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Oak Island

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About this City Journal

The Oak Company's attempt to create an country that harbors innovation and technology.

Entries in this City Journal

The first several posts are going to contain the backstory and some pictures - not much to comment on. Later on there will be city-update posts. I know that I'm not that great and you won't hurt my feelings with constructive criticism. I have installed a different water mod and a terrain mod since starting this region. 

High in the mountains a decision is made. A radio signal is sent. Cars depart the Oak Company building. 25 at first, all black SUVs. Then the busses arrive. Only four, insignificant in this large city. The line of black SUVs remains together until it reaches downtown. 3 take the first turn-off. The busses speed over the newly built bridge to the north. The plans had been created. Construction was completed. The first car pulled up to the dilapidated 87 story building. Two men stepped out. The people had already been selected, people whose lives were about to change forever. The elevators were at the bottom of the elevator shaft 10 meters below the ground floor. The men took the stairs. Luckily for these men, the target was only on the 12th floor. As they opened the stairwell door to step out into the offices they were met by a breeze from the broken windows. As they navigated through the overturned cubicles and burnt remains of office equipment they came upon a group of tents. One of the men flicked his thumb against his index finger to check his intel on the target. He was in the blue/grey tent. The target had heard the noise and stepped out to meet the men. "Come with us please" one of the men from the car commanded. The target started to run. The second man stopped him "We aren't from management". The men's ID badges were all it took to convince the target to go with them. Similar incidents happened at 24 other office buildings in downtown, all but 3 of them were in ruin. The SUVs departed East past the checkpoint out of the city. They would be the last cars out for several weeks. 

Port Fowler was a vision of the Oak comapny. It was created as a place for coorporations to thrive and innovate. The comapnie's dream of a perfect country. The company was swimming in money after its invention of a cheap fusion power plant. They failed to realize the imperfections of the world that would flood their new country. Anarchy was the result of opening the doors to the country. Thankfully the foresight of the employees led to the limitation of new cooperation to the immediate area around Port Fowler. The companies' experiment had not gone well. It was clear that if the country was to succeed a stable government would have to be created.
The Origins of Port Fowler
Port Fowler is located in the Southeast Corner of a large remote island. Originally nothing occupied mainland. The small island off the coast was occupied by a small very secretive military installation. As the small installation grew greater support capabilities were needed, and an airstrip was built.
The island came to the attention of the Oak Company, which initiated moving its campus and employees to Port Fowler. The installation of an Oak Company Fusion Reactor at the north end of the airstrip soon followed. The Oak Company branched out to the rest of the island and began crafting its plans. 

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