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About this City Journal

This classic CJ was my first, started after just 6 weeks of playing the game in July 2007. The region, was hand terraformed, after just 2 weeks of playing the game. While being far from...

Entries in this City Journal


 I have an area on the upper side of my tile that does not have road access, and is bordered by rivers on both sides.  To gain road access to this area I need to build a land bridge.  To build a land bridge above sea level in SC requires a little bit of cunning, and thing called Extra Terrain Tools:


...and the ability to say Beetle Juice three times really fast.  Once you know the trick, it is pretty straight forward, and you can pretty much put a bridge anywhere you want to.

Original credit for this tutorial must go to Dedgren and his Three Rivers Region CJ.   This is simply my version of his tutorial.  

1. Anyway, enough of my yabbering - on with the bridge building!


2.  Selcect a place to build a bridge.  As you can see trying to drag a road straight over the river would make a ford...


3. To work out where the bridge is going to end up on the other side mark it with a couple of single road tiles.  The road tiles are useful for lowering the bank on the other side.  This is one time when the grid is useful.


4. Place a road tile in the river bed, over the grid square where the bridge will cross.


5. Now get out your terraforming tools - as you can see I have that useful mod that brings up both Mayor and God mode tools in side by side menus.  


If you don't have this little gizmo, then hold down Shift-Ctrl-Alt and click the God mode icon to get all the God mode tools back.


6.  However I don't want to go crazy with the power, so the Mayor mode valley tool will work just fine here.  Even the default size is a little big...


7. ... so I hold down ctrl and make the tool radius a little smaller.


8.  The idea is to make a slightly lower indent in the riverbed, without drilling all the way to Spain...  (that is directly opposite New Zealand BTW...)  About 12 clicks...  you know - it's kind of a wet your finger and stick it in the air kind of thing...


9.  Now comes the secret to this whole sordid affair...  the Extra Terrain Tools; 

... or sometimes known as the "rain tool" or "rain mod" or ...  well just call it what ya want ok?


10.  Get yourself a sensible sized tool radius and "let it rain"...  if you get carried away and flood your whole tile...  yeah I've done it...  just save and exit and reload the game...  the rain mod water is a one time offer only.  What this does is fool the game into thinking that there is water there... and where there is water you can build a bridge...  well in theory anyway...


11.  Hmm...  What is supposed to happen, is when I drag my road over the rain mod water, it should let me build a bridge...  something is not quite right...


12.  I mean it looks OK...


13. Let's try again...  yup the rain mod water is definately in the right place...


14.  D' Arvit!   Houston - we have a problem.


15.  OK - this is the problem...  the bank on the other side is too high...  more road tiles to lower the terrain...


16.  A little snibble with the Mayor valley tool...  gently now... easy...  steady as she goes...


17. Yay!  - but I am not quite satisfied yet...  one side is still a little high...  yes, yes, I am being picky .


18.  A little more careful clicking with the valley tool, and...  Yes!  much nicer!  (BTW, you do need to demolish your single road tiles... for some reason the game will not let you drag a bridge over them...)


19.  Now the most complicated part of the whole deal... picking which bridge you want...  I actually like the stone arch, but it just did not look right here... so...


20. Now all we need to do is finish the road, replop the water and rocks under the bridge...


21.  Sprinkle a few trees and fairy dust around...


22.  ...and there we have it.  One bridge to... well at the moment nowhere... but I am sure I can think of something to build on the other side of the river!



Now as you all know I am rather partial to my hand terraformed, done by memory, no fancy map downloads, two weeks after I had started playing the game,  

Auckland Region Map.

Hauraki.jpg image by abcvs


There does come a time.

I have admired this on the STEX many times...  

The time has come.

May I present my latest aquisition.   10.gif  (you will need your sunnys).

GreaterAuckland.jpg image by abcvs

Clicking on the smaller image in Photobucket will bring it up to full size...  I couldn't resist putting in the Auckland Harbour Bridge...  but otherwise the region is not built on yet.

Author's Note:  07/21/2009

Well folks these are all the updates for my original hand terraformed in one evening region...  from here on, I moved on to my new region.

This CJ was my first, it is where I learned to play SC, discovered the STEX and custom content, learned about things like not leaving the grid on, flattening out building sites to avoid the big foundations.  There were many many things that I simply learned along the way.

If you have stuck with me and read through all the 63 updates you will have come on a journey... and you will have seen me develop my skills and knowledge of the game, from the first humble updates, with all the classic first time mistakes to actually producing something which people might want to come back and look at.

This is also where I discovered something else...  a great community of friends...   all the great comments have not been brought over to the new section, but I appreciated every single one and I had a great time with this CJ.

Thank you for letting me indugle in a little nostalgia.

The original forum thread with all the comments can be found here.


A day at the beach... Saturday 12th January 2008.

