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The Tropics of Terrania is a small island nation on Ezra most famous for its astounding tropical beauty and exoctic marine life. It is a nation whose governance falls under the Diesmaran...

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Tilavlo Kiwange

Our trips to the suburbs have been delayed seeing that a recent outbreak of Llamas in the area has force government officials to close it off temporarily while they attempt to round up the furry creatures. For that we need to take a small detour slightly east bypassing the suburbs to Tilavlo Kiwange.

Throughout the dense jungles of palms and wildflowers we proceed on through Terrania into the city district of Tilavlo Kiwange, named after a hero of Terrania who had held the line at the beachhead of Sahavana against the forces of the Bardasians who had assaulted the Island a millenia ago during the Diesmaran-Bardasian War for over 40 days before it finally was overruned by the enemy's main force.


The city itself served as a historical site being Tilavlo's orignal hometowen. Since the passing years, Tilavlo Kiwange has grown into one of the nation's most prized tourist district in the nation.

While the city was named in honor of a great War hero, the area in the district itself is a sight different and one would not immediately note its connection with such a bloody historical conflict so long ago. And to the minds of many Terranians, it perhaps is best left that way.

History aside we first look around Tilavlo Kiwange, mainly the small areas of the city.


Small shops and residential apartments are here in this town accomodating to mainly tourists and the like. Nothing new going on here though except for one shop that is to be noted.


"Outdoor World" an American Company that has set up shop in Terrania for many years now has been the main supplier of yatches ships and outdoor sports and travel equipment in the country and offers a wider variety of surfboards on the island as well. Seeing that its also hangliding  and skydivin gseason, the store offers big discounts on parachutes, and hang glider. They also offer consultation on medical and life insurance and casket measurement services.


The resedential apartments in the area are pretty nice as well, constructed by foreign companies who have also invested in the nation of Terrania.


The old Esterdante Police Station. The building is an old historical site since it has been around for a good millenium as well.


And the one of the biggest highlights in the city is the Ontegroma National Stadium. Football is the national sport of Terrania and the Stadium is home to the national team of the Terranians Terrans who are training and hope to be active participants in the next World Cup. The stadium draws in tourists and crowds who come to watch the teams play against other teams from all over Ezra and it picks up the most during the Ezraian Footbal Season Championships.


And here we have the ToutSim Convention centre where conventions are held in accordance to the events that take place on Terrania. It also doubles as a sports complex and a motel is built in the vicinity for staying guests.

However we now come to the main highlights of this district with the revealation of the 5 star hotels that populate the beachfront of Tilavlo Kiwange.


The Blue building in the centre is the Alturian Hotel, one of the most prestigious hotels on Terrania boasting 5 star services. They own the beachfront property that is seen along the walkway and is the highest profit generating hotel in the nation.


Skiboat rentals are the most popular here, or if guests should feel like it swimming in the clear blue waters and sun bathing is fun too.


The Park Hyatt hotel owns this building with a great accomodation and hospitality for anyone who wishes to grace them with their stay. The hotel also offers a unique experience of either staying in one of their high class rooms or...


.....enjoy your stay at one of the 20 Beachfront villas......


....located on the nearby Boa Tingsu Islands. Where you will experience the luxury and comfort of island living in your own personal homes which comes with your own personal butler and maid. Room service was a little tricky though seeing the difficulty posed with delivering the food fresh on time but thanks to the contributions of the Terranian govermnent this was solved with speed boats making the delivery time fast and easy. Guests have acccess to their own personal boats, surfboards and other amenities upon requests.


Island hopping is a favourity past time including deep sea diving, fishing and many other activities that guests can enjoy.


And the final hotel is Entoripo Luxurio, another 5 class hotel in the district, while the hotel does not have its own personal beachfront or offers an experience such as a seaside personal villa, the hotel spends most of its resources in its rooms and services. It also houses the largest casino in the nation as well.

And with that we have completed our tour of Tilavlo Kiwange. Our next stop is hopefully the suburbs after the Llama incident. Untill then here is some night shots. See you all.






Italisi & Mageda

We now continue our journey through the Tropics of Terrania as we make our way across to first the district of Italisi.

Italisi is one of Terrania's most cherished districts. Eversince the Environmental Preserverance Ordinance (EPO) was passed through the council, Italisi has been considered along with many other districts in Terrania as an " Preservation zone" in which laws have been enacted to protect and preserve all natural wildlife, be it flaura or fauna. This did in fact preserve the natural beauty of Terrania and retain its value as a key holiday destination spot form many toruists.


The train route passess and cus through the dense tropical jungle of Terrania offering any who would ride in one of the coaches during the short trip a spectacular up close view of Terranias natural beauty. The train route is called The Great Oceanic Express and it connects the city of Sahavana with Mageda, the district which we will soon cover next.


As mentioned, Italisi is blessed with an abundance of beauty and thanks to the EPO it has retained its beauty. As can be seen in the following pictures.



The above picture is that of Lake Mujurlah Siang. A popular spot where local Terranians after hard days of work would come with their families for a short trek through the forest for a dip in the lake. Due to Terrania's natural volcanic activities, the lake retains a calming warmth to it that is said to rejuvenate and relax all those who swim in its waters.

And below we have some high rise buildings housing residents. In Italisi, this would be the only resedential area. While the EPO has greatly preserved the natural environment of Terrania, it has on all accounts halted any future developments of the nation unless it has to do with projects that integrates the natural beauty and present it for others to behold....which is basically long talk for building hotels and boosting tourism.


