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San Remerez

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About this City Journal

San Remerez is a meduim sized , and uniqe city in the southwest. San Remerez has beauty, Skyscrapers, and is a combination of rural agriculture, and Southern Metropolin urbanity. San...

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 Historians find information that verifies San Remerez is officially in Mexsimco

   Just a few weeks ago, Historians have a theory and supporting evidence that San Remerez is in fact a Mexsimcan city, despite its population of 67% Simericans.  This was presented to the Governments of both Simerica and Mexsimco, both of which accepted the theory, and declared that San Remerez will now be officially referred to as a Mexsimcan City. The facts presented are stated in the following paragraph.

  Although the population is made of mostly Simericans, The city's style reflects and is based of Mexican Culture.

Annother supporting fact, is that San Remerez was originally settled by Mexsimcan Emmigrants in 1784, who got lost traveling to the new Simerica. The settlement was originally about 1 mile from the Gulf of California. Although The city now crosses the Mexsimcan border, The settlement was built on Mexsimcan land, which was far more Northern than the current border. The city, which started as a tiny village, grew to a bustling Metropolis, nearly 146 years later. The population went from 15 to nearly 200,000, and 200,000 only in the 1930's. After 20 years after it was settled, and its first seaport finished, the population became a rainbow of foreign immigrants. English, American, French, Deutch, Asian, German, Irish, African, Scottish, Polish, and much more. Around 1900, some, if not, most, Mexsimcans left San Remerez, for Simerica, with the rumors of Gold streets, and more freedom. Although, San Remerez had and still has freedom. That surge left about 40% of people Mexsimcan, and about 50% Simerican.

   The city continues to grow, with new people, jobs, neighborhoods, buroughs, and more. Historians still try to find more facts and evidence to San Remerez's history. 


                                                         THE END

                           2009 imdawon77. Any fraud, forgery, or hacking of any of these documents will result in punishment. all rights reserved.



Like most big cities, San Remerez is made up of little towns and neighbourhoods called burrows. Those Include:

Downtown: the Skyscraper, Population, and coorperate capital of the San Vista Fault.

Los Andes: the rural border of Downtown with the city santurary incase of tsunami or major earthquake. This was also the town where the RHW was first introduced to San Remerez.

Palermo Beach: The poor part of the city facing extreme unemployment 45.gif

Tarus Coast: The Naval Capital

Los Salmos: The largest burrow closest to downtown

Northport: A small Middle-to-lower class Neighborhood in Downtown with a port, a railyard, a duplicate of the Hollywood Sign, and 4 Skyscrapers. Heres A rough drawing: northportsanremerez.jpg

Southport: A small seaside town in the deep south part of the city



Above: a part of downtown about 2 years ago
Below: The San Remerez University Graduation right before the Grad Quake of 1912
Below: car wreck

I will try to upload and update more pictures as soon as possible.



One of the bigget things about major cities is that they need sport teams. Here are the teams:

Baseball: the Dolphins

Football (rugby/American Football): The San Remerez Vikings (I'm an American, so don't expect me to call soccer football.)


Basic Facts

Location: Simerica/Mexsimco border

Pop: nearing 80,000

Language: English/Spanish

Type of Industry: 83% Agricultural 10% medium density 7% HiTech

Education: Exellent

Health: Excellent

Mayor Rating: over 50

Urban and Rural

Terrain: mostly flat with some hills, 1 river, and north is Ghost Mountain (not part of San Remerez)

pop. countries: 61% American 38% Mexican 1% Dutch/British

Major earthquakes so far: 3

I will try to upload photos as soon as possible. JULY 21: My Sweet 16! 39.gif



allthough San Remerez has unimaginable beauty and potential, it does have dangers. Including:


San Remerez is built on the San Vista Fault. Sim Scientists rate the siezmic activity level in San Remerez: Very Frequent.

there is estimatedly 1 earthquake every 6 months. Famous Earthquakes:

1. The Grad Quake in 1912: a 7.5 quake which took place in the middle of the San Remerez University Graduation, giving it it's name.

deaths: 1  injuries:23  Damage: medium  Buildings Destroyed: 4

2.  The Street Shaker Quake: a 7.9 Quake which took place in 1934. It was centered at the intersection of Museum Bulevard, and Metro Street, giving it its name.

deaths: 3  injuries:26  Damage: medium-large Buildings Destroyed: 6

( future earthquakes will be recorded )


Every Big City has crime.

Fighting: when the city had walked its first steps tward urbanity, the first major crimespot was made. The Agricultural District has the most crime, including:

Fighting (rapid)

Pie throwing ( also in Downtown )

Graffiti (also in commercial district)


San Remerez has a lot of beautiful sites that are worth visiting. Including:

Hollywood Sign:

Remade in 1937, the Hollywood Sign is located near North Port, and has a high land Value Housing Department.

Downtown Historic District:

The historic Court, Museum, and the old main St.

The Tarus Coast Canals:

Tarus Coast is the Vinice, both Italy and CA, of the region. All 4 canals lead to a beautiful canal lake and port.



Suburbs: 3

San Remerez, as in the description says, has 3 major suburbs. Here they are


Delton is San Remerez's largest suburb, with 9,000 residents of San Remerez living there. It is peacefull, but has some minor crime

Tarus Coast:

Once just a simple highway junction, Tarus coast is the Naval Burrow of San Remerez, with a large lake, 6 seaports, 4 canal ways, and the San Remerez Dolphins Stadium.

Tarus Coast has the most mods in the region, and is the Naval capital of the region.


Lansington has not been built yet. however is scheduled for construction in one year (sim time).

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