City Journal

South Australia needed tourism and a city by the name of Aquan was the obvious solution, or was it? My first city journal, It tells the story of how Maritine Island (shortie12) affected the...

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Clear Sky's


A New Chapter.

After months of speculation the Mayor of Aquan Marsha Puglisi, announced that the city of Aquan, has officially recovered from its 30 year long recession.

Marsha pointed out that Aquan’s affordable lifestyle, state of the art facilities and huge employment opportunities has seen the population rise by over 80,000 people in less than a year. Mrs. Puglisi announced that tourism has had a 60% increase over the past year. This huge increase is mainly due to people staying overnight on their way to Maritine Island.

 In celebration of this milestone, the city council is expected to announce a billion dollar sporting complex which will be used for local sporting teams and a once a year sporting event. This sporting event will see Aquan’s best athletes verse Maritine Island’s best athletes for the Union Cup.

Also announced today was a multimillion dollar residential estate which is set to be home 10,000 people by the time it’s completed.

Lets take a look at some of Aquan's outer suburbs that have been experiencing tremendous amount of growth recently.

One of Aquan's major suburbs Barford. Barford was named after the Barford River which runs through the suburb. Experts believe that Barford's population will double in the next decade. 


A close up of the Barford shopping centre. The Centre is the largest in South Australia and provides thousands of jobs.


One of the many new developments on the outskirts of Aquan. 


This is the suburb Davis, since Davis is quiet a distance away from the Aquan CBD they decided to allow medium office towers to be built and help lower commute time for the outer suburbs. They are currently planning to expand  Davis CBD


 Thank you for viewing comments are greatly appreciated. 

40 Years Later


Many Thanks to shortie12 for helping me with my city journal.   

40 years later John Maritine’s vision has become a reality. With two major cities already occupying the island and still growing. Aquan on the other hand is quite the opposite. The huge amount of funding for Maritine Island meant that Aquan would receive almost nothing. Therefore, the cities state of the art subway was cancelled and crucial funding for existing infrastructure was never received. The city’s population has also been affected. Growth is almost non-existent and the city has shrunk as people have moved from Aquan to Maritine Island. The city still maintains a population of just over one hundred thousand people making it the second largest. However, the city still boasts the title of the employment capital of South Australia, which keeps the population steady. Despite all the losses many of the older citizens stand by their opinion that the city has become a better place to live.

Let's take a look at Aquan

Aquan coast line is lined with hotels and apartments, Tourism is currently at a 30 year high but experts are unsure if the trend will continue. 

The lack of funding left these roads to decay back to dirt tracks, the council has promised the community they will be re-surfaced within a few months. 

Aquan CBD 

North Aquan, Used to be a very poor area, now due to its close proximity to the CBD and good Mass Transport options the area is slowly becoming a wealthy. 

Thank you very much for looking at my City Journal comments are greatly appreciated, 

I would love to hear your advice and opinions on how I can improve my city. 





South Australia needed tourism and a city by the name of Aquan was the obvious solution. A thriving CBD, growing population and beautiful scenery made Aquan the favourite for the state governments ten billion dollar tourism grant. But a man named John Maritine had other ideas. He proposed his own plan to bring tourism by developing on an abandoned island. Unfortunately for Aquan, the government loved the idea and so did the South Australian citizens. Little did they know it would affect Aquan harshly.
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