There is also the Alungaya Coorporation building that controls and manages the ferry routes around Terrania, and basically any sea routes to and from Terrania as well.


Here is the Terranian research and development institute, mainly researching on the applications of certain species of plants and animals in the field of medication and so on. Its mainly run by the Diesmaran Empire and funded as such.


And finally the last building would be the Stardust Hotel, one of the largest hotel Casino in Terrania accomodating most of Terrania's tourists.


The Stardust hotel has also been the place for many celebrations of various occasions.


But alas time is wasting, we are passing through Italisi to Mageda, the second largest district.

As we make our way through to Mageda we are greeted by the first sign of the district itself, that being what the locals have described to be as 'Little Jenova'. The city was naed because of its close quarter high rises and also most of the buildings are owned by Diesmaran companies.


And here we are on Mageda.


Mageda is a relatively small city district accomodating no more than really 100,000 Terranians. But it holds some of the most significant mentions. One of which being the University of Terrania, and can be seen in the picture above.

The University of Terrania, is a prestigious university boasting the high standards of education. Its' speaciality revolves around disciplines of medicene, engineering, political inquiry and social science and botanical research and development.


The city District is powered by the local Geothermal powerplant like much of Terrania as well.


The Landunton Corporation which owns all powerplants in the nation itself is also based here as their company headquarters are built in the form of the large blue glass tower.


And Mageda is growing and continuing to grow and it shall do so for a while more. New homes and new styles emerge fitting into the contemporary style of Terrania, much like how Terrania is continuing and evolving to embrace the world. These particular ones were designed out of personal taste from Marx Jose of the local Jose Construction fitting into the contemporary lifestyle of Terrania along with the tropical setting it grew from.


And with that comes an end to today's journey through Terrania. Next we shall visit the suburbs and head further out to the southern islands to take a glimpse of life away from modernity and also some intruiging projects that have been a hot topic of controversy in Terrania. Untill then here are two night pictures from Mageda to close this chapter.



See you next time.



Sahavana is the central Island in Terrania and also the capital of Terrania, housing the largest CBD in the region (frankly its the only CBD in the region).


Lets begin by visitng the international airport of Terrania.


The airport isn't really large. In fact its downright tiny by all regards.

Only a maximum of 3 large Aircrafts can fit in along with 4 small regional planes.




Howver it is fortunate that Terrania can overcome the problem since its main passengers don't come in by planes anymore.

Rather in the age of warp core technology, they fly in by the starships and land at the newly constructed Starships Bay.


Then for those who enjoy the seas more, there is always the Atlantia Crusie Port.


In the city itself, there are many sights to behold. The city built itself in one main aim to integrate with the surrounding natural beauty.


The main rich district. Deatures many high wealth corporations.


Feranhigen Tower, The main stock exhange and trade centre of Terrania.


The Medium wealth districts


The Topia Cobb Resedential Tower Resides here. An exclusive apartment complex that offers a stunning view of the ocean and the coast of Terrania.


The Terrania High Council


The Terranain Central Business district



The main Terranian powerplant and water area are nearby here as well.



Now we take the ferry across to a nearby Island. Terrania main connection is also dependant upon the ferries to commute passengers from other parts of the Island.



The old seaplanes used to be the main mode of travel before. Now they are open to mainly tourists who wish to see the island from a bird eye view.


On the other side is the Terrania Resedential houses near Sahavana.



The mayor of Shavana resides here


And from that we visit the Hironawa Train station



Across to other parts of the Island in our next future entry.


And with this comes an end to the tour of Sahavana. I shall leave you then with some night shots and bid you farewell untill our next update.







The Tropics of Terrania is a small nation encompassing a variety of spaced out Islands located on the northern hemisphere of the planet Ezra. The area around it is volcanic with several pockets of small vocanos littering the ocean bed.

The nation of Terrania itself is built upon one of these major volcanos which has been dormant for over a millenium. And from then on, the Island itself gave birth to much astounding beauty and wildlife.


The settlers soon came, on great ships landing upon the lands of Terrania, carrying with them many machines, equipment and resources from the old colony which they broke away from.

The founder of Terrania, George Burkwell, in awe of the natural beauty of Terrania, he declared that this shall be the home of the new people of Terrania.


And soon the Tropics of Terrania was founded.



Terrania is now a nation of over 7.5 Million people living mainly on the Island of Sahavana. The city is primarily built to incorporate the natural beauty of Terrania and also to promote city expansion. The nation of Terrania was in a great financial crisis over a hundred years ago and was saved by the economical backing of the Diesmaran Empire, whose clause was to make the Tropics of Terrania part of the Diesmaran High Lord Governance. Now the Tropics of Terrania, still operates as a sovereign nation but under the rule of the High Lord of the Diesmaran Empire.

Governing Ministries:

The High Lord Governance Terrania Senate

The Terrania Head of State

The Terranian Ministyr of Social Welfare

The Terranian Ministry of Environmental protection

The Terranian Ministry of Transportation

The Terranian Power and Water Association.


Major Industry: Maritime research and development, Tourism.

Language: English, Spanish, Terranian.

Economy: Average

Political Freedoms: Closely Watched.

Civil Rights: Present

Flag: Untitled-2.jpg

Next in the soon upcoming update, we shall visit the first city of Terrania, Sahavana.


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