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About this City Journal

An island discovered very recently by a man on a private jet. Very cool and has no inhabitants...yet.

Entries in this City Journal


Andrew Wessler sat down at the meeting, taking the head chair. He had called together this meeting to discuss a recent island he had found while on his private jet.
"Okay, everyone. Quiet down."

Mr. Wessler took out a few sheets of paper to project the island onto.

"As you can see, this island is fairly large and has a peninsula, a cove, a mesa, and even a volcano and a large crater."

There was a bit of gasping when Andrew said volcano.  "Don't worry," he assured, "the volcano is extinct."

At this point, I must discuss the history of Mehdiah. No human knows it, but I shall tell it to you.

10,000 BCE- A large, underwater volcano erupts and spouts to the surface, creating Mehdiah

9,571 BCE- A weird circular symbol appears in Egypt and on the island of Mehdiah. It is later known to be a transport system.

9,000 BCE- People looking to start a new life take the transport to Mehdiah. The climate is very unlike any climate they had known. It was a nice, tropical climate. It was always the right temperature for the people living there. It got plenty of rain and had many trees, mountains, mesas, a peninsula, a cove, a large crater, and the volcano that spawned Mehdiah

8,000 BCE- Everything is going well, and Mehdiah is thriving. It brings things back to Egypt via the transport.. Egypt has never seen some of these things that Mehdians brought back....

7,459 BCE- The volcano spawns a fairly small amount of lava which is no danger to the Mehdian people. One man warns of something worse, but no one listens. Finally, after being ignored for weeks, the man travels back to Egypt.

1,051 BCE- Everyone starts to laugh at the priest because it has been 6,4087 years and nothing has happened.

1,050 BCE- A plague of the fruits breaks out, and kills one-third of the population.

1,045 BCE- The plague ends and only half of the population has died.

Year 0- Thousands of people have gone to Mehdiah, and it is the most thriving country ever

45 AD- A large thunderstorm / hurricane comes to Mehdiah, killing all inhabitants. No one in Egypt knew what happened. As a result, no one has ever been to Mehdiah

Next Update: Pictures of the Island




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