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Lancshire, located in North America, was founded in 1781 by America and was used as an important trading region. Linked to four other rivers, the Ashley, Columbus, Jefferson, and Lancshire...

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Lancshire City, Lancshire:  A Hub for a New Beginning
Lancshire City, currently the state's largest city, holds over 350,000 residents and has about 190,000 businesses both independent and big-time ventures, which gives the city, county, and state a boat-load of money.  Anyways, before I get carried away, this is what will more than likely happen on your visit to our beautiful city.



If you are arriving to Lancshire City by air, you are more than likely to arrive at Lancshire City International Airport (or as known as LCIA).  Much of LCIA has been going under much renovation and repair.  Before Hurricane Marla, LCIA had two, narrow, and busy runaways.  Much of the hurricane devastated the airport, homes, roads,  trade routes, and industries around the airport.  Due to eminent domain and a need for more airport space, much of the industrial district is a part of the airport authority.


Here is what the airport looked like before Hurricane Marla:

Here is a more recent picture of the airport.



As you leave the airport, you can take a cab/van, bus, or the Lancshire City Area Regional Transportation Authority, or known as the LARTA.

The LARTA is easy to find, just look for this sign at bus stops, trolley, and subway stations.


After doing some extensive research, I have successfully found a LARTA Bus Map.  Check it out.




Red Line

Valleydale, MeadowHeights, Industrial

Green Line

CenterCity, CapitolPlaza, Eastside

Yellow Line

Airport, CenterCity

Blue Line

Eastside, MeadowHeights, Eastside Industrial



Leaving the airport, you will see Downtown Lancshire City, or as the locals call it, "Center City."  Center City is not only important for tax revenue, but Center City is a "hub" that serves the southeastern Atlantic Ocean and connects trade from South America, Europe, and several parts of Africa too.  Many people call it home, tourists call it clean and fun, and even CEOs call it their "safe haven of big bonuses."  

Once you pass the Daryl Folds Jr. Bridge, where the "Victory Bridge" once stood before Hurricane Marla, you will be treated with skyscrapers that scrape the sky.


The Daryl Folds Jr. Bridge (2006-Present)


The Victory Bridge (1947-2005)

After going across the bridge, you will be in the heart of commerce, soda, food, entertainment, art, and history.  On your visit, you should visit the Lancshire City Art Museum.  While doing a rough draft of my brochure of Lancshire (which should be at every AAA by now), I got  a chance to interview the mayor of Lancshire City, Alice Maria Merrot.


Alice Merrot as U.S. Senator in 1982.

Anyways, I asked her what would be some places that she would suggest for travelers who are traveling to Lancshire City and got some great responses.


Me:  So, Ms. Merrot, what places would you suggest for travelers that have small children?

Mayor Merrot: Well Oscar, some places I would suggest for families with small children are the Coca-Cola Building, the SimSonian Institute of U.S. History, the Art Museum of Lancshire City, Century Plaza Mall, and Marina 101.

Me:  Many of the young adults today are trying to find a way to have fun there has been an increase of young adults either traveling or settling into Lancshire City, what entertainment venues would you suggest for them?

Mayor Merrot:  Some places that I can think off of my head are the Century Plaza Mall, Club 810 in Eastside, the Alys Patterson Music Hall, The Shell Amphitheater, and many of the Starbucks that are located in Lancshire City.  I hope more businesses settle into Lancshire City that have a [plus] in entertainment value.

Me:  Although many older couples enjoy nature and natural history, Center City, Eastside, and other busy districts do not offer that kind of simplistic value, do you know some areas outside of the metro area that have "natural value?"

Mayor Merrot:  The way you worded your question humors me, but we plan to have a small hotel built in the vicinity of Red Mountain.  The contracting company, [name with-held], will not cooperate with the city and the county, so I am not sure if there will be anything in the time soon.  We do hope to have a nature trail on Red Mountain, both beautiful and educational, but we have to resolve some issues first.

Me:  Thank you for giving up your busy schedule and answering some of my questions, I hope to formulate some more soon, I will keep in contact!

Mayor Merrot:  Thank You Oscar for asking me these questions!  I hope my insight helps travelers and soon-to-be visitors to our wonderful, clean, and busy city!  God bless!



At the moment, I have to gather more of my writings and take some more photos of Lancshire City, I hope to post some more insight on Lancshire City, Lancshire, tomorrow or sometime later this week.  Until then, have a nice day!

Hello, and welcome to my travel blog on the beautiful state of Lancshire.  My name is Oscar Phillip Mobar, Jr.  I work for a travel agency called Garham Travel and I am the Editor of Staff for the North America Tourism Department of Garham Travel. Garham Travel is located in my hometown, Lancshire City, Lancshire.   I write for many articles in the Travel section of the New York Times, Chicago-Sun, and other large newspaper companies.  Whenever I have time to myself, I usually create threads on different forum sites to influence people to travel to different places around North America.  I decided to blog here in high hopes to influence people to come to Lancshire State. 


Here is a picture of me as I was writing a brochure in Washington, D.C.  I had my picture taken at the United States Capitol.

In my next thread, I will be talking about the biggest city in Lancshire State, Lancshire City.  Lancshire City has a very interesting historic background.  From its beginnings as a fort to fend off the British in the Revolutionary War to its modern day commercial offices, I hope to get you to come visit the city and the state too.  Please stayed tuned!!!


The Region Itself

Currently, Lancshire currently has about 1,075,000 residents and continues to grow. Here is recent sattelite picture (as of July 29, 2009) .



The capitol, Lancshire City, is currently rebuilding its infrastructure due to Hurricane Marla, which happened September 17, 2005.  Lancshire, in general, is currently going through a cultural and capitalistic rebirth.  Most of its years, as being a busy shipping gateway to Europe and an "Industrial Powerhouse,"  many of its "Dirty Industries" are converting to state-of-the-art high technological industries to keep up with 21st century demands.  


Although the pictures after the hurricane are still being "withheld for scientific purposes," I got a chance to get some pictures of the capitol via airplane.  Check them out.

I will start out with the government does its work, Capitol Plaza.  It is based off of the Georgia capitol located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Interesting fact, if you would like to hear it, but I was recently told that Lancshire City is a "Sister City" of Atlanta.  Lancshire is probably, if not, a replica of Atlanta, minus the Ashley River and bridges.


About a couple of blocks east of Capitol Plaza is the heart of capitalism, Center City/City Center.


Those are some out of many pictures I got of Lancshire City.  Hurricane Marla did destroy a whole lot of Center City and Eastside.  It was so powerful, it even took down the Victory Bridge, built after America's victory of World War II.  Anyways, I will give a history lesson of Lancshire City another time in another thread.

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