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About this City Journal

The story of a small Northern Pacific island.

Entries in this City Journal

Update 6 : Devon
Devon is on the southern side of the island.
Devon is basically a suburban development (of Great Isthmus, now getting bigger and bigger) with hiking trails in the north , as seen in these pictures:

The A1 road crosses the council along the seaside, just as it always does. Here the A1 goes along the south of the town centre:
This town will be seen in more detail in a few updates time.
Next Update: Great Isthmus-a growing  city.
Update 4: A Town and Two Villages by the Avon
The biggest river in the protectorate, seen here, is the River Avon.
The Council of Small River (the small river is not the Avon but a tributary called Small River) is a council with one town and two villages and the rest is rural. I will let the pictures explain everything.

An overview of the council.

The northerly village, Little Britian

The more southern village,  Western Portugal. Those green houses are very popular there.


The town of Biscay named after the Bay of Biscay, about halfway between Portugal and the UK.

Next Update: Northwest Corner


Further North

Update 3: Further North
 After Great Isthmus grew a bit, the Provisional Government of the Protectorate of Donovan Island, of the North East Islands and the Western Island decided to create new settlements.
The first approved new place is immediately to the north of Great Isthmus: Deep River Mouth.
Deep River Mouth, as the name suggests lies at the mouth of the Deep River
The area that the Deep River Mouth Village Council will occupy, will be farmland in the south and the actual village further north:
The village’s development.:

Even small villages can have traffic problems, as seen here on the High Street:
Next Update: A Town and Two Villages by the Avon


Update 2: Great Isthmus’ Development

Quickly, the residential areas grew up and the place became a busy little town.

Also the small town built up, and the airport became a busy airport with daily flights to London, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco and Anchorage.

Next Update: Further North


Archean: Thank you, hopefully you will se that soon.

Update 1: Building a capital.
Great Isthmus was chosen as the capital for the Protectorate of Donovan Island and so work on the capital began:
The small peninsula was chosen for the Town Centre.
Several office and administrative buildings were constructed and residential areas zoned.
On the mainland a small village was designed, along with some farmland.
The foundations of an airport.
Next Update: Great Isthmus’ Development


RAF Air Marshal John Donovan was flying over the North Pacific Ocean through fog when his plane stated to fall. Strangely, when he reached about sea level, there was no water, but land.
The recovery mission found the unmapped island. They started to explore the island and mapped it:

Eastern End

 Western End
A Little Explanation:
The United Nations put the island under temporary administration of the United Kingdom, because the discovery was made by the RAF. Many things were imported from nearby Canada, which will explain the roads and architecture in the next updates. Most of the updates will be short and I have already written the next two 9.gif.
Next Update: Building a Capital
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