(Red arrow marks where we are)


Panorama shot of Maraetai Beach with Waiheke Island in the background.  

("Auckland" - water mod)


Cycledoggs trees on the left...  2.gif


Ploppable rocks.  19.gif


These are my boys...  Ethan on the left, (friend in middle), and Liam on the right.

(Not sure where I downloaded those from...) 47.gif


Storm water drain...  (looks like it could do with an upgrade..) 3.gif



Admiral's Landing Continued.

Alrighty I have filled out the tile a bit more...  I tried to download a dock set but I am having trouble working out how to use the darn thing.

Anyway I resorted to the old "Maxis Standby" and used the ferry terminal...  in the meantime.

I had to demolish the farms about 10 times until the Maxis man built a farm with a small building...  those grain lifters are really starting to annoy me...  anyway...

Shall we?

The problem of the waterfalls dissappearing on zoom one and two is a known bug in the lot... n'mind.


I may redevelop these farms later when I work out what to fill in the space with.


The Maxis passenger ferrry terminal is the closet I could find in a hurry...  I am working on some custom content.


Need tobe careful building the road too close to the castle wall at the corner...  slope compliance nightmare!


St Carmel Chapel.


Looking down stream.


Another view of my covered bridge.  (See Degrens 3RR CJ to find out how to make a bridge over a river.)


I have made a small town... pretty exclusive and wealthy.


Just a very small industrial and commercial corner.



Bordering Schulmauckland (to the north) on the wild west coast is Admiral's Landing.  As you can see it is still under construction.



Still learning how to make good bridges without drilling a hole through to Spain...


I really like the way the trees have cast a shadow on this waterfall...  sometimes the best things happen by accident.


Just starting on the town inside the walls.




Just over the hill from St Curious is the little village of Devonshire...  but first we have to make it.

Make a stream bed with the mayor mode valley tool.


Flatten out stream bed with road tiles.


Lay a green carpet bomb...




Plop some water.



Waterfalls - Park Menu.


Place the waterfalls.


Place some rapids.




Big Rocks.


Small rocks.







Welcome to Devonshire.







Well folks, we have now had some development on the eastern side of St Curious.


The Eion River flows to the north of the Oakley township.


To the south of the township lie the Carole Cascades.


There is evidence of more forest harvesting on this side of St Curious, also.


The Queen Charlotte Bridge crosses over the Carole Cascades.  The top fall is called the "Baby Bootie", the middle fall is called the "Y Front" and the lower fall is the "Tennessee".


The Eion river to the north has a series of drops known as the Ferry Falls.



When you have two communities separated by the big wet water thingy, you need a good ferry service to connect  them together.


The Ferry terminal on the western side of St Curious.



Just to the south of Schulmauckland with its fine Cateau, is the inner harbour coastal settlement of St Curious.


It is mostly a rural town, bordered by forest and woods.


It is a young, small,  but thriving comunity.


Rumour has it that the grainlifters, actually house supplies of Iams cat food for the neighbouring cateau but that has never been confirmed or denied.


Forestry is an important industry, and these blocks have recently been harvested.


The Robin River runs down a series of cascades to the sea.


The only road access is busy with trucks from the farms.


Although a small and somewhat isolated community it does have a small high tech enclave.


The road to the north leads to Schulmauckland.


St Curious - Bonus Pictures

Residential development along the coast road has proved to be quite desirable and popular.


The Robin River at night.



Yay! I found my rafting pictures!  These are from 2004.  I was going to cut and paste Vandy's head onto mine but luckily for him I don't have photoshop and don't really have the skills...



This is the highest commercially rafted waterfall in New Zealand.  


Yours truly on the front left!  Hold on!




Yee haa!



That's me with the yellow paddle...







More rafting pictures here.


Forking from the main Saint Johannes Stream in Graucklando, is the Vanderspur.

(Please feel free to chat amongst yourselves while Photobucket does whatever it does and must to "maintain")

Ho hum...

Yay!  It is back up!  (and they have changed things around a bit too...anyway shall we...?) 4.gif

Make a stream bed with the shallow valley tool (size 2), out with the trusty road tiles... 

Boom! 17.gif

Alrighty... now where did I put the ploppable water... 42.gif  (I am with Dedgren BTW 2 p's in ploppable...  it just sounds and looks so much better... IMCHO)  

Found it...!  Musta had a boys look...  41.gif stick in the watercourse stepping down the hillside...

Rapids and waterfall placement...  the arrow points UP stream.. 16.gif

Hmmm...  OK not too bad but we are gonna have to fill in some of those gaps... 4.gif

Rocks!  Big ones!  (Great for hiding stuff you don't want people to see...)  45.gif... but I will tell you my dear readers... 19.gif

A smattering of little rocks...

Logs and trees...

