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Disco Stick

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About this City Journal

This is my first attempt for the new cj section. I custom made the map. My posts will be letters for from the first couple of Disco stick. The region is only 1 large city. I might say I...

Entries in this City Journal


Third Letter

300K and counting


                Another 13 years have passed.  It’s now 1935 and DS is just over 300k people and 160K jobs.  Once again the population increased by 101% and jobs increased by 100% even.    The power of DS has now been upgraded to Nuclear with 31k units being used.  299K water units are being used.  We are still expanding our landfill area.  Once it is to the road we want to stop at then we will start using recycling centers.  We have an expanding subway system to get more of the people off the roads.  We also have put in a few parking garages.  Our city has a “Favorite” Jeff Dunham character is Jose on a stick.  We have increased the number of schools and hospitals.  The air port has been upgraded as well.  Two teachers of one of the high schools got married at the prom.   The president of the university and her husband had their first child which they named Zack.  The weather in DS is very pleasing year round.  There’s a little bit of every kind of weather for everyone who visits or moves to DS.             


                Six people were caught at the library taking cat naps.  One of those was a police officer.  He said he was an undercover cop.  His lawyer said, “Just because his shoes weren’t under the blanket didn’t mean he failed his job.”  Two traffic cops on horses were chancing three pigs on go carts.  I bet you would like to see that in the game.  A whole grocery store was held for ransom by a gang of frogs.  Three weeks ago a family of four got lost at The Bank of China Tower after the lights went out.  They used their pet electric eel to find their way out


                Two doctors at Big Love Medical C went out for lunch and came back high on love.  Dr. Hick said “Dr. E and I found that we like most of the same foods.  She impressed me when she downed chocolate shake in what seemed to be seconds.”  Dr. E said, “Yeah that was the best brain freeze I’ve ever had.”  The FD has been awarded with four wonderful statues.  He was awarded the last one   six months ago.   Here’s some of what he said, “Dude like this is the best thing any mayor could hope for a great big thank you to everyone who made this possible.”  The FL told us to write the following.  I can’t wait to see how it takes to get to 400k and what new stories will come, FL.       

Zones     The Statues  

Beach  FarmerFair


Letter 2

Heading to200K


                Well it only took us five years to get to a population of 200k.  In those five years week increased our population by 101% and our commercial and industrial by 113%.  We added another large water pump and power plant.    We increased the number of hospitals and updated and increased our schools.  Sad to say we did have another fire break out.  So we now have a second fire station.  Disco Stick [DS] has one radio station which has a news, weather, s ports, and of course disco.    DS has a golf course named “Disco Holes” and the clubhouse serves subs, pizza, watermelon, ice cream, and root beer floats.  The official animal of DS is a Zebra.  The official monetary unit for DS is called “Disco Stick Money”, DSM. The official flag has a disco ball, a pole and the words Disco Stick.  The FD declared cheese cake and pizza the official meal of DS.  The official song is Night Fever.  Each person who visits DS receives 50 DSM.   New people who move to DS will receive 1,000 DSM.      


                The financial area of DS is centered near “The Big Stick Exchange”.  This would be a great time to say the monetary unit of DS is poker chips.  The heads side is a picture of the FD, and the tail side is a picture of the FL.  Most cities have banks for the population to have money.  DS has “First Casino of Stick”.   The money is called DSM and it comes in 1, 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000.  For all those sports nuts our major league baseball team was formed in the last five or so years.  DS TV Channel 777 is the best and only TV station in DS.  The channel shows all the best shows and movies.  The most important movie would be “Saturday Night Live”.      


                Disco University has many great degrees.  The school’s sport teams are at the height of their game.  Their motto is “Get a great degree, master, or doctorate to the tune of Disco”.   Disco Port of Air is the name of the air port.    There is a really nice large soccer field were the Disco Balls play their home games.  On another subject matter DS has a federal prison.  No one has ever broke out because they threaten if any tries to break out they will have to wear a pink jumpsuit and seat on the “Main Disco Ball” in front of city hall for a full year without cover for weather no showering I thing you get the idea.

Disco Stick Flag   Disco Stick Money

Churchs    City Hall

Air Port


First Letter


The  First   Dude    FirstDude.gif      The First Lady    FirstLady.gif

The Letter:

A  Grand Welcome


Disco stick


                The founder of Disco Stick is “The First Dude” [FD].   Soon after forming Disco Stick a cool chick showed up and three months later became “The First Lady” [FL].  Disco Stick is the name of the county.  The name of the only city is Big Stick.  The FD is the commissioner of the county and the FL is the mayor of Big Stick.  The center park of the city is a mountain peak with two small ponds on either side the peak.  The whole park is surrounded by a forest.   The FD laid out almost all the roads.  He did lay out the highway system.  He also laid out the Rail and mono rail system.  Straight north east south and west of the center park are the residential neighborhoods.  Then between the south and west neighborhoods are farming communities.  Next between the west and north neighborhoods is where the landfill and some other unpleasant services.  Also there are some Industrial blocks, and more farming.  Between the north and east neighborhoods is the Air Port and commercial blocks.  Here are also some famous landmarks.  Finally between the east and south neighborhoods are some commercial and industrial blocks.


                The current population of Disco Stick is 100,317.  There are 33K commercial jobs and 16k industrial jobs.   The date is April 15 1917.    Even The FD didn’t think it would only take 15 years to hit the 100k population mark.  There will be a letter to the populous of Disco Stick reporting with a summary of what has happened since the last letter.  The rest of this letter will be a list of the landmarks how many schools hospitals and other city services.  This letter will also with High lights of the past years and unforgettable facts.  Finally there will be a conclusion of the first letter.


 The landmark list:  Columbia Seafirst Center, The Bank of China Tower, Fernsehturm, Tokyo Tower, Big Ben, John Hancock Center, Chrysler Building, The Empire State Building, Smith Tower, CN Tower, Washington Monument, Coit Tower, and Bank of American.   Here is the education:  there are four elementary and four high schools.  There is a community college and a university.  There are four hospitals.  Who can forget the world famous Disco Stick Casino?  We only had one fire and then shortly got our first fire station.  We have both a “Farmer’s Market” and “State fair”.  Well that about does it for the first letter.            

First Dude

More Pics

         Traffic View

Health  Master Budget     Power Master Budget

Again  See Next Time

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