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About this City Journal

Welcome to my first ever City Journal focused on a rural country I will create with the help of Purple, my lover in real life. She is passionate by wine (but not alcoolohic !) and I am...

Entries in this City Journal


Since I am (almost) happy with my typicals south French Buildings I started to build the small town of Belleville.

The result at this step is quite pleasing enough to show you some views. 

hope you would like it even if many works is still necessary to improve all this. 

Please, don't pay attention to the many details that are wrong or laking...

And forgive me for my english ^^

Your feedbacks are very welcome !

Steamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais Valley

To end this new entry, let me publish here 2 scenery I like. Not really finished too, but pretty good for my eyes...

Steamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais Valley

Steamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais Valley


Some people told me recently to use the Euro road texture.

I had some difficulty to find them and to be sure it was the good version. 

Since I am "working" (!) again on SC4 only from a few monthes, I had to check all these new stuffs like plugins and tools to manage or create them. 

For my own needs, I use to take screenshots of my SimCity4 StartupManager directories in goal to keep a sort of log of my development profil. In case of the need to recreate one profil after a crash (I had this issue sometime...). Of course, I often backup the SimCity 4 StartupManager.cfg file (at the root of the simcity4 folder).

So, I find it a good to publish here my plugins screenshots, in goal to share our knowledge about the best plugins or to give someone infos about what plugins I am using in my Beaujolais Valley.

Among this, I find it a good way to give tribute to the authors of all these marvelous plugins !

Feedback are really welcome !










PS : I can't publish this entry without paying a tribute to the author of SimCity 4 StartupManager, Jean-Luc Picard. A really usefull tool even if pretty hard to handle at the begining. Actually, I could not work without it and I strongly recommand it ! Below, a screen of this tool while editing the profils.



Big update this time. 

The reason why I hadn't post here for a long time...

Hope you d like !

Steamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais ValleySteamrobin Beaujolais Valley

For the next updates, I plan to create more houses and buildings to be able to finish Belleville and start a place with vineyards and small villages (alhough not yet the "famous ten").

I will surely create some very visual shop signs devoted to this country (wine, restaurants, etc.) and will try to create family props to give some random to the growth or plop of my houses and buildings.

Keep in touch !


This follow : Beaujolais Valley : about mapping


I worked really hard the last days (almost one week) to create my SC4 map for the Beaujolais Valley.

Often, I thought to give it up since it was sometime so difficult and discouraging.

But now, after many many search in google to find a contour map of the Beaujolais country and many many tries to create one, I have made one that I find pretty good for my need !

I have prepared a poster to show it to you and some give you some explanations about my process and my difficulties.

More to come...


PS : if someone, now, tell me that the map I was searching exists and is free, I ll surely die... ;o))


Here I will share all the steps of the creation of the SC4 maps of the Beaujolais Valley.

At this early step, I am switching betwen google map, google earth and some sources I have about wines. 

Hard to fix what will be exactly the limits of this region, but I can show you this map that is surely the good one as all the villages and some other scenic places are presents (Belleville Highway and harbor for example). 

Your feedbacks are welcome to improve or correct this step. 

As you can see, it will be a small country map of 6 big cities (approx. 4 km width).

Steamrobin BV Map 01Steamrobin BV map 02

More to come...


Steamrobin Beaujolais Valley Logo

Welcome to my first ever City Journal focused on a rural country I will create with the help of Purple, my lover in real life.

She is passionate by wine (but not alcoolohic !) and I am passionate by SC4 (and surely addict...).

Our goals for this country and CJ are multiples :

- Talking about one of the best french wine country (beyond the "Beaujolais Nouveau")

- Creating a French inspired rural country with very

- Showing and testing some of my Bat and Lots (like those I did for my my Ruralset Steamrobin Ruralset )

Next entries in this journal will show the steps of the Beaujolais Valley country map creation, each of the main villages creation, showcases of the SC4 custom contents I will use (some made by myself), infos about wines and wine growing...

I must thank Purple for the help she accepts to provide to me to try to make this Journal the best it could !

For a first glance at the real Beaujolais country, visit :


Now, Ladies and Gentleman, please, let me show you 2 screens I made to give you an idea of the spirit of the work we will do here : 

(Comments and feedbacks are very welcome here, about all the subjects covered by our CJ).

Steamrobin Beaujolais Country screen

Vineyards and rural items (except of the rural trails) are part of my Ruralset, some are in touch for a next release (Vineyards and Rural Cabins).


Below, a map I made that show the Ten Villages we will focused on and the SC4 country map border I will create :


Keep in touch !

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