...and there you have it the latest addition to Graucklando, The Vanderspur.  9.gif


The Oldest, Quaintest Quarter of Auckland, New Zealand

By - Schulmanator

Auckland, the most significant city in New Zealand since 1968, was founded by the explorer Craig Nursinator back in 1778. He later changed his name to The Nursinator after being confused with the discoverer of flying pigs, Craig Baconator. The original settlement, Olde Craigtowne, formed the nucleus of Auckland for many years, before development shifted toward the current central business district.

Let's take a look at Olde Craigstowne, which features the historic Old Towne and the New Zealand National Nursing College as well as the Seminary of St. Abcivvis. Our first stop is the NZNNC campus.


The College Street exit off of the Sushila Expressway has lots of munchies for the college students. Luckily, every establishment provides potent coffee blends with every meal.


Several businesses cater to the college crowd. And a hotel provides a spot for visiting family members.


The Embassy Suites provides rooms for nursing students. It is adjacent to the practicing hospital and the curved patient handling building.


The main campus is a beautiful facility with all of the courses one needs to become a top quality nurse. Right across the street is a Starbucks, which is frequented all too often by the nurses in training.

Taking the Sushila Expressway, we approach the old town. Here, the road narrows into Sushila Avenue and splits. Sushila Avenue East heads towards Ethan Estates, a local neighborhood. Sushila Avenue West heads toward Olde Towne Centre, the historic district.



Ethan Estates - the coolest subdivision in all of Auckland!

Now, off to Olde Craigstowne, the old old oldest part of town! Man, is he ( I mean the town) old! The historic old, old, old part of town is almost as old as the town founder, Craig Nursinator, himself! Did I mention that he is OLD?!

How old is Craig? Rumor has it he's so old that he commuted to nursing school on a brontosaurus!

Anyhoo, here's the olde towne.


The Liam Lane Inn is a major landmark on this side of town. It sits across the street from the Playstation Marketplace. And, just on the other side of Abcivvis Lane (at right) is Nintendo Place, a fine outdoor marketplace specializing in recreational items and quite popular.


The Liam Lane Inn


Several famous New Zealand businesses have lucrative operations in Olde Craigstowne. The Birthday Candle House has been doing brisk business, as well as the Cake Bakery and Presents 'R Us.


The coastal Fort Nursinator is a popular tourist attraction.


The east side of town, anchored by the inn and market, is rivaled only by the Coffee District for retail revenue.


The Latte Lounge anchors the waterfront Coffee District, which extends to much of western Olde Towne.


OK guys enough of the idle chit chat - sheesh... we will be getting in such big trouble... but then I suppose none of this would happen if I actually did a proper update with proper SC4RH content... but hey if you think this is a "look at the latest stuff I downloaded of the stex kind of CJ..." .... Well...  It is so not.

But just to show you that I am still capable of producing something other than smart comments....

I have been wondering what would happen if you put Jacky's waterfalls in the middle of suburbia...  like - with highrise towers and stuff... all blended with the last vestages of the rural past...

A wee fusion thingy....  OK here goes...  back to the original "Auckland" tile.



There is not much of the original stream left, much of it now runs underground, this is the section that escaped development.  The pony club is one of the few agricultural spaces left in the central city ... the land is worth millions of dollars so may not last forever.


Zelgadis Park provides a relaxing oasis in the middle of suburbian development.


It is a popular spot to take a lunchbreak before heading back to the airconditioned office blocks.


I was distracted in the middle of taking the pictures by construction of a new residential tower.


Well it is certainaly a pleasant outlook.



Zelgadis Towers!


A fusion of rural, nature and urban development.


The eastern bay area, looking south.  Waitemata Harbour in the foreground.




 OK you asked for it.....  (smirk)

Schulmauckland - What was that you wanted? A Catastrophy?  Sure! Can Do!


OK who is playing with the disaster tools again...?


Uh Ohhh....




(No Cats, sphinxes, or actual city tiles were harmed in the making of this update...  don't worry Mr S...  I didn't save....your cateau is still quite intact... I just used one of the cities 9 lives!  :-)


 We are off on Sunday to go visit that volcano...  hopefully get a day skiing in and live to tell the tale...  I will take some pictures and if you are all very good then I might just post some...

See you all next Saturday...

Please do feel free to chat amongst yourselves until I get back.

I am leaving WackoJak in charge...


Well helloooo

I am back - it seems that WackoJak is gone, unless he is clever enough to find a working computer across the ditch...  now that would be cool posting on ST from another country....  do they have the internet in Australia?

I have got photos and stuff I just have to sort them out but here is the first lot that I have uploaded to Photobucket....

The Ohaaki Geothermal Powerstation.  The big chimney thingy is actually a cooling tower and it supplies about 3% of NZ's power.  The hot water is reinjected into the ground when they are done with it and apparently it is all very environmental and culturally appropriate...








Now that would make a cool BAT... 

Edit:  OK I will squeeze in a couple more pics on this post....

This is Lake Taupo a large fresh water lake in the middle of the North Island...  the wind was blowing straight up the lake from the mountains in the background...  quite chilly.  The waves were almost big enough to surf on... not bad for a lake! 


...and an hours drive further down the road, to the other end of the lake and around the corner you find this...  Mt Ruapehu, yes that's the one that erupted slightly, a week and a half ago.

There was a fresh fall of spring snow on Tuesday so the sooty black ash covering on the top was all covered over by the time we got there...

This photo is taken half way up the skifield road,  called Scoria Flat...  the area to the left is often used as a chain fitting area, as the road gets fairly steep from this point onwards.

Whakapapa skifield is just to the right of the Pinnacles (left in shadow) in a valley.  Whakapapa skifield was used for shots of Mordor and  Emyn Muil for those of you who are LOTR fans...

My son Ethan decided that the mountain looked like cookies and cream icecream...  



Around to the left you get a view of Mt Ngarahoe (the cone) and Mt Tongariro.  Mt Ngarahoe was also used as a stand in for Mt Doom...  



Well I was planning on going skiing next week with the family... but our dear Mt Ruapehu seems to have caught a cold and has a runny nose...

Ash and a lahar are visible at the summit of Mt Ruapehu today. Photo / Alan Gibson

Mt Ruapehu the active volcano in the centre of the North Island (that we happen to ski on...) decided to huff and puff a bit last night...  it is the middle of the school holidays so all the ski lodges would have been full.  

I reckon she knows....

To read more and see some more photos click 


I wonder if she will be over her cold by next week...  danged inconvenient to say the least.



Well, Mt Ruapehu seems to have stopped sniffing and snorting.... and the skifields are open again today... so there is still hope for next week... I will take photos if we make it... I think that skiing on an active volcano just makes you a better skiier... like you have to slalom, really well, to avoid the rocks that are getting chucked at you!

Well actually it was not that funny for this climber... 


Dome Shelter was almost completely submerged by mud and debris from the eruption. Photo / Alan Gibson

... but that hut is right at the top of the mountain near the crater....  it always gets trashed when the mountain blows...  the skifields are lower down.



And here is a bit more on the volcanic eruption this week... it is officially been classified as a burp.  A couple of skiers staying in the ski lodges got a bit over-excited, because the alarms did not sound... but the lodges are all built well out of the way of any lahar paths.

Lack of eruption warnings prompts review of system


Stunning day lures visitors back to slopes


The upper slopes of Mt Ruapehu still bear the grey mantle from Tuesday's eruption. Photo / Alan Gibson

Ash on the upper mountain



Originally posted by: WackoJak Google Earth Pic of Airport and surrounding area:



Excellent.  My fully automated up-date-o-matic module,  that I downloaded from the (well that would be telling... wouldn't it...) is working perfectly!

Oh go on here is the link....


Originally posted by: Schulmanator

Hmmmm... can you zoom in? I can't see my palatial estate from this altitude.

Originally posted by: WackoJak

Here you go Bruce! (God I have so much free time...)









Originally posted by: Zelgadis

That's a pretty big, honking airport. Not to mention it's probably the only flat spot in this entire CJ9.gif


Level land?  Well nothing the old shift+control+alt God mode quick level brush didn't fix... 16.gif

Well if you are going to make an airport to service a whole region then I guess you make a freaking big one. 18.gif

You know me .... usual deal no idea what I was doing really....  just grabbed an airport set off the STEX, took a quick look at the pieces in my sandbox region...  and then ripped into it.  29.gif

The airport took one evening to build.  I do confess that  little liquid financial watertower thingy got used in this particular tile.... 41.gif ... only needed it for a month... 

This is where the airport is in the real Auckland.... and it is pretty much the flattest area of Auckland.  The real Auckland Airport's runway is actually mostly reclaimed land from the shallow harbour fore-shore.  The real airport only has one long East / West runway... the cross North / South runway is my own addition.

The terminals are like that though...  the main international one is on the left and the domestic is on the right.  Will have to post a Google Earth shot...  there is one on the earlier pages - will have to find and link or something.



And just so I am not favouring my US readers over the Canadaian's ...  I present...


A medium tile complete with two volcanoes.  In RL this suburb of Auckland is called Hillsborough ...  so no complaining about the terrain OK?  3.gif



Just the neighbour connections through from Auckland Central at the moment and the western rail line has been extended across the tile.





View looking North...


I am having some problems with the text but Clockwise....  we have Advantage Point, South Paw Head, Catnip Bay, Ear Tip Point, Hair Ball Bay, Whiskers Point, and Double Chin Cove.


Views looking south